Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 531. Sex with Yukino / Beyond love and hate



「 Yukino-oneechan! 」

Mana brings her face closer to Yukino’s chest.

「 Ufufu, Onee-chan’s breasts 」

She licks and sucks on the pink nipples.

「 Hey, Onii-chan too. There’s two of them here 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

I crawl my tongue on Yukino’s nipple.

「 Ahn! Both at the same time 」

Yukino trembles.

「 It feels good, doesn’t it, Onee-chan? 」

Mana uses her tongue while looking up at Yukino’s facial expressions.

「 Maika, you’ve learned so much. You’re still 14 you know 」

「 That doesn’t matter. Onee-chan and I no longer live in the ordinary world 」

Mana smiles.

「 That’s why it’s okay, feel good, Onee-chan 」

I feel Yukino’s nipple getting hard with the tip of my tongue.

「 You see, I liked Yukino-oneechan. I still do even now. I’ve always wanted to be like Onee-chan 」

「 What are you talking about! You want to be like me? There’s no point in that 」

Yukino mutters.

「 Maika, you think of me as an idiot, right? Didn’t you hate me? 」


「 No. I’ve always been jealous of Yukino-oneechan from when I was younger. Onee-chan is beautiful after all. I’m really jealous. This breasts, and this belly too 」

She kisses Yukino’s naked body.

「 I’m envious. I’ve always been jealous! 」

「 Maika? 」

Yukino looks at her sister wondering.

「 When I was young, my body was sickly. I’m not that tall, my breasts are small too, so I’ve yearned to become like Yukino-oneechan who’s healthy and tall 」

MAna’s tongue tickle Yukino’s belly button.

「 You see, when I was in medical treatment in Shizuoka, I wanted to get along with Yukino-oneechan. Onee-chan is always so cheerful, energetic, confident, and laughs loudly was someone I admired back then, I’ve always looked up at the bright and healthy Onee-chan 」

「 You speak so cleverly 」

Yukino smiles wryly.

Yukino’s cheerfulness was dazzling to Mana who had poor health.

Even if she has personality problems, Yukino’s never-ending cheerfulness has a charm.

「 It’s true. I’m seriously serious. Then, when my body got healthy and came back to Tokyo, it hasn’t been to years since I started living with Onee-chan, right? 」

「 Speaking of which, you’re right 」

Yukino tells her younger sister.

「 Then, when we started living together, Yukino-oneechan’s selfish, her room’s dirty, irresponsible at everything, always bully the maids to resign, cruel to Megu-oneechan 」

「 That’s right, I’m that kind of detestable woman 」

「 But, you were kind to me. You always smile 」

「 Well, your body was weak and small, so… 」

Mana looks lonely.

「 This was the saddest of all. Because I’m already healthy. I have a healthy body. I’m in middle school already, and yet. Onee-chan treats me like a child 」

「 Because you’re still a child 」

「 Wrong, I 」

Mana wishes to be mature when we first met.

She wants to become an adult faster, she stretches herself out.

「 That’s why Katsuko-san and Nei-san draw me to them. I wanted Yukino-oneechan to accept me as an adult by showing that I have more adult acquaintances than Yukino-oneechan 」

「 You want me to accept? 」

「 Yeah, I just want an equal status as sisters. I wanted the fashionable Onee-chan not to treat me like a child but also stylish, like her. I want to be as beautiful as Onee-chan when we two get out. Going to the town or to parties for example 」

「 I see 」

Yukino pats Mana’s head gently.

「 Sorry. I didn’t realize Maika’s feelings 」

「 It’s okay now. We can have sex together now! 」

Mana buries her face on Yukino’s crotch.

「 Uuu 」

「 Onee-chan, here? Does it feel good here? 」

She puts her tongue in Yukino’s slit like a puppy drinking milk.

「 I can tell, I also feel it in here 」

Mana slurps Yukino’s love nectar while showing a charming smile.

「 Yes, that feels good. That feels good, Maika! 」

Yukino holds Mana’s head with both hands and accepts her tongue.

「 Aaahn, you’re so good, Maika. Aaaaahn! 」

Mana gets on all fours while licking Yukino’s secret part, sticking out her ass.

