Power of Creation – Harem List

Warning: Contains spoilers, especially if you are not up to the most recent chapters on Power of Creation! 

Ariel Ramsey:

A sexy, beautiful, 16-year-old princess, she was sheltered by her father to the point that she lacks much of this world’s common sense, let alone awareness of the world around her. A brunette with curly long hair and lusciously smooth, pale skin, her pert D breasts were expanded to size F and she was given shapelier hips by you. After you break her in with every sort of sexual deviance you could conceive, her naive nature and poor common sense were broken to the point where sex and you are the only things she thinks about. She considers herself your “bitch” and frequently aids you in raping other women. She’s very handsy with other members or potential members of your harem, desiring for every woman to reach sexual nirvana under your care. She calls you “hero”, expressing the way she idealizes you.


Resurrected from the corpse of a young red dragon who ran away from home you accidentally killed your first day, Mulan has a youthful body appearing round 12 years of age, although Mulan herself is 192 years old. She has fiery red hair, red reptilian eyes, B-cup boobs, and a bald pussy, although she can return to a red dragon form big enough to carry several people. She talks with a raspy voice that tries to sound more violent than her voice box can produce, often referring to herself in the third person. Normally domineering and conceited, she acts more docile after you break her in. While she isn’t as sexually minded as much of the harem and has a typical tsun personality, her extremely competitive nature leads to her being easily peer-pressured into giving it her all in bed. She also has an attraction to shiny things and treasures, both the valuable and sentimental kind. She refers to you as her ‘master’ and has accepted her place as your dragon and servant.

Aurora Ramsey:

Queen of the kingdom that summoned you and mother to Ariel, she was just as sheltered and isolated as her daughter, but has the common sense, wisdom, and experience from age her daughter lacks. Looking more like Ariel’s big sister, they have very similar appearance, and similar body shape (after you modified both of them), but she’s about ten years older in appearance. After being impregnated by you, she takes on a motherly like persona, and accepts the strange dynamic between you, her, and her daughter as long as she can remain with her family, which she cherishes more than anything. Her sex life with the king was lackluster, so she finds her new life more satisfying, but she is typically more restrained than anyone else. She calls you “hero-san”, suggesting she sees you as an equal.


The demonlord of the country Nana which borders the human territories. She has long black hair, violet eyes, D-sized breasts, and a great figure. She about twenty years old, and is a rather young and inexperienced demonlord. Her only demonic appearance is 2 small horns on her head and a spade-shaped tail she usually keeps hidden. Her territory is under a great deal of strain in recent years. You blackmail her into sex with her father’s life. After finding out she dislikes the taste of semen, you cause her to be irreversibly addicted to your seed. She remains by your side to continue to feed her addiction, but after you help repair many of the problems of her country, she comes to see you as worthy of her love. She typically has a pragmatic, mature personality when not desperately feeding her addiction. She refers to you as “my love”, which is either a reflection of her own feelings or where she wants her feelings to go.


A loyal wyvern rider and knight from the country that summons you, she is fiercely loyal to the queen and princess. After being teleported into the forest and becoming lost for four days without food, she becomes quite the glutton at the dinner table, always eating enough for several women. While her body isn’t particularly muscular, she is fit. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, and massive size H breasts. Her breasts are abnormally large and don’t actually fit her body, leaving her top-heavy and just a bit clumsy. She is impregnated with your second child so that she can act as the milk-maid for both babies. Typically, she is absent-minded, but also kind, loyal, and polite. She’s very quiet and conservative, preferring to bare her pain and discomfort in silence, she’ll avoid complaining if she feels it will inconvenience others. She can also produce breastmilk within moments of being impregnated. She calls you “daddy” as a call-back to her naivety and innocence.


