Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 387. Forced fellatio



「Wait a moment…Michi」

Misuzu stops Michi

「Danna-sama…we must first let Ruriko familiarize with Danna-sama’s scent」

…My scent?

「Yes. Ruriko now…is just a selfish puppy who must be disciplined. Just like animals…she must understand who her master is with her senses」
「Well…I get it, but」

I smell the sleeve of the uniform I’m wearing.

「Do I smell that much?」
「Ah…I’m sorry」

Misuzu said in panic.

「I don’t mean sweaty smell at all. Danna-sama has a smell very much like you」
「Ah…I love that too!」

Nei hugs me from front and sniffs me.

「Ufufu…it smells Yo-chan!」

Michi from the back too.

「…Yes, I feel relieved by Master’s smell」
「D-Danna-sama…can Misuzu have the T-shirt you’re wearing for today? I would put that on my bed side. I want to sleep sniffing Danna-sama’s smell…」
「True! Misuzu’s fine with just a shirt! I don’t mind sniffing Yo-chan as I sleep using him as my pillow!」

Nei provokes Misuzu.

「F-Frustrating!! I want to hug Danna-sama naked all night long!」

While Misuzu’s saying that…Michi

「…I now feel horny」

While hugging me from behind…she rubs my crotch with one hand…
Shit, did she get horny from my smell?

「Michi, wait a moment! It’s Ruriko’s education time now」
「Ha!…That’s right! I’m very sorry!」

Michi gets back on shape.
Because she’s a warrior girl, her spirit is strong…she won’t drown to lust.

「Ruriko…come here」

Ruriko doesn’t move.
It can’t be helped…I go to hug Ruriko.
Ruriko’s as hard as a stone in my arms.
Ruriko’s heart is refusing me.
I pushed Ruriko’s nose to my chest.

「What do think, Ruriko?…It smells good, doesn’t it? It’s Danna-sama’s smell. It’s your Master’s smell. You must remember them」

Misuzu says so, but…Ruriko doesn’t respond.
But, this is fine.
No matter how much she ignores Misuzu’s words…Ruriko and my body are in contact.
She should be anxious.

「Ruriko’s hair smells good」

I sniff Ruriko’s hair.
Yeah, it smells flowery.
Ruriko’s black hair is smooth…glossy…shiny.

「I’ll smell the other parts too」

I sniff Ruriko’s neck.
It smells a healthy soft skin of a 15 year old beauty.

「Somehow…it smells like sweet, milk candy」

I speak my impressions as I smell Ruriko.

「It’s different from Misuzu…Misuzu’s smell is more like milk with some honey」
「Yo-chan, what about me?」
「Nee-san’s milk smell is thick. It feels like an expensive milk」

Then, I look at Michi…

「Michi…smells like milk with brown sugar. I feel that there’s some strong sugar in it」
「What about Katsu-nee?」

Nei asks.

「Katsuko-nee…isn’t milk, but fresh milk. It feels like she has vanilla essence. As for Nagisa, in addition to milk, it has eggs and butter too. But, it’s that…a fat cut butter. Then,m both of them doesn’t have much sugar. It smells like that」
「What about Megumi, Mana?」
「Hmmmm. Megumi…smells like cookies. Freshly baked. Feels crisp and dry. Mana’s a Jam Bread」
「Jam Bread?」
「Hmm. It’s freshly baked…plump, smooth…smells like a sweet strawberry jam」

I express the scent of each of my『women』in words.

「But still, everyone smells sweet. Women are… !」
「As expected…you’ve got the sense」

Margo-san said.

「You try to figure out the difference between the girls with your whole body」
「I’m not trying to understand…they’re actually different. All of them. It can be understood by smelling」
「Let’s see!」

Nei sniffs Misuzu and Michi.

「Yeah…true, there’s a difference! I don’t know much about milk or sugar though」
「Well, he’s talking about his sense as a man…if it’s between women, it might not be understood that much」

Margo-san answers Nei.

