Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 453. It’s a secret to *** ~♫



「 What’s wrong with Edie? 」

I asked Ruriko.

「 Edie wants to go to the toilet 」


「 She mentioned that her stomach has cooled down after playing in the beach 」

Well, she came out of the hotel running.

「 Rei-chan 」

I look at Reika.
Reika pushes the radio switch while driving.

「 Fujimiya here, Seki-san, please respond. 」
『 Seki here 』

I can hear Shou-oneesan’s voice from the radio.

「 Seventh case, please respond 」
『 Seki, roger that 』

Reika looks at us through the rear mirror.

「 They’re checking which point to stop so please wait for a while 」

Oh, we can’t just go to a toilet around us comfortably in our situation.
This van has Ruriko in it.
That’s why a guard from Kouzuki security service is taking a lead car. They think that they’re escorting Ruriko.
They cannot let the daughter of Kouzuki house go to a public restroom.
Seki-san now is checking the neighborhood with the car navigation, looking for facilities where we can join in.

『 Seki here, leading car, please respond 』

I hear Shou-oneesan’s voice after a minute.

『 Yes, Nakamoto here over 』
『 We’ll stop by F43, good? 』
『 F43, Nakamoto, roger 』

The leading car steers from the main street.

「 Rei-chan, do you know which is F43? 」

I asked.

「 No, the name of each point is different on each operation. The navigation system isn’t connected to the data system from Kouzuki security service 」

There’s no way to know.

「 But, since Kouzuki security service assumes these situations, they should’ve selected places we could use on the route so don’t worry 」
「 Is that so? 」
「 Yes, when we escort VIPs there’s always some who would suddenly tell their escort that they need to go to the restroom 」

Oh, I see.

「 Usually, the nobles finish their business so they won’t have to deal with that kind of incident but, elderlies who are executives of a large companies need a close restroom 」

I see.

「 Or rather, I roughly know which facility Seki-san has selected. There’s only one fitting establishment near here 」


「 When we travel on this road for about a minute, there will be a high-class celebrity only sports club. It’s probably there 」

Reika said.
I see, if it’s that kind of establishment, then it would be okay for us to stop.

「 We can see it now. It’s over there 」

A big building is visible ahead of the road.

『 Lead car has arrived at point 』
『 Head towards the underground parking lot 』
『 Leading car, roger 』

The three vehicles go to the underground parking lot of the building.
We were stopped by the staff of the building at the entrance of the gate.
The lead car’s guard showed something then the three vehicles were let through.

「 Kouzuki security service has membership rights on this sports club. We also pay the monthly membership fees properly 」

Reika tells us.
They have it always prepared so that it could be used anytime.
They must have a lot of establishment to use in emergency situations.
The three cars parked side by side in the lot.

「 Err, is it only Edie who wants to go to the restroom? 」

I asked.

「 Uhm, Papa 」

Agnes speaks bashfully

「 Agnes too, desuno 」

In that case.

「 Onii-sama, I will take Agnes-san 」

Ruriko said.
Yeah, it would be Agnes’ first time to take a restroom outside the mansion.
I can’t enter women’s restroom either.
I’m worried to leave Agnes to just Edie.

「 Thanks, Ruriko 」
「 Yes 」
「 Ah, I’m going too 」

Yukino said.

「 Hey, Yukino 」
「 I know, shut up 」

Yukino puts on her sunglasses and afro wig.
She was found out by the hotel part-timer earlier.
If she doesn’t disguise, she’ll be in trouble again.
Our high school girl’s uniform, afro, and sunglasses.
It’s becoming somewhat tricky to understand hobby for her.

「 If I take off the button on the chest part of my blouse like this, I’ll look like a delinquent, right? 」

Yukino said as she opens up her chest.
Hmmm, that would be in the old days. It smells like the 20th century.

「 I’m going too 」

I’m too worried

「 Nakamoto-kun, guard the vehicles. Fujimiya-san and I will escort Ruriko-sama. 」

Getting off the van, Shou-oneesan’s already taking command.

