Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 454. Unable to escape!



The university students stopped their running and approach Yukino and me.

「 We’re escaping Yukino 」

I pull Yukino’s hand and rush.
Our car is thirty meters away.

「 Hey, wait! 」
「 Hey, get them!!! 」

The university students dash to chase us.

「 What the hell is this! What’s going on!!! 」

Yukino’s in complete panic.

「 Who cares, just run!!! 」

Yukino seems to be paralyzed in fear that she can’t run that well.

「 Hey, does anyone have a phone?! 」
「 Senpai, we are forbidden to carry around when running! 」
「 Hey, someone go back to school and bring a camera from the club room! 」
「 This is going to the internet! 」

If this goes on, they’ll catch up.

「 Edie!! 」

I shout, then Edie who’s holding an afro wig smiles.

《 On my way!! 》

Edie charges to the university students!
She immediately takes down four university students close to catching us up!!

「 W-What’s with her?! 」
「 Myaoo! 」

The brown and blonde combat girl stands her ground and roars like a cat.

「 Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Then, she takes down another five people.
They’re all knocked down in the speed of light.

「 S-Shit, she’s bad news 」

The university students are frightened.
Meanwhile, Yukino and I reach the car.
Shou-oneesan’s American car opens the door.
That means we should jump in there.

「 That’s enough, Edie! 」

After pushing Yukino in the back seat, I shout at Edie.

《 Come on!!! 》

Shou-oneesan’s wearing sunglasses, she shouts at the window from the driver seat.

「 Myaooooon!!! 」

Edie runs in with high speed.
The university students are all dumbfounded.
Nobody chased after Edie.

「 Jump in, Edie! 」

Yukino and I are in the back seat.
Edie jumps in the passenger seat.

「 Nakamoto-kun, depart!! 」

Shou-oneesan shouts at the communication device.


At the moment Edie closed the car door, the car starts driving.
Kouzuki security service’s lead car, Reika’s white van, and Shou-oneesan’s American vehicle escape the spot at full speed.


Once we take turns on the streets, the university students can’t catch up with us.

「 That’s good enough 」

Shou-oneesan takes off her sunglasses and said.

「 This car stands out, and they might’ve seen the license plate 」

I said.

「 Today, it’s a counterfeit license plate. We’ll change it as soon as we take the next stop 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Kusshishi! 」

Edie laughs at the passenger seat.
It seems that she’s happy she got to riot.

「 W-What was that, what’s going on?! 」

Yukino finally starts to speak.

「 Do you know how famous you are now? 」

Shou-oneesan asks from the driver’s seat.

「 Well, I know that I became famous because of you people. But, what was that just now! They look at me as if I’m a rare animal!! 」
「 Oh, that’s better. At least they think you’re cute 」
「 What do you mean by that 」

Yukino glares at the eyes on the rear mirror.

「 Yukino, what do you think when you read the sports newspaper earlier? 」

I asked.

「 Huh? Oh, I don’t know about it, but Papa’s treated as the enemy of Japan, right? 」

Yukino answers.

「 Everyone in Japan believes that now. A person named Shirasaka Sousuke used his connections with Shriasaka clan and utilized a leading advertising agency, raping many female entertainers and girls who were interested in the entertainment world. Furthermore, he was also collaborating with gangs prostituting women. He’s an irredeemable rapist and pedophile. He even went and raped a local girl in Australia, kidnapped and killed a girl in his villa in the past 」

Shou-oneesan speaks provocatively.
The buried girl is Naomi-san, Minaho-neesan’s sister.

「 The corpse of the child is known to be pregnant from the autopsy 」

Oh, even that is already known.

「 Lies. They’re all lies. It’s all Yuzuki’s work to make Papa fall! 」

Yukino only recognizes Minaho-neesan as her school teacher, “Yuzuki Minaho.”

「 Are you still saying that? 」

I ask Yukino.

「 There are so many people in action, and it’s about time you admit it: Shirasaka Sousuke was a horrible man. Your father made a lot of lives suffer and fall to despair 」

Minaho-neesan and Naomi-san.
Katsuko-nee and Nagisa.
Megu’s mother, and Megu herself of course.
Then, all the women trapped in the mansion forced to take in guests.

「 I won’t. Because they’re all lies 」

Yukino tells me.

「 Besides, even if Papa made someone go through misfortune, why is my life turned crazy too? Do you have the qualification to do that? 」


「 Oh, this doesn’t need qualifications. It’s influenced with different things 」

Shou-oneesan answers instead of me.

「 What’s different?!! 」

Yukino barks.

「 It’s about luck and fate. Your fate is with him so how about you give up? 」
「 No way!! 」

Yukino answers angrily.

「 Well, it’s not that I care about you 」

Shou-oneesan snorts at Yukino.

「 The information of the world on you is quite impressive. Your father, Shirasaka Sousuke raped you and made you pregnant. Then due to your father’s troubles, you were kidnapped and subjected to all kinds of torture. You have achieved a hundred rapists three times or something like that 」
「 That’s all lies! They’re all lies! 」
「 Is that so? That’s what’s written in your Wikipedia 」

Yukino’s wiki?