「 Onii-chan, please do me like this 」


「 Please come inside Mana while I’m connected with Yukino-oneechan! 」

「 Sure 」

I go behind Mana.

「 I’m putting it in, Mana! 」

「 Un, come! 」

Mana’s vagina is still smeared with love nectar and semen from our sex earlier.

I pushed my penis to her opening.

Nugugugugu, it swallows inside.

「 Aafuuu!! Onii-chan! 」

Mana continues to lick Yukino’s slit while I pierce her with my penis.

Nugu, nugu, nugu.

Picha, picha, picha.

Mana’s vagina is entirely wet that every time I plunge my waist, it makes a lewd wet sound.

「 Aaaahn, Maika! You…that guy’s violating you! Maika!! 」

Yukino’s looking at us mate like a dog while Mana licks her.

「 That’s right! I’m already an adult! Onii-chan raped me after all! 」

I massage Mana’s breasts from behind.

I use my thumb to knead her nipples.

「 Aaah, that feels good! Onee-chan! It feels good! Sex feels good! 」

Mana shouts to her sister.

「 Aaaahn, you look like you’re feeling so good. I want to do it too. I want to be violated too! 」


「 No, It’s Mana’s turn to be ravished! Aaauu, aaahn! 」

Mana’s small body trembles in pleasure.

「 Don’t say that! Didn’t you just do it earlier, Maika?! 」

Yukino begins to rub her breasts.

She’s breathing roughly.

Her eyes melt entirely from the lust.

「 Then, beg Onii-chan 」

「 Huh? 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 If you can’t beg Onii-chan properly then I won’t switch with you. If this goes on, he’ll be inside of me until the end! Ahn1 」

「 Hey, wait! Maika?! 」

Yukino panics.

「 Ask him properly. Onee-chan, who do you want to have sex with? 」

「 That’s 」

「 Are you okay with any man? Are you okay with anyone who can make you feel good? If that’s the case, then I won’t let Onii-chan have sex with you 」

Mana informs her sister while I thrust violently from behind.

「 I-I 」

Yukino’s confused.

「 I like Onii-chan! I won’t have sex with anyone but Onii-chan! I love Onii-chan embracing me! 」

Mana’s body is sweating.

Mana who’s on all fours says while her small breasts sway.

「 What about you, Yukino-oneechan?!! 」


「 I-I! 」

Yukino looks up at me. I’m ravishing her sister from behind.

「 Ah, ah, aah! It feels good! Onii-chan! I love you Onii-chan!! 」

Mana also pushes her waist to me.

Mana’s hot love nectar drops from the joint to the bedsheets.

It also drips down on Mana’s meatless thighs.

「 Yukino-oneechan, it feels good to have Onii-chan ravish you. It feels very good!!! 」

Yukino’s unable to endure any longer.

「 I want to do it too! Maika! Please, switch with me! 」

「 Don’t ask me, ask Onii-chan!! Hauu 」


Yukino looks at me with eyes looking in pain.

「 Y-You. Ravish me too! 」

She tells me while trembling.

「 You can’t do that! Onee-chan! 」

Mana shouts.

Mana’s covered in sweat.

There are beads of sweat on the tip of her breasts.

「 You need to ask politely! You can’t do it with anyone but Onii-chan, right?! You want Onii-chan to violate you, right?! Look at Onii-chan and only Onii-chan! 」

Yukino’s moved by her sister’s words.

「 That’s right, I want you to do me! I can’t do it with anyone but you! It won’t feel good unless it’s you!! 」

Yukino appeals to me.

Her passionate eyes look at me.

「 I want you!!!! 」


「 Onii-chan! 」

Mana tells me.

「 Yukino-oneechan says that she doesn’t want anyone, but Onii-chan Have sex with her 」

「 Mana, but 」

I’m in the middle of having sex with Mana.

「 I can do it with Onii-chan anytime. Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave! 」


I pull out my penis from inside Mana.

Pulling it out from the narrow path.

Love nectar comes dripping down.

「 It feels reluctant but, later! 」

Mana turns around and kisses my penis. She licks the glans.

「 Okay, now go inside Yukino-oneechan 」

Yukino opened her legs wide, waiting for me.

「 M-Maika 」

She calls her little sister.