「 You have to go to the lobby on the first floor for the restrooms. I’ll lead the way 」

As expected of Shou-oneesan, she’s already grasped the layout of this establishment in case of emergencies.
Or it’s possible that she opened the files about it before getting off the car?
Anyway, Shou-oneesan takes the lead.
Next is Edie. Ruriko and I are holding Agnes’ hand.
Yukino’s behind.
Then last, Reika.
I’m wearing my uniform, Ruriko’s wearing her boiler suit, Yukino’s having an afro hair, we look like an incomprehensible group.
We don’t want to gather too much attention.

「 This way 」

The elevator goes up to the first floor.
Fortunately, the lobby isn’t that crowded.
Well, there’s a lot of people at the reception desk though.

「 Those people are okay, we’ve checked them when we entered the parking lot 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 When we give them the name Kouzuki security service, they won’t be investigating any further; This sports club has a reputation for employee training 」

Oh, unlike the hotel earlier;
They won’t have any part-timer with bad manners.

「 We cannot make mistakes continuously either 」

Shou-oneesan seems to regret choosing the hotel from earlier.
Therefore, this time, she chose an establishment frequented by wealthy people.
Right, even though we’re such a shady group, the employees aren’t looking this way.

「 Ah, that’s the restroom? 」

Yukino breaks the formation and rushes to the toilet.

「 Hey, Yukino! 」
「 What?! It’s first-come-first-serve! 」

The afro-haired high school girl disappears to the women’s restroom.
On the other hand, Edie is looking at Agnes’ face.

「 Edie-san asked if she can go ahead 」

Ruriko translates what Edie said.

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes answers.

「 At times like that, you say “Go on” 」

I tell Agnes.
From now on, I need to teach her every way of interaction with people.

「 Please go on, Edie-chan

Agnes said. Edie dashed to the women’s restroom.

Agnes holds Ruriko’s hand, slowly goes to the restroom.

「 Reika, follow them 」
「 Roger 」

Reika escorts them
Well, it should be fine
In case something happens to the women’s restroom, Edie should make noise.
Edie’s sense of danger is sharp.

「 Let’s wait here 」

Shou-oneesan smiles at me.
I see. She’s guarding me.

「 From now on, there will be a lot of this. Please be ready for it 」


「 Living with women means waiting for them in front of the restroom. Especially when you’re going out together, they’re longer than a man’s time in the toilet 」

That’s how it is.

「 Yeah, I’m ready for it 」

I answered.
Then, once again, I look at the lobby of this sports club.
The blue carpet’s spread out. The reception counter is crimson.
Next to it is a shop.
There’s a vending machine too.

「 It’s the second half of the second week. There’s not a lot of people at this time in the afternoon 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Huh, it’s holiday so shouldn’t they be coming for sports? 」
「 If it’s a wealthy member of the club then they would be taking vacations on their villa over the weekend. They won’t be in the metropolitan area to take a rest 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 I guess there’s a return rush around this time? 」

I-I see.

「 FIRST! 」

Yukino comes out of the restroom while saying that.
Then she;

「 Ah, I’ll take melon soda 」

Asked me for drinks

「 You just pissed, didn’t you? 」
「 That’s right. Therefore, if I don’t drink the liquid, my blood would get sticky you know?! 」

What kind of reasoning is that?

「 There’s a vending machine over there. Also, I didn’t get the tropical drink from the hotel! 」

I’ve got no choice.
I head to the vending machine then put in a coin.
Then, Edie, Ruriko, Agnes, and Reika comes out of the restroom together.
Edie sees me buying juice from the vending machine then;
She comes running like a dog

「 Edie, do you want a drink too? 」

I put in a new coin in the vending machine then;

「 Onii-sama, Edie-san seems to want to try it herself 」

Ruriko tells me.
Oh, this girl is interested in vending machines, right.

「 She seems to want to try putting in money by herself 」

Oh, like how toddlers want to push the “Get off” button in the bus.
Then, it can’t be helped.

「 Here, Edie 」

I give Edie a coin
The blonde hair brown combat girl smile at me.
Then, she pushed in the coin down.
The vending machine lights up.
Ruriko explains “Choose what you want and press the switch” to Edie.

Click, clang

A canned juice rolls out.

