Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 461. Each own hearts.



We go through the underground passage to the faculty parking lot.
We rode Minaho-neesan’s car and head to the mansion from the high school grounds.
Minaho-neesan’s on the driver seat.
Nei’s on the passenger seat.
Megu and I are in the rear seat.
Megu’s still wearing her training wear from the track and field.

「 Once we’re back at the mansion, take a shower Megumi, make preparations 」
「 Yes, Minaho-san 」

Megu’s the first in the sequence of revenge.
Therefore, she has to make preparations first.

「 Nei, take care of Mana-san and Agnes 」
「 Sure, Sensei 」

Nei replies.

「 You too, take a shower 」

Minaho-neesan tells me.

「 Yeah, ah, but Misuzu and Michi might be already there 」

Shou-oneesan went to pick them up, so it’s about time they’re back.

「 True, we have to discuss tomorrow as well 」

Tomorrow, the party where nobles would gather at one place.
In that gathering, Jii-chan and his three granddaughters must show that they get along.

「 I need to talk to Misuzu and Ruriko heart-to-heart 」

I answered.

「 You do have something else you would like to discuss, no? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.
Her eyes send me a glance through the rear mirror.

「 Yeah 」
「 It’s about Yukino-san? 」
「 Yeah 」

I answered.
Megu’s body stiffens.

「 Okay 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Huh?! 」
「 I just have to talk to her, right? I’ll have to offer her a deal, right? 」


「 If we’re going to push your plan from earlier, I’ll do it of course. You’re the only one that girl can have a conversation in an equal position 」

Yukino always looks down on me when we talk.

「 However, if I am the one talking to her, I’ll only be crushing her from above 」

But still, it’s a much better negotiation than when talking to me

「 That’s fine. If Minaho-neesan doesn’t crush her under pressure, Yukino won’t be accepting our offer 」

She doesn’t live with reason.
Even if her judgment affects her life or death, she’ll leave it to her feeling like “I don’t like it,” or “I’m pissed.”
If I negotiate with her, she’ll just force things to be convenient on her without considering the situation.
That’s not okay.

「 You’re right. I’m the best candidate for it 」

Yukino’s afraid of Minaho-neesan.
She even said, “Yuzuki’s the culprit of it all.”
She knows that Minaho-neesan, us Kuromori uses violence and political power.

「 But, what do you think, Megumi? 」

Minaho-neesan brings Megu on the subject.

「 Megumi has been silent since earlier, there’s no one else but us here so please tell us your honest feelings, Megumi 」

That’s right, I have to ask for Megu’s true feelings.
Megu cares about the people around, so she’s kept her opinion earlier.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu grasps my thighs tightly.
She’s looking at me with a half-crying face.

「 Do you want to save Yukino by all means? 」


「 It’s not like I want to help her, in the first place, I’m the one who brought her to hell 」

I’m the one who raped Yukino.

「 However, I; I don’t want her to die 」

I speak my honest feelings.

「 It’s just wrong to kill only her 」

If Shirasaka Sousuke dies, there’s not much difference in the future.
I have to give up on that.
Seeing that old man’s face, his gray hair pulled out, I’ve made my resolve.

「 Looking at the situation inside the confinement room, I’ve understood how much Minaho-neesan hates Shirasaka Sousuke! 」
「 Yes, I will completely annihilate that man. I’m not the only one who wants that 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 My sister, Naomi, the baby on me, and my sister’s belly, and my mother who died from loneliness from losing us, I have to knock the resentment of those who died to that man. Besides, the tears of the women who suffered in the mansion too 」

Yeah, this flow can’t be stopped anymore.

「 I also lost my mother 」

Megu said.

「 Therefore, when I saw Shriasaka-san’s state a while ago, I didn’t feel pity at all. Instead, I thought that he deserves it. He shouldn’t die so quickly. He should suffer, suffer, writhe to death. That’s what I think. 」

The usually gentle Megu goes as far as saying that.
Even though it’s Megu’s father.
Shirasaka Sousuke did that much.

「 But, Yukino is just that man’s daughter, don’t you feel pity if she’s killed together with her father? 」

I asked, Megu.

