Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 504. Ruthless General



「 Anyway, it’s a big problem if Kuromori faction and Kouzuki faction is conflicting inside the family 」

I look at Nei.

「 I won’t let that. That’s why I! 」
「 No, this is why Nee-san cannot be the absolute leader of the younger group 」
「 Why?! 」

Nei gets angry.

「 Because Nee-san doesn’t have the quality of a leader 」
「 Huh, Yo-chan?! 」

Now that it has come to this let’s make it clear.

「 Because, you never experienced being a spearhead, exhibiting leadership, have you? 」

Nei is the youngest member of Kuromori until I came.
If you ask me, she’s the protected one.
Because of Shriasaka Sousuke’s underlings at school, and the arson in the club, she had no friends in high school.
Far from younger girls, she has no interaction with girls of the same age as her.

「 At times like this, in the first, place, Misuzu usually takes care of it, and somehow it goes well. Misuzu lived in Kouzuki house since long ago so she can sort out the communication without being drowned in the thought of a lot of people 」

She has the strength to organize the interests of various people and pass her will.

「 Ruriko’s the same. You always smile and try not to show your intent too much but, you stay on your position, and if other people try to look good, you conduct yourself well so you won’t be used 」

The ladies of Kouzuki house are strong at dealing with various people every day.

「 Nee-san, you might be the oldest among the young group, I can understand that Nee-san wants to be the Onee-chan of the group but, you can’t be the leader 」

I don’t think it suits Nei to call all the younger girls without suffix and tell them to “follow me.”

「 Ugh, But! Yo-chan!! 」

I sit next to Nei.
I gently caress her teary face.

「 If you want to be everyone’s “Onee-chan,” there’s no need for you be the leader. Nee-san can just be an elder-sister-like “Onee-chan” 」
「 But, I don’t know that much! 」

Nei looks on the verge of crying.

「 I want to be like Sensei! 」

Oh, I get it now.
Nei looks-up on Minaho-neesan.

「 I see, Kuromori-sama who leads everyone looks very cool 」

Misuzu said.

「 Oh, Misuzu’s the same 」

I notice it.

「 It’s Minaho-neesan’s influence why Nei’s also bossy in front of Ruriko and Michi! 」

I see. I get it now.

「 Kuromori-sama is the leader of our family 」

Ruriko says.
True, Minaho-neesan who’s giving us precise instructions to carry out the plan she crafted reliably is just cool.
She perceives the state of our minds and gives advice kindly as the head of the family.

「 But, Minaho-neesan isn’t perfect. Katsuko-nee and Margo-san support her all the time, they give their opinions, wasn’t she just scolded by Kyouko-san earlier? 」

Minaho-neesan has those people.

「 That’s, I get that, but you see 」

Nei murmurs.

「 But, I want to be like her! 」

She shakes her head teary-eyed face.
Seeing that Nei, Michi…

「 C-Cute! 」


「 Nei-oneesama! That’s very cute! 」

Shit, Michi’s lesbian taste is firing up?!

「 Michi, even if you don’t point that out, Nei-oneesama’s very lovely from the start! 」

Misuzu tells Michi.

「 Danna-sama, what do you think we should do? Can I make improvements on my attitude towards Michi and Ruriko? 」


「 Let’s shuffle the relationships once again 」

I proposed.

「 First of all, the calls. The basis of human relationships depends on how you call the other 」

You can fix the sense of distance from the other party with the way you call them.

「 Anyway, I ban calling others without suffix 」

That only shows a level of difference.

「 Nee-san, return to calling Misuzu as “Mii-chan,” Michi as “Michan,” Ruriko as “Ruri-chan” 」
「 But, Yo-chan 」

Before, Nei gives all the girls nicknames, but…
She pretends to be close with them, but in reality, she’s making a wall between them.
I’ve allowed it so far, but I want to tell her to not go any further.

「 The situation’s different now. We’ll all be living together for long. Aren’t we stepping into Misuzu’s home right now? 」

Also, it’s better to use nicknames effectively.

「 Misuzu too, you’re banned from calling Michi and Ruriko without a suffix. Err 」

What should I do then?

「 You’ll call Michi “Michi-pon” and Ruriko “Ruri-tan” 」

Misuzu’s face turned pale.

「 Pon, tan?? 」
「 Yeah. Whether you’re in front of Jii-chan, in an official party, or in school, you must call them by that 」

I make it clear.

「 Uhm, Danna-sama, sometimes, I accompany Grandfather and meet a state guest, though… 」
「 Call them “Pon” and “Tan” no matter where 」

If not, she’ll develop a habit of feeling bossy.