A cat demi-human street rat and Jasmine’s brother. He was working as a pickpocket with a group of street thugs to make enough money to treat his little sister’s illness. After confusing him for a girl and rescuing him, you take him and his sister in, inadvertently changing his sexual parts to a girl. Despite being sixteen, she has a small under-developed body and clearly no breasts to speak of. She has black hair which matches the black fur of her cat ears and tail as well as golden, cat-like eyes. She’s very innocent and pure, much like a pure pre-corrupted Ariel, so you have avoided breaking her in yet. She’s too trusting and thus easily bullied by others. She has a deep-rooted love for her sister. She stays with you out of a sense of responsibility after you saved her sister and the strong belief that you’ll give her sister a better life. When you go to have sex with her, you learn that he was never a he, but always a she, although she wasn’t aware of it. She call’s you “sweetheart” as a nod to her sweet nature.

Daisy, Minnie, Dinah, and Sylvia:

Four identical twin bandits. While not on par with the rest of the harem in looks, you modify them to have perfect D sized breasts, nice rounded asses, and perfectly pale and scarless skin despite their formerly rough appearances. In order to differentiate them, you further change them so each girl has different colored hair both on top of their head and in their pubic region. Individually, Daisy wears her green hair slicked back with a bow in the middle and has pursy lips, Minnie has yellow hair tied into two pigtails and mouse-like features, Sylvia’s blue hair has a slightly librarian appeal, and Dinah’s purple hair was parted in the middle and runs down the sides of her face like long dog ears. Whiny, pathetic, and stupid… the four are often punished by your ire, and only function as disposable maids for your mansion, earning the name the baka maids (stupid maids). They’re prone to swearing and have vulgar, uncultured tongues. You also tied all four of them together with magic, so what one feels, the other three feel. They call you “boss”, accepting their place under your employ after you slaughtered their entire guild.


A ten-year-old girl and loli-trap, she’s much less restrained than her brother/sister. Immediately deciding that her future lies with you, she makes sure to push herself and her brother on you as strongly as possible, even offering up her brother’s virginity and innocence if it allows them to stay by your side. While spending her entire life sickly and shamelessly having to depend on her brother to survive after their parents died, you restoring her to health gave her a second life, and she’s unabashedly given that life to you. As the only non-monster, non-noble in your harem, she’s the only one who actually knows how to cook. While working as your cook, she’s determined to have you take her virginity and impregnate her so that she won’t be discarded. She’s surprisingly worldly, and acts as she thinks is necessary so that you don’t forget her. She calls you “savior”, which is how she sees you. Like her brother, she’s a cat girl with black hair and golden eyes, but also like her brother she looks young for her age so she looks about eight. You’re never going to sleep with her. Ever.  Because the author isn’t going to write a scene between you and a ten-year-old girl. It ain’t happening. He likes not being called a pedophile and he likes not going to jail. He’s willing to stretch things a bit with younger “appearing” girls, but there is a line, and it shan’t be crossed. So, quit asking.


Close to seven feet tall, Kida has long curly brown hair, a muscular body, and massive size L boobs, however, because of her large size they don’t appear too out of place. She is the assistant head of the guild and effective go-to person in the city of Riun.  She’s attractive, with her muscles being well-proportioned rather than ridiculous like a body builder. Her garbs leave little to the imagination, and she feels no embarrassment showing her nearly bare body. She’s also exceptionally fast, with S ranked credentials in the Adventurer guild. She has skill both in bare-knuckle fighting and swordsmanship. Her tendency to crush people who join the guild has given her a reputation as a tyrant, but in reality she simply wants to protect people by not letting those who aren’t ready join. She’s generally really kind and not particularly sociable, which has often lead her to talk with her fists first. Despite that, while easily excitable, she’s not the dumb muscle brain she appears, and is actually clever, strong, loyal, and willing to die to protect the people and city she cares about. She refers to you as “rookie”, pointing out that she has already accepted you as a member of her guild and someone worthy of protecting.