「On the other hand, girls might be more sensitive to the differences of the scent of individual men」
「True. The odor of the men at the athletics club are unberable but…I like Yo-chan’s smell」
「Michi and I are in all girls school so I don’t know but…stinky men do exists, doesn’t it?」

Misuzu asks.

「Yeah there are. It would make your nose bend. Athletics club men who just finished practicing…are million more times sweaty. It’s totally nasty. Poisoned gas. They’re walking as a group that has a smell to kill people. They smile like animals」
「…Oh dear」
「It’s fine, Yo-chan doesn’t smell like that. He’s properly taking a bath everyday…」

Nei says as if she’s my caretaker.

「True, Danna-sama smells like the sun」

…The sun?

「The smell of a fluffy white shirt washed and dried on a nice weather…!」

Misuzu said with a smile.

「I think that it tastes like lemon」

We’re talking about smell so why taste?

「Master smells like squeezed lemon」

She said while putting her face on my back.
「I wonder, I think he smells like freshly baked toast」

Nei states her opinion.

「Our opinions are quite different. How about we sniff again?」
「Yeah. Now that it comes to this, let’s do so!」

Misuzu and Nei sniff me from both my sides.

「…As expected, it tastes like lemon」
「…It’s the sun」
「…It’s toast. A clear light brown colored one!」

Ah…Ruriko’s gotten fancy.
She’s sniffing my smell inside my arms.
Amzing, Nei, Misuzu, and Michi’s co-op.

「…It really relieves my mind」
「…Yeah. It feels pleasantly warm」
「…Smelling Yo-chan makes you feel happy, doesn’t it?」

The four beauties sniff off my scent.
Thinking about it…it’s a surreal sight.
It can’t be helped, so I smell Ruriko too.

「Kukuku, you guys are really interesting」

Margo-san laughs as she look at us.
Hmm…we hug each other for a while…
Ruriko’s body tension is loosening.
The girl in my arm turns soft.
Then, let’s get her stiff again.
We have to make Ruriko repeat tension, relief, and then tension, over and over again.
Then, the shell of her heart would be broken.
I reach out to Ruriko’s butt.


Having a man’s hand touch her butt tightly…Ruriko’s startled.
The body hugging me turned stiff right away.

「…W-What are you doing?!」

Ruriko looks up at me.

「…Did you forget? Your body is mine. I can touch you as I want!」
「…P-Please stop!」

Ruriko tries to get away from me…
But, I didn’t allow that.
I hug Ruriko with my left arm tightly.
While stroking Ruriko’s ass with my right hand
Misuzu and Nei pins down Ruriko from both sides…

「P-Please stop. Please…it hurts」

That’s right…I just slapped this 15 year old ass dozens of times.
It’s swollen red.
She must feel pain when I touch it.


Ruriko’s body stiffens…!

「Somehow…it feels like I’m molesting」

It feels that way.

「…W-What is molesting?」

Ruriko looks at me with frightened eyes.
Ruriko was raised by her grandfather without informing her with any sexual knowledge.

「Ruriko…have you ridden a train before?」

Of course.
She’s a sheltered daughter of the most noble family in Japan.

「Then, you won’t understand. Or rather, you don’t have to」
「I’m the only one who can molest Ruriko’s body.」

I massage her ass further.

「O-Ouch! Please stop with my butt already!」

I see, then.
I let go of my right hand and go inside Ruriko’s uniform.

「W-What are you doing?」

Ruriko’s afraid.

「I’m going to massage your breasts」
「Massage? W-Why?!」
「I want to massage it!」

My hand touches Ruriko’s naked belly inside her uniform
Hmm, it feels good to touch.
It’s a fine and tense skin.

「Is this your navel?」
「P-Please stop…even Yoshiko hadn’t touched that part directly」
「I see, then it’s your first time being touched even from above clothes?」

I whisper to Ruriko’s ears.


Rolling my fingers around her navel…I put in my finger in the dent as well.

