Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 837. Sex Kingdom / Coarse Anko and Smooth Anko



「 This club…slow club, was it? I think that having this gathering of people makes things better 」

Edie smiled.

「 With the guest system we have right now, people can join up and have sex with Darling, but it still has some bias 」

Like, Michi mostly asks for Misuzu and Edie.

Therefore, Michi was surprising repelling in the idea of having sex without Misuzu.

Misuzu and Ruriko call in Yomi and Luna as their guests, but…

They never call Tsukiko…

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan don’t invite Misuzu and Ruriko that much, they must be nervous,. Instead, they recently enjoy the company of the Takakura sisters.

「 Also, some things are hard to say in front of other people 」


「 Megumi could never speak strictly when Nei or Misuzu’s present, can she? 」

Edie said. Megu;

「 W-What? You have something you want to say about me, Edie? 」

「 I never had this chance too… 」

Edie squats before me.

She holds my erect penis.

「 Megumi, try doing fellatio 」

「 Huh, me? 」

「 Yeah, we have Ai, a beginner in here. Teach her how you do it 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Try it out, Megu, Edie knows what she’s thinking 」

She’s not a bad girl.

She’s trying to tell Megu something.

「 Hey, you’re called out, do it now, Megumi! 」

Yukino sits down on Ai’s chair near the desk and is enjoying the view.

「 Geez, I get it! 」

Megu comes before me.

「 Edie, switch! 」

「 Sure 」

Megu snatches away my erect penis.

「 Ai-san, watch this, this is how you do fellatio 」

She suddenly holds my glans in her mouth.

Grabbing my balls with her left hand and stroking my rod with her right-hand fingers.

Puchupa, puchupa.

She uses her lips and tongue intensely so suddenly.

She uses her tongue to lick around my glans.

Sucking the tip.

「 Like that! 」

Then, she licks below the glans.

「 Yoshi-kun, you’re sensitive here, right? 」


「 Shitty 」

Yukino, who watches from the sides, tells Megu.

「 Megu, you’re bad at it. Seeing it again surprises me 」

「 Hey! Yukino?! 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Oh, I see what Edie’s trying to say… 」

She laughed.

「 After all, seeing that made me understand 」

「 W-What do you mean?! 」

Megu looked at me.

「 Yoshi-kun, was that bad? 」

Megu looks up at me while holding my penis.

「 No, not really, but… 」

I don’t think it’s that bad, but…

「 Swap with me, Megumi 」

Edie smiled and pushes Megu aside.

「 I’ll do the same thing Megumi did. Watch me 」

Her brown fingers touch my penis just like earlier.

However, she doesn’t stuff it in her mouth right away.

「 Darling~ 」

She looked up at me and smiled.

「 I love you~ I’ll make you feel good 」

Then, she stuffs my glans in her mouth while looking up at me.


「 Uugh 」

I moaned out of pleasure, unconsciously.

「 Ufufu, so cute 」

Edie does the same movements Megu did earlier.

Using her lips and tongue, licking me off.

「 Oh, that feels good, Edie. 」

I trembled.

Edie’s tongue is making me melt.

「 W-Why, Yoshi-kun? You didn’t do that with me earlier… 」

Megu’s dumbfounded.

「 Megumi, you know, you don’t care if this idiot is feeling pleasure, you’re just doing it like a robot 」

Yukino laughed.

「 T-That’s…I can’t sense Yoshi-kun’s Qi, like how Edie does it! 」

Megu seems to think that Edie’s using her Qi techniques to find out how to please me.

「 This has nothing to do with Qi 」

「 Uuuu 」

Edie sucks on my penis.

「 Does it feel good? Ufufu, I love you, Darling, 」

Chupa, chupa, chupa, Edie uses her lips.

「 Oh, that feels good, Edie. 」

Seeing that state, Megu…

「 W-Why, Yoshi-kun?! Why did you not do that with me?! 」

E-Even if you ask me.

「 Maybe, it’s because it was so messy? 」

Ai mutters.

「 M-Messy? Me? 」

「 Yes, Edie-san is much more gentle 」

Yeah, Ai’s right.

Edie’s copying what Megu did, but she’s modestly trying to give me pleasure.