A bitchy receptionist at the Adventurer’s guild, her misandrist behavior puts off a lot of starting adventurers which Kida uses as a kind of psychological test. In appearance, she’s a cute girl with long straight dark brown hair tied in a pony tail, a dark complexion, glasses, and an hour glass figure. Her breasts are size D. She has wide hips which makes a perfect heart-shape when looking at her bent over from behind. She’s also a complete lesbian and hardcore pervert. Easily suggestable and tempted with a generally weak personality, she succumbs to pressure easily, doing things she normally wouldn’t do. She’s had poor success with the ladies, often using any large phallic object she can find to satisfy her perverted nature. Petty and weak-minded, she wouldn’t hesitate to use her body to get what she wants. After you convince her to violate Kida and she’s subsequently fired, she remains with you partially because she feels she’s protecting Kida and taking her place for loosing in your match, and partially to enjoy time with your harem. Most of the girls ignore her, having been pushed into various girl-on-girl situations already at the hands of Ariel, so her general perversions go unnoticed. She’s also passive aggressive, and will try to pay people back by pranking them in sometimes meanspirited ways. She calls you a “beast” after you had your way with her, but even if she doesn’t love you, she’s seems to love the harem that loves you, and that seems to be enough.


All the victims of a serial rapist and murderer were kept in the mortal plane with his necromancer powers. Upon dying, they finally could pass on, but all of their negative energy and unfulfilled desires mixed with the energy of a night of sex with your harem and led to the creation of a vengeful spirit. After fulfilling some of the unfulfilled desires of the former spirits, the spectre allows you to place it in a vessel where you can continue to fulfill the dreams and desires of all the women who lost their lives. Cinderella is cold and emotionless, her face showing very little expression, even when the desires are met. Still, it feels a compulsive need to have those desires met, the main one of which is to be in a properly loving relationship. However, it based all it’s understanding of what love is on your night of debauchery with your harem, thus believing abusive and rough sex is an expression of love. While the original spectre resembles the girl from the grudge, the vessel you create is basically a picture-perfect sex doll. Flawless skin, big wide hips, very skinny waist. The only retaining feature is the very long, silky, black hair which nearly reaches her buttocks and she often combs to cover her eyes. She refers to you as “darling”, a display of her misplaced love.

Snow White:

While much shorter than Kida, she’s got a similar physique. Snow White is actually green in color. She’s a goblin who was discarded as a child. When she was found and saved, she was snow white from the cold, which is where she got the name. She has long black hair that typically isn’t combed and a black patch above her pussy. She looks quite ferocious, but with the exception of the green skin, a few ridges on her nose, and pointy ears she doesn’t look all that much different from a human. She is quite powerful, even exceeding Kida’s S rank. She’s typically crass, stubborn, ornery, and unhygienic. While she respects strength and will attack any task fullheartedly, she will also push back if things don’t go her way. Being naked doesn’t phase her, but she considers sex shameful, and being seen deriving sexual pleasure as a weakness worthy of embarrassment. However, being shamed and humiliated is sexually arousing to her, a fact she’d never admit. You modify her body so that her ass can take an abnormally strong pounding, and also derive a more than normal amount of sexual pleasure from anal penetration. While you could say that Mulan is more dere than tsun, the opposite could be said about Snow White. She calls you “warrior” as a term of respect for your overbearing power.

Tiana Rhysemen:

An elf girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pure white skin. She looks like a traditional Ojou-sama with size C breasts and a thin, wispy form. Her father is a human noble, and he strived to get her to act like the picture-perfect noble, which she fought to do even as she was secretly bullied by the other noble children, unbeknownst to her father. Her strong desire to be seen as nobility has given her an extreme petulance towards those she perceives as beneath her. She loves her father, and will suffer in quiet as to not inconvenience him, but she becomes extremely whiny and demanding towards those she deems inferior. Betrayed by the other nobles, her father and her move back to their deceased uncle’s mansion as a last option to continue to live the life they are accustomed. Tiana is typically haughty and spoiled, but you eventually tell her that nobility are all filth. This breaks her a little, as she convinces herself that being filthy is the best path to being seen as a noble. She quickly grows a perversion where being dirtied and ridiculed excites her sexually. She continues to call you “commoner” as a part of her broken way of thinking.


