Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 382. Confronting Ceremony



Now then, since the breakfast is over…we decided to take a memorable group photo.
In front of Agnes’ bed…with Agnes as the center.
On Agnes’ sides are Mana and Edie…Mao-chan is in front so Agnes can’t move.
And then, in one go…

「Okaaay, Megumi-chan, your face is covered so move a bit…Reika-oneesan, a bit on the right, only half of your face is shown. Hmm…Okay. Wait for a moment」

Katsuko-nee who’s looking into the digital camera on the tripod…sets the timer.

「I feel sorry that Margo-san’s not here」

When I say that, Nei…

「Well, we can just have Margo-oneesan put on a separate photo and include her!」

Hmm, it feels like a student who’s absent from the graduation album pictorial

「If not, Katsu-nee will photoshop it!」


「We can just take another. It’s not this would be the first and last…!」

Kyouko-san said.

「Okaay, ready. Everyone smile…here we go!」

Katsuko-nee pressed the shutter then…she run towards us in a hurry.
The light of the camera flickers.
Katsuko-nee jumps next to Minaho-neesan!


The camera’s shutter snaps.

「Okay, that’s one. Thank you for your cooperation!」

When the group photo is over…we cleaned up our breakfast.
Kyouko-san brought the stepladder…and examine the statue of Shirasaka Sousuke.

「Ah, this won’t do. It’s solidified and welded to the base. We can’t easily take it out…!」

I hear Kyouko-san’s voice from above.

「Instead of that, how about we bring in a jackhammer and break it apart? It’s easier that way」

Jackhammer…Oh, Kudou-papa had one of those. If I recall correctly.

「Well, it’s troublesome to bring up a gas welder here…how about we blow this up?」

Miss Cordelia says something extreme.

「If we set explosives here, and here…It’ll be a breeze. There’s not much gunpowder needed」
「But you see… think there’s some iron stuffed inside this」
「Oh…there was definitely some on Saddam Hussein’s statue that was taken down on news videos…」
「Anyway, let’s smash down the feet part and…break the stuffing inside?」

Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia discusses above.

「Please wait, Kyouko-san! If you break it too much…it’ll be a trauma to Agnes…!」

Katsuko-nee looks up.
Agnes looks up worriedly at her image of『God』 as Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia touches it all over.
Shirasaka Sousuke’s brainwashing is very deep.
Ever since Agnes was born…she’s been educated to worship Shirasaka Sousuke.
Un…It might be harsh for Agnes if we show her the『statue of God』broken

「Well, either way, we can’t do it right away. Give me some sheets or something. Let’s hide it so she can’t see for the time being」

Miss Cordelia said.

「I brought spare sheets with me yesterday」

Megu…brings in the sheets.

「No, just sheets won’t do. The silhouette must change so Agnes can’t imagine the original image anymore. Bring all of that blankets around. Katsuko…get some packing tape!」

Kyouko-san shouts.


Katsuko-nee and Megu runs around…preparing what they were told.
Then, Eenie and Meenie goes up the stairs and hand it to Kyouko-san and miss Cordelia one after another…


Shirasaka Sousuke’s statue…is covered with blankets and wrapped with packing tape.
You can no longer know what it is from the outside.

「It’s a bit of『Crafting art』right…」

Kyouko-san grins.

「For the time being, even if the statue’s hidden, it’s still here, the statue still exists so Agnes’ stress would be reduced. What’s left is for everyone to do their best to make Agnes don’t care about Sousuke anymore」

Kyouko-san said as she comes down the stepladder.

「Oh right…let’s knock down that wall and connect this room tothe other」

Oh, there’s that

「This can be done right away…so should we do this?」


「Kyouko-san, shall we bring tools?」
「Not needed. Us four will just kick it…!」


「Reika-chan, was it? Bring your cane with you and help us break it down」
「Uh, yes」

Reika tries to hold her cane, but…

「Kyouok-san, stop for now」

Minaho-neesan who’s opening her laptop…stops Kyouko-san

「Huh, why?」
「If Kyouko-san breaks it…the debris would scatter, it’s dangerous for the children」
「Well, I can just be careful in that regard」
「No. There’s no time to carry the debris to the upper floor…and if the rubble remains, it’s dangerous for them to play around」

True…If Mao-chan or Edie plays with the debris, they might get hurt.