「R-Really…please stop already」

Back at the hotel basement…Ruriko’s only taught that sex is a pleasant thing.
But, in that case…
She was under Jii-chan’s protection.
Ruriko is completely at ease about her own body.
Misuzu, her cousin, Yoshiko-san her attendant, Seki-san, Reika, and Michi who are servants of Kouzuki house were there too.
She was sure that I won’t hurt Ruriko’s body while Jii-chan’s watching.
Therefore, Ruriko was at ease…and experienced the pleasure of body.
But now…
Jii-chan’s not here.
Misuzu and Michi are my allies.
Ruriko’s afraid to let me, an unfamiliar man do as I want with her body.
She’s still afraid that I would hurt her body.

「…Ruriko, you’re cute」

I crawl my hand in between the uniform and Ruriko’s skin.
Ruriko’s shivering.
Perhaps, there’s goosebumps on the parts where my fingers touch.

「…Now then」

I check Ruriko’s breast volume from top of her bra cup.
Un…It fits perfectly in my hand.
It’s a cute size for a third year middle school girl.
I trace the cup with my finger.

「Ruriko…is this your nipples?」

Ruriko doesn’t answer.

「I see, then check it to make sure…!」

Ruriko’s face pales in fear.

「Yes, Danna-sama」
「Lift Ruriko’s uniform from behind…!」

Misuzu grabs Ruriko’s uniform.

「Please s top, Misuzu-oneesama…!」
「Yes, Master」

Michi…squats behind Ruriko and slaps her ass.


Ruriko moans in pain!

「If I hit seriously…it’ll hurt ten more times」
「P-Please stop…Michi-sama! It really hurts! I feel like my butt has become twice as big!」
「Then, stop trying to defy Master’s command…!」
「That’s right. You’re Danna-sama’s slave」

While Misuzu’s saying that…she turns Ruriko’s uniform up to the armpits.

「Yeah…that’s a cute bra」

Ruriko today is wearing a simple design bra.
Well…it’s her father’s funeral day.
She can’t possibly wear flashy things like laces.

「Do you chose the underwear you wear everyday?」

Ruriko’s trembling…not responding

「P-Please wait…!」

Ruriko shouts, but…
Michi slaps Ruriko’s ass!


Ruriko trembles.

「Get yourself together…answer immediately when asked」

Ruiko’s already in half-tears.

「Then…what’s your answer to the question?」
「Y-Yoshiko…Yoshiko picks it for me」
「Yoshiko-san picks it/」
「It’s not just the underwear…the clothes I wear for everyday are all chosen by Yoshiko…」

I see…the young lady doesn’t prepare it herself.

「From now on, I will be choosing all the things you wear…!」

I declare.

「For the time being, I don’t like this bra」
「Yeah, then let’s take it off!」

Nei unhooks Ruriko’s bra from the back.
Her beautiful breasts spill out.
Ruriko’s pink nipples are still caved in.

「Yes, that’s some cute breasts…I like this」

I kneel in front of Ruriko…
I enjoy the feeling of Ruriko’s raw breasts with my right hand.


Ruriko resists humiliation

「…I’ll lick it, Ruriko」

I didn’t wait for Ruriko’s reply…
I put Ruriko’s nipples in my mouth.
I lick around her areola with my tongue.
Ruriko’s enduring…her whole body’s rigid.
Gritting her molars.

「Don’t close your eyes…look at me」

I said

「If you don’t open your eyes…Michi will beat you again」

Ruriko looks at me.
The tears accumulating in her eyes run down her cheeks.

「These breast too, it’s mine. These nipples…only me and my child you’ll bear would be the only ones to suck from here…!」

Ruriko’s startled.

「That’s right. You’ll bear my child…this will make my child」

I place my hands on Ruriko’s belly

「I’m serious」
「I’m also serious!」

Nei said.

「Me too, Ruriko…and, grandfather too」

Misuzu declares.

「Give it up already. You’ll bear Danna-sama’s child. As much as Danna-sama wants. You’re a salve that will serve Danna-sama forever」

Tears spill from Ruriko’s eyes.