「 I wonder, Yukino’s ruin shows that she reap what she sow 」


「 Oh well, Megumi has the right to say that 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Yukino-san has bullied Megumi since they were young. Not allowing her to wear beautiful clothes. Declining her application on the first school choice she passed 」

That’s right.
That’s true, but

「 But, I think it’s just too cruel for her to die 」

I said.

「 But, Yukino’s closed herself in her shell all the time, she even ordered Yoshi-kun to help her with such an arrogant attitude! She doesn’t do anything herself! You can’t help someone like that! 」

Megu’s enraged.

「 I see. Megumi also wants to help her 」

Nei who’s been listening to all this time speaks up.

「 That’s not true. I hate Yukino, I even wish that she’s gone 」

Megu speaks in a low voice.

「 But you see, you also think that she shouldn’t die as Yo-chan said, right? 」
「 Because Yukino’s an idiot! If it’s the current Yukino, then no one can help her?! 」

『 No one can help her 』
In short, she actually wants to help her.
She doesn’t want her to die.

「 You’re right. In Yukino-san’s case, if we helped her poorly, then she’ll grow impudent and speak out strange things 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That girl knows too much about us. If we think about safety, we must dispose of her 」

The talk goes towards Yukino’s disposal again.

「 Now, now, give it a second, Sensei, Megumi too 」

Nei bends herself from the passenger seat and smiles at us sitting in the rear seats.

「 Maybe. Yo-chan has some good idea about it 」


「 I guess. Shall we listen to your opinion first? What do you think? 」

Minaho-neesan urges me.
I speak what I came up with in my mind.

「 That’s the plan, but what do you think? 」


「 I think that I can tweak it on various parts, but I think that most of it will do. We can also incorporate it to our operation tomorrow 」
「 I also think that’s good. That’s fine as a common grounds, isn’t it? In the first place, the punch line is hilarious! 」

Nei said.

「 After all, doing it with a laugh, in the end, is the best way. We must not recall it as bitter memory. If you don’t want to remember it again, then lock it up deep inside your heart and let it settle down. It might become an eternal taboo topic for us family! 」

I think Shirasaka Sousuke will become a taboo topic.
After today, we’ll never talk about Shirasaka Sousuke again.
But, Yukino.

「 But, if we end it laughing, we can talk and laugh about it someday! Thinking “Oh right, that happened” That’s what I want! 」

Nei’s smile is kind.

「 That’s Nei’s opinion, but what about you Megumi? 」

Minaho-neesan said. Megu looks at me.

「 This will be Yukino’s last time? 」
「 Yeah, I won’t negotiate with Yukino directly, I’ll leave it to Minaho-neesan 」

I promised

「 Okay, then I think I’m okay with it too 」

Megu gives her consent.

「 Then, we’ll proceed with that 」
「 Thank you, Minaho-neesan 」

Yeah, I can see another closure.

「 You’ve worked so hard, Yo-chan 」

Nei tells me.

「 Megumi’s given her okay, who’s next, Mana? Or Misuzu? 」
「 Both. Also, perhaps the stubborn Michi too 」

I have to convince all of my women.
It’s inevitable.
They’re all my women, and I’m responsible for them.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Welcome back, Danna-sama! 」

When we arrive at the mansion, Misuzu’s and everyone else is already there.
Misuzu, Michi, Ruriko, and even Mana greets me at the entrance.
Minaho-neesan parks the car in the garage.

「 Where’s Agnes? 」
「 She’s taking a nap with Mao-chan! 」

Mana answers.
It seems that she got tired of running around the beach.

「 Where’s Rei-chan? 」
「 Shou-oneesan’s talking to her. Margo-oneesan seems to have contacted her 」

Oh, it’s about the guard’s stance after this.
To transport Shirasaka Sousuke out of the mansion, it’s necessary to mislead the public safety police and the observers of Kouzuki security service on the surface.
When we take out Shirasaka Sousuke from this mansion;
I don’t know whether he’d be a corpse or not, but;

「 Nagisa-oneesan’s in the monitoring room! 」

Ah, since the principal members of Kuromori are absent so only, Nagisa can manage the mansion.