「 Also, Ruriko, stop calling Misuzu and Nei with “Onee-sama” Call them “Misuzu-chan” and “Nei-chan” 」
「 That’s, it’s inexcusable 」
「 There’s no way it is!!! 」

I speak strongly.

「 Ruriko’s too polite that it also influences other people. Look, when we started calling Reika “Rei-chan” it has become easier 」
「 True, Fujimiya-san has been able to throw off her reserve to everyone, Onii-sama talks to Fujimiya-san intimately too 」
「 It’s Rei-chan. Ruriko, that’s your bottleneck. Rei-chan is Rei-chan. Call Seki-san as Shou-oneesan 」

She’s stubborn, so she’s called her Fujimiya-san all this time.

「 Is that an order? 」
「 Yeah, it’s an order 」

I must be as domineering as possible here.
Anyway, now that the family expands this much, one’s attitude affect the other members.
If Ruriko uses the master-servant relationship with Rei-chan and Shou-oneesan and calls them accordingly, it’ll have negative influences.

「 If it’s ordered then I will obey 」

Ruriko accepts it.

「 Also, Ruriko, Misuzu, and Michi stop calling MInaho-neesan “Kuromori-sama.” You girls are Kuromori too 」

I look at the girls of the Kouzuki faction.

「 You’re all my women 」

Misuzu and the girls.

「 I’m sorry, Danna-sama 」
「 I’ll follow your command, Master 」
「 That is true, Ruriko no longer belongs to Kouzuki house. 」
「 Obviously, Minaho-neesan would be glad if Misuzu and the girls call her as “Nee-san” 」

Minaho-neesan is a girl who wants to be an Onee-san.
She wants a family.

「 Uhm, Master 」

Michi raises her hand.

「 I would like to call Misuzu-oneesama as is 」
「 Why? 」
「 That way makes me feel thrilling 」

Oh, Yuri vibes.
Changing from “Sama” to “Onee-sama” is a significant growth anyway.
I guess I’ll let that slide.

「 Sure, I’ll allow it 」
「 Thank you very much! 」

Michi smiles.
That’s a plenty amount of facial expression.

「 Uhm, Danna-sama 」

This time it’s Misuzu?

「 If so, then please renew how Danna-sama calls us too 」

No, that’s true, it’s not good if I’m the only one calling them without suffixes.

「 I’ve thought of it before but, it feels unfair to have only Megumi-san called “Megu” 」


「 I also want to be called like that!! 」


「 Then, I’ll call Misuzu “Mii” 」

It’s simple, but I can’t think of anything else.

「 Yes!! Danna-sama! 」

Misuzu looks happy.

「 Then Ruriko will be “Ruri” 」
「 Certainly. Onii-sama 」


「 Michi’s “Mitchi-kun?” 」

Michi gets angry. I can feel bloodlust.

「 How about it? 」

Wasn’t there a time where they call people like that?

「 I do not mind if you call me “Hey,” or “You,” or “Bitch” 」

Michi, isn’t that just your masochistic preference?

「 No, sorry. Michi will stay as Michi. Thinking about it, in your case, we took various twists and turns, and it ended up with Michi 」

It took a lot of time before I had sex with Michi.
Once I did, she’s really sticking close to me.

「 At least, please call me with a scolding tone. Like “Michi!!” or “Michiii!!!” how about it? 」
「 Hmmm 」

I go in front of Michi.

「 Michi, I love you 」

Michi’s face turned red.

「 I don’t want to scold you all the time, Michi 」

I whisper to her ear and kiss her lips.

「 Hauuuu, I understand. 」

Michi replies as she rubs her body to me.

「 Okay, let’s confirm it 」

Nei: “Mii-chan” “Mitchan” and “Ruri-chan”
Misuzu: “Nei-chan,” “Michi-pon” “Ruri-tan”
Ruriko: “Nei-chan,” “Misuzu-chan,” “Mitsuchi”
MIchi: “Nei-chan,” “Misuzu-oneesama,” “Ruriruri”
Then me: “Mii” “Michi” and “Ruri”

「 W-What about me?! 」

Nei shouts in dissatisfaction

「 If we’re doing this then give me a nickname too Yo-chan!! 」


「 I guess. “Nei-neechan” 」
「 That’s too boring! You make it sound like I’m some auntie in a rural area! 」

Nei looks dissatisfied.

「 Then, decide it yourself, Nee-san 」

Nei smiles.

「 Well then, Yo-chan will call me “My love and respect is as victorious as the sun and steel. My grand Onee-sama. The Intelligent General, Love, Love Nei-chan 』! 」

T-That’s long, or rather, what the hell is that?

