Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 958. Night of Flirting / Pajama Party



「 Haiji 」

I fell exhausted on top of the young woman’s body.

I guess I’m just too tired.

「 Haa 」

I take a deep breath then some of the semen that remained inside my penis is released inside Haiji.

「 Ah 」

Haiji can feel it inside her. What a sensitive girl.

I want to stay connected for a little longer.

I gently caress Haiji’s skin as I’m still on top of her.

Her smooth stomach and bouncy breasts. Her nipples too.

「 Mein Schatz, me too 」

Haiji also gently caresses my back.1

「 We just had sex 」

She smiled.

「 I’m happy. I’m glad that it’s you 」

With her hands above her head, tied up on leather cuffs, and legs spread wide.

Haiji giggled and tightens up her vagina, clamping my penis.

「 It must’ve hurt, are you okay? 」

I asked.

「 It would be a problem if it doesn’t hurt. It’s my first time after all 」

I’m still inside of her, and so she’s in pain.

No matter how developed her body is, she’s still young.

「 Once you get used to it, it’ll feel better 」

「 I’m looking forward to that. I don’t know much about sex so please teach me 」


「 I will never do it with anyone but you for the rest of my life and so please raise me however you want. I don’t know what’s normal and what’s not after all 」


「 I don’t have friends of my age after all 」

I see. Haiji’s a genius of her age.

She’s smart, strong, and so, she doesn’t talk to girls of her age.

「 There are several people who skipped grades in the academy just like me but, they’re nothing but competition. Since I have Asian blood and I have no guardian, I can’t get employed by European nobility 」

Haiji said.

「 But it’s going to be okay now. Edie and Michi are there for you 」

Haiji and Michi are both geniuses. Edie’s unbound.

「 Those girls aren’t just bright. They are good girls too They will be kind to Haiji 」

Also, I think that Haiji will get along with Ruriko.

Haiji and Ruriko are both the thinker type, and they’re ambitious with their strategies.

「 Anyway, Haiji is now in our family. From now on, you can rely on your big sisters on anything 」

I tell her while our lower half is still connected.

The pain from losing her virginity, and the hot semen she receives in her womb.

It’s the proof of our bonds.

「 Yes. I will receive everyone’s guidance 」

Haiji replies obediently.


『 That’s not enough! 』

Edie’s voice comes from the speaker.

『 We also have girls younger than Haiji! You’re our little sister from now on but you are also the big sister of the younger girls 』


We’re a family.

「 Yes, I will guide the younger girls too. And, I will do all my best to keep them safe 」

Haiji looked at the ceiling and shouted.

『 Good response! 』

Edie’s voice sounds satisfied.

Oh, she’s happy to have a little sister in the combat group.

『 Uhm, Onii-sama, May I? 』

Ruriko swapped with Edie and speaks.

Right, thinking about Haiji’s body, I should avoid going for round two.

I mean, I’m reaching the limits of how many times I can ejaculate today.

「 Yeah, come in 」

I replied.

We need to take photos while my penis is still erect inside Haiji.

「 Excuse me 」

Ruriko and Edie knocked on the door and came in.

Oh, they were in the corridor already.

Both of them are wearing pajamas. Edie’s wearing a nightcap.

Right, it’s already that time. It’s late at night.

「 Okay, we’re taking photos~ 」

The two of them are holding cameras.

Then, they take photos of us while we’re connected.

「 Look this way 」

「 Yes, looking good! 」

Ruriko loves taking photos of sex, that it has already gone past the domain of hobby, she’s turning it to a lifework.

But, Edie looks happy.

「 Then, it’s about time. Onii-sama 」


「 Haiji, I’m pulling it out 」

「 I want to stay like this for longer 」

Not going to happen.

I just tore your hymen, we need to check if there’s any damage.

「 We can just do it again tomorrow. Besides, we’ll be together for the rest of our lives, there’s no need to rush 」

Edie smiled at Haiji.

「 Yes, you’re right. Onee-sama 」

Haiji replies with a smile, but…

「 Kuuu 」

As soon as I move my penis out, her face frowned in pain.

