Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 386. Good Morning, Spanking!



「…Let’s go, Ruriko」

Jii-chan orders Yoshiko-san.
Yoshiko-san doesn’t want to leave Ruriko, but…

「Ruriko, you don’t want to follow my order?」
「…Yoshiko-sama, I will really be fine」

Ruriko tells Yoshiko-san

「You must not let Kouzuki-sama wait」

Yoshiko-san’s speechless of Ruriko’s change.
Ruriko who always think logically…has already stopped behaving as the daughter of Kouzuki house.
Right now, she’s a slave sold to me for three thousand yen.

「There’s thirty minutes more left…You can stay here until the last minute. Teach her how to behave as a slave.」

Jii-chan tells me.

「I know…also, I should keep her a virgin for now, right?」
「She’s already a slave so do what you want. How about making her stand on her father’s funeral with her body that has lost virginity?」

A 15 year old beauty holding her father’s portrait…seen by a lot of mourners.
Inside her middle school skirt…is wet with her virgin blood and semen.
That might be good too.
This is Jii-chan’s trial.
I can’t get on it lightly

「She’s already my precious woman…I won’t do her in a rush under half an hour. Sex takes time, I take it slowly」

I answered.
That way…is better for Ruriko.
I don’t want her first experience to be scary and painful.
I want Ruriko to awaken her sexual senses and make it a meaningful ritual.
Of xourse, I want Jii-chan to watch it too.

「I see. Then, try to make her remember your taste at least for now」

Jii-chan said.
Yeah…I’ll let her fellate and drink my semen.

「Then, let’s go…Yoshiko!」

Yoshiko-san’s still unmoving.

「Yoshiko-san…if you don’t obey grandfather…it would only make Ruriko pitiful」

Misuzu said.

「Ruriko is Danna-sama’s slave…and you’re a lady of Kouzuki house from today on. The positions are already different so…if you stay there, it’ll only make Ruriko feel increasingly miserable」
「I also ask of you…」

Ruriko kneels to Yoshiko-san

「Please…respect Kouzuki-sama for me. Yoshiko-sama」

That’s already her parting words.

「…Are you sure with this, Ruriko-sama?」
「There’s nothing to ask of me…I’m already sold off…」

Seriously…she doesn’t understand people’s『sentiments』

「…Undertood. I will be serving Kouzuki-sama as a replacement of Ruriko-sama」

Yoshiko-san seems to think that she’s only a substitute for Ruriko.

「It’s not Kouzuki-sama…call me Grandfather, Yoshiko」
「You will be staying with me for today…do not leave whatever happens. I will explain to our relatives. Yoshiko won’t say anything…is that okay?」
「Yes. I will do as Grandfather says」
「Umu…good grief, we pushed time too much. Let’s hurry back to the hall. You people can stay here until the start of the ceremony. Okay?」

Jii-chan emphasizes the start time until the end…
He’ll finish announcing Yoshiko-san’s debut to the clan until Misuzu and Ruriko enters the hall.
Besides, she may keep her calm in the surface but Ruriko should be shocked by the fact that she turned to a slave.
It’s better not to make contact with the mourners in that state of mind as much as possible.
It’s a secret that Ruriko lost her position as the successor of Kouzuki house and was sold as my slave.
The branch families of Kouzuki house who doesn’t know the circumstances…there will be some people who plan to raise their voice and say that they’d become Ruriko’s guardian.

「I’m glad I spoke with you before the funeral ceremony. This is the only time I had to sell off Ruriko」

Jii-chan tells me.

「Yeah. Leave Ruriko to me」
「There’s nothing to entrust…she’s already your slave. Do what you want with her. You can also sell her off to other poeple」

Jii-chan said…Ruriko and Yoshiko-san’s surprised.

「Isn’t that obvious for a slave?」

Jii-chan says calmly

「True. If Ruriko is a useless slave for Danna-sama…we might just sell her off to another place…」

Misuzu said looking at Ruriko.

「That’s how it is」

Jii-chan stands up and heads to the door.

「Yes, right away…!」

Yoshiko-san stands up in a hurry.
Then she looked at me.

「…Please take care of Ruriko-sama」


「You don’t have to tell me that. She’s my slave already. Even if I boil and eat her…that is for me to decide」

Yoshiko-san glares at me.

「…Hurry up」
「I’m coming now…!」

Yoshiko-san bows to Ruriko and Misuzu…then followed Jii-chan

「Then…let’s meet up at the hall later」

The door closes.
The people remaining in the room are… Me, Ruriko, Misuzu, Michi, Nei, and Margo-san only.