「 Uuuuh, E-Edie! 」

「 I know, where do you want to release it, Darling? 」

Edie smiles while licking off my glans.

「 Where do you want it? 」

「 Naturally I want it inside 」

Edie stands up.

「 Darling, lie down 」

She pushed me down the bed.

「 Edie will make you feel good 」

Edie pulls down her panties right in front of me.

「 Hey, Edie?! 」

「 Megumi, quiet. Ai-san too 」

Yukino smiled.

「 Okay~ Sorry to keep you waiting Darling 」

Edie’s tight brown body gets on top of me.

「 Can you see it? Darling’s going inside me 」

Yeah, her skin may be brown, but her slit and inside is pink.

Edie’s sticky and clear love nectar smears on my glans.

「 Aaaah 」

「 Does that feel good? It feels good for me too, Darling! 」

Hauuu, Edie sighs.

「 Ooh, what do I do, I want it inside already. Can I? Darling? 」

「 Sure, I want it inside Edie too 」

「 Come on 」

Edie slowly lowers her waist.

I’ve gone inside her so many times, but still.

Edie’s tightness just keeps getting better.

It’s like she’s sucking me in.

「 Aaaah! It feels good! More! Deeper! Darling! 」


It goes inside Edie’s warm and tight insides.

「 Aaaaah! Edie! 」

It reached the root, and Edie’s body is now resting on top of me.

「 Does that feel good, Darling? 」

Edie shows me a gentle smile.

「 Yeah, that felt good 」

「 I’m also happy 」

Edie doesn’t speak about pleasure but happiness.


「 Here, breasts 」

She bends her body forward and presents her breasts in front of me.

「 Darling loves to lick breasts while connected, right? 」

「 Right… 」

Ai stares with a serious face.

I suck on Edie’s nipples.

「 Aaaaaauuu 」

Edie’s vagina tightens up.

When I stir up her nipples with my tongue, Edie starts oozing out love nectar.

「 Ah, I want that too 」

Ai swallowed her saliva.

「 Right, then you can do that later 」

Edie told Ai.

「 Darling, don’t mind me now, you can let it out inside 」

「 But, Edie? 」

Edie, don’t you want to cum too?

「 For now, I want to watch Darling a lot 」

She smiled and twists her waist.

「 Ah, aaah, E-Edie? 」

「 Ufufu 」

Edie slowly moves up and down.

「 I know, you like this, don’t you? 」

Oh, my glans is reaching various spots inside Edie. Rubbed, Sucked, Squeezed.

「 E-Edie… 」

「 ……YES My Darling!!! 」

Edie tries to speed up her waist…

「 E-Edie, if you go that intensely 」

「 Sure! Anytime! 」

I reach out to Edie’s breasts.

I feel her hard nipples with my palm.

「 Aaaah, that feels good! Darling!! 」

Edie’s getting sweaty

Edie’s smooth and velvet-like texture skin.

Her sweat smells like honey.

Her beautiful blonde hair sways around.

Her blue eyes look at me as she smiles.

She’s accepting me.

「 I-I’m cumming! Edie! 」

「 Yeah, then I’ll go harder!!! 」


Edie’s moving her waist intensely.

「 So cute!~ Darling’s so cute! 」

「 Aaah, I-I’m! I’m going to!!! 」

「 Let it out! Cum inside me!!! 」

I can’t hold it anymore!!!

「 I-I’m cumming!!! 」

My erect penis bursts out inside Edie’s vagina…

As soon as that happened, she hugged me with her whole body!!!

「 I love you, Darling!!! 」

I blow everything inside Edie’s womb while hearing the sweet whispers from her.

The tip of my glans touches her puffy entrance.

My hot and stinking semen pours inside that opening.

「 Aaaah, aaah, aaaah. I can feel it. It’s pulsating, coming in 」

Edie’s waist twitches as I pour semen in her womb.

She’s drinking my semen.

「 Darling! 」

Edie kisses me. She entwines her tongue with me.

I continue to ejaculate inside as she plays with my tongue.

Uuuuh, uuuugh, ugh!!!

「 Edie!!! 」

I embraced Edie tightly.

This body is mine. I’ll never let her go.

「 Yes, yes, I know, Darling 」

Edie tightens up her vagina once again.

The semen remaining in my penis got squeezed out to Edie’s womb.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Edie fell on me, exhausted.