The fifth demon lord and Grimhilde’s sister, Maleficant has the small body of child. She wears her red hair in twin pigtails. She has a single small horn. Her demon tail ends in a diamond. She tends to be boastful, prideful, arrogant, and most of all manipulative. She likes to take things from others, and takes particular pleasure depriving her sister of the stuff she values. While she’s highly sexual, her incredibly small body and bad luck prevented her from ever really doing much, most of her previous sexual encounters devolving to light rubbing and little satisfaction. Thus, she’s oddly naive about sex, despite being sexual to the point of sluttiness. She’s also very childish at heart, liking stuffed animals and childlike things. She’ll do anything if she thinks it will get her her own way, and when all else fails she will devolve into tantrums, lying, and spoiled behavior until she gets what she wants. She lost her kingdom thanks to the betrayal of her loyal demon general. She calls you “loli-pervert“, because let’s face it, if you like her character, you probably are.


Megara was a hero from Earth summoned to this world by a slug-like demon general who possessed her body and used it as its host for many years. When the demon found the hero Florian more desirable, it abandoned her and possessed him. Although a dark-haired, dark-eyed Japanese beauty in appearance, her behavior is far less reserved, causing her to be quite excitable. She knows about Earth and Waebo culture, and takes some pleasure in identifying herself as part of your harem. She may be your childhood friend, whom you forgot as a part of the magic that summoned her to this world. Although it’s just as likely you only put the belief that she’s your childhood friend into her mind, so that she didn’t break from the pressure of finding herself alone in this world after being possessed for so many years. Whether real or fake, she believes the pair of you agreed to be married as children and is determined to take charge of the harem and be your first-wife. She calls you simply her “childhood friend”. 


A down to earth, impressionable, and easily flustered girl. She’s very fun to tease, but can be quickly reduced to tears and run away if the embarrassment is too much. She holds the appearance of a tomboy, with short brown hair, a small chest, and a girl next store kind of appearance. She was the childhood friend of the hero for years. After years of being turned cockblocked by the clueless hero, she has tons of pent up sexual tension. This manifest as her true nature which is something extremely sexually perverse, both wanting to try out all kinds of sex and often touching herself while thinking about sex. She’s prone to using whatever is available, including vegetables, in order to pleasure her sexual urges, but she always puts them back after washing them. She calls you her intimate “companion“.


A dark elf who was sent on a mission to save her tribe. She has big breasts, jet black hair, and dark skin. Unlike Tiana, she is very curvy, dispelling the myth of skinny elves.  She seeks to find out why her tribe is suffering from infertility. While she’s normally quiet, speaking few words in normal, in private she can be quite verbose. However, she mostly speaks of her often misguided teachings from her tribe, a matriarchy that has come to resent and put down men. She calls you her “benefactor“.


A squirrel that was accidentally turned into a girl. She is watched by Elena, who often uses her as a toy to unleash her own sexual frustrations and bisexual tendencies left from when she was a boy. She has rodent like qualities, red rough and messy hair, and is somewhat feral! She has two large front teeth and freckles on her cheeks. She has a large bushy tail which is always raised up and thus very difficult to hide. Her chest is quite small, and she’s a bit scrawny in appearance. As it turns out, she was a spirit animal being used to spy on you, and when you turned her into a girl, you evolved her into an s-class monster called a Ratatoskr, which filled her head full of obscure and ancient knowledge. She will squeak when she becomes irate or flustered, and she calls you “owner” to reflect how she sees herself as your pet.


Mulan’s big sister. She has long golden curly hair and golden reptilian eyes, but unlike Mulan, her boobs are exceptionally large and she’s taller than her sister. For her height, she actually has the largest boobs in the harem, which distresses her flat chested sister greatly. While considered a knockout beauty with a body designed to be played with (the best au natural toy), she is an extreme siscon. Even going so far as to magically appear as a man, she ignored all of the other dragons who sought her as a mate and focused almost completely on Mulan to the point even her father gave up on her. Mushu isn’t very bright and thus is easily fooled by people, however, she doesn’t put up with anyone who bugs her sister, never getting that the person who bugs Mulan the most is Mushu! She refers to you as “my lord“, possibly because she was training a dragon knight, to which the dragons are loyal to the hero.