「 Just hold it for a little while 」

Even if it’s half-erect, it’s tight pulling out from this young vagina.

「 Haaaaa 」

Jururu, nupon. Then, my penis comes out of Haiji’s entrance.

Oh, that’s a lot of blood.

My dick is red.


「 Hauu 」

Virgin blood mixed with my semen drips outside Haiji’s slit.

Ruriko and Edie take photos of that scene.

「 Haiji-san, look this way. Smile 」

Ruriko said.

「 I want to record your happiness from receiving Onii-sama’s love 」

「 Yes 」

The young half-foreign beauty whose wrist is cuffed, legs spread, and her vagina just deflowered…

Faces Ruriko’s camera and smiled.

Her young body is recorded.

◇ ◇ ◇

The photo session is over and I took off the leather cuffs.

「 Ufufu 」

Haiji hugs me.

She clings to me.

「 Oh well, can’t help it. Girls who had sex with Darling all fall head-over-heels like that 」

Edie smiles wryly.

「 And nobody knows about it other than those who received Onii-sama’s love, which is us, and those who watched Onii-sama’s sex, like Grandfather 」

「 Right, it’s the biggest secret of Black Forest 」


「 Why? It’s not like I’m doing anything special 」

I don’t get it.

「 That’s right. Darling only does what’s natural because you see it as natural, that’s okay 」

「 We also have sex with Onii-sama, and this has become our daily life. That’s okay 」

The two speak like they’re dodging the question.

「 Onii-sama, you’re kind. You always look after us 」

「 And you never get self-centered when having sex. Even when in the climax, you try to match with us, right? 」

「 Other men will never think the same way as Onii-sama. We’re scared and cautious of their approach 」

Ruriko’s born as the young lady of Kouzuki house.

Ever since Ruriko was a child, men who approach her all have ulterior motives.

「 Darling’s not just an ordinary man. Darling is a man who has resolved himself to live together with us, as a family, and that’s why we can lean on him with feeling at ease 」

Edie said.

「 It’s already night, let’s put Haiji-san’s medical exam for tomorrow morning 」

Ruriko said.

I guess it’s hard to get someone from Kouzuki SS medical team here.

Kouzuki SS teams have been on full alert since the start of the party today.

「 For now, drink this pain killer 」

Edie hands over a tablet to Haiji.

「 Here’s your water 」

Ruriko opens the fridge in the room and brings over bottled water.

This is Ruriko’s personal sex room and so she knows where’s what in this room.

「 Drink it 」

「 Yes 」

I know that the white tablet is actually an emergency contraceptive.

Haiji swallows the medicine.

「 Onii-sama, this way 」

Ruriko called me.

「 Ruriko will wash it off 」

There seems to be a bidet used on a porcelain washbin in Ruriko’s sex room.

It’s used to wash the lower half of the body it seems.

Ruriko uses it to wash her genital areas only after sex.

We’re going to take a shower together in the morning, and so she wants to wash only her crotch and sleep with the smell of my sweat.

「 Feel free 」

「 Yeah 」

I mounted the bidet, then…

Ruriko sprinkles water, washing my penis smeared with virgin blood using both her hands.

She does it gently.

「 Onii-sama, let’s have sex on this bidet next time 」

She looks up at me and smiled.

「 I read it on a porno graffiti of the 19th century France. Cold water pours on me while I’m connected to Onii-sama, it should be chilling and fun 」


Cold water and Ruriko’s hands wash my penis.

Ooh, I’m imagining a lot now.

「 Ah, I’m sorry, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko opens the chest part of her pajama in a hurry.

She exposes her naked breasts as there’s no underwear.

「 Silly me, I should’ve shown Onii-sama my nipples 」

Yeah, Ruriko’s pink nipples are cute.

I want to touch them.

「 Ruriko, don’t do that right now 」

Edie warned her.

「 Darling’s tired, and Ruriko’s done it already 」

I had sex with Ruriko after the party, in the bathroom.

「 Yes. But Onii-sama wanted to look 」


I guess I’ve been staring at Ruriko’s chest without thinking

「 S-Sorry 」

「 Huh? Ruriko belongs to Onii-sama, please don’t mind it 」

Ruriko shows me a gentle smile.