《 OH!!! 》

Edie’s impressed.
No, I don’t think it’s such a big deal.
Edie looks at me with an excited face.
It seems she wants to do it again

「 Ruriko, do you want something? 」
「 I’m well enough 」

Ruriko who’s a noble’s daughter knows self-restraint.
She went to the restroom after finishing the meal at the hotel we just stayed.
She probably doesn’t try to take in extra liquid.

「 What about Agnes? 」
「 Agnes is fine too 」

She answers embarrassed.

「 What about Shou-oneesan or Rei-chan? 」
「 I’m in the middle of work 」
「 I’m fine as well 」

Both of them refused.
By the way, Yukino’s gulping down the melon soda by herself.
Then, she exhaled.
Also, she burped.
She looks at the sports newspaper in the shop.

「 Then, sure, I’ll take a drink 」

Just to make Edie buy one more
I take out a coin and hand it to her.
I’m not that thirsty.

「 Edie, buy me coffee 」

Edie puts in the coin in the vending machine and looks at my face curiously.

「 Coffee. Do you get it? Koo, Hii!! 」

I said, Edie nods.
Then she pushed the switch
On cola

「 Hey, that’s cola! 」

Click, clang

Edie takes the can that rolled out and hands it to me showing a smile.
She said something in English.

「 Onii-sama, she says that diet cola is better for your health 」


「 Cola is Cola. If you’re concerned about my health, then don’t let me drink cola 」

Buy me tea, water, or milk.
I would drink those.

「 Well, that’s not the problem 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Drinking diet cola is an American’s sense of diet 」

Shou-oneesan who loves American culture sighs.

「 Well, that’s good and all but, what I asked for is Coffee though? 」
「 Well you see, Americans won’t understand unless you say it as koffie 」


「 You pronounced Co so firmly that she thought it was Coke 」
「 It only fits Co though? 」
「 Cola is often called Coke She believes that the sound “ku” had disappeared 」

Edie’s still smiling.
I guess I’ll take this.

「 Okay, I’ll drink it. Edie bought it for me anyway 」

But still, this is a 350ml can
That’s a bit too much for me
I opened the can, and the carbonation pushes out.
I put it in my mouth in panic.

「 Hey, give me money 」

Yukino comes

「 You already drank melon soda, didn’t you? 」

Does she intend to drink another can?

「 That’s not it. I’d like to buy that sports newspaper 」

Sports newspaper

「 One side shows about Papa and me 」

I gave her coins.
To be honest, I’d like to know the situation too.

「 Then, I’ll buy one 」
「 Wait, I’ll buy it 」

Shou-oneesan stops Yukino.

「 Don’t you think that’s better? 」

Yukino shouldn’t make contact with the employees here.

「 I think that you already know it from the hotel earlier, but you’re already famous 」

But, Yukino

「 I’m fine. I’ll do it myself 」

She goes to the shop.
She doesn’t know how grave her situation is.

「 Shou-oneesan, take everyone and go 」

I said.

「 What do you intend to do/ 」
「 I think she won’t understand unless she suffers from it 」

I ready myself.

「 Park the car outside from the parking lot. Yukino and I would be going out from that entrance. 」


「 Are you serious? 」
「 While we have time 」
「 I’ll leave Reika here 」

Shou-oneesan said, but;

「 No, nobody’s going to drive the van though? 」
「 I’ll let my men drive 」
「 No, that would scare Agnes 」

I pat Agnes’ head.

「 Agnes, go ahead, Papa will come right after 」
「 Papa 」
「 I’ll have Edie with me. Either way, she’s drinking a canned juice now 」

Edie drinks the juice she bought.

「 Ruriko, could you translate what I’m about to tell Edie? 」

I look at Ruriko

「 Yes, Onii-sama 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Yukino comes back with the sports newspaper spread out.
I’m drinking the can of coke on the lobby bench.
Edie’s with me.

「 Seriously, these are all lies 」

She’s already angry.

「 They say here that a crime syndicate confined me and Ichikawa-ojiisama paid for my ransom! 」

Oh, that’s the false story Minaho-neesan leaks out.

