Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 793. CRAZY FOR YOU / Nei-oneechan love sex



「 Good morning 」


「 Good morning, Yo-chan! 」

What a gentle voice.

The warmth of someone’s skin.

I slowly open my eyes.

It’s still dim, but the gentle morning light shines on the beautiful face in front of me.


My precious.

Nei’s on top of me.

Her pink nipples are touching my chest.

「 G-Good morning 」

I reply to the angel in a hurry.

It’s embarrassing that Nei’s watching my sleeping face all this time. Awkward.

「 Yes, good morning! And I love you today as well 」

Nei gives me hugs and kisses.

「 M-Me too. I’ll always love you 」

Having someone you love next to you as soon as you wake up is a blessing.

Is there anything better than this?

「 I know~ Ufufu, I’ll love you forever too! 」

Nei rubs her cheeks on mine.

The morning atmosphere and the feel of her naked body feel pleasant.

I mean, touching Nei feels too pleasant.

No, no.

I feel something itching down below. It feels good though.

「 Good morning, Master 」

Michi’s on my lower half, licking off my dick.

「 This one seems to be awake as well, and so I’d like to start my service right away! 」

The petite beauty puts my glans in her mouth and starts sucking it.

Ooh, that feels good.

「 Master’s thing right in the morning is delicious! 」

Her small red tongue starts stimulating the girth.

「 I will serve you for my life as well, Master 」


「 Here’s your beloved breasts, Yo-chan~ 」

Nei pushes her breasts to my face.

「 Y-Yeah 」

I bury my face on Nei’s bountiful valley and suck on her both nipples in turns.

I play it around with my tongue.

「 Ahn~ That feels good, Yo-chan! 」

Oh, right.

This is good enough.

This is my life.

「 Master, it’s getting bigger 」

Michi rubs it with her small hands and wets it with her tongue and saliva.

She’s stroking my penis in a slimy way.

「 Ah, that feels good, Michi 」

「 Not yet, there’s still more to come 」

Michi caresses my glans with her fingers.

At the same time, Michi’s tongue goes from my penis to my anus.


「 Yo-chan, me too! 」

Nei starts kissing me at the back of my ear, neck, near the armpit, nipple, all of the erogenous zones.

She gently pats my head.

「 Ufufu looks like I’m doing well! Oh, so cute~ Yo-chan’s face is so cute!~ 」

Nei’s smiling.

She’s looking only at me.

「 Hey, what should I do? I’m getting excited just from looking at Yo-chan’s pleased face~! Look, Yo-chan 」

Nei whispers to my ears.

「 Looking at Yo-chan is enough to make me wet, so… 」

She looks at me with her wet eyes.

I can see my reflection in it.

I’m sure that Nei can also see her face in my eyes too.

「 Hey, take responsibility for it, Yo-chan 」

I stretch out my hand and reach for Nei’s crotch.


Warm juice moistens my hand.

「 Aaahn~ 」

I stir up Nei’s entrance with my index finger.

Sliding my fingers in her slit.

Exposing her clitoris…

My fingers gently rub her most sensitive part.

「 Aaaaaah, that feels good!!! 」

Nei embraces me with eyes of desire.

Nei’s plump body, smooth skin.

Her hair smells good.

The smell of sweat and love nectar further arouses me.

「 Hey, Yo-chan. Your finger’s good and all, but, Yo-chan~ 」

Nei pleads.

「 I want it! I want Yo-chan’s thing shoved deep inside of me! 」

Oh, Nei’s insides are oozing out love nectar like it’s a hot spring.

「 Promise me one thing 」

I looked at Nei in the eyes and said.

「 Sure, I’ll do it, I promise anything! 」

Nei replies, while her body trembles.

「 Then, let’s have more sex 」

「 Huh? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 Ya-chan, you’re not having much sex with me because you’re taking your little sisters into consideration, right? 」

「 T-That’s, ahn~ 」

I pushed Nei’s clitoris lightly and rubbed it.

The past few days have been a lot of trouble, but,

Misuzu, Ruriko, Michi, Mana, Agnes, the Takakura sisters, and even Yukino had sex with me.

Despite that, it’s been a while since I had sex with Nei.