「 Then I’ll go help out Nagisa-san. See you later girls! 」

Nei enters the mansion quickly.

「 I’ll go take a shower 」

Megu said.

「 Mana, have you already washed your body? If not yet then let’s go together 」

She seems to be helping out so I can talk to Misuzu and others about Jii-chan.

「 Not yet but, Onii-chan, you’re taking a shower too right? 」

Mana looks at me.

「 You see, Nagisa-san prepared the big bath 」

Is the bath already heating up?

「 That’s why let’s all go in 」

Mana said.

「 Yes, shall we go together, Danna-sama? 」


「 Allow me to wash your back 」

Michi, your eyes are a bit scary.

「 Onii-sama, me too 」

Ruriko speaks while blushing too.

「 They’re all waiting here because they want to take a bath with Onii-chan 」


「 Look, they won’t be able to participate in the ritual. That’s why they want to have a lot of skin contact with Onii-chan now 」

Mana laughed.
She’s a bit high-tension right now.
Misuzu and everyone else got dragged by Mana’s tension, I guess?

「 Ah, Mana. The sequence is decided 」

Megu said.

「 What’s my number? 」
「 I’m the first, Mana’s second. Agnes is third, then, that person 」

Megu doesn’t want to speak Yukino’s name anymore it seems.

「 I see, that’s good I think? That’ll definitely give shock on Shirasaka Sousuke-san 」

Mana says nonchalantly
But, that reaction is a bit too strange

「 Agnes-chan’s the third, so Mana will be able to support her! I’m glad! 」

Her father’s ruin is waiting at the end of this ritual.
She knows that fully.
Mana now is desperately trying to become a different person than Shirasaka Maika.

「 Okay, well then, let’s all go to the bath 」

I said.

「 Okay, we have a change of clothes ready too! 」

Mana laughs brightly

「 No, everyone does but what about me? 」

I speak out loudly on purpose.

「 What should I wear? 」
「 Hmmm, it would be strange to have Onii-chan wear only his school uniform, right? 」

Raping Megu, Mana, Agnes, and Yukino on my school uniform, you say?

「 Somehow, doesn’t that make an impact now? 」
「 Hmm, maybe 」
「 Perhaps Nagisa will take out a costume just right for the event, Mana, pick my clothes 」
「 Okaay~! 」

Mana runs through the corridor.

「 Go take a bath first 」
「 Yeah, you can go ahead Onii-chan! 」
「 No, we can have that later, let’s go take a shower together 」
「 I love you Onii-chan!! 」

Mana dashes.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu talks to me.

「 What’s wrong? 」
「 I think we shouldn’t talk about Yukino for now 」

Megu’s face is gloomy as she says that.

「 That girl is already preoccupied with herself! 」


「 Rather than herself, it’s her and Shirasaka Sousuke-san 」

A father-daughter relationship.

「 To be honest, I don’t think she can have the time to think about Yukino too 」
「 Yeah 」

I answered.

「 Even if we talk about Yukino, Mana now will just reject it actively 」
「 What’s wrong, Danna-sama? 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Michi come close.

「 Yeah, actually 」

I talked about the plan about Yukino’s future.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yaay! Bath! Bath! Bath with Onii-chan! 」

Mana makes an uproar in the changing room.

「 Mana-san seems to be in a good mood 」

Ruriko smiles at Mana.

「 Of course, Agnes-chan has Onii-chan as of lately. Kufufuf! Both Agnes-chan and Mao-chan are asleep, Mana’s the youngest here now! I’ll have Onii-chan spoil me the most! 」

Mana jumps to me.

「 Mana-imouto, that’s a big misunderstanding 」

Michi comes to me.

「 Regardless of age, Master’s love falls to us equally 」

While saying that, she’s taking off the belt of my pants.

「 Michi, what are you doing? 」
「 Isn’t it my job to take off Master’s clothing, no? 」
「 No, no, Onii-sama’s slaves are there for that 」

Ruriko smiles as she unzips my pants.

「 Please wait, both of you, I will take off Danna-sama’s pants 」

Even Misuzu participates.

「 I-I can do it myself! 」
「 No can do! Muu! 」

Did you just say Muu, Michi?