「I see…true. Minaho’s right. Let’s break this wall when we have the time and labor」

Kyouko-san’s convinced.

「Rather than that…Yukino-san has arrived」

Minaho-neesan shows the screen.

「Ooh, how is it?!」

Everyone gather in front of Minaho-neesan’s laptop.
Minaho-neesan raised the volume of the external speaker.
Apparently…it’s a video from the morning tabloid shows.

◇ ◇ ◇

『Yes, we’re here in front of Shirasaka Sousuke’s house. There has been information released to the media that Shiraska Sousuke’s daughter, Yukino-san, who was kidnapped by a criminal organization will be released here…!』

The male reporter screams in front of Yukino’s house.
In front of Yukino’s house are more than a hundred reporters and onlookers gathered…

『Eh, according to our coverage…Its said that Yukino-san has been kidnapped by a criminal organization that was close to Shirasaka Sousuke. The criminal organization was dissatisfied by Shirasaka Sousuke’s actions and held Yukino-san as a hostage…』

It seems that’s the story for the media.
This must be a work of Minaho-neesan and Jii-chan1

『This…is the photo of Yukino-san being kidnapped』

The reporter…shows a photo from the entrance ceremony
The particles are rough.
Anyway, Yukino’s photo is presented.

『It’s a very bright and cheerful girl…she seems to have a good reputation in the neighborhood』

If limit only on what you can see on the photo…Yukino’s a weak girl.
She can only be seen as a victim of a crime organization kidnapping…being caught up with her stupid father’s case.

『Ah…Just now, Yukino-san’s grandfather’s car has arrived on scene』

A big black car comes from across the crowd.
It’s old man Ichikawa’s car.
Kouzuki security service’s uniformed guards push through the press and onlookers for the car to get through…
As expected, Jii-chan’s involved too.

『Eh, this is Yukino-san’s maternal grandfather…Ichikawa Shinishiro. Ah, it seems that the mother’s in side the car too. Yukino-san’s mother, Shirasaka Youko-san is known as a famous culinary researcher』

The host from the TV station studio calls the reporters.

『Shirasaka house…mr. Moritsugu has been sent to the hospital, but…is there anyone from Shirasaka house around?』
『No. There doesn’t seem to be anyone from the Shirasaka family. Even against a criminal organization…Shirasaka house refuses to pick up Yukino-san…』
『Then…Shirasaka house hasn’t touched the subject of releasing Yukino-san at all?』
『Yes…the grandfather, Mr. Ichikawa, and the mother, Youko-san…had paid 300 million yen ransom to have her released…』

Somehow…it’s turned amazing.

『The initial reports of Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke’s case were just an assault on a foreign land but…it has developed to a big sex scandal spread out through the entertainment world…furthermore, it has been confirmed that Shirasaka Sousuke had kidnapped, confined, and women over the years with a certain criminal organization』

The announcer in the studio talks about the outline of the incident while showing the fussy outside of Yukino’s house.

『In response to this incident…Shirasaka Sousuke’s uncle, Shirasaka Moritsugu retires from being a representative of the newspaper, and television station』
『Shirasaka clan was called to be the aristocrat of media but…they’re now in trouble because of of the outrageousness of one of their member』

The host speaks.

『Yes. And yet…we still don’t know the whereabouts of Shirasaka Sousuke. We only know that he was deported from Australia to Japan but…the trail afterwards was completely unknown』
『Then…this morning, the news of his daughter kidnapped suddenly came in.』
『Yes. It seems that the criminal organization that has been teaming up with Shirasaka Sousuke so far had a problem with him. Then…the eldest daughter, Yukino-san, was abducted from her high school the other day…』

The last official place Yukino was witnessed…
After I raped her in the room next to the principal’s office(which everyone thinks it was Endou)…
Margo-san and Nei-san kidnapped her at the schoolyard.
Margo-san told everyone that『I was hired by a Yakuza to come and get Yukino』

『Then…she was released with a ransom of 300 million yen?』
『Yes, that’s the information we have received and confirmed』

The host and announcer are having such a conversation.

「This…won’t it be bad if Margo-san appears on TV?」

Mana said.
True…if Margo-san shows up, it’ll be a problem later.

「Yes…therefore, we had someone else deliver Yukino-san instead of Margo」

Minaho-neesan said
Someone else?

