Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 553. Nomics



「 No, that’s not it 」

Jii-chan turns to Kouzuki Kenshi and me, showing a harsh look.


Jii-chan what do you mean?

Could it be that you’re trying to say that you still don’t recognize Ruriko as your granddaughter?

Ruriko and Yoshiko-san are both nervous.

「 Kenshi, tell the branch family and the executives what I’m about to say 」

Jii-chan shows a straight face.

「 Y-Yes! 」

Kouzuki Kenshi replies to Jii-chan.

「 I will take Misuzu and Ruriko as my adopted daughters 」

He tells Kouzuki Kenshi clearly.

「 As they’re my adopted daughters, my legacy will be passed directly to these two. Misuzu’s father, Shigefuyu has already promised to abandon his inheritance 」

Jii-chan said. Kenshi’s surprised.

「 That means: these two will be the successors of Kouzuki house 」

「 That’s right, Kouzuki house’s fortunes and assets, the land and shares will all be passed to Misuzu and Ruriko 」

Jii-chan jumped over his first-generation sons and directly passed his lineage to Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 What about Yoshiko-sama? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks.

「 I will give Yoshiko assets that won’t let her have problems for her daily life. But, that’s all. I won’t be giving Yoshiko any fortunes from the Kouzuki house. It’s just money. Tell them that as well 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Is that because Yoshiko-sama is Kouzuki Shigeharu’s love child? 」

Love Child?

Ah, illegitimate child.

「 That is not for you to think, all you need is to know that much. Therefore, here’s a hint 」


「 A while ago, Misuzu and Ruriko handed flowers to the Russian Congress member and the Prime Minister. Were you watching? 」

「 Yes, I was watching 」

Kouzuki Kenshi replies

The stage still has the Prime Minister giving a long speech.

「 The situation has changed with that. No, Misuzu and Ruriko changed the situation with their own hands, do you understand? 」

「 Uhm, what does that mean? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi’s completely confused by Jii-chan’s pace.

「 If the scene where the two pass the flowers is used in the news, it will be a big topic. No, I’ll talk to the media and make sure that it will become the news 」

「 The two of them? 」

「 Yes, Kouzuki house, a distinguished house in Japan has two beauties as their successors. That will be the report delivered 」

Misuzu and Ruriko will be shown in the media?

「 No one other than the political and business world knows Kouzuki so far because we purposely didn’t show to the public. I will revise that idea 」


「 We will put these two in highlight. The daughters I raised with elegance and grace, suited for a traditional family will surely grab the people’s attention 」

「 Why would you do that? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi can’t understand Jii-chan’s thoughts at all.

Well, I don’t either.

Misuzu and Ruriko remain calm.

「 Do you still not understand? I thought that you were a capable man, Kenshi 」

「 I’m very sorry 」

「 If we put Misuzu and Ruriko in the spotlight, then that would mean that Kouzuki house and the companies of Kouzuki group will gather the public’s attention 」

「 I think so too 」

Kouzuki Kenshi’s working hard to understand Jii-chan’s talk.

「 Oh, if we gather the public’s attention then the people in the group will have to correct their attitude. Nobody wants to do anything disgraceful 」

Jii-chan laughs.

「 What do you think is the current problem of Kouzuki group? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi:

「 Kakka has announced his retirement. Therefore, the group is in unrest 」

He answered right away.

「 Umu that is right. They wonder if the shift of work from me to Shiba-kun will go well. Some of the branch family members don’t like Shiba-kun who’s an outsider that much. On the other hand, among the outsiders, Shiba-kun has become their representative, and it will cause a significant reform within the group at the same time, some may think of driving away the branch family 」

In Kouzuki group, the branch family and the rising power are in conflict.

Jii-chan chose Shiba Okitachi from the rising faction as the next manager, however.

「 And that’s where Misuzu and Ruriko comes in 」


「 If the public sees the two as successors of a traditional name, then the people in Kouzuki house can’t be selfish 」

Oh, I see.

「 The branch family will swear allegiance to Misuzu and Ruriko more than ever. Even the outsiders will not be able to make unreasonable reforms. They’ll realize that the tradition and trust within the distinguished family, Kouzuki house is the source of power of Kouzuki group 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Both Misuzu and Ruriko did that with that intent, isn’t that right? 」


「 Yes, it is as Grandfather said, we had Yazawa-san make a request to the party administrators for today 」

I see now.

「 Normally, women in Japanese clothes should pass the bouquet but today’s party is the Russian film festival so I thought it would be nice to wear a dress 」

If the Russians were invited to a party in Japan, then they’d wear Japanese style clothes.

But, today’s party is to introduce Russian movies in Japan, and it’s sponsored by Russian energy companies.

Wearing Japanese clothes is strange.

「 The dress we bought earlier today was from a Russian designer 」

So the designer of the same design yet different colored clothes were Russian.