「 Megu-oneechan, want to join? 」

Mana asks Megu

「 Yeah, I’m fine watching Yoshi-kun’s body from here 」

I let the three cling to my lower body and take off my shirt.

「 I love Yoshi-kun’s back 」

Megu says as she looks at my naked back.

「 Oh, Megu-oneechan’s fetish! 」

Mana grinned.

「 But, Mana also loves Onii-chan’s upper body 」

Saying that. She kisses my chest.

「 Upper body? 」

The three swarming on my lower body raised their faces.

「 Speaking of which, it’s quite robust 」

Ruriko stands and rubs her cheeks on my back.

「 Wait a second Ruriruri! 」

Michi stands and hugs my chest.

「 Then, I will take this part! 」

Misuzu doesn’t forget what she was here for and take off my pants.

「 Yes, so cute! 」

She kisses the tip of my glans.

「 Misuzu-oneechan, do you like Onii-chan’s penis that much? 」
「 What about you, Mana-san, do you not like it? 」


「 I like it. But, Mana loves all of Onii-chan’s body! 」

Mana kisses my lips.

「 Hey, Onii-chan 」

She looks up at me with moist eyes.

「 Earlier, when you went to the sea by car, you didn’t have sex with Ruri-oneechan, right? 」

I’ve head this before.
Is she that curious?

「 We didn’t right, Ruriko? 」
「 Yes, we haven’t 」
「 With Rei-chan, Shou-oneesan, or her? 」


「 I didn’t. I told you earlier already, I had to look after Agnes, so we don’t have the time to do that 」
「 Yeah. You’re right 」

Mana smiles.

「 Then, you’ll let out a lot during the ritual, right?! 」
「 That’s four people’s worth 」
「 And I’m the second! 」

Mana laughs.

「 Instead of that, why did you not say Edie’s name just now? 」

Is there no possibility that I had sex with Edie?

「 Well, if it’s Edie-chan, you can find it out with her attitude right away 」

Oh, Edie’s actions and emotions are honest.

「 She seems to be having fun distributing the souvenirs and shells to Mao and us so I can’t think of her having sex with Onii-chan 」

I see.

「 Okay, this time Onii-chan’s stripping us! 」

I strip them one by one.

「 Err, while we’re at it, I have something I need to talk about with Misuzu and Ruriko 」

I started the discussion.

「 Megu, you’ve already heard what I’m about to say when I talked to Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, Kyouko-san, and others but I’d like to listen once more 」

Megu nods.

「 Michi and Mana, you’re my family so I’d like you to listen too 」

I change my plan on talking about Jii-chan to only Misuzu and Ruriko.
Now that it has come to this, I should better talk with the whole family.
It’s better to do this to stabilize Mana’s high tension.

「 Actually, it’s about Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san 」

Misuzu and Ruriko’s face turned serious.
Michi, Misuzu’s guard has her face turned to warrior mode.

「 Actually, I had heard this from Shou-oneesan a while ago 」

I talk about the party tomorrow.

「 I know that party. I’m supposed to attend too 」

Ruriko said

「 Me too, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu replied too.
I knew it, it’s a big party where most nobles gather.
Ruriko and Misuzu had to attend as Jii-chan’s granddaughters.

「 Then, you’re going tomorrow? 」

I ask. Ruriko;

「 No, I will not come 」
「 Why? 」
「 I cannot show my face to Kouzuki-sama 」


「 I’m a woman chased out of Kouzuki house 」

Then, she looked at me.

「 I am Onii-sama’s slave 」

I know that.

「 But, do you intend to let Yoshiko-san bear all the burdens of Kouzuki house alone? 」

Yoshiko-san is announced to be Jii-chan’s granddaughter at Ruriko’s father’s funeral.
The party tomorrow will be her first opportunity to show in public as the daughter of Kouzuki house.
Jii-chan will definitely bring Yoshiko-san.

「 That is 」

Ruriko looks at Misuzu.

「 Misuzu-oneesama, please take care of Yoshiko-sama 」


「 No way 」

She said clearly

「 If Ruriko won’t go to the party tomorrow then I won’t go either 」
「 Misuzu-oneesama?! 」

Ruriko’s surprised.