「There’s a person fit for this kind of situations…!」


「Look…he’s there」

We look into the screen…

『Ah…there’s a car coming from the other side! W-What is it? It looks like it’s playing some loud music…we’ll be heading there!』

The music we hear from the speakers is…!

「…It’s Wagner’s Valkyrie’s ride」

Reika mutters.
Then, I remember the car that’s playing that loud music.
There’s a huge『Kudou Detective Office』written on the side of the minivan…
This is Kudou-papa
Well, he might be the man fit for the job.
Pushing the crowd to the side…Kudou-papa stops the car in front of Yukino’s house.
The driver seat’s door opens.

『Yes yes yes…Ladies and Gentlemen + Fathers and Mothers, everyone’s gathering this early in the morning…!』

Kudou-san speaks while basking in the flashes of cameras…

『Heeey, Ichikawa-san! Ichikawa-san! In response to your request we have rescued your grandchild from the violent organization…heeey』

Kudou-papa thrusts into the television reporter.

『Uhm…Yukino-san, is Yukino-san safe?!』
『Hey hey, weren’t you told to tell your name first before asking people things? What did you learn from your mother?』
『My mother has nothing to do with this!』
『That’s right!』

Kudou-papa ignores the reporters and walk to Ichikawa-san’s luxury car.
The uniformed guards from Kouzuki security service who’s guarding the car quickly paves the way.
It seems that the security guards have been reeducated after the incident at the hotel.
Kudou-papa knocks into the window of the diver’s seat of old man Ichikawa’s car.
The window opens only a bit.

『W-What’s with you?』

Old man Ichikawa’s frightened voice is picked up by the microphone.

『What?…I’m one of『Kakka’s』dogs』

That does seem to be the story here.

『…What should we do?』
『Nothing…you and your daughter…will get out of the car and welcome your grandchild』

Kudou-papa said.

『Your granddaughter seems to have experienced quite the cruelty…』
『I don’t want to be seen by the media…get the car beside us and I’ll take over my grandchild』

Mr. Ichikawa doesn’t want Yukino and his photos to be taken so much

『We can’t have that…your granddaughter will be walking from my car to here.』
『…Isn’t that 10 meters away!?』
『What? It’s just 10 meters you know』

Kudou-papa grins

『It’s much closer than the thought that you’d never see each other again…right?』

Old man Ichikawa…

『…Understood. Youko, let’s get off the car』
『We can take Yukino back for sure…when we have Yukino, we would know Maika’s whereabouts』『…But』
『It’s for Yukino’s sake』

The old man looks at Yukino’s mother.

『I’ve already left the company so I have nothing to protect』
『But I still…』
『Give it up…You can’t go to gorgeous places anymore. We already can’t…』

Yukino’s mother sighs.

『Then…I will be pulling out Yukino-chan!』

Kudou-papa heads to his car once again…

『Okay, everyone around…people from the media, Shirasaka Yukino-san would be released! Ah, right, I’ll just say it just in case but…we, just as the car says, are detectives. Private detective. A humble detective in town! We don’t have any relationship with the criminal group that kidnapped Yukino-san at all…!』
『Then, why do you have the kidnapped daughter!』

One of the reporters shouts.

『Hey, hold your horses!…Who just said that, you?…Ah, it’s this mouth?! Hey!』
『W-What…you’re using violence?…Hey!』
『I’m not a cheap guy to be called like that by someone like you!』
『What about you, weren’t you calling me just “You!”!』
『Shut up! I’m, You and You’re You!』

He tightens up the collar of the reporter…

『I just received instructions to rescue Shirasaka Yukino from the criminal group…what’s wrong with that, got a complaint?』

Kudou-papa then throws the reporter to the flock of people.

『After all, I’m Kudou Yuusaku, a private detective. My car’s this. This is my phone number and mailing address!』

Kudou-papa taps the body of the minivan.

『From cheating wives to rescuing abducted ladies…I’m waiting for a job!』

Kudou-papa poses in front of the camera.
Yeah, I don’t get it, but…
Anyway, Kudou-papa continues to pose.

『Now then, well…we’ll be taking out the kidnapped princess…!』

The sliding door of the van opens.
Then…Yukino’s on board.
Yukino’s covered in blanket, her whole body’s hidden.
Her eye’s have a mask.
Her ears have a huge head phones on it.