Misuzu was expecting this development from the start.

「 From this point onwards, I will be endorsing Misuzu and Ruriko. These two have the imagination, insight, and furthermore, they take action. Don’t you think that they have the qualities to succeed in my steps? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Kouzuki Kenshi nods unconsciously.

「 Tell all the stakeholders of Kouzuki group who’s present at the party what I just said. That is my real intention 」

「 Y-Yes. But 」

「 Is there anything else? 」

Jii-chan looks at Kenshi.

「 Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama, uhm, both of them will be succeeding? 」

「 Hmm, both of them are still young. It’s too early to decide on who will be the official successor. Furthermore, as you see from today’s case, the two of them made a significant impact because the two of them were together, weren’t they?

「 Oh, indeed 」

「 The two of them will remain as successor candidates until the troubles inside the group subside. That way’s better, isn’t it? 」

「 No, I think so too 」

「 Then hurry up and go! Everyone wants to know what I’m telling you, don’t they? Fufu, they’re showing such puzzled faces! 」

Jii-chan laughs.

Oh, I only know Kouzuki Souji and the guys’ face but.

Even though the Prime Minister is giving his speech in the podium, a lot of people looking at Jii-chan’s direction.

「 C-Certainly! 」

Kouzuki Kenshi gets off in a hurry.

People gather around Kenshi. Oh, that’s Kouzuki Souji’s father? The leader of the branch family.

「 Kenshi is strong when talking, he has a habit of putting up airs, so he’s useful in that situation 」

Yeah, he’ll say “He talked only to me.”

「 My students need to be restarted soon 」

Jii-chan mutters.

「 From now on, they need their loyalty for Misuzu and Ruriko to take root so, ah, Shiba’s not agitated? He knows his place I see 」

Jii-chan praises Shiba Okitachi who he chose as the chief executive of Kouzuki group.

Shiba-san ignores Kouzuki Kenshi and looks straight at the podium.


He’s about to talk to government officials from both countries behind the Russian film festival later.

He won’t do anything impolite while the Prime Minister is speaking.

「 Well, I will be retiring soon enough so let’s let it pass for granted 」

Jii-chan said and smiled wryly.

「 Jii-chan, I’m more interested in you talking that you’ll adopt Misuzu and Ruriko 」

I ask intentionally.

Yoshiko-san who’s looking gloomy is supported by Misuzu and Ruriko from the sides.

「 It’s impossible for Yoshiko to fight with the branch family and executives. If this goes on, they’ll only use her. Therefore, I’ll recognize her as my granddaughter but not let her become a successor of Kouzuki house 」

If Yoshiko-san’s a successor candidate, then men who want to marry her just to be the owner of Kouzuki house will come.

「 I would like to get rid of the possibilities of Yoshiko suffering right now 」

「 Yes, If it’s now then nobody has finished their preparations yet 」

Ruriko said.

It’s only been a few days since Jii-chan acknowledged Yoshiko-san as his Granddaughter.

Those who were aiming to be Yoshiko-san’s husband shouldn’t be able to draw out concrete strategies yet.

「 With this, people who will try to elevate their position using Yoshiko-sama will go away 」

Misuzu also smiles at Ruriko.

There might still be some small fry who would try to aim at Yoshiko-san’s money inheritance and the Kouzuki name but.

Yoshiko-san won’t be caught in the influence struggle inside Kouzuki house.

「 B-But, I 」

But, Yoshiko-san looks confused.

「 To think that I’d escape alone, not receiving any burden while letting Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama shoulder everything is… 」

「 Misuzu and Ruriko let you escape so they could move freely 」

Jii-chan tells Yoshiko-san.

「 Misuzu and Ruriko were born daughters of Kouzuki house, they’re familiar with this kind of disputes 」

「 That’s right, knowing that nobody will harm Yoshiko-sama means that we can fight with confidence 」

「 Yes, what we’re most afraid of is a plot of capturing Yoshiko-sama 」

Misuzu and Ruriko tell Yoshiko-san.

「 Yoshiko-san will be safe, I already have Danna-sama, those people will only target Ruriko 」

「 That’s 」

Misuzu said. Yoshiko-san looks at Ruriko unconsciously.

「 However, I’m already under Onii-sama’s control 」

Ruriko is my slave.

「 Nobody can make a move on me 」

「 No, I won’t let them 」

I declare clearly.

「 Ruriko’s mine 」

Yoshiko-san glares at me.

「 Yoshiko, it’s useless even if you make that face. Ruriko herself has accepted him from the bottom of her heart 」

Jii-chan said.

「 That’s! Kakka! 」

Yoshiko-san is not used to calling him Grandfather yet.

Jii-chan ignores Yoshiko-san and looks at Ruriko.

「 You’ve gotten quite sexy 」

Ruriko smiles at her father sweetly.

「 Onii-sama poured lots of love on me after all 」

「 I see 」

「 Even before coming here 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 You’ve done it multiple times? 」

「 Yes, he ejaculated twice deep inside me. And also once in my mouth 」

Ruriko’s body is filled with my semen.

「 I’m happy. I’m receiving such passionate love everyday 」

「 Do you like sex? 」

Jii-chan asks Ruriko.

Jii-chan watched Ruriko lose her virginity.

Ever since then, Ruriko’s sensuality continues to blossom.

「 Yes, however, it’s not the act of sex but instead making love with Onii-sama. I am immersing myself on serving Onii-sama by making full use of my whole body 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Hmm? 」

Jii-chan shows a strange face.

「 You don’t like sex, but instead you’re pleased with him? 」

He looks at me.

「 Pleased with him, is not a word a slave like me is allowed to say. I love him from the bottom of my heart. Onii-sama also loves me. Therefore, Onii-sama will be the only man I will have sex with for my lifetime. Onii-sama has taught me that sex is an act of entwining love 」

Me? Did I teach that?

「 Having sex with Onii-sama is a lot of fun that I feel thankful for being alive. Onii-sama is a really wonderful person. I’m grateful that I met someone so amazing 」

Then, Ruriko.

「 Grandfather, thank you for selling me away to Onii-sama as a sex slave 」

「 R-Ruriko? 」

Jii-chan’s surprised.

「 It’s not sex but h-him 」

Misuzu gets in between.

「 Grandfather, you’re thinking of sex with your senses as a man. But 」

She laughs.

「 Ruriko and I are women 」

Jii-chan’s eyes opened wide.

「 We don’t demand only the pleasure of the body but also peace of mind. No, having sex with Danna-sama gives us pleasure and healing at the same time 」

Oh, I see.

Jii-chan, a man, Misuzu, and Ruriko, are women. They seek different things in sex.

「 Ruriko and I can’t have sex with peace of mind if we don’t open up and do it with Danna-sama 」

「 Yes, only Onii-sama. Ruriko will serve Onii-sama as a sex slave for a lifetime 」

The two girls Jii-chan’s planning to adopt says while showing a smile.

「 Hmm, in the end, I let you take Misuzu and Ruriko away 」

Jii-chan looks at me and smiles sadly.


「 That’s not it, you’re entirely wrong, Jii-chan! 」

I don’t think so.

「 Misuzu and Ruriko were both free from the start. They weren’t under Jii-chan’s control, as if you can kill or keep them alive. Even when the two were under Jii-chan’s protection, they were living on their own will. Their minds were free 」

「 You 」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「 I mean, I don’t think that people can dominate others. Ruriko now enjoys being my slave now, I also wish for Ruriko to stay as my slave. But, if Ruriko thinks that “I don’t want to be a slave anymore,” then that’s it. I don’t have the power to bind Ruriko with all my strength 」

That’s right, we’re building a relationship by making and keeping subtle promises now.

「 I don’t want to lose Ruriko, so I won’t do anything that Ruriko hates just to satisfy my desire. I never will. On the other hand, if it’s for her sake, I’ll do anything even if that means she’ll hate me. We know that those will strengthen the bonds of trust within us 」

Jii-chan stares at me.

「 Therefore, I always need to work hard so I won’t lose Ruriko’s trust every day. I can never be naive. If I take an underestimating attitude towards Ruriko and Misuzu, if I neglect the effort to deepen our trust, they’ll abandon me. I’m not allowed to betray their trust no matter what 」

「 Why? What makes you think that way? Men can just stand firm and tell women to shut up and follow them. Isn’t that how it is? 」

The head of Kouzuki house, Kouzuki Shigtaka’s life might be like that.

But, I’m just a high school boy.

I’m not smart or handsome.

「 Because they’re the best women! It’s a waste if I don’t love them with all I have, they won’t stay by my side forever! 」

「! 」

Jii-chan gasps.

「 Jii-chan, you’re their Grandfather. Your relationship with them is Grandfather and Granddaughters. That relationship will never change no matter what. Misuzu, Ruriko, and even Yoshiko-san can never leave Jii-chan. You’re a real family connected by blood! 」


「 But I’m not. We’re just a man and a woman. If I’m a man with no worth for them, then they can break their bond with me anytime. If they abandon me, then I’ll be unrelated to them! 」

Therefore, I.

「 I have no choice but to make an effort. I have to put my all at stake. Because these girls are gorgeous, kind, smart, they’re the best women. Jii-chan’s granddaughters are the best 」


「 Who would’ve thought that even at 82 years old, I would hear a high school student persuade me about love 」

He sighs.

「 If I had your sincerity, earnestness, and the power to sympathize with women, I might’ve been happier 」


「 What are you talking about? Jii-chan, you asked if you’re happy enough earlier but having these beautiful granddaughters, and there’s even three of them, it’s evident that you’re delighted 」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「 Jii-chan mentioned what I said earlier was just sophism. But that’s wrong. Grandfather and Granddaughters are a real family, they never change. Jii-chan already has the best source of happiness! 」

Misuzu speaks up.

「 Grandfather, Danna-sama was abandoned by his parents. The only family he opened his heart to is already gone 」

Yoshiko-san looks at me.

「 I know, I had Yazawa investigate him 」

「 No, you may know, but you don’t understand why Danna-sama is treating us so preciously 」

Jii-chan speaks calmly.

「 You’re right, I didn’t understand 」


「 I see, I’m already happy just having Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko with me. Umu 」

Then, he shows a smile.

「 I’ve already lost my body function as a man so I should live as a kindly old man from now on 」

Ruriko smiles at her grandfather.

「 Grandfather, what about a great-grandchild? 」


「 Ruriko’s considering of getting pregnant right away, however, 」

Jii-chan smiles wryly.

「 There’s no need to rush, it’s better if Ruriko matures a bit more. It’s okay, I’ll live longer. Besides, in five years, Misuzu will give birth to my Great-Grandchild 」

「 No, I estimate it in three years 」

Misuzu. Three years?

You’re 17 now, so you mean you’ll give birth at age 20?

「 Then, I will do it in four years, Mitchi, is that okay? 」

Ruriko looks at Michi.

「 Acknowledged 」

Michi replies like a warrior girl.

「 Hmm, this is inevitable, my grandchildren are growing up so quickly 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Then, I’m looking forward to it, boy 」

Huh, Me?

「 Misuzu and Ruriko, while at it, Kouzuki house too. Do your best 」

Even Kouzuki house too.

No, I just have to shoulder everything.

I have responsibility for these two girls.

「 It’s okay, Danna-sama. You have us 」

「 Onii-sama, please take care of us for the years to come 」

「 I will also do all the best within my abilities 」

Misuzu, Ruriko, and even Michi smile at me.


「 Kuromori-sama 」

Yoshiko-san calls me.

「 I misunderstood you. To think that you’re thinking of Ruriko-sama and Misuzu-sama so much, please forgive my impoliteness」

Yoshiko-san bows her head to me.

「 No, it’s okay, raise your head 」

I don’t remember Yoshiko-san doing anything that she should apologize for.

「 Hey, time to quiet down, the Prime Minister’s speech will be over soon 」

Jii-chan tells us.

「 Eh, how should I say it, Russia and Japan need to deepen their friendship from now on, as the representative of the government, I agree with this notion, on the other hand, my family really loves Russian movies that they watch a lot, they even pray for more Russian films to come, in addition, as for the officials of Russian film festival, I pray for your ever-increasing happiness, including Cheshirenko, who’s present for today’s event. That is all I have to say. I’m the prime minister Hattori Kanzou, and good evening everybody 」

The speech was over with some lines I didn’t even understand.

Big applause comes from the whole venue.

「 Well then, Prime Minister Hattori has some other business in his schedule so he will be taking his leave. Thank you Prime Minister Hattori 」

The host announces, and the Prime Minister leaves with his SPs while waving his hands to the audience with a smile.

He only took around ten minutes in this venue.

「 The Prime Minister only makes greetings just to give weight on the party. That’s how it is. Later, it’s the job of the office workers remaining in the venue 」

Jii-chan said.

「 And now, following 」

The host calls the next person to make greetings.

「 Now that the greeting is over, it’s time for chatting, various people will come for work 」

Oh, Jii-chan knows it.

「 I will only attract an unneeded amount number of people here. Shiba-kun will attend another meeting during that opportunity 」

He’s already started transferring work to Shiba-san.

「 No, even I will get out in midway and will go to another meeting. Misuzu, Ruriko, Yoshiko, please accompany your grandfather for a while 」

He looks at his Granddaughters with a gentle smile.

「 If you girls show a harmonious relationship, then Kouzuki group will be stable 」

Even if they try to make the three granddaughters fight, when they’re getting along, they can’t start a discord.

「 Yes, we’ll be with you until the end of the day 」

Misuzu smiles as the representative.

「 That’s helpful, the media will probably interview about what you two just did 」

Oh, that too.

「 By the way, what would you do? 」

Jii-chan looks at me.

「 I-I 」

I don’t need to be with Jii-chan like Misuzu.

Instead, it won’t look good if I’m there.

It’s better if we hide that Misuzu has a fiance to the media for now.

What should I do then?

I don’t think I can deal with Kouzuki Kenshi and others alone.

Should I join in with Minaho-neesan in the Chinese restaurant?

「 Uhm, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu suddenly calls me.

「 I’ve already made preparations 」


About what?!