「 Well, it says “Citation Needed,” but after that, your name has become the most searched term this morning. Congratulations, you surpassed your father 」
「 Me, top/ 」

Yukino shows a puzzled face.

「 There’s no way that’s true?! The sports newspaper didn’t write about me that much even though Papa has so many articles about him 」
「 Well, of course, Yukino is still minor 」

I said.l

「 Sports newspaper is regular media so they can’t write those 」
「 Huh, what? 」

Yukino doesn’t get it.

「 You already know that your sex videos are all over the internet, right? 」
「 I know. But, only perverts who like that kind of videos would watch that, right? 」
「 What are you talking about, didn’t the part-timer from the hotel said what he watched your sex video, and now those university students 」
「 We just happened to come across people who were familiar with the internet, right? There’s no way everyone’s watching my videos. Even the college students earlier, there’s not a lot of them who watched me. The excited people just fanned others and chased me 」

Oh, I finally understand the absence of her sense of crisis.

「 The internet is filled with lewd videos so no matter how much Yuzuki uploads, not everyone will watch it 」

Yukino’s really a girl.
She doesn’t understand men’s curiosity.

「 I wonder, I think that every university student over there all saw Yukino-san’s sex videos 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 No way 」

Yukino tries to laugh it over.

「 Oh, I see, Yukino-san’s trying so hard to think the other way 」

Shou-oneesan said, Yukino reacts.

「 What? 」
「 I know it, you probably want to think that it doesn’t cause such a big deal but in reality, it’s severe 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 “Everyone’s talking about Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter,” “That girl is in an uncensored rape video,” just those two keywords make men stick around 」


「 Furthermore, Kuromori-san has leaked your cute photos beforehand. A lot of pictures in your sailor uniform. Even your birthdate and other data. The first step was to spread the data on the internet saying that Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter is quite cute. The second step is to make rumors that the girl got kidnapped and raped, making it stand out. The third step is to cause a scene on your release on the variety shows. Yukino-san, you revealed back then that you were raped. Then, the final stage is to release all of your rape videos 」

Gradually gathering the attention and release the extreme videos in one go.
As expected of Minaho-neesan

「 Well, of course, everyone’s going to jump in. Also, Kuromori-san exposed your photos on image boards. It’s not just videos. Still images too 」


「 I can just insist that they’re all not photos of me. That’s not me! 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 Yukino-san hasn’t seen how it is uploaded yet 」
「 T-There’s no way I would look at those 」
「 Wait a second 」

Shou-oneesan opens up a laptop with one hand while waiting for the traffic light.

「 For example, this is an image posting site ‘Odaiba channel: this site is just a newly born image posting board. Please share this with your friends,’ and this is a ramen board but 」

There are photos of ramen and ramen shop then suddenly, a picture of a naked girl appears.

「 This is Yukino-san, right? 」

I recognize the image right away.
Katsuko-nee took this photo immediately after Yukino lost her virginity.
Virgin blood and semen is coming out of her female genital.
Her face, breasts, crotch, are all exposed.
Shirasaka Yukino is distinguishable.

「 T-That’s too clear 」

Yukino’s in shock.

「 Following, this is a “vehicle board,” look, it’s also here 」

Yeah, after an old Japanese car photo is Yukino’s nude photos.
Oh, this is the photo when she’s bound in restraint before taking her virginity.
Yukino on screen is red in shame.
Her growing crotch hair is seen clearly.

「 It’s a good photo, although the camera is great, the cameraman is also fantastic. Who took this? 」
「 Katsuko-nee 」
「 I see 」

Shou-oneesan operates her laptop.

「 Also, what’s this “supigara board”? 」

I don’t get it.
But, Yukino’s naked body is also posted on that board.
My penis is pushed into her vagina.
Yukino’s love nectar is dripping out glittering. It’s too distinct.
My figure is cleverly erased other than my penis.

「 This is an edit. They just put in my face on that photo! 」

Yukin says that but;

「 Unfortunately, Kuromori-san uploaded this kind of photos so you can’t say that 」

That is the photograph of Yukino in her basketball club uniform in middle school.
It seems to be a photo taken at some event.
Her upper body has a tank top, and her lower body wears shorts.

「 You can check the mole in the neck and the thighs. The people familiar with verification also tested this 」

Minaho-neesan continually plans for her revenge on Shiraaska Sousuke.
Therefore, she’s taken this photo of Yukino too.
After the signal changed, the car accelerates again.

「 This is an invasion of privacy! In the first place, releasing my shameful photos isn’t allowed! 」

Oh, Yukino’s still a minor so;
Yukino’s nude photos and videos are child pornography according to the laws.
Furthermore, her crotch is uncensored.

「 Of course, the admin deletes it as soon as they find but Kuromori-san uploads it at a faster rate than it can be removed. There seems to be a program that uploads it quickly. It’s not just on this image board. It’s uploaded indiscriminately on sites where you can post photos and videos 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Shirasaka Yukino wiki seems to have leaked 248 photos and four videos. Completing the videos is easy, but it appears that the images give trouble to everyone 」

Edie on the passenger seat looks at the screen interestingly.