Next, Edie washed Haiji’s crotch.

「 Kuu 」

「 Does it sting? But it should be okay. Darling tore it cleanly. There’s not much damage, I can tell 」

Edie peeked into Haiji’s slit and said.

Haiji’s crotch is now clean of her virgin blood, semen, and love nectar.

「 Then, let’s go 」

Where, Edie?

「 Everyone’s gathered in that room. The small girls are asleep now but we’re doing a welcome party for Haiji-san 」

「 The formalities is that you’re doing it again when you return to the mansion. It’s late at night, but, the young group might still want to do it 」

Not everyone in our family has gathered in the Kouzuki mansion.

Yukino, Nagisa, Megu, Ai, and Margo-san are staying at the Kuromori mansion.

Minaho-neesan, Rei-chan, Nei, and Mana are still in the old building of Kouzuki SS>

Agnes and the girls are already asleep. Yoshiko-san’s in her room, secluding herself.

But, Edie wanted to welcome the new little sister to the group.

「 It’s just a tea and sweets pajama party but it’s your welcome party. Now, come with us, Haiji-san 」

Ruriko smiled. Haiji;

「 Thank you 」

She replied cheerfully

「 Then, Onii-sama, please change to pajamas too 」

「 I got it. We brought these 」

◇ ◇ ◇


Yeah, I thought that this is a tea and sweets pajama party, but…

「 Ufufu, I opened a bottle of wine 」

Katsuko-nee opened an expensive wine.

Ah, Torii-san’s already drinking.

Katsuko-nee, Misuzu, Michi, Tsukiko, and Yomi, they’re all wearing pajama.


「 I’m finally free. I left Reika over there but I had someone take over my night shift 」

Shou-neechan, the leader of Kouzuki SS, has come.

Shou-neechan’s still wearing a suit, but she took off the jacket and the blouse has buttons opened around the chest area.

「 This is a private area in Kouzuki house, and so nobody’s going to come in without permission, not even my direct subordinates 」

That means Shou-neechan isn’t a servant of Kouzuki house at this moment. Just a member of the family.

「 Oh, Katsuko-san, that’s quite an expensive bottle you’ve opened there. Are you sure about that? 」

I don’t know much but it seems to be a high-class wine.

「 It’s okay. Shige-chan won’t mind this much 」

Katsuko-nee can make that call as Jii-chan brought her to high-class restaurants back when she was a prostitute.

「 Of course, Shige-chan gave his approval. We went down the wine cave of this mansion and picked this earlier 」

「 Wine cave? 」

I asked.

「 It’s a wine cellar underground. I picked four of them 」

Oh, there’s something like that here.

「 Right. I guess Katsuko-san is much more accustomed to expensive wines than me 」

Even Shou-neechan, Jii-chan’s personal bodyguard, and an elite employee of Kouzuki SS…

She’s never allowed to sit on the same table as Jii-chan and drink the same wine in a high-class restaurant. She’s working.

「 I think that I have some courage to buy that kind of wine with my earnings 」

Shou-neechan’s got a huge foreign cruiser with her income, and yet.

Is that wine that expensive?

「 Don’t mind it. We’re celebrating for Haiji-san anyway 」

Misuzu comes over.

「 Danna-sama seems to have been gentle with you, hasn’t he? 」

Misuzu smiled at Haiji.

「 Yes. It’s a wonderful first experience 」

Haiji replied.

「 I welcome you. From now on, you are now my little sister 」

「 Please take care of me, everyone 」

Haiji bows her head politely.

「 Oh my, you seem to be less rugged than before 」

Shou-neechan looked at Haiji.

「 But, Edie’s right. I would’ve scouted you too 」

「 That’s right. Haiji’s just afraid. It’s just that she picks a fight with people around her, but her true nature is of an honest girl. I got that right away 」

Edie smiled at Haiji.

「 Thank you 」

Tears gather in Haiji’s eyes.

「 We will be together forever. Let’s all serve Onii-sama with pleasure together 」

Ruriko holds Haiji’s shoulders intimately.