◇ ◇ ◇

「Ruriko…how do you feel right now?」

Misuzu asks Ruriko.

「…I’m ready for it. Kouzuki-sama’s right on his idea of banishing me from Kouzuki house…selling me as a slave to Kuromori-sama is somewhat a fancy solution but…it’s a mischievous choice which is very much like him」

Ruriko…why are you explaining your situation?

「I have become a slave but…there was the plan of me and Misuzu-sama serving Kuromori-sama together… If Kouzuki-sama has judged that this is the best choice, then I will accept it without complains」

Ruriko talks as if she’s convincing herself.

「Of courser…since I’m a slave, I will serve Kuromori-sama wholeheartedly. Please take care of me. I’ve given up as there’s no other choice」

She bows to me…
That action is too elegant that there’s no gap…
…In short.
That’s not what’s in her mind.

「…Ruriko is no good at all. You. You don’t know anything!」

Misuzu scolds Ruriko.


Ruriko looks up at Misuzu blankly

「You still think of yourself as the daughter of Kouzuki house. If you’re a slave then learn how to have a disposition as a slave!」
「Even if you tell me that…」

Ruriko looks puzzled.

「I don’t know anything on how to be a slave right now…」

…Ruriko smiles
Ah…this girl.
She doesn’t intend to be my slave at all.

「How should I behave towards Kuromori-sama?…Please guide me. I will do as told」

Ruriko’s behavior is polite to the end.
She may say like that but…
In short…she’s trying to emphasize that I shouldn’t forget that she’s the『daughter of Kouzuki house』…
To treat her not as a『slave』but a『daughter of the house』
To teach her under that assumption
…As expected.
She’s born as the princess of Kouzuki house since she was born…and had lived in isolation.
Treated specially…just being given, only living to reign in front of people.
Ruriko’s a born princess.
Even if her status falls to a『slave』, she tries to defend her position with elegance.

「You’re just like Agnes」

I mutter unconsciously.
Looking at Ruriko now…I remember Agnes.
Ruriko’s expression of hiding her heart by looking elegant, acting prudish…looks very much like Agnes’ face trying to ignore us on the bed in the basement.
Both of them only have themselves in their heart.
They remain isolated from the world…


Ruriko shows a curious face.
Oh, Ruriko doesn’t know.

「I’ll introduce her to you later. There’s a girl like that」

Nei whispers to me

「I think you already know it but…you can’t spoil Ruriko here now」


「This girl…doesn’t know as she’s always been『isolated』. Even if she became a slave…she thinks that Yo-chan would treasure her, treat her kindly」

Nei whispers on my ear loudly so that Ruriko could hear.

「Ruriko, you do believe that Danna-sama will treat you much better?」

Misuzu asks.,
Ruriko smiles…

「Of course, I believe. Kouzuki-sama has entrusted me to Kuromori-sama. Kuromori-sama’s house and Kouzuki-sama’s house has a relationship…I believe that he won’t do anything insolent」

As expected…she’s thinking politically

「Besides, Misuzu-sama and Kuromori-sama has a relationship. If I’m treated badly…then it’s possible that Kouzuki-sama would interfere with your relationship…」
「But, didn’t Kouzuki-Ojii-chan said at the end?…『Now that you’re a slave, I don’t care what they do to you』and『You can sell off Ruriko to others』」

Nei said

「That is because Kouzuki-sama is a person who likes to joke…」

Ruriko said with a smile

「Ruriko…it’s about time you stop speaking insincerely to fool yourself」

Misuzu said

「You should know how strict grandfather is」

Ruriko’s face turns cloudy.

「Ojii-sama is a person who follows what he says absolutely once he did. You’re no longer a daughter of Kouzuki house. You’re Danna-sama’s slave. That is what grandfather has declared…and no matter what horrible fate awaits you in the future…Grandfather will never help Ruriko. Even if you were to die…」
「…That’s true」

Ruriko answers.

「What you just told us now…『that if you were not treated carefully, it’ll cause trouble with Kouzuki house』is a『threat』 You tried to convince Danna-sama to treat you carefully by doing that, didn’t you?」

Misuzu’s words are harsh.

「…Yes. It is as Misuzu-sama said」

Ruriko glares at me.

「As I’ve lost the backing of Kouzuki house…I must protect myself with my own power」


「Indeed…Kouzuki-sama has sold me to Kuromori-sama. But, even with that said, if Kuromori-sama treats me harshly…Kuromori-sama will definitely interfere! That’s for certain !!!」

Ruriko desperately tries to protect herself with logic.

「I…don’t wish for much. I just want a life worthy of my birth」
「Do you mean you want luxury?」

Nei asks.