「Grandfather, and I…won’t help you anymore. You have chosen this yourself…remember? You’ve told Grandfather this yourself; 『If I’m in Grandfather’s position, I will do the same』」

She trembles mincely

「Look at Danna-sama properly…!」
「This man is Ruriko’s Master…!」
「You can’t go back anymore!」

Ruriko was underestimating me.
She believed that even if she became a slave by word…Jii-chan won’t let his granddaughter be treated badly.
She believed that I’ll treat her like Misuzu and Michi.
For Ruriko…her『logic』alone was supposed to happen.
She never thought that I’d suddenly slap her ass until swollen…
Or that I’d turn over her clothes and play with her breasts.
Much more…declaring that I’d impregnate her with my chidl

「…Yoshiko, help me…!」

Ruriko speaks in a small voice…
…Now then

「Michi, make Ruriko kneel」

Michi slaps Ruriko’s ass again.


Ruriko jumps from the pain.

「Don’t be absentminded…hurry up and kneel in front of your master…!」
「I-I understand…I understand already!」

Ruriko kneels in a hurry
On the other hand, I stand up in front of Ruriko.
I removed my belt…
And stick out my erect penis before Ruriko’s eyes.


Ruriko can’t speak.
Normally, this is where Ruriko declares 『allow me to serve with my mouth』
But, Ruriko now…
She can spit out mindless words…
She can’t be taught the words until she feels true pain, fear…and pleasure.
In Ruriko’s case, her body’s first…
If it’s not engraved in her body…it won’t reach her heart.

「Ruriko…do you know fellatio?」

Ruriko’s stunned as she look at my erect penis.




Ruriko returns to her senses from the pain in her ass.

「Look at me」

Ruriko looks at me afraid.

「From now on, I will have you remember my taste」

Ruriko’s afraid

「Michi…show her a sample as the leader」

Michi kneels in front of me.

「…Allow me to serve you with my mouth」

Michi holds my penis with both hands and kisses the glans.
Licking the tip with her tongue…
Stuffing it in her mouth.
She strokes it with her lips.

「Yes…that’s enough. It felt good. Michi, you’re getting better」
「Yes, I want to make Master feel good anytime…!」

Michi smiles.

「I was using Misuzu-sama’s method as reference. Looking at Master’s face…remembering which part I lick felt good one by one…!」

Michi’s making use of her observation power and application power as a fighter for sex…

「Uh, that’s dangerous. I’m going to lose to Michi 」
「Danna-sama, should I serve you with my mouth as well?」
「Yes, yes, I’ll give you a blowjob too! Yo-chan!」

Nei and Misuzu feels crisis as Michi’s technique advances.

「No, it’s Ruriko’s time now」


「Then, uhm…I want to cum inside Ruriko’s mouth so could everyone help out?」
「Yes, Master…!」
「Yes, Danna-sama」
「I thought as much!」

The three got motivated.

「So that’s how it is…Ruriko, lick it」

I stick out my erect penis once again in front of Ruriko.
The crying Ruriko…is still again.

「What? Ruriko can’t do it?」

I tell Ruriko strongly

「That’s right. Licking dicks are the basics of basics !」

Nei licks my glans.

「That’s right. If you can’t do this…then it’s impossible to be a slave」

Misuzu also puts my dick in her mouth.

「Feeling Master’s life force so close…is a very wonderful time…!」

Michi also kisses my erect penis.

「What?…You can’t do it Ruriko?」

Ruriko cries again
For the ultimate sheltered lady…this situation is really harsh.

「Then, it can’t be helped. I have no choice but to tell Jii-chan. 『The slave I bought doesn’t intend to serve me it seems』…」

Now…I’ll chase you down to the corner.

「『Ruriko’s just a figure, a girl who can’t do anything on her own. She can’t do anything, useless!』 As I bought you, it’s natural for me to say complains to the person who sold you…!」


「P-Please…don’t tell Grandfather…don’t tell him please!」

She’s been calling her『Kouzuki-sama』until now and yet…it returns to『Grandfather』
As expected, her true nature is still the lady of Kouzuki house.

「Well, I can’t help it you know? I never thought that Ruriko would be this useless. You’re a slave and yet…you can’t do anything useful to me? You can’t do anything yourself?」
「I-If you order it…t-then I will do anything…!」
「Isn’t that what I’m doing just now?!」

I shake my erect dick in front of Ruriko’s eye.


Ruriko falters.
Tears drop to the floor again.

「Ruriko…it’s wrong for a person who became a slave to not get oneself dirty」

Misuzu said

「Lick Danna-sama’s thing…and you’ll understand」

Ruriko looks at my penis.
But, she’s afraid.

「It can’t be helped. Jii-chan told me to wait until the abstaining but…let’s announce to everyone that Ruriko’s my slave」

I said

「Kouzuki branch families are already coming. The executives as well」
「Yes, they’re here. Let’s publicly announce that Ruriko’s banished from Kouzuki house and that she has become Danna-sama’s slave. On top of that, let’s have grandfather to have people involved with Kouzuki house to break off their relationship with Ruriko from now onwards」

Misuzu said.

「…A-Are you serious?」

Ruriko’s startled.

「Un, that’s good! That way, it would make Ruriko’s resolve」
「…It can’t be helped」

Nei and Michi said.

「Or rather…nobody would entertain Ruriko-san when they hear that she’s his slave. Ruriko-san’s worth is only being the『successor of Kouzuki house』…!」

Margo-san attacks Ruriko.

「Well then…let’s talk to Jii-chan. I think Jii-chan would understand it too. I never thought that Ruriko is a girl who can’t do anything. I think that Jii-chan would feel disappointed too…」

To which Ruriko responds.

「…Please wait」

I ask Ruriko sharply…

「…I will lick Kuromori-sama’s…thing」
「…Kuromori-sama? What did I tell you to call me?」

Ruriko’s never an idiot.
Rather…she’s too intelligent.
She can’t forget what we just talked about earlier.


Nei said.

「Onii-sama’s…p-penis…lick…I will lick penis…」
「…Okay then」

I stick out my erect penis in front of Ruriko for the third time.

「Can you do what Michi did earlier?」

Tears keep spilling from Ruriko’s eyes.

「Then…hurry up and do it…!」
「Yes…excuse me」

Ruriko sticks her lips and kisses my glans.
But, not enough courage.
Her lips doesn’t touch the male genital.
Crying…trembling…Ruriko’s solidified.
…Therefore, I
I thrust my hips.


Ruriko’s lips…and the tip of my glans…
The shiny pre-cum liquid sticks.


Ruriko’s face frowns unpleasantly

「Then…lick it」
「No matter what you do, it’s the same…lick it」
「Lick it…Ruriko」
「Please lick it…!」

Ruriko’s tongue crawls to my glans.
The inside of her mouth must be dry.
That’s how it feels.

「Ruriko…look at me while licking.」

Her crying eyes look up at me

「This is how to be a slave」

I declared.

「Ruriko’s already my slave forever」

Ruriko’s hot tears of despair…falls down.

「Nee-san, Misuzu, Michi…I want to end this」
「I know…Misuzu and me will lick from the side. Michi, lick Yo-chan’s butt from behind…!」

Four tongues crawl on me.

「Ruriko…you don’t need to use your tongue anymore. Just open your mouth and stick my dick inside. Look at me…!」

I give Ruriko in despair an order.
Meanwhile…Nei and Misuzu comes from the side…
Michi licks my anus.
I stroke my own rod.


I look down on Ruriko.
Ruriko also looks up at me as ordered.
To Ruriko now, I look like a demon.
Ruriko’s tears doesn’t stop…
The hot tears lifts something inside me.
In a blink of an eye…it rises like a magma

「Ruriko…I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum inside your mouth. Open your mouth wide…!」

I want to show the moment of ejaculation to Ruriko.
I’ll turn her mouth and face to a mess!
I pull my penis from Ruriko’s mouth

「Look at me like that! Open your mouth!」



The first shot jumps inside Ruriko’s mouth!
The second shot is scattered on Ruriko’s face and black hair.
The third shot…spread from Ruriko’s chin to her uniform.
The cloudy liquid defiles the pure beauty.


Ruriko can’t even let out her voice from fear…