Seeing all that.

「 Uuugh, what’s with that?! Haiji, you should be my bodyguard you know! 」

Torii-san, who’s a little drunk, starts shouting.

「 This is horrible. Misuzu-sama, you took Haiji away from me 」


「 Oh? But I didn’t do anything 」

She looked at me.

「 Haiji-san decided for herself. And, Danna-sama accepted her. That’s all 」

「 B-But! 」

Why is Torii-san so displeased?

「 Let me tell you just in case. Haiji is now Ruriko and my little sister. If you speak impolitely to my little sister, I won’t go easy, even if it’s Torii-san I’m facing 」


「 Mariko and Haiji’s position have swapped now 」

Edie speaks to me.

「 Indeed. Torii Mairko-san is Kaan Momoko-oneesama’s protegee, but you’re not her little sister.

Misuzu said.

「 That’s right, you’re just Momoko’s follower. “Protegee” is different from “Little sister”2

「 Haiji-san is our little sister, our family. Haiji-san’s enemy is an enemy of Kouzuki house 」

Haiji became Misuzu and Ruriko’s family because she’s now my woman.

It’s a higher status compared to Torii-san, who is Kaan Momoko-oneechan’s protegee.

「 But, but, but! I’m the one who brought Haiji from Europe to here! Despite all that! 」

Torii-san shouts. Haiji.

「 Mariko-ojousama saved me by taking me to Japan. I’m grateful to you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget that favor 」

「 Then, come back to me, Haiji 」

Haiji shakes her head while smiling.

「 I can’t do that. I already vowed to offer my whole life to him 」

She looked at me.

「 This man will be my Master for the rest of my life and I will stand in the same table as this family. I will do everything that I can for this family, for my Master, for my elder sisters and younger sisters, I want to work with the best that I can for them 」

「 Haiji…you… 」

Torii-san’s speechless.

「 I wanted to be friends with Mariko-ojousama. But, I couldn’t cross over the split between the Master and bodyguard 」

「 That’s because… 」

Torii-san said.

「 It’s because my Grandfather is from nobility, I have the blood of Kanou house, and I will inherit nobility soon enough, that’s why I… 」

Oh, that is Torii-san’s insecurity.

Pretending not to worry about it…

But actually, she worries that she’s just a semi-nobility, that she’s not an actual daughter of nobility.

Therefore, she butters up Momoko-neechan of Kaan house, the nobility among nobilities.

She can’t get along with the ordinary daughters of nobility, and so, she’s thinking of getting in good terms with Momoko-neechan’s class.

「 I also like Haiji, but, I can’t be friends with you. Because Haiji’s my… 」

It’s because she’s an employee.

「 But it’s different now. Haiji is my little sister. Kouzuki Misuzu’s little sister 」

「 Ruriko’s little sister too 」

Torii-san who fusses about the lineage of nobility can’t break her master-servant relationship with Haiji.

As for the young ladies of Kouzuki house, a family that matches the Kaan house in prestige.

They accepted the half-foreign girl who came from Europe with welcoming arms to the family.

「 W-Why?! Why is this happening? 」

「 I wonder, maybe it’s something Torii-san doesn’t understand? 」

「 But, everyone around here understands. Everyone welcomes Haiji-san 」

Misuzu and Ruriko tells Torii-san.

「 Okay, that’s enough, let’s leave this conversation and start drinking! 」

Mana and Nei are the brakes most of the time, but…

Since the two aren’t here, it’s Yomi who can read the mood who said it.

「 Have fun with it too. It’s not every day that we drink wine 」

Katsuko-nee pours wine on my glass.

「 Please take care of me 」

Haiji bows her head to Tsukiko.

「 Indeed, let’s get along. Kou-sama’s embrace truly cleans your heart 」

Tsukiko reads Haiji’s thoughts and said.

「 All your worries have disappeared. All she’s thinking is to live cutely 」

Hearing that makes me happy too.

「 Okay, everyone, do you have your glasses? 」

Yomi asks everyone.

「 Come now, Torii-ojousama, hold yours too 」

Shou-neechan pours wine on Torii-san’s glass.