Even so, I know that Edie’s blue eyes look at me.

「 Err, sorry 」

「 About what? 」

Edie asks with a blank face.

「 I went and came alone 」

Then, Edie kisses me in the lips.

「 Boys need to cum each time, but women don’t need to 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Seeing that Darling felt pleasure from what I did is enough for me 」

Edie licks my nose.

「 I-I understand that Ai feels the same 」

Ai speaks up.

「 When Yoshida-kun feels good with my body, I feel so happy 」

She says with a blushing face.

「 But, Darling wants women to cum too, right? That’s why you try to match the timing if possible 」


「 Minaho and Katsuko told me. That it has become Darling’s strange habit 」

A habit?

「 Oh, I get it 」

Yukino nods.

「 Somehow, if it’s an ordinary guy, he’ll just cum without care about the girl. There’s hardly any guys who make sure that the woman cums 」

「 No, I mean, it’s sex, shouldn’t the couple cum together? 」

「 No need, I’m satisfied right now 」

Edie smiled and squeezes my penis.

「 And as for me, I’m just watching from the sides, but… 」

Yukino said.

「 Somehow, seeing you feel pleasure makes me happy 」

「 Ai too 」


「 Everyone loves Darling. That’s why they’re happy when Darling feels pleasure… 」

Edie said.

「 But, Megumi’s the only one different from us 」

Yukino said as she looks at Megu.


「 B-But, I-I just gave Yoshi-kun fellatio, and yet Edie took the turn away from me! 」

Edie sighed.

「 That part of you is what needs fixing 」


「 Darling’s wrong use of kindness needs fixing too. It only makes Megumi misunderstand! 」

「 W-What do you mean that I’m misunderstanding things?! 」

Megu protests to Edie.

「 You know, Megumi, do you know why Edie just had sex with him and had him ejaculate right away? 」

Yukino asked. Megu…

「 That’s because of Edie….she… 」

「 Wrong… 」

Ai said.

「 It’s because Yoshida-kun’s been holding back all this time 」

「 Huh? Not really? 」

I don’t think I’m holding back.

「 You were holding back, even though…your penis has been so hard all this time 」

Ai said.

「 Ai felt sorry too. But, everyone has an important conversation…. 」


「 Darling, you hold back too much. You’re getting numb from it recently 」

Edie hugged me and said.

「 Therefore, you didn’t notice that Megumi’s fellatio was that messy. You’re only feeling happy that Megumi’s doing it, thinking that it’s okay, and yet, Megumi’s performance is half-baked 」

I’ve become so numb?1

「 Megumi’s gotten numb too. She trusts that this idiot loves her, and he’ll never betray her, and so she’s gotten messy in sex. She doesn’t look at him at all, and just does things irresponsibly 」

「 I-I’m not irresponsible! 」

「 Really? I think that Ai-san can do better than you right now 」

Yukino laughed.

「 T-That’s…I won’t lose to Ai-san! 」

Megu glared at Ai, but…

「 Darling’s better at looking at Darling and sensing what he wants. Actually, I thought of asking Ai to do it after me, but… 」

Edie said.

「 Ai’s right, keeping Darling waiting isn’t good, besides, if Ai shows that she’s better in sex, then Megumi will feel depressed 」

「 I-I… 」

Megu’s speechless.

「 Darling, I’m pulling out 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

Edie pulls out…

「 Amazing… 」

As soon as my glans exits, semen drips out from her slit.

「 Ai, come here, lie down with Darling and let him lick your breasts 」

「 Ah, okay 」

Ai lies down together with me.

「 Here, Yoshida-kun, lick Ai’s breasts 」

Ai smiled.

「 S-sure 」

I lick Ai’s nipples.

「 Yes, that feels good, Yoshida-kun 」

Meanwhile, Edie gets out of the bed.

「 Now then, Megumi 」

「 W-What? 」

「 The first problem is that you’ve grown used to it. You grew accustomed of having sex with Darling since May, and so you no longer feel your partner, no longer think about him 」

「 Right, I thought so too 」

Yukino agrees with Edie’s comment.

「 Hey, wait, if you’re to blame Megu right now… 」

「 Yoshida-kun, just lick Ai’s breasts… 」

Ai embraces my head.