「 What, Onee-chan? 」

「 Hold me down, that way, I feel like I’m being violated 」

「 Okay, got it 」

Mana goes to Yukino’s head and holds her down with both of her hands.

「 I’ve always been raped all this time, so I feel discomfort if I’m not ravished. Why did it turn to be like this tough? 」

Yukino says while looking up at me.

「 Well, sorry about that 」

「 Yes, your fault 」

I get on top of Yukino.

「 Besides, you. All the dreams I see are you raping me. Really, you’re the worst 」

「 Yeah I am 」

I push my glans to Yukino’s opening.

I then rub it around the opening and close to her clitoris.

「 Aaah, your penis feels good 」

「 That’s right 」

「 I knew it, you’ll come back for me 」

Yukino looks at me.

She’s looking at me as a person even though it’s as a sex partner.

「 Here, I go, Yukino 」

「 H-Hurry! Put it in! 」


I thrust my glans in Yukino’s narrow hole!

「 Haaaaaahn~! 」

Nu, nununununu!!

The swell of my glans penetrates through the narrow entrance.

Yukino’s pussy is tight.

「 It’s coming in!! 」

Then, I move my waist forward.

My penis is opening up Yukino’s narrow vagina tract.

The love nectar inside her vagina is pushed out by my penis.

It serves as a lubricant for me to go deeper, and deeper.

「 Look, it’s in! 」

Lastly, I used the momentum to push to her uterus.

「 Aaaaah, it’s this! I wanted this!! 」

Yukino’s body trembles in delight.

「 I’ve wanted this for so long! 」

Saying that; Yukino glares at me.

I kissed Yukino, and she immediately entwines with her tongue.

「 Does it feel good, Yukino-oneechan? 」

Mana asks Yukino who she’s holding down with her hand.

「 Maika knows this too, right?! 」

「 So, does it feel good? 」

Mana smiles.

「 It feels good! Obviously, it feels good! 」

「 Why? 」

「 Because I’m finally ravished again! 」

「 By whom? 」

Yukino looks at my face.

「 This guy! Aaah, It’s getting on my nerves! Why does it feel so good when he ravishes me?! 」

Mana whispers.

「 That’s love 」


「 Even this is also love. It’s just another form of love! 」

I slowly begin my piston.

「 Aaah, yes. More, rub it more. Rub my insides! 」


「 Yukino-oneechan, try moving your waist from below too. Find the pleasure points by yourself 」

Mana gives her a piece of advice.

「 It won’t feel good to just stay still while being ravished. You need to try various things by yourself too! 」

Yukino moves her waist.

「 L-Like this? 」

「 Don’t move just up and down, try to move your waist in a circle for example. Also, try to put some force in your anus, that’ll squeeze Onii-chan! 」

Yukino has much more count in sex with me than Mana.

But, since my all my acts with Yukino are basically rape, Yukino only knows how to be raped one-sidedly.

My sex with Mana started with pure rape, but now it’s sex of love.

Furthermore, Mana’s watching me have sex with my other women.

Mana’s now teaching Yukino how to make aggressive approach as a woman instead of just getting ravished.

Sublimating the one-sided rape to sex with two people.

「 Ah, Maika’s right, this feels good! There, I can feel it there! 」

Yukino finds a pleasure spot.

「 Aaah, so good! Ahn, hey, touch my breasts! Grab my nipples tight! 」

Yukino requests from me.

「 Sure 」

I massage Yukino’s breasts while moving my waist.

I rub Yukino’s nipples in my palm.

「 It feels good! It feels good! You idiot! 」

Yukino still throws insults.

「 Why does it feel so good! Aaaah, ahaa, Idiot! 」

「 Yukino’s body feel good too 」

Yukino clamps my penis as Mana told her.

「 Obviously! You’re doing me! Aaaah! 」

「 Wrong, Onee-chan! Onii-chan isn’t raping you 」

Mana points out.

「 That’s just… afu, the same either way! 」

「 Geez! You’re really stubborn! 」

Mana licks Yukino’s ear, then her nape.

「 Hyaaaauuu!! 」

Yukino’s surprised.

「 You can feel it here, right? I knew it, Onee-chan’s just like me 」

Mana attacks Yukino’s erogenous zones with her tongue.