「 It’s a horrible lie, on top of that, they say that Papa did a lot of bad things with the syndicate! 」

That’s the truth.

「 Huh, where are the others? 」
「 They got back in the car already. As for us, look, we’re drinking. I had the car from the parking lot go to the main entrance. They’ll wait over there 」
「 Oh, okay 」

Yukino’s absorbed in reading the articles.
She takes a seat next to me.

「 You’re doing well reading with your sunglasses 」
「 Oh right, just when I thought it was dark 」

Yukino takes off her sunglasses and puts it in her pocket.
I also read the newspaper from the side.
The writings aren’t a big deal.
Well, of course, the media’s article categories are decided.
Jii-chan puts on his pressure, Minaho-neesan manipulates the information.
The delicate matters like the leak of Yukino’s rape video aren’t written.
The information flowing from the internet is significantly delayed.
Yukino’s sense of crisis won’t stir up with that.
I drink the soda.

「 I’m going to the restroom, Edie, wait here 」
「 Huh, why? 」
「 I have no choice; I drank cola, so I want to piss now 」

I said.
It’s to buy time

「 I’m not on good terms with this girl though? 」

Edie’s looking at Yukino, smiling.
I had Ruriko tell Edie to monitor Yukino.

「 Or instead, even though Mana can speak English, why is it that Yukino can’t? 」
「 I can’t do anything about that! People have things they’re good and bad at! 」


「 Didn’t you say that you’re better than Mana? 」
「 My fashion sense is better! 」

Yukino replies immediately
Even though she’s wearing an afro wig
Seriously, she can’t see herself.

「 Well who cares, I’m going to the restroom anyway 」
「 Go already! Be fast! 」

I head to the restroom.
I piss right away, washed my hands and come out.
Men take less time in restrooms than women
Edie’s staring at Yukino.
Yukino’s no longer reading articles about her father.

「 I don’t know anything about the recent news! 」

She’s reading the entertainment column.
My phone rings.

「 Yes? 」

I answered.

『 If you come out right now, it’ll be the perfect timing 』

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Sure thing. Yukino, Edie, let’s go 」

I tell the two.

「 Wait a moment. I’m reading an exciting bit right now 」

Yukino’s reading an article on suspicion on adultery comedy section.

「 You can read the newspaper later. We’re leaving 」
「 Geez! 」

Yukino stands up reluctantly
We exit at the automatic door.
We walk outside the sports club’s building.
In front of the building, are people from a school’s sports club running on the street.
There’s a “*** College” written on the chest of their training wear, so they’re probably students close here.
I don’t know what kind of club they are though

「 *** Fight! 」
「 Fight! Fight! 」

The college students run while yelling heave-ho.
They’re close to a hundred people.
Shou-oneesan is talking about this.

「 Hey, the car isn’t at the entrance! 」

Yukino screams.
The university students turn around from her loud screech.
Well, an afro high school girl also has an impact on that.

「 Look, it’s parked there 」

I point thirty meters away.
The lead car from Kouzuki security service, the white van, and Shou-oneesan’s car are all parked side by side.

「 Why is it parked over there?! 」
「 I don’t know either. There must be a reason for it, Yukino! 」

At the moment I said “Yukino”ー
Edie scoops away Yukino’s afro wig.
Yukino’s black hair flutters with the wind.

「 W-What are you doing!!! 」

The university students look at Yukino due to the unexpected development.
Edie runs towards the car.
They’re ten meters away from us.
She looks at Yukino and said.

「 Yukino! 」

She points at Yukino vigorously!!

「 Shirasaka Yukino!! 」

Edie shouts as she points.
The university students immediately make a commotion

「 S-Seriously?! 」
「 No, I’m sure, it’s that face! 」
「 Yeah, that’s right 」
「I had seen it yesterday 」
「 I also fapped to it 」
「 There’s no way she’s 16 and that lewd you know?! 」
「 It’s quite hard to find a first-year high school girl rape video you know! 」
「 In addition to that, she got creampied! 」
「 Yeah right! It’s that face, that body!! 」

The men speak about Yukino.

「 That’s really Shirasaka Yukino!!! 」

Yukino’s complexion turns pale.