「It’s not material! I want to be treated with respect that I deserve…!」

Ruriko answers

「This is, ‘that’…just like the Daimyo receiving the daughter of Tokugawa Shogun during the Edo period」

Nei said.

「Even though she’s his wife…furthermore, a concubine…somehow, she’s the most bossy in the mansion that it’s gotten out of control…」

Yeah. True, it feels that way.

「But sadly…we’re not afraid of Kouzuki house’s authority at all」

Margo-san said.

「If ever Kouzuki-san tries to wage war on us…I think we can win. If we’ll lose, we can escape abroad. We don’t have a reason to stay in Japan and receive Kouzuki-san’s protection」
「…There’s no way that’s true!」

Ruriko trembles.

「It has a way…we’re a genuine criminal organization after all」

Nei said

「Yo-chan, for the time being…this slave must be punished!」

She smiles at me.
Someone pokes my back.

「What is it…Michi?」
「Master…please allow me to give a suggestion」


「Sure, speak」
「In this case…I think that we should slap her butt until it swells…!」

You look expressionless…but, are you angry?

「…This slave is taunting Master too much」

Deep in her eyes…are the flames of anger burning.

「Yeah, true」

I asnwered…

「Grab her!」

Nei shouts.
Misuzu, Michi, and Nei…holds down Ruriko right away.

「N-Nooooo, P-Please stop! You’re being rude!」

Ruriko shouts.

「You’re the one who’s rude…Ruriko-san!」

Misuzu said.

「Girls, turn her over!」

Nei siad…Ruriko’s body is lifted and turned upside down

「Stop…please stop! I’ll shout!」

Margo-san thrusts a knife in front of Ruriko’s face

「…I don’t intend to kill you but, you’ll get hurt if you make too much noise. The ones that don’t disappear forever」

Margo-san said in a low voice.

「Besides…Seki-san’s guarding the door outside. Kouzuki-san should’ve ordered Seki-san to not let anyone inside the room even if Ruriko screams loudly. Don’t you think so too?」

The knife in front of Ruriko’s eyes shines.

「It’s just butt slapping. Raise your hips…!」

I ordered.
A crucial order…is something I have to do as the master of the slave.
I must be clear at all time.
I have to make her understand who’s the master here.

「…Danna-sama orders you. Hurry」

Ruriko doesn’t obey.

「It can’t be helped, how about we break one of the bones of her right hand fingers?」

Margo-san asks.

「You won’t be able top hold a fan for the dance but…it’s your fault for being stubborn so it can’t be helped」


「I-I Understand」

She loosen up her stiff body.

「What did you understand…Ruriko?」

I push in.
This is『Kuromori』style…

「M-My butt…will be beaten」
「You must ask for it」

Misuzu said.

「Misuzu, that’s okay for now…Ruriko’s not on that level」

Even if we force her to speak…she’ll only return mindless words.

「First…let her skin feel pain. In this case, everything’s after that」
「Now, raise your hips!…Get on all fours!」

Nei orders.
Ruriko in her uniform…gets on all fours on top of the tatami mat.
Normally, she should roll up her skirt by herself and expose her butt, but…
I don’t want Ruriko to go that far for now.

「Ruriko, I’m raising your skirt!」

I flipped up her skirt. Swish.


Then, I reached her pure white panty.
This 15 year old butt doesn’t have much meat.
Her white…skin seems transparent.
It has a bit of elasticity

「D-Don’t touch it…Don’t look…!」
「You’re already mine. It’s my freedom to see and touch!」
「I’m not Kuromori-sama’s property」

Ruriko mutters frustrated.

「Then, why did you not protect to Jii-chan when he sold you to me?!」
「…That is」
「In the end…you’re just underestimating me!」

I slapped Ruriko’s ass!!

「That’s not enough!」

Another one!

「…Ouch! It hurts!」

Ruriko shouts.

「Danna-sama, if you hit her directly…it’ll hurt your hands. Could you use this instead?」

Misuzu hands me a 60cm plastic ruler.

「Thanks. But, it’s fine. I will hit her ass directly with my hand. If not, it won’t be properly conveyed to her」

I said.

「Then, lower her panty. It’s better to slap the butt directly!」

Nei said.

「…P-Please stop!」

It’s useless.
I lower down her panty.
Down to her knees…
Ruriko’s cute anus and…slit are all visible.
I sniff Ruriko’s ass on purpose.

「…Ruriko, you smell a bit. Did you wipe yourself after going to the toilet?」

Ruriko’s red from shame.

「Ruriko is already a slave…so you have to make sure your butt is always clean for Danna-sama to see any time」

Misuzu said.