「 Y-You’re telling me that I can’t do anything? 」

Megu’s getting defensive.

If that goes on.

「 It’s okay, Yoshida-kun 」


「 We’re the slow club 」

A room where only people of the same age exist.

It’s precisely why they’re talking to Megu like this, is that it?

「 Naturally, it’s not just Megumi’s problem 」

Edie said.

「 We’re also changing, that includes Darling. Our bodies grow, we experience something new, our mind and body changes each day 」

「 I know that 」

Megu said.

「 No, you don’t… 」

「 You know, if your mind and body change, then don’t your preferences in sex change too? 」

Yukino speaks from the side…

「 Especially with this idiot, he’s always increasing his victims 」

I look up at my latest victim. The one whose nipples I’m licking.

Ai’s stares at me happily.

「 Yoshida-kun’s so cute. there, there 」

She pats my head.

「 Therefore, we always pay attention to changes in Darling 」

Edie said. Megu’s dumbfounded.

「 Earlier, I just copied how you did your fellatio, and yet, I made Darling feel pleasure. Like, I knew how to give it to him 」

「 On the other hand, you’re only doing something from your memory, that one thing that made him happy 」

The two said.

「 Naturally, it’s not just Darling, our preferences change too. Like, today, I’m into getting on top and swinging my hips myself 」

「 You know, it’s something like suddenly hating the coarse anko which you liked so much yesterday. Then you suddenly want to eat soft anko 」

I don’t get Yukino’s example.

「 Furthermore, this idiot holds back a lot, and never speaks out what he wants… Despite all that, whenever we ask him something, he’s okay with it, isn’t he? Like, he’s okay even if Megumi’s messy when having sex, but… 」

「 But, Darling’s body also has a preference of what he wants to do or what needs to be done to feel pleasure 」

「 Yes, that, and this guy’s an idiot, so he ignores all of that 」

「 And that’s why we… 」

Edie and Yukino said.

「 Ai, and everyone…need to find it out ourselves 」

Ai said with a smile.

「 There, there, Yoshida-kun’s so cute 」

She gently pats my head as she buries my face in her chest.

「 Earlier, I knew that Darling wants to ejaculate sooner 」

Therefore, Edie had me ejaculate inside her, even though we’re in the middle of a conversation with Megu.

「 Ai also knew it 」

「 But, Megumi didn’t seem to get that 」

Yukino shows a malicious smile.

「 I… 」

Megu gets depressed.

「 What we’re discussing is within us only. Don’t tell anyone outside 」

「 Only slow club 」

「 Yeah got it 」

Yukino said. Edie and Ai nodded.

「 W-What do I do? 」

Ai, who’s embracing me, looked at Megu…

「 Megumi-san, I think you’re hasty 」


「 You rush your thoughts and answers. Then, you always head in the wrong direction…I think 」

「 Right, Megumi doesn’t have her thoughts digest fast, just like us, and yet, she goes and deal with Misuzu and Nei right away 」

Just like us.

She’s trying to catch up with the thought process of those girls.

In Megu’s case, she acts rashly.

She revolts too much because she thinks she’s being made fun of…

Then, getting depressed when she can’t surpass others.

「 Take it slow. Once you do that, you’ll find out what Yoshida-kun wants. That’s what Ai did 」

Ai said. Megu looked at me.

「 Yeah, well, it’s obvious… 」

「 Those who don’t get it are just nuts 」

Megu’s eyes stare at my crotch… at my erect penis.

「 Yoshi-kun, you still want to do it? 」


「 Well, that’s… 」

「 Stop that. You have cute girls naked around you, you know? You want to attack us all, don’t you? 」

Yukino laughed.

「 I know that, and that’s why I said that I’m not in the mood from the very start 」


「 Geez, you’re so hopeless 」

Yukino pulls out her panty.

「 If you want to go that far, then I’ll join in too 」


「 You need to be honest you know, Darling 」

Edie smiled.

「 When it’s just us, the slow club, then let’s all be honest 」

She kisses my penis shining with semen and love nectar.

「 Then, what are you doing to do, Megumi? 」

Yukino asks. Megumi;

「 I-I get it, I’ll be honest! 」

She speaks loudly…


  1. Well, let this reference through