「 I mean, I’m everyone’s big sister 」

Nei said, but I…

「 But I want to do it with Ya-chan too! 」

I grab Nei’s huge breast with my empty hand and rub it.

「 S-Sorry 」

Nei apologized to me unconsciously.

「 Uhm, if Yo-chan wants to do it with me, then just say it, I’m ready anytime 」

「 That’s not it 」

I looked straight into Nei’s eyes and said.

「 I want to do it when we both want to 」

「 Yo-chan? 」

「 I want to have all-out sex when Nei wants to do it with me, and I want to do it with Nei. I’m sure that it feels good if we do that 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 You don’t have to hold back and let other girls take over! You’re my woman that goes before “everyone’s big sister” Everyone’s the same! 」

「 Yes. Nei-oneesama holding back and letting us fulfill our desires is upsetting 」

Michi, who continues to fellate me, speaks to Nei.

「 Master’s thing is really hard now. Nei-oneesama, have fun 」

「 You sure I can go first? Mitchan? 」


「 Onee-sama has the priority. Michi is a little sister who knows manners 」

She looked up and smiled.

「 I’ll do it with Michi after Ya-chan anyway 」

「 Yes. My womb would be ready to receive Master’s semen for sure 」

I get up.

「 Ya-chan’s bottom 」

「 Eeeeeh?! 」

「 I want to defile this nice-looking body with all my strength! 」

Nei smiled.

「 Okay. Defile it all you want then 」

She rolls over and lies down.

「 Come! 」

I get on top of Nei.

Nei spreads her legs, waiting for me to come in.

I ready my penis.

I rub my glans into Nei’s entrance and her clitoris.

Our mucous membranes make contact.

「 Aaahn! T-That also feels good, but you know? 」

Nei looked up at me.

「 I want it inside of me, deep inside! I want Yo-chan’s penis 」

If that’s the case.

I fit my glans into her opening.

「 Y-Yes! Like that! Then just shove it in!!! 」

Defying Nei’s expectations…

I slowly insert my thing.


It’s as if I’m injecting it.

My erect penis invades her vagina wet with love nectar.

「 Aaaaaah, it’s here! I-It’s coming in slowly though 」

Nei gives me an eager look as she pleads.

「 More! Stronger! I want it intense! Please, Yo-chan! 」

Even so, I continue to move slowly.

It goes inside Nei slowly, slowly.

「 Aaaaahn! Don’t tease me like that! I want it! I want Yo-chan to go intense on me!!!! 」


「 I also want to do it with Yo-chan a lot! I want to have sex with Yo-chan anytime, anywhere! I want to do them all! 」

Hearing her say that is enough.



I thrust in my waist suddenly that I poked Nei’s cervix.

「 Aaaaaauuu!!! 」

Then, I start gouging her.

I stir up Nei’s insides intensely, I violate her like a steam locomotive!!

「 Aaaaah! Yes! That feels good! Yes! Yes! Yo-chan!!!! 」

Nei’s body rocks from the strong rhythm.

Nei’s bountiful breasts bounce around like it’s dancing.

「 Yo-chan! Hold my hand! I beg you! 」

I pile my hand on top of Nei’s.

Nei grabs my hand tightly.

「 Yes! Do it like that! Yo-chan, have fun with Onee-chan’s body!! 」

Oh, I lit up the fire inside Nei’s body.

「 Onee-chan loves it when Yo-chan’s making a face of pleasure when doing it with me! Aaaahn~ So cute! Yes! So cute! Yo-chan!!! 」

Nei’s skin is burning up.

Her white skin starts blushing.

Her whole body’s sweating.

The smell of my beloved woman’s scent and her lewd love nectar arouses me.

「 Aaaaah! I love you! Onee-chan! Onee-chan! I want to stay like this forever!! 」

I want to be connected with Nei all the time.

I want us to make love all the time.

「 Sure! Onee-chan’s mind and body are all yours!! It’s all yours! 」

Nei also pushes up her waist from below!!

「 Aaaaahn! Sorry, I’m sorry for being such a strange sister. Onee-chan’s insane! I’m becoming mad from loving Yo-chan too much!! 」

「 I’m also going crazy from loving Onee-chan too much!!! 」

In the end, we’re…

We’re both crazy.

I need Nei, Nei needs me.

We’re mad for each other’s existence. It keeps us alive.

「 Aaaah, aaaaah! Aaaaahn! Aaaaah! 」

「 Kuuuu! Aaaah, Onee-chan! Uuuugh! 」

「 Yo-chan’s so cute 」

「 You too, Onee-chan 」

We drown in each other’s bodies.

We breathe heavily from the pleasure.

Nei, who feels the pleasure as she embraces me, is irresistibly lovely.

Nei must be thinking the same with me who’s drowning in pleasure from her body.

Oh, so hot.

Our love is so passionate.

「 Aaaahn, aaahn! That feels good! 」

「 M-Me too, it feels good for me! 」

Sweat drops from my forehead and falls into Nei’s soft skin.

Nei doesn’t hate it.

Instead, she smiles happily.

「 Aah, this is like a dream 」

Nei mutters while having sex.

「 Having Yo-chan inside of me is such happiness! Aaaah! 」


「 And that’s why we’re doing it more! 」

「 Yes. More! I’ll ask for it! Having sex with Yo-chan feels good! Aaah! I love you! 」


Nei’s starting to climb to climax.

「 Aaaah! Uhm, you see… 」

「 I know, I get it!! 」

I head to the last spurt.

「 Inside! Pour it inside of me! I want it all!! 」

「 Naturally! Onee-chan!!! 」

「 Kuuuuu, I’m so happy! Yo-chan!!!!! 」

Nei leaped.

「 Aaaah! Onee-chan’s about to cum! Can I?! Can Onee-chan cum?! 」

「 Yeah, cum! I mean, go ahead and cum a lot!!! 」

Nei and I move like a steam locomotive.

Sweat, love nectar, and hot sighs spread around as we breathe roughly.

「 I-It’s coming! Yo-chan! Aaaah! Let’s do it together!! 」

「 It’s going to be okay!! 」

The desire to ejaculate rises up from inside as well.

I put strength on my anus to make sure that I don’t accidentally leak out.

「 O-Onee-chan! H-Hurry!!! 」

I continue to prod to the entrance of Nei’s womb.

I can’t hold it anymore!!!

「 Aaaaah! No more!!! Yo-chan!!! I’m cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming!!!!! 」

She grabs my hand tightly…

Her abdominal muscles start to tremble.

Then, Nei…

Onee-chan dives to the sea of ecstasy.

「 M-Me too!! Aaaaaaah! I’m cumming! Cumming!!!! Onee-chan!!!! 」

My glans starts to blow.

White liquid spurts out of my hole.

「 Aaaaaaah! Hot!!!!!! 」


「 The hot stuff is coming inside my stomach!!!! 」

I’m letting out a massive quantity of hot liquid inside Nei’s womb.

「 Onee-chan!!!!!!!!!! 」

I’m cumming! Cumming even more!!!

「 Let it out! Feel good with my body!!!! 」

Nei and I…

We’re not closing our eyes at the moment of our climax.

We’re watching each other.

「 Oooooh! Onee-chan’s so cute!!! 」

Nei, who receives a creampie while at the top of ecstasy, is too beautiful.

「 Yo-chan’s cute too!!!! Aaaah! I love you! I love you! I love you!!!! 」

Nei’s vagina convulses multiple times.

Her womb gulps in my semen.

「 It’s still coming out! I’m not stopping yet! Onee-chan!!! 」

「 Sure! Don’t stop, break me always!!! Aaaaah!!! 」


My burning hot liquid pours into Nei’s womb.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haaa, haaa, haaa 」

Our hands hold each other, lower halves still connected.

I lay down on Nei’s naked body.

My long ejaculation finally ended.

「 Haa, haa, haa, Yo-chan! 」

「 Haa, haa, haa, Onee-chan 」

Our lips overlap.

I can hear Nei’s heartbeat in my ears.

Nei should feel my heartbeat, as well.

「 That felt amazing 」

Nei smiled at me.

「 Yeah. Let’s do that again. Anytime, even today, anywhere… 」

「 But, if that happens, I’ll be madly in love with Yo-chan 」

Nei blushed.

「 I’m already madly in love with Onee-chan though 」

「 Ufufufu, seriously. I love you too Yo-chan 」

Nei hugs me from below.

「 Looks like you let out a lot 」

「 Yeah, I took a nights rest, I think that I’m at full tank now 」

「 I think Yo-chan’s already filled me up lots 」

Nei presses her forehead on mine.

It’s warm.

「 Uhm 」

I hear the combat beauty’s voice from the side.

「 Is there any share left for me? 」

Oh, Hi, Michi.

「 Naturally. It should be okay, Yo-chan’s peerless when it comes to this 」

Nei smiled at Michi.

「 I’m a bit frustrated though 」


「 When I do it with Master, doing as Master says feels good, but, watching Nei-oneesama’s sex, it seems that having an equal relationship is fun 」

Is Michi not having fun in our sex?

「 No, I don’t think that’s it 」

「 Hmm, I guess there’s that 」

Nei speaks to me, laughing.

「 Well, you have your own problems too, Mitchan 」

「 Me too? 」

Michi asks with a serious face.

「 Yeah. Yo-chan’s not having fun because he’s worried about Mitchan, or should I say that he wants to give Mitchan more pleasure than he wants it himself 」

「 That might be 」

Michi nods.

「 I’m happy that Master worried about me but, I want Master to enjoy my body more 」

「 You want to drown in sex, don’t you, Mitchan? 」

Nei speaks gently.

「 Yes. I want Master to have an intense desire and violate me. I welcome all that pain and all the other things 」

This masochist.

「 But, that doesn’t mean that Yo-chan will do something about your desires 」

「 Yes 」

「 I think that means that Mitchan can’t bewitch Yo-chan with your own charm 」

「 I don’t have that charming body after all 」

Michi looks at her flat chest, looking lonely.

「 I told you before to change that way of thinking, didn’t I? 」


「 I’ve got this body, and so I can bewitch Yo-chan easy. But, Mitchan doesn’t have that body, and so shouldn’t you think about how to charm him with your body? 」

「 Uugh 」

Michi groans.

「 You know how Edie does it? She’s got that energetic vibes, and she charms Yo-chan with it 」


「 Oh, you haven’t noticed? Edie’s always practicing her kicks and other stuff, sending Yo-chan panty shots 」

「 Wait, isn’t that just Edie’s bad habit? 」

I mean, she’s always moving around.

Stretching, spreading her legs, something like that.

「 Wrong. She’s showing off her beauty as that athletic beauty. All of it is done in secret. Edie never shows her panty to anyone but Yo-chan. Except in times of emergency 」

Putting aside her actual combat, she’s only showing her panties to me most of the time.

「 Ruri-chan’s “Onii-sama,” or Mana-chan’s “Onii-chan,” it’s their choice on how to have Yo-chan take an interest in them the most, weren’t they? 」

Yeah, they approach me with a “little sister-like” personality.

「 That’s why I was trying to make a girlish appeal as a slave to Master 」

Michi said.

「 And, have you ever thought that a slave asking her Master for something as strange? 」

Nei asked. Michi;

She’s taken aback.

Her displeased face turned to a refreshed one.

「 The scales have fallen off my eyes. Nei-oneesama, you’re correct 」

Michi bowed her head.

「 I’m a slave, and that was quite rude of me. Master, I’m very sorry 」


「 No, what, you? 」

「 Oh, good one, Mitchan, you noticed it right away 」

Nei smiled.

「 Yes. Master had a lot of slaves, Mana-imouto, Ruriruri, me, but 」

Michi said.

「 In fact, Master worries about his slaves, and he doesn’t control them like slaves 」


Well, though they say that they’re sex slaves…

Actually, they’re all beauties who I can’t match…

「 We should be the one who needs to act as slaves thoroughly 」

Michi speaks to Nei.

「 That’s right. You need to make sure that it’s useless for Yo-chan to worry about you, but instead, he should be selfish and do whatever he wants 」

「 Certainly 」


「 That’s right. If Mitchan were to appeal as his number one slave, and then, Yo-chan accepts it, he’ll start to treat you like an ideal slave he can use to relieve himself anytime, anywhere 」

Ideal slave.