「 Aaah, aaah, S-Stop! I’m feeling it! Haan~! 」

「 Then, tell Onii-chan why does it feel so good 」


「 Y-You’re ravishing me so, so, it feels good!!! It feels amazing!!! 」

She shouts desperately.

「 Idiot!! 」

Yukino looks up at me with moist eyes.

Yukino’s swaying her body rhythmically to my movements.

Her breasts sway.

Her crotch is getting drenched.

My glans kisses her uterus again and again.

Yukino’s fair skin is turning pink from the lust.

Her mouth leaks out hot sighs.

Her whole body is drenched and sweating.

「 Even though you’re just a mother-con! 」

Yukino tells me.

「 Yukino’s also a father-con! 」

I push my waist firmly.

「 Ahn! You can’t trust anyone, right? !You think that people always abandon you, so you swing your tail to them like a puppy! 」

「 Even though Yukino also doesn’t trust anyone but herself! 」

「 That’s right! I’ll never trust people from the outside! 」

Yukino this time pushes up from below.

「 Either way, everyone in this world are all idiots! 」


「 I hate, hate, hate everyone! 」

Tears begin to spill from Yukino’s eyes.

I suck out and drink those tears.

「 Yukino’s tears are salty 」

「 Shut up. I’m not crying for you to drink on it! 」

Yukino said.


「 I don’t know you that well. You’re the only one I don’t see the reason for living 」


「 Why do you stick to such a villainous woman like Yuzuki? Furthermore, at first, you were supposed to be controlled by her yet before I noticed you get along with her that you started to call her “nee-san” or something. It’s just crazy. You’re not on the same level as usual idiots 」

「 I wonder 」

「 Furthermore, you get along with the ladies of Kouzuki house, to think that you made those two rich timid girls yours. What did you do? 」

「 I don’t know either 」

「 You can go to dangerous places without a problem, and as a result, you killed someone 」

Yukino’s vagina tightens up.

「 You did it so calmly 」

「 I wasn’t calm. I thought that it would be dangerous, so I pulled the trigger, it just happened to hit 」

I didn’t even know whether it would hit or not.

「 But you stayed calm even after killing a person. You remained calm all that time! 」

Yukino doesn’t know what happened to me the morning after I shot and killed Viola.

Thanks to Nagisa and Mao-chan, I managed to get over it.

「 I have no other choice but to remain calm. I have a family I must protect 」

Even if it’s just fake courage, I can’t show a face to my family that would make them worry.

「 That family is what I don’t get the most. Where’s the family in that? You’re all just lonely people with no other place to go, so you cuddle together, right? To call such a half-baked group a family, are you all foolish? 」

「 Call us whatever but we’re pushing through this way 」

I have no more hesitation.

「 What I really don’t understand is what kind of man you are 」

Yukino said.

「 Kenji, I know that man very well. He’s straightforward to understand. He’s either trying to look cool yet spoiled or gets in a bad mood out of hunger, he’s one of those. That man is an idiot. He’s an idiot, so he was easy to handle. He’s much more stupid than me, so I dated him 」


「 You’re also an idiot. I think you’re much more stupid than Kenji. Kenji at least knows what’s profitable and what’s disadvantageous to him. You’re just messed up in that regard! 」

「 Right 」

「 I don’t even know what you think of me, or what you’ll do next. You’re the only one I can’t understand 」

In the end, we can’t understand each other.

Our lives have no crossing point.

「 Therefore, it makes me throb 」


「 When I look at you, I feel excited. I can’t understand what you’re about to do at all! 」


「 I hate Yuzuki. I hate Megumi. I hate the ladies of Kouzuki house. I hate all of your women! 」

「 What about me? 」

Mana asks her sister.

「 Maika’s family. Your my sister so like or hate doesn’t matter 」

「 I like Onee-chan though 」

Mana smiles sadly.

Yukino looks at me.

「 I hate you! Hate! Hate! Hate! 」


「 Yeah, I guess 」

Yukino looks away from me.

「 Idiot 」

「 What now? 」

「 I knew it, you’re an idiot! 」

She looks at me again.

「 I don’t hate you, but I don’t like you either. It’s just that I think of you as an idiot, stupid, fool, idiot. That’s all 」

「 I see 」

I look at the girl who’s copulating with me.

