Super H and His Six Vixens

This is an idea cooked up by Zumbie and me. I wrote a chapter as a sort of pilot. If the series ran it’s course, the idea is 10 chapters a volume, max of 7 volumes at about the following chapter length or shorter. If we decide to go with it, this will “probably” not be released until one of my current novels is over. Then again, with enough Patreon money, anything is possible. 😉 Either way, let me know your thoughts. How does this rank with my other novels. Would you rather see this?

Synopsis: Henry one day started to develop superpowers, eventually becoming known as the superhero, Super H. However, a year later, his powers started to fail, and worse, his life may soon follow! However, there may be a way to save him. He can feel six sources of power, and if he can tap into them, he can recover his abilities. However, these sources turn out to be six beautiful yet trouble women. The only way he can regain his power? By making them fall in love and giving themselves to him completely! This story chronicles Henry Thickwood, otherwise known as Super H, as he conquers six unique women using everything in his power like his life depended on it, because it actually might!


“Come back to bed, Super H.” She purred, patting the open bed next to her. “Show me some of that super stamina.”

Adjusting the black mask over his eyes, Super H continued to look out over the dark landscape while giving a chuckle. “I wish super stamina was one of my abilities, but alas, I’m but a man.”

“I’ll say…” Her eyes sparkled as she lowered the blanket, exposing the pale skin of her beautiful bosom. “Is there no way I can tempt my hero back to bed?”

Super H chuckled. “Like I said when I helped you change your flat tire. I don’t need thanks. I won’t accept your body for appreciation.”

The beautiful woman’s lip lowered in a pout. “Ah… then how will you accept my body.”

Super H’s lip rose in a smirk and a dark light flashed in his eye. His body flashed, and a second later he was on the bed. The girl let out a shriek followed by laughter as he pushed her down on the bed.

“I’ll only take your body for my own satisfaction!” Super H grinned darkly.

“Mm!” The girl put her hands up, surrendering to his machinations.

His hands pinched and played with her breasts gratuitously as he kissed her pale skin, leaving little red marks wherever he attacked her. Soon, he had tossed the covers away, pushing himself back inside her. This was already the third time that night, and so she was already wet and loose. His cock rammed into her in strong piston movements as he touched her all over, enjoying the woman as he would a toy. When he finally came in her, she let out a cry of satisfaction before the pair collapsed in a heap on the bed.

Sometime later, the girl looked over at the masked man next to her. “Super H, you truly are super…”

“Hmmm…” He gave a nonchalant answer like he hasn’t heard that or words like it a million times already!

“If… you don’t save people for appreciation, why do you save people?” She asked cautiously.

Super H glanced over at her in surprise. This wasn’t a question he was asked often. He knew the answer in his heart, but it wasn’t something he had to voice very often.

“Be-cause… I can?” Super H suggested, but when he saw she wasn’t pleased with that answer he continued. “It too is for my own satisfaction. If I didn’t save people… if I let them die when I knew I could help them… I’d feel bad.”

“Really?” the woman snorted.

Super H sighed, a small smile on his face. “Really.”

He wasn’t someone who grew up with powers. In fact, until last year, he was just a 22-year-old fresh out of college graduate named Henry. He had a liberal arts degree and when he couldn’t find a job he ended up working construction. It was only then that his body started to change. He found himself able to lift things far heavier than any of the other men. He could be balanced on high beams without feeling any pressure from the wind. He could pick up flooring that would take three men. It was when he got into an accident that should have killed him that he learned the truth. He truly was different.

Power was a burden though. He never asked to be able to deflect bullets. He reluctantly began to fight crime. Not because he wanted to. Not because it was his calling. He only did it because he liked the feeling of being appreciated. He only did it because he felt guilty seeing people hurt.

However, even though his rescues started out small, he soon grew a reputation. In the end, he was named Super H by the dumbest reporter in the city. He had been on a speed date when he heard her cry out for him. The speed dates had the men wear masks to seem anonymous. He heard her screaming and he went to save her with the mask still on. He ripped off his sticker name tag, but in a rush, he didn’t manage to rip off all of it.

My name is “H”, was left when he flew up a building and caught a news reporter who was falling to her death. She wasn’t even in any danger initially. She thought it’d be a cooler shot if she stood on the edge of the building. Then she lost her footing and fell off. A complete idiot. The next idiot thing was the day after she reported finding the city’s first real superhero, Super H… When that idiot was asked what the H stood for, she straightened her back and on local television declared unabashedly that it stood for hero. That’s right! A superhero named Super Hero. Super H’s eye twitched just thinking about her.

“Are you thinking about her?” The woman asked mischievously.

Super H immediately broke into a cough, looking away to hide the shocked look on his face. How could she possibly know his thoughts? For a second, he was worried about thinking out loud.

“Olivia Thickwood, on the scene news lady… everyone knows you fancy her.” The beautiful, naked woman next to Super H sounded jealous.

“Knows my ass!” Super H snapped. “Tha-tha-that… idiot… is not a girl I fancy!”

The woman’s eyes widened for a moment, and then she chuckled softly. “Oh really? Then why do you save her so much? That girl has been in so many accidents that you’d swear God has a thing against her, but every time you swoop in the nick of time. Remember the last New Year’s Parade?”

“I’d rather forget it.”

“She was just acting out a part in the parade. The evil villain, the tax goblin, was about to slash her deductibles and then you flew…” She started laughing. “You flew down and lifted her away! At the time, everyone just thought it was part of the parade, but if you look through the tape you can see the exact moment you realized you screwed up!”


“Oh… don’t give me that look. I liked seeing that. It made you… like us. Human.” The woman said affectionately.

Super H gave a wry smile. “I am human.”

“Olivