Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 448. Onee-sama’s watching



「 Uhm, what do you mean by that, Seki-san? 」

Reika’s surprised by Seki-san’s sudden battle declaration.

「 It’s okay. I’ve already beaten up around three people before you 」

Seki-san smiles.
She’s beaten up three people?!

「 Fujimiya-san, You already know that Chief Yazawa nominated me to be the next site manager of Kouzuki security service, don’t you? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Reika replies timidly
That would make Seki-san the second rank of Kouzuki security service, next to Chief Yazawa.
No, it shows chief Yazawa’s willingness to leave the site and have the guards of Kouzuki security service follow Seki-san’s guidance in the future.

「 The person in charge of the security department doesn’t matter, that has to be rebuilt from the very foundation. Well, everyone in that department has the senses of an office worker 」

Edie opened the glass door leading to the veranda earlier.
The refreshing sea breeze blows into the room again.

「 But, the behind-the-scenes division, top elites, is filled with strange people like Fujimiya-san 」

I recall the top elites who appeared at the hotel’s final fight last night.
Everyone has such a dreadful and robust atmosphere.

「 Well, even so, the people in our company have sociality at least. If not, everyone would be freelancers 」

Yeah, like the Banbarubie 3 ladies, or old man Dai Grepher.
If you go to that level, it’ll become impossible to become a member of an organization.

「 But still, they exist. Even our employees, to have such a young woman like me order them, perfectly level them 」

Could it be that Seki-san…?

「 Chief Yazawa told me to silence them all but, I don’t like that. I want to do something with my power as the person in charge 」
「 Who did you fight? 」

Reika asks.

「 Mutou-san, Tokihama-san, and Hashimoto-san 」
「 Aren’t those the three musketeers? 」
「 Right, I took them down one by one! 」

Seki-san laughs.

「 Let me tell you beforehand, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san, the two monsters have accepted my inauguration to the top. Well, those people are satisfied working as full-time guards of Kakka, so they’re not interested in taking further control of the security service nor have desires to rise in life. Besides, they’re my former colleagues, you see? Knowing chief Yazawa, he did let me work with them to make them acknowledge my ability 」

They know her disposition, so Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are pleased with Seki-san’s success.

「 In the first place, they’re homo so as long as it’s not someone like chief Yazawa, they won’t follow a male boss. They seem to prefer a woman like me because they can talk with beauty supplies, health goods, and brands’ sale 」

Those bear or demon guys are talking about beauty.

「 With that said, I took down people who say they don’t like to be under me one by one. That’s a replacement to greeting me as the officer in charge on site 」

Seki-san swings her shoulders, bends her knees.
She’s doing a warm-up before battle.

「 It’s inevitable, it’s quite troublesome, but I can’t do anything about it. Even those who doubt my abilities but subordinates under chief Yazawa’s face, people who have that dissatisfaction will betray when needed. In the end, the world of the guards is an ultimate strength doctrine. It’s the duty of the higher up to show the difference in status 」


「 Seki-san, please wait for a moment 」
「 What? Is there anything wrong?! 」

Seki-san looks at Reika with a calm attitude.

「 I am not against Seki-san standing on top of the company. I already know Seki-san’s ability enough 」

Reika and Seki-san fought together with us at the hotel.
She knows Seki-san who worked on the same death ground very well.

「 Oh, I wonder, you haven’t fought me fair and square, have you? 」

Seki-san laughs.

「 There’s no need for it; we don’t have a reason to fight 」

Reika’s confused.

「 You don’t, I do. Fujimiya-san 」

Seki-san’s words silenced the room.

「 I’ve been tolerating you as a colleague until now, but this time, we’re boss and subordinate. Let me be frank, chief Yazawa’s guidance on you was wrong. I must give you educational leadership using my methods 」


「 Fight me, it’s an order Fujimiya Reika!!! 」

Then, Seki-san smiles at us.

「 Oh, you can watch in silence, this is an internal problem 」
「 But, Seki-san, why?! Please tell us the reason! 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 If Seki-san and Fujimiya-san fight, Fujimiya-san will hold back on her superior, Seki-san. It’s possible that it might become one-sided 」
「 Then, what’s wrong with that? 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Well, just in case, I gave the order to fight seriously 」
「 That’s! 」


「 It’s okay, Ruriko 」

I stop Ruriko

「 Onii-sama, but! 」

Ruriko turns to me.

「 You still speak like you’re the daughter of Kouzuki house. You think of Kouzuki security service as your subordinate, don’t you? 」

That’s why she opposes Seki-san’s behavior.

「 That’s 」
「 Leave it to Seki-san, believe in her 」

Seki-san won’t be asking for a fight without any thought about it.

「 Thank you, believe in me 」

Seki-san tells me.

「 I’m glad. It feels like there are butterflies in my stomach 」

Then, she looks at Reika once again.

「 There’s two rules. Use of weapons is banned. You can’t use your cane 」
「 I’m a swordswoman 」

Reika looks up at Seki-san when she heard that.
The battle cane is Reika’s identity as a guard.

「 My, if we decide to use weapons then I will use a gun? Don’t you get it? 」

Fighting with a cane vs. a pistol in this place,
That’ll call the danger to us nearby.

「 In the first place, you’re a guard! Don’t think you can use your cane at all times! That’s the part where chief Yazawa’s spoiling you! You’ve been drilled to fight with your bare fists at least once, right?! Or does it mean that you’ll lose if you don’t have your cane 」

Seki-san smiles provocatively.

「 Well, whatever you do I’ll beat you up still 」


「 My strength doesn’t change even without my cane. 」
「 My, my speed is well established too 」
「There are criticisms that speed only takes down the power 」
「 Hmm, well then, can you win against me? 」
「 If that’s an order 」

Seki-san looks at Reika then laughed.

「 Your strong look as a guard comes back finally 」

Then, she heads out the veranda.

「 Very well, then fight me seriously. I will crush your whole body and soul! 」

Reika stands.

「 Onii-chama 」

She hands me her cane.
She’s letting me hold to it.

「 Sure 」

I accept the cane.
It’s heavy.
Reika’s usually swinging such a massive object.

「 Papa 」

Agnes clings to me, afraid.

「 It’s okay, tell Rei-chan to do her best 」
「 Rei-chan, do your best desuno 」

Agnes’ words soak inside Reika’s heart.

「 Yes. I’ll do my best 」
「 Fujimiya-san, please fight with all your best 」

Ruriko also supports Reika.

「 Yes 」
「 Hurry up and finish it! I’m already hungry! How’s my sausage and potato assortment! 」

Yukino said from behind.
In the first place, we haven’t ordered yet, Yukino.

「 Anyway, to make sure we don’t regret anything. Let it all out 」

I look at Reika’s tall body.

「 Let it out? 」
「 Yes, let it out. Rei-chan 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Seki-san stands in the veranda that can hold more than 30 parties.
Seki-san speaks to Edie in English.
We’re going to have a match so don’t interfere, that’s probably what she said.
Edie nods then go to the corner.
The sky’s blue from the early summer.
The background is the vast ocean.
The two face each other as the sea breeze blows.
Seki-san’s wearing the black pantsuit, very much like Kouzuki security service.
Her hand has a mustard colored leather gloves.
Reika’s on her usual British gentleman crossdress.
She has black leather gloves on her hand.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

Seki-san takes a stance.
On the other hand, Reika who doesn’t have her cane feels like she’s at a loose end.
Seki-san slowly closes the distance.

「 Fujimiya-san, I thought of it but; 」

Seki-san said.

「 Humans are creatures, you see? Creatures are said to move. Therefore, I think it’s better to move your body when you worry. That’s my opinion 」
「 Seki-san, what do you know! 」

Reika starts the fight.
She presses strongly like she’s about to crush the floor!
Reika’s hand goes to Seki-san’s head!

「 Haa! 」

Seki-san holds Reika’s hand from below then thrusts to Reika’s bosom.


Seki-san’s elbow hits Reika’s belly.

「 Guh! 」

Reika tries to catch Seki-san’s body, but;
By that time, Seki-san’s already apart from Reika.

「 Slow, slow, slow! Fujimiya-san! 」

However, Seki-san’s strike doesn’t seem to give much damage to Reika.
Reika chases Seki-san who escapes with light footwork.

「 No, your movement is too linear! 」

Reika’s fist and kicks don’t hit Seki-san.

「 What, did you forget to handle your footwork from Kendo when you don’t hold your stick?! 」

Seki-san said, Reika stops at once and fixes her posture.

「 That’s right, slide your foot and strike at the interval of the other party’s’ breathing, isn’t that how Fujimiya-san fights? 」

Yeah, as soon as she changed her footwork to Kendo, Reika’s movement stabilizes.
Her speed’s gone better.

「 However, that still can’t win against me 」

Seki-san said Reika accelerates further.
Seeing the fist as a sword, she chases Seki-san with her Kendo footwork.

「 Toooaa!! 」

As soon as Reika’s sticks her fist to Seki-san;
Seki-san slips through the fist and brushes Reika’s foot!

「 Uwa! 」

Reika pitched and fell.

「 My my, what are you doing, Fujimiya-san? 」

Seki-san smiles provocatively

「 Ngu! 」

Reika stood up quickly and attacked Seki-san.
The difference in speed is noticeable.
Seki-san keeps on dodging Reika’s attacks, uses the momentum to attack and turn Reika over again and again.
Reika’s the only one knocked down on the dusty veranda floor multiple times.
If it’s just martial arts instead of swordsmanship, Seki-san’s far better than Reika.

「 Hey, don’t get stuck there like a stupid, how about using your head a bit? 」

Seki-san laughs.

「 Kuh!!! 」

Reika jumps up and challenges Seki-san once again.
Reika indeed has an unyielding personality.

「 If it were Ootoku-san, he would’ve brought you down with counter attacks. With that physique, your body will be crushed once he countered you, right? Like this! 」

As soon as Reika makes a hit, Seki-san twists her body.
Reika then pitches forward. Her body crashed to the concrete wall.

「 Doing this won’t hurt you that much 」

Seki-san doesn’t attack Reika.
It’s all Reika attacking Seki-san, Seki-san using Reika’s strength to make her crash.
She sometimes adds a blow, but Seki-san’s attack isn’t as effective as Reika’s.
Seki-san’s blow is weak, or;
She’s purposely missing Reika’s vital points.
Edie looks at the two fighting impressed.
Seki-san is right on not hitting vital points as it’s a match.
If this was a serious killing fight;
Then this tanned battle girl should be more excited.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」
「 Fuu, fuu, fuu, haa 」

Their fight lasted nearly ten minutes.
Both of them are sweating on their forehead. They show a color of fatigue.
But, Reika looks much more awful.
She’s been taken down over and over that her British gentleman suit is covered in dust.
Her hair’s messed up.
On the other hand, Seki-san.
Is she feeling hot? She took off a button on the chest part of her blouse.
I can see her black lace bra.

「 What, you’re already tired? This isn’t even calisthenics 」

Seki-san said while wiping her swear with one hand.

「 What about you Seki-san, don’t you look tired? 」
「 Stop the jokes; I can continue for two more hours. I’ve never kissed the floor unlike someone here! 」

Saying that Seki-san has a lot of momentum compared to Reika who kept attacking quickly.

「 Ready yourself!! 」

Reika dashes once again.

「 Naive, naive!!! 」

Seki-san pitches Reika forward again like a bullfighter.
Reika kneels on the floor.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Reika’s breathing roughly

「 That’s enough, Seki-san 」


「 It’s my loss. I don’t mind losing 」

Reika said with her eyes dropped on the floor.

「 There’s no point in this fight! 」

Then, Seki-san;
She walks towards Reika then grabbed her collar.

「 Seki-san? 」



She slapped Reika!!

「 Who cares if this fight has no point!!! 」

Seki-san shouts at Reika.

「 No matter what fight it is, once you started it then fight to the end! Use whatever methods you can to grab the victory! You’re a guard, aren’t you?!! 」

Seki-san is seriously angry.
She’s gripping Reika’s suit tightly.
Reika’s staring at Seki-san in a daze.

「 No matter what kind of opponent it is, no matter how unreasonable the situation, even if you’re cornered, fight until death. Don’t ever accept defeat! Don’t give up to the end! Fujimiya Reikaaa!!! 」


「 If you give up then what will happen to the people behind us! Whatever happens, don’t lose, don’t lose, don’t lose!! 」


「 Seki-san, I 」
「 Your awareness is too damaged! Guards need to have the tenacity of never losing! This is why chief Yazawa never let you took charge on an important subject! 」

That’s right.
Reika doesn’t have an assigned subject even though she’s a top elite.

「 Look over there! 」

Seki-san points at us in the room.

「 They’re your family, aren’t they?!! 」

Reika looks at us.

「 If someone attacked that man in front of your eyes and killed, would you feel sad? 」
「 S-Seki-san?! 」
「 Answer me! 」

Reika looks at me.

「 I would feel sad 」
「 What if an assassin killed Ruriko-sama 」
「 I-I would 」
「 I see, then what if Agnes-chan was murdered? 」

Reika’s startled.

「 That’s, no! Never! 」

Looking at the small blonde girl in my arms, Reika screams.

「 Oh, it seems that you finally got the realistic image when you think about Agnes 」


「 It’s not that I’m evil on Fujimiya-san. For her, you and Ruriko-sama are already protected even if she doesn’t do anything 」

Seki-san turned to us and said.
I have Margo-san and others.
Ruriko has Kouzuki security service behind her.

「 But she feels danger for Agnes-chan 」

Reika noticed the abnormality of the mansion these past few days.
Minaho-neesan regards Agnes as a target of her revenge.
That’s why she was out from the mansion on purpose yesterday.
She can’t bear watching me try to open up Agnes’ heart.
Agnes will be ruthlessly raped tonight.

「 Fujimiya-san, if you don’t protect her, her life would be miserable. Do you think you’re allowed to abandon your fight with that life in line? 」
「 I 」
「 In the first place, the feeling that it’s not a problem if you cannot protect him or Ruriko-sama is already a big problem 」

Seki-san sighs

「 Here, stand, Fujimiya-san 」

Seki-san gets Reika up.

「 Let’s have a slap fight 」
「 Slap fight? 」

Reika’s surprised.

「 No questions, we’re starting 」


Seki-san slaps Reika.

「 Go, you’re next. Slap me 」
「 I 」
「 I told you to do it! 」
「 Uwaaaaa! 」


Reika’s hand hits Seki-san’s cheek.

「 Are you even trying?! 」


Seki-san slaps Reika

「 Go, your turn 」


「 Please stop, spare me already! 」

She falls, crying.

「 In the end, chief Yazawa didn’t come. He respects you as a Kendo specialist from scouting you as the queen of high school Kendo 」

Seki-san said.

「 Therefore, Fujimiya-san became a professional guard without having a person to protect 」

Seki-san pats Reika’s crying head.

「 Nobody taught you the resolve to be a guard, you were accepted from just your strength with your sword. That’s a big mistake 」


「 People are beaten up by adults, lose, feeling humiliation and defeat, they have to memorize their work one by one 」

Seki-san’s words soak in Reika’s heart.

「 You’re weak. Even with your stick, the strength to wield it, and even with your Kendo skills, Fujimiya-san’s weak. You had never wanted to protect a person from the bottom of your heart 」

Reika’s taken aback.

「 It’s the feeling of wanting to protect someone even making yourself their shield. You can’t be a guard if you don’t have the apparent enthusiasm despite it being a job, a profession 」
「 I-I 」
「 Well, Fujimiya-san’s been alone since she lost her grandfather. You think that nothing matters in your life because you are alone that’s why you became a guard as desperation, am I wrong? But you see, you can’t protect anyone with that way of thinking. Even yourself 」
「 Seki-san 」
「 Then, how about now? You have your family. Who’s your family? 」


「 Agnes-chan, Mao-chan, Mana-chan, and everyone 」

Oh, inside Reika’s heart.
She feels close to the young girls.
Her priority on Ruriko and me is low.

「 Oh well, without everyone, you can’t protect the family. Take a look. Agnes-chan is clinging to him firmly. He’s hugging Agnes-chan tightly too. Agnes-chan needs him 」

Seki-san said, reinforcing the significance of our existence.

「 Would Agnes-chan hug Fujimiya-san that way? Would she come close to you wanting to be protected? 」


「 No, I don’t think she won’t come close 」
「 I see, are you okay with that, do you want it to stay like that? 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Don’t you wish for Agnes-chan to depend on you? 」
「 That’s 」
「 Speak honestly! Fujimiya Reika!! 」

Seki-san slaps Reika once again.

「 I want her to rely on me!! I want her to depend on me! 」
「 Do you want to protect Agnes?! 」
「 I do! 」

Seki-san smiles.

「 Then grow up. Be strong. Swear to never lose for that girl’s sake 」
「 Seki-san?! 」

Seki-san hugs Reika’s head gently.

「 I also went to an all girl’s school like you so I can understand Fujimiya-san 」


「 You were sought by your peers to be the prince, as the sense of responsibility is deeply rooted in you that you did your best to respond to them. That’s why you became the prince in just form 」

Incidentally, Fujimiya Reika became a beat-to-death swordswoman, dressed up in male clothes.

「 But, you, the prince had no vassal. A prince just for the looks feels very empty all the time. That’s why it turned to this 」
「 S-Seki-san 」
「Besides, chief Yazawa scouted you while still looking like the prince, and became a guard like that. 」

Reika’s solitude never cleared up.

「 It’s okay now. You have a family. It’s okay, you can worry about Agnes-chan and the small girls. You can concentrate on protecting those children. In exchange, you must defend them to death 」

Seki-san said.

「 I will worry about your concerns. Therefore, you can open up your heart to us 」

Seki-san, are you trying to become Reika’s guardian?

「 Didn’t I tell you? You were a prince in the all girl’s school but, be at ease. I’ve always wanted to be an Onee-sama 」


「 I have a long experience as an elder sister 」

She hugs Reika gently.

「 I’ll be your Onee-sama 」