A woman described as having a polynesian appearance. She has silky smooth brown hair, a tight butt, light brown skin, size D boobs, and an otherwise curvy body that begs for attention. However, she is a dedicated officer of the LPD, a seemingly 4th wall breaking organization that protects Lolis from loli perverts. Her over exuberant personality tends to frighten the very lolis she desperately wants to protect.  She refers to you as a “criminal“.


The sixth sister of the demon lords. A somewhat chubby girl who enjoys eating to excess and candy. She has normal C sized breasts and a normal brown hair and brown eyes. She’s more pragmatic than the other sisters, often prone to tsukkami-ing or taking issue with ridiculousness. She’s uncomfortable with her body, hiding her tail and never showing it to anyone and also appears to have no horns. She’s somewhat apprehensive about being in a relationship with you, although she refers to you as “prince“, because of your seeming attempt at becoming the Demon King as well as the fact she genuinely finds you attractive as a person.


The third sister of the demon lords. She has large breasts and a sensual body. Her eyes are red and she has a snakelike tail with a rattle on the end which she often uses to wrap her hips and accentuate them. She’s had many lovers in the past and many children. While she appears slutty, Medusa is perhaps one of the most loyal women, her lust being extremely single-minded. She refers to you as “my beloved“.

Anna / Elsa: 

Your first daughters. One was born by Aurora, while the other was born by Merida, but they end up looking exactly alike, except in reverse. They have half pink, and half black long hair, a mole under their eye, and a completed inverted appearance. They were instantly aged to sixteen as a result of a spell gone wrong. They appear to have the power of creation as well, but they are not as powerful as you, who has shed your mortal form and created a new body. It’s not clear where their knowledge comes from, but they’re incredibly curious and horny all the time. Anna appears to be slightly more mild, while Elsa is more aggressive. Both fight over your attention, and are prone to bickering and getting in trouble if left to their own devices.


The Matriarch of the Dark Elf tribe, she’s a man-hating masochist. She had a more “elf-like” form that Pocahontas, with a short stature and small boobs. She takes submissive play to the extreme, and will follow any order a man gives her, even to her own detriment, which strangely only fuels her hatred of men further.

Experiment #626:

A sex doll offshoot of the one used by Cinderella, she slowly grows to lead the rest of sex dolls. She’s a big sister type to them, although she has an ingrained need to receive strong orgasms which only you are capable of delivering. You start to become the only man who can scratch her itch.


The vampire part of a queen who used to rule the human realm. She is slightly fairly and just a bit intense. She tends to have a distaste for everything around her, and remains genuinely quiet and out of the way, except when she’s feeling particularly abandoned.


A dog girl and head of the demi-human alliance. She was a last resort and was frequently overwhelmed by her situation. She is much happier just being someone’s bitch. She has a tendency to be easily taken advantage of, especially when it comes to gambling.


A harpy queen. She’s responsible for generating the entire harpy army. She’s a monster and has a bit of a bird brain, but she knows where her loyalties lie.


The Demon Queen and a wolf girl. Wears a cowboy hat and long coat. She is the Guild Master of Riun. She was the former wife of the Demon God, and tends to have a bit of a superiority complex.


The #1 Demon Lord of pride. She had black hair and a slim physique. She is actually very perverted, and enjoys many sexual games. Her husband and she are swingers, and are open to casual sex. They’ve decided they’d like you to be their third.


Tremaine’s husband, a red demon who can swap sexes at will. She likes denial play and is otherwise incredibly kinky. She looks like a typical demon unlike the demon lords, with red skin, red eyes, horns, a tail, and wings.


Gothel is one of the seven demon lords. She’s a bunny girl with a tendency to like to sleep. Known as the demon lord of sloth, she simply likes to fuck and sleep all day. She’s as horny as a bunny, and loves to give a reciprocate. She’s got white hair, bunny ears, and a bunny tail. She spends most of her time sleeping. She’s very laid back, but can be surprisingly knowledgeable or observant. She calls you her “boyfriend” due to the casual nature she sees all things.