「Now then…let’s continue」
「P-Please stop already! It hurts…really!」

Finally…Ruriko’s crying.

「It’s still fine. You won’t die from this much!」





I hit the same part over and over again, so…
Ruriko’s white butt…is now red with the shape of my hand.


Then, I slapped Ruriko’s butt ten times.
That’s for her first.

「Ruriko, look」

Ruriko brings the mirror placed on the wall for Ruriko to see.
Ruriko’s ass in the mirror is…
There’s a red hand mark left.

「Look, this is the proof that you’re Danna-sama’s slave…look」

Ruriko looks at the mirror.

「Aaah, this is internal bleeding…it’ll leave a mark!」

Nei said.

「I’m sure it’ll stay there forever!」

Ruriko spills tears.

「That’s fine anyway…Ruriko. Your body is already owned by Danna-sama. You will be serving Danna-sama for the rest of your life」

Misuzu said.

「Eh, Yo-chan was having fun so he did it, how about we sell her somewhere?」

Nei said that on purpose.

「Oh, Minaho said that an Arabian oil King was looking for a Japanese slave. That person has a hobby of chopping women’s body and killing them so it’s unlikely to come back alive though. The body’s fed to the sharks too. One girl who went there before had only right foot sandals returned」

Margo-san said.

「Eh, only the right one?」
「No, Nei. Only the lump of meat of the right foot wearing sandals came back」
「Eh, Ruriko-san’s going there too?」

Ruriko’s afraid.

「Danna-sama, what should we do? How about we make Ruriko swear as a slave?」

Misuzu tells me.

「Like I said…that’s still too early for Ruriko. Her heart isn’t broken yet.」

It’s meaningless to make her a mindless oath.

「True, Ruriko now has to know humiliation properly first!」

Nei said.

「…I’m being humiliated now」

Ruriko answers.

「That’s not humiliating at all! You really don’t get it!」

Nei seems to have snapped

「Yes, Master?」
「I’ll appoint you to lead Ruriko」

Michi’s surprised.

「Yeah, you’re on the same age as Ruriko…and you’ve become my ideal woman in just short time」
「It’s thanks to Master’s pwoer」

Michi says bashfully

「Therefore, I think you’re the most suitable teacher of Ruriko」

Actually, there’s another reason

「…Could you do it?」
「If Master wishes for it…Michi will do anything」
「Thanks, Michi」

I pat Michi’s head.

「Then, Michi…what should Michi first learn?」

Michi looks at Ruriko…

「Her language. That’s the basics of all」
「Yeah, specifically what?」
「She should be thorough on calling Master『Master』」
「I quite like Ruriko calling me『Onii-sama』though. I want『Onii-sama』」
「…Is that so?」
「Rather than that…what should we have Michi who’s her instructor be called? 『Sensei』or『Shishou』 would just be strange」
「But, as expected…Michi’s a senior as my『woman』 Don’t you think that Ruriko should call you『Michi-sama』?」
「I think it is as you say…!」

Michi’s ideology is a warrior.
She’s very fussy about hierarchy.

「Then, let’s do so. Michi, teach her right away」
「Yes, Master」

Michi looks at Ruriko.

「Ruriko…from now on, you’ll call me Michi-sama!」

Ruriko’s frightened.
For Ruriko…Michi is Misuzu’s subordinate.
In short, she recognizes her as Kouzuki house’s servant.
Being called by Michi like that…moreover, to call Michi with『Sama』, there would be resistance.

「…Hurry up, Ruriko!」

Michi’s voice is low.

「I know a hundred seven techniques…」
「Techniques to give only pain and leave no trace on human body. Ruriko knows that I’m the successor of Kudou style ancient martial arts, does she not?…!」

Of course she does.
Michi’s told to be a martial artist with exceptional skills.

「If you don’t respond on three…I will bestow your first punishment. 1……2……」
「…M-Michi-sama 」

Ruriko answers.

「Michi-sama…P-Please stop…please release me already!」

Ruriko cries.
If it was me before…just seeing her in tears would make me feel pity, and have her forgiven.
But, I’m now experienced with Yukino…
I’m still fine.
Ruriko’s heart is quite robust.
She can still go on.
The amount of tears isn’t enough.

「Then, I will begin the next teaching」

Michi said, ignoring Ruriko’s tears.

「Ruriko…I think you should know that your body is of Master’s」

Michi looks at me.

「Master…what should we teach Ruriko?」


「Ruriko first needs to know the taste of my semen」

Michi looks at Ruriko…

「Then, Ruriko will stimulate a male organ with her tongue and swallow semen…!」

Ruriko’s turned blue.