「 If not, I will add a ruthless strike!! 」

What tyranny.

「 Intelligent detective, no, bicycle detective might be better than intelligent general 」

What’s the reference?

「 Ya-chan 」

Nei shivers.

「 I’ll call Nee-san “Ya-chan” from now on 」

Nei looks at me.

「 Why, Danna-sama? What part of Nei-chan is “Ya-chan?” 」

Nei’s real name is Yasuko.
I’m the only one who knows that here.

「 Hmm, well, that’s good I guess. I’ll call you Ya-chan now 」

Nei blushed.

「 That might be good too! 」

Will they accept that it’s only a secret between Nei and me?

「 Yo-chan and Ya-chan. that might be the best! 」

Nei grins.

「 Then, Ya-chan, without delay 」

I said.

「 Let’s have sex, I want to embrace Ya-chan 」
「 Sure, Yo-chan! 」

Nei accepts me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 It’s okay, there’s no need for Kouzuki-ojiichan to watch my video 」

Yeah, to be honest, Jii-chan’s only interested in Ruriko’s sex.

「 Besides, Mii, Michi 」

I call the two lesbian girls.

「 How about you two join me on doing Ya-chan? 」
「 Huh, Yo-chan? 」

Nei panics.

「 You two are attracted with Ya-chan’s lovely body, aren’t you 」

The two look at each other.

「 I think this is the best way for you girls to get along 」

I look at Ruriko.

「 What about Ruri? Do you want to join in too? 」


「 Ruriko still doesn’t know much about sex so I’ll just observe 」

She smiles.

「 Then, join in on the next opportunity 」

I won’t force her. But, I think that joining in lets them get along.

「 Michi-pon 」
「 Misuzu-oneesama 」

The two stare at each other.
Misuzu bursts into laughter.

「 It feels strange, but not bad at all. It feels very intimate 」
「 Me too, I feel strange 」

The warrior girl’s called with a “-pon.”

「 What should we do, Nei-chan’s very charming 」
「 I wanted to violate those voluptuous breasts at least once 」

Michi said.

「 Oh yes, violate. Let’s go, Michi! 」
「 Ugh, Yo-chan’s violating me!! 」

Nei looks troubled, but she’s laughing.

「 Well, first have the two get Ya-chan naked! 」
「 Okay, Danna-sama! 」
「 Roger! 」

Misuzu and Michi get hold of Nei’s body.

「 Hey, wait a sec!! 」
「 We won’t wait. Michi-pon 」
「 Yes, please leave the lower half to me!! 」

Misuzu takes the upper body, Michi goes for the lower half.
Nei’s on her underwear in no time.

「 Fufufu, it really is big 」

Michi laughs as she looks at Nei’s big breasts.

「 Nei-chan, you see, I 」

Misuzu looks at Nei.

「 I always envied Nei-chan 」
「 Huh, what’s up, Mii-chan? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 Because, Danna-sama likes Nei-chan the most, right? 」


「 During the fight at the hotel, he went out of the emergency evacuation room for Nei-chan’s sake. Then, he fought for Nei-chan. I felt mortified 」

Misuzu looks at Nei.

「 Besides, whenever Danna-sama feels in pain, he always looks for Nei-chan. He thinks that Nei-chan’s body is tolerant. I had no power. This huge breasts. This!! 」

Misuzu pokes Nei’s breasts.

「 That’s not true! Yo-chan doesn’t! 」
「 Who cares! It’s my time to complain! I can’t say it at times other than this 」

Misuzu laughs.

「 I see, then I’ll do the same! Misuzu, I envy you too! What a fantastic Ojou-sama, and beautiful too! Then, when you first came to the mansion, you’ve always stuck to Yo-chan’s side all the time 」
「 Because I had no one to rely on but Danna-sama 」

At that time, Misuzu’s the only member of Kouzuki house faction in the mansion.
It’s an away court for Misuzu.

「 Besides, I have a curfew, so I have to go back by evening, Nei-chan and everyone else has Danna-sama all night long! 」

Misuzu objects.

「 What are you talking about! Even though you have sex with Yo-chan whenever you see him! Haven’t you noticed? You’re the first placer on having the most number of sex with Yo-chan among the family 」

Yukino goes even further if they include not-family.
But of course, Nei won’t tell Misuzu that.

「 Because I can’t meet him at night, so it’s natural for us to have sex when we meet in the daytime! My womb feels itching to have Danna-sama pour in his semen inside it! 」
「 Geez! Mii-chan’s a pervert! 」
「 I don’t mind!? Is Nei-chan not?! 」
「 I haven’t experienced my womb itch for it yet! 」

Nei only had sex twice.