「 Then, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu looks at me.

「 Yeah, let’s celebrate Haiji’s entry to our family. Cheers! 」

「 Cheers! 」

Ignoring Torii-san’s grumbles, we started our party.

「 Fuu 」

As expected, my body’s tired.

I sit down on the sofa and loosen up.

Edie’s looking after Haiji.

She loves looking after others so it should be okay leaving her to Edie.

「 Master 」

Michi comes over.

What’s this? She looks expressionless as usual, but…

「 Edie looks happy to get herself a little sister 」

Oh, she thinks that Haiji’s taking away Edie, her good friend.

Michi’s a complex girl.

「 Come here 」

「 YEs 」

I get Michi on my lap and hug her from behind.

「 Didn’t Edie say that in the assassination cult, she looks after the younglings? She’s also playing with Agnes and the girls all the time. Maybe, she just wanted a little sister in combat group? 」

Edie and Michi are teaching the young girls martial arts for self-protection, but…

I think that she’s just happy to have a little sister in the same combat group, someone she can teach all she wants. Like Haiji.

「 That’s okay. Sure, that girl has the talent, and I think that she’s suitable for our family. I have no objections that she’s Edie’s disciple 」

Michi says. Then she looked at me.

「 Master, should I also pick up a disciple? 」


「 Anjou Mitama and Kinuka, I think that I’m better as their teacher instead of Edie, but 」


「 No, well, putting Kinuka-san aside, Mitama-san’s older than Michi, right? 」

Kinuka-san’s 13. Mitama-san’s 18.

Michi’s 15, in third-year middle school.

「 In martial arts, the age of the disciples means nothing 」

Michi speaks flatly.

「 Instead, for someone who walked the path of martial arts like me, I can make disciples of any age 」

You could say that.

I think that a 15 teaching an 18 is weird, but…

A 40-year-old master can have a 45-year-old disciple, and it’s not weird.

「 I think that Anjou Mitama will need to become a disciple or she can’t improve 」

Michi said.

「 Those girls closed their eyes on anything other than Kurama house and their Anjou arts, and that would be bad 」

「 They already reached their dead-end 」

That’s how Michi sees it.

「 Therefore, I would like to Ask Master. Do you need those sisters? 」

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san.

「 If necessary, I will split their heads into half, but… 」

Now, what to do?

Anjou sisters are connected to their Masters, the Kurama sisters.

I don’t know what Minaho-neesan will do with the Kurama sisters…

And so, it would be bad if I make any move on the Anjou sisters.

「 We need her. Go split their heads apart, Michi 」

Misuzu speaks from behind before I could answer.

「 Unless we find the value of those sisters, the Kurama sisters will not change 」

That means…

「 Well, for now, those girls have a good nature. Timid personality will do. But, if the girl values themselves with blind belief, then they can’t take a step forward 」

Shou-neechan speaks her analysis.

「 That means, that they’re the bodyguards of Kurama house, the nobility? 」

Anjou clan is a bloodline that serves Kurama house as bodyguards for generations.

「 That’s right. But, Kurama house is no longer a nobility. Their family has been destroyed 」

Kurama Misato-san will become a prostitute of Black Forest brothel.

「 They might be able to restore their nobility status, but not now. It would be weird if the house is destroyed but the bodyguards remain. Kurama house already lost Anjou-san 」

That’s right, the Anjou sisters keep on chasing after the Kurama sisters, but…

Kurama Misato-san refuses to meet the Anjou sisters.

「 It’s pitiful. They’ve lost their primary duty, therefore, they can’t show themselves as bodyguards 」

Misuzu said.

Yeah, nobody’s going to pay their wage. Anjou sisters were in social status that they shouldn’t receive meals, and yet.

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san come over themselves…

「 The Anjou sisters have to become aware that there are paths in life other than being Kurama house’s servants 」

「 On the other hand, the Kurama sisters have to abandon their past as daughters of nobility while the Anjou sisters chase after them 」

Shou-neechan said.


  1. How? She’s tied up, the author even confirms it later below
  2. Imoutobun, and Imouto