『Oops…please don’t mind the princess’ outfit. As promised with the criminal organization that kidnapped this girl…we were supposed to keep the eyes and ears blocked so she doesn’t know where she’s taken. It can’t be helped you know? I’ve been negotiating with an organization with such evil spirits…!』

Blindfolded…and loud sound rings to her ears.
Yukino’s picking up the rhythm with her shoulder.
She doesn’t notice the presence of the reporters and journalists.

『Now then!』

Kudou-papa grabs Yukino’s arm.

『Hey, get off…your grandfather and mother are waiting for you!』

But, Yukino who’s eyes and ears are closed off…

『Hey, what! Don’t touch me! Pervert!』

That was Yukino’s firsts words broadcasted all over Japan.

『No way…you too want to rape me?!!!』

Yukino’s words…
Turn the reporters quiet.

『Just come with me!』

Kudou-papa forcibly pulled Yukino off the van.

『Hey, stop this! Don’t touch me! I don’t want to be raped anymore!!!』

Kudou-papa takes off Yukino’s headphones.
The audio coming from the headphones…as expected it’s Valkyrie.

『We’re here…Ichikawa-san is here too』

Kudou-papa spoke to Yukino in a low voice different from ever.

『…Oh really?! I won’t forgive you if it’s a lie!』
『What do you intend to do if it’s a lie?』
『I’m going to bite off your dick!』

Yukino’s voice is delivered to the whole country via airwaves.

『Hey…can I remove the mask too?』
『Wait a moment…I’ll give Ichikawa-san the signal!』

Kudou-papa waves his hand to old man Ichikawa.

『Ichikawa-saaan! Come out!!!』


Old man Ichikawa and Yukino’s mother comes down from the black-painted luxury car.


Shirasaka Youko shouts.


Yukino tries to remove her eye mask but…

『Not yet!』

Kudou-papa stops her.

『You see…formality is important!』
『Who cares, just do it right away! Idiot!』
『Listen…I will say a lot of catchphrases…at the end, if I say『Here she comes!』then take off the mask!』
『What, catchphrase?』
『Don’t mind it, just remember the『Here she comes!』!』
『I get it already! Just get this over with! You trash!』


『Oh…where’s the camera? This one? The one with the red light? Right, I know it, hey!』
『Hurry up!』

Kudou-papa points at the camera…!

『From the day we first met, the flowers of love bloomed!…The tea you drank, kimi no en. The tea I drank, boku no En!…Oops, that was wrong!』

…What’s with that.

『…Here she comes!!!!!』

Yukino takes off her eye mask.


The lights flashes to Yukino’s face all at once.
Yukino’s blinded by the flood of light.

『Hey hey, spare her…she’s not a pokemon!』

Kudou-papa shouts…stepping on the edge of the blanket wrapping Yukino.
Up until now, she was holding the blanket with both hands, but…
Yukino now has let go of her hand to remove her eye mask.
Yukino’s blanket is pulled down from the back.
Yukino’s wearing the torn school uniform.
Back when I raped Yukino, messed her up…
She’s wearing a panty, but…
She’s not wearing a bra.
Her pink nipples are clearly seen.

「If we expose even her bottom part, the broadcast would be cancelled…!」

Minaho-neesan laughs.


Yukino’s mother exclaims.

『…Hurry up and come here!!!』

Old man Ichikawa shouts…and Yukino regains consciousness.

『Kyaaaaaaaa…What’s with this!!』

Yukino hides her chest with both hands…!

『Don’t take photos! I said don’t! Idiot! Perverts! Die all of you! I hate you all!!!』

Speaking out all of her insults…she runs towards old man Ichikawa’s car.
She dashed the 10 meter distance.

「Ufufu…whoever sees that, they’ll think that Yukino-san was raped by gangsters. And yet, what’s with her attitude? Well, there won’t be anyone who would be sympathizing with Yukino-san in Japan」

Minaho-neesan laughs.

『Hey, Ojii-chan, what are you doing! HUrry up and get in! Mama too…I hate everyone!』

Old man Ichikawa and Yukino’s mother gets on the car in a hurry.
Finally, Yukino jumps in.
Then…The guards of Kouzuki security service who had been guarding the car until now retreated from the spot at once.
The cameras, reporters, and onlookers…
They surround Old man Ichikawa’s car…
Banging the window.
Calling them out.
Flashing the cameras…
They cannot escape…


  1. Or an enemy stand