「 Do you want to watch the videos too? They’re all well made also. They can tell that it’s you, Shirasaka Yukino 」
「 N-No thanks 」

Yukino answers exhausted.
It seems that she didn’t think her images were this clear.

「 I don’t have proper statistics, but Kouzuki security service’s research department expect that 90% of the Japanese men have seen your nude photos. In some form or another; Oh, it has proper mosaic applied then it’ll be shown on major news sites as well. Of course, the whole percentage of people watching the video is a bit lower 」

The reality is finally shown to Yukino.

「 Men in late teens are about the same. Even after the thirties, there’s over 60% of the men watching your nude photos. There’s more than 50% of the women who saw it too. This is a fantastic degree of recognition 」

Shou-oneesan laughs.

「 Of course, there was the topic of your father, Mr. Shirasaka Sousuke, so the attention gathered on Yukino but, now the situation’s reversed. Your sex videos alone gather people alone, and people ask about who Shirasaka Yukino-san’s father is, then the people with a bag of wisdom shows up 」
「 W-Why did it come to this?! 」

Yukino’s trembling.

「Well, you father-daughter become 『 reverse-untouchable 』 」


「 That’s the term we made for you. The opposite of untouchable means that it’s an existence where everyone can reach out, think of it as a country’s toy 」
「 W-What? 」
「 The enemy of Japanese people, the shame of the nation, a scum among humans, Shirasaka Sousuke and his daughter. Therefore, no matter how much cruelty you experience, nobody would be concerned about it 」

I see.
That’s why the hotel part-timer and the university students did that.
They make contact with Yukino with such a domineering attitude.

「 That’s why you can’t stop the flow of the photos 」
「 That’s just bullying! I’m just a high school girl! I may be Papa’s daughter, but I’m not Papa 」
「 Right, in theory you’re right. But look, the world doesn’t work with reason 」

Yukino’s speechless

「 Actually, they don’t care about Shirasaka Sousuke. However, if they meet him face-to-face, there’s quite a lot who would want to punch him 」

Knowing this many evil acts from Shirasaka Sousuke, they’d beat him as much as possible.

「 Then, in your case, the men only want to see your naked. Your sex videos too 」

Yeah, Yukino looks decently beautiful too
You can’t quite find a 16-year-old rape video.
Furthermore, Katsuko-nee’s camera work is of a professional.
Furthermore, it’s uncensored.
On top of that, it’s scattered around the internet where it can be easily seen.

「 But look, puts quite the guilt to watch a miserable first-year high school girl’s video. That’s why they make excuses for themselves 」


「 They say that she’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, so it’s okay. Evidently, the girl is also responsible for having her photos taken. In the first place, at the stage their images flow out of the internet, they abandon their responsibility That’s why it’s okay to watch. Saving it is fine」

The men’s desire becomes fat, justifying their actions on despising Yukino.

「 Then, the more they look, the more they disdain you, Yukino-san They despise you 」

Shou-oneesan operates the laptop again.

「 You know this right? This is the so-called “Tsubo kata image board,” Look, it says “Shirasaka Yukino’s thread part 98” 」

I look into the screen.

352:I knew it, Yukino’s just horny
354:She’s completely happy after the fourth video.
355:She enjoyed the taste of men too fast
356:She must’ve inherited Shirasaka Sousuke’s blood.
356:But if you were Yukino’s partner, would you have sex with her?
358:I sure can hold my drink
359:I’ll fuck her too
359:I can’t
361:If it’s just fellatio
362:Or rather, is Yukino going to be a sex volunteer?
364:In like Somalia or something?
365:That’s rude to Somalia people!

Oh, she’s being played.

「 This is pointed out by the research department but 」

Shou-oneesan said.

「 Perhaps, Shirasaka Yukino will become a person of the era 」

Person of the era.

「 You’ll be someone everybody knows in an era. In 10, 20 years, everyone will say “Oh that’s nostalgic” 」


「 Look, a talent famous at their time, or a game that was well received, or a manga that made a huge hit. Perhaps, the men in their teens and late 20s will see Shirasaka Yukino’s sex videos as the icon of the era which everyone knows 」

That’s how much the public recognizes Yukino.

「 By the way, Yukino-san you now have a nickname on the internet. Do you want to know?


「 You’re called 『 A woman who exposed her everything to the whole human race 』 」

T-The whole human race.

「 Your sex videos are expanding and uploaded at an explosive speed. It’s especially prevalent in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, and Korea. If this goes on, you’ll probably be in Guinness book of world records with such a comedic title of the “woman who had her sex video seen the most in the world.”

Guinness book.

「 Especially in Asia, Japanese adult videos are so popular. Do you know that AV actresses get VIP treatment in hospitals? Yukino-san, I’m sure you’ll get one too 」

The whole of Japan, mainly young people, saw her sex videos.
Then, it spreads to the world.

「 In short, Yukino-san can no longer run away 」

Yukino shivers.

「 You can’t abandon Japan; someone will definitely find you. People who have seen your sex and naked body will always follow you 」

Yukino’s whole body convulses.

「 Yukino-san has no place on this planet anymore 」