Power of Creation – New Year’s Special!!!


“Master, please think about this!”


“Daddy, stop!”


“No, prince, not again!”


“Boss… please… since there are four of us, can you at least spare us having 4 at once?”


“Rookie! A-are you sure this is how it’s celebrated?”


“Mm… it is true that Darling’s method is a little unorthodox, but this is technically how a New Year’s celebration is done!”


“Why is commoner always so unorthodox!”


“What is New Year’s anyway, and why is this loli-pervert making us celebrate it?”


“It’s to welcome the new year through celebration! Darling merely wants to welcome the new year right!”


“W-w-with a pussy canon!”




“Hahahaha aaaaaaahnnn…”

“It’s cumming out!”

“My pussy is exploding!”

“N-no… not again!”

You welcome in the new year with a 30-pussy salute, each girl blasting out her mist into the night air. You salute nothing in particular, a single tear dropping down your face. It’s the simple things in life that make the world worth living. This last year has been an incredible one. So many things have happened.

Now, you get to enjoy a small celebration, and nothing starts a celebration better than forcing thirty some women to simultaneously cum hard enough that their pussies erupt in a fine mist. That mist coats the front of the lawn, giving a nice lewd glisten to your yard at night. Ah… that’s the life.

You release the girls from their confinements. Some girls give you glares, while others seem quite happy to participate in this year’s festivities. It’s a new year and you decide to just relax for this one.

You set a bonfire out on the front yard. Setting the weather so it’s just cold enough that all of your girl’s nipples are rock hard through their bra-less clothing, but not cold enough that it’s a discomfort to you. Sitting back in a lawn chair, you cook marshmallows on the fire enjoying the few of your women.

Elena, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Maleficant, and Mulan are eagerly making more marshmallows and trying to create smores with the ingredients you gave them. Well, you didn’t tell them how to do it, so they are trying out many various methods to hilarious results. Ariel is off trying to turn her mother, Merida, and Tiana into pussy canons without the use of the equipment you created. Medusa is massaging your feet while you sit back. It’d be a little more comfortable if she didn’t occasionally suck on your toes. Esmerelda is sitting quietly next to Grimhilde and Ursula, who are in a conversation about what their New Year Resolutions should be. Ursula wants to lose ten pounds while Grimhilde wants to go a week without craving cum.

Anna and Elsa are running around the recently misted grass, laughing and trying to catch fireflies. Mulan actually looks happy and content snuggling next to Mushu, so close to the fire that if they weren’t red dragons you’d be convinced they were on fire. Kida and Snow White are battling with sticks, using the melted marshmallow as a marker that one of them gets hit. Soon, they are both white and sticky. Belle offers to lick them off, but quickly gets rejected.

Nala is eying the bag of hotdogs in a way that’s making you nervous. Pocahontas is discussing something with Wendy while nodding occasionally and readjusting her baby. Moana is sitting with them, as is Rapunzel. Megara seems to be off on her own, sitting quietly with a cup of something that is steaming hot. Cinderella is trying to show how many hot dogs she can deepthroat. The answer is ten before she starts choking her spirit abandons her body. The maids keep running in and out to bring more hot dogs and marshmallows as the group runs out. Sebastian is nearby nodding happily. Even Cruella is sitting quietly, nibbling on a marshmallow by herself.

“My love… when you look around and smile like that, it makes us nervous.” Grimhilde gives a wry smile, catching most of the girls nearby’s interest. “What is it?”

“Nothing…” You return a smile. “It’s just good to be together.”

“I-is that it, Prince?” Ursula asks nervously. “No horrific sex allegory? No ‘be careful what you wish for?” No strangely sex-fueled song? Nor horrifying sex orgy or another Jasmine sex fakeout?”

“Jasmwine swex whwwat?” Jasmine tries to say, her mouth full of marshmallows.

“Nope… none of that. This is a whole new year. I just wanted to say one thing to all of you girls.”

“What’s that?”

“I love you, and I’m honored I’ll get to spend another year with you all.”

“””””””””“We love you too!”””””””””””” All of the girls respond with smiles on their faces.

Have a wonderful New Year and make the most out of it.