「 Interesting…Onii-sama 」

Ruriko comes over and shows the sofa.
Ah, I sit on Ruriko’s side.
She sticks her body close to me.

「 They throw away what’s deep inside their heart and get along that way 」

While she says that, Ruriko places my hand on the side of her undershirt
I can reach for her breasts from there.

「 Y-Yeah 」

I massage Ruriko’s cute breasts.
I flick her nipples.
Ruriko smiles and reaches for my penis.
She rubs it, squeezes it with her hands.

「 I also want to talk with them like that sooner 」
「 You can, Ruri 」
「 Ruriko still hasn’t opened up her heart to everyone without Onii-sama’s order 」

Saying that. She places her hand to her mouth and wet it with her saliva.
She touches my glans with her wet hand.

「 I would like to work properly as Onii-sama’s sex slave before I could talk to everyone frankly 」

You’re doing well already.
At this moment, Nei and Misuzu’s naked fight is still going on.

「 In the first place, Mii-chan asks too much from Yo-chan! Even the peeing showcase is Mii-chan’s hobby! 」
「 Danna-sama accepts me, that’s all that matters 」
「 But you see, Mii-chan’s perversion is significantly increasing that Onee-chan’s worried for you! 」
「 I will keep it in moderation! I’m not interested in doing plays with my anus! 」
「 Really, are you sure?! 」
「 My father has hemorrhoids! He even had surgery! 」

Misuzu’s father, probably never dreamt in his entire life that his secret would be exposed on his own house, while he’s out.

「 That’s why I refrain from using my anus! 」

Misuzu said. Ruriko whispers to me while playing with my penis.

「 What is that talk about the anus 」
「 The thing Ruri touches right now is put inside the anus, it’s that kind of play 」
「 Do you want to try it, Onii-sama? 」

Ruriko smiles at me.

「 Ruriko’s butt is ready anytime 」
「 It will hurt 」
「 If that’s that Onii-sama wants to do then Ruriko will endure anything 」


「 No, I don’t want to hurt Ruriko 」

I don’t know much about anuses.
It’s a great problem if she gets hurt, or have bowel problems.
I don’t think it’s good to have a dangerous condition in the body.

「 I won’t 」

Ruriko looks at my face.

「 I like you Onii-sama, I love you 」

I enjoy the feeling of Ruriko’s breasts.

「 In the first place, Mii, you!! 」
「 What is it, Nei-chan?! 」
「 Don’t call me like I’m a Pappara sister! 」
「 That’s too much! I! 」
「 Kyaaun!! 」

Suddenly, Nei raises a strange voice.

「 Hey, Mitchan! Don’t touch me in weird places! 」

Speaking of which, how’s Michi?

「 Nufufufu, this thighs is excellent! 」

Michi is stroking Nei’s thighs, clinging to it.
Could it be that Michi has a leg fetish?

「 Hey! that tickles! 」
「 Hmmm, it feels so great touching this thigh. So cute! 」

Michi’s an enthusiast.

「 Aaah Ruri-tan! What are you doing to Danna-sama!! 」

Misuzu finally noticed Ruriko caressing my penis.

「 Yes, I’m preparing it so it could go anytime 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 I’m aware that Nei-chan-sama the next in line. I’m only doing my duty as Onii-sama’s slave 」


「 Ruri 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama? 」
「 No Nei-chan-sama. Call her Nei-chan 」
「 Excuse my impoliteness 」

Ruriko speaks nonchalantly.

「 But, Onii-sama’s thing has become splendid 」

She calls my erect penis splendid.

「 Isn’t it about time you head for Nei-chan? 」

Yeah, Nei and Misuzu’s quarrel has calmed down.

「 Thanks, Ruri, I’m going 」

I stand up from the sofa.

「 Please take care. Onii-sama, once Nei-chan’s turn is over 」


「 It’s a full circle, so it’s my turn again 」

This 15-year-old beauty smiles gently.

「 Yeah. got it 」

I might die tonight.

「 Michi, move over, Mii too, that’s enough. 」

I head to the three girls.

「 It’s about time we make love 」


「 Mii-chan, and Mitchan. Wait for a second! Yo-chan’s first! 」

Then, she takes off her bra.

「 Okay, Yo-chan, you love breasts don’t you?! 」

I hug and kiss Nei, and massage her voluptuous breasts.

「 Ahn, Yo-chan. It’s my Yo-chan! 」
「 Ya-chan 」
「 Yes, it’s me 」

I lick Nei’s nipples.

「 Auuu…that feels good, Yo-chan!! 」