Her face, hair, naked body.

「 I think that Yukino’s beautiful 」

「 What’s that? 」

Oh, I.

「 I’ve known a lot about Yukino in these 10 days. To be honest, I wasn’t the impressions I had from watching from a distance. Yukino wasn’t the girl like I thought at first 」

「 Sorry about that. I’m just a selfish and rude woman 」

Yukino pouts.

「 But, Yukino’s beautiful. Ever since our first encounter, that thought never changed. You’re really beautiful 」

「 W-What’s with that so suddenly 」

「 Yukino, you’re beautiful 」

I kiss Yukino.

After realizing that Yukino wasn’t the sweet girl, I imagined at first;

But still, I keep on getting attracted to her strong heart. As Minaho-neesan points out, probably because she has the same mentality as Mother.

I admit that.

But, before that.

I think that she’s beautiful.

Shiraska Yukino is beautiful.

「 Yukino, Yukino 」

I’m ravishing that beautiful body.

「 Aaa, aaahn, geez 」

Yukino also responds to me.

I massage Yukino’s breasts with my right hand.

Suck her nipple with my lips.

I crawl my tongue on Yukino’s armpits.

I rub her ass and stroke her thighs.

「 It feels good. It feels good!!! 」

Yukino’s drowning in the wave of pleasure

「 I’ll join in licking too 」

Mana also crawls her tongue on Yukino’s nape.

「 Aaahn, aaaa, aaaaahn! 」

Yukino’s sexual pleasure is rising up.

「 Yukino 」

「 Yes, it’s coming, it’s coming soon 」

Yukino looks into my eyes.

Me too.

「 Let’s spurt forward 」

「 Yes, mess me up!! 」

I pierce through Yukino roughly!

There’s love nectar splashing from the joint!

「 Ah, aaaaaah, kuuun, uuuu, haaaaa!!! 」

Yukino. Yukino. Yukino!!

「 You know what to do right? I-Inside. Cum inside me! 」

Yukino’s eyes want me.

「 I’ll bear your child! 」

I. I. I. I!!!!

「 Haaaaa!! Hauuu, hauuu, hauuuuuu!!!! Agauuuuuu! Akuuhaaaaaa!!!! 」

Yukino goes crazy in her screams.

「 Haaaahn! Aaaaaahn! Aaaah, it’s Coming! Coming! Cumming!! 」

Her sweaty body begins to twitch.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaa!! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg!!! 」

Yukino flies.

「 Me too, me too, me too!! Cumming! I’m cumming! Yukino!!! 」

「 Hurry up and cum! You idiot!!!!!! 」


The white lump spouts from the tip of my penis.

It passes through Yukino’s uterus.

Then, it bursts into Yukino’s deepest part.

「 The hot stuff’s coming in!!! 」


The second shot goes deep inside her vagina!

「 Aaaahn, the hot stuff is spreading inside my belly!!! 」



「 Aaaaah, that feels good! It feels good!! 」

Yukino’s vagina tightens, clamping my penis.

She’s squeezing me to the last drop.

The naked body of hers wants to conceive a child.

「 It feels good! You Idiot!!! 」

Yukino looks at me.

Yukino’s looking at me.

While she’s basking in the aftertaste of the climax.

◇ ◇ ◇

Haa, haa, haa, haa.

I lay on top of Yukino.

I bury my face in Yukino’s breasts.

Both Yukino and I are drenched in sweat.

「 Yuzuki, you can hear me, right? Either way, you’re watching 」

Yukino looked up at the ceiling and said while still having my penis inside of her.

『 Yes, I’m listening 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from the speaker.

「 I’ll accept your suggestion 」


「 I’ll be your clown. I’ll do anything even in front of the media. I won’t talk about you or Kouzuki house. I promise that 」

I look up.

Beyond Yukino’s breasts is her face looking up at the ceiling, showing an earnest look.

「 Even if I’m alone, I’ll never yield to you. I’ll never forgive you all even if I die, but 」

Yukino looks at me.

「 The child in my stomach has no sin. I’ll give birth to this child 」

「 Yukino 」

「 Therefore, please, I beg you. Please let me live. Don’t kill my child, please let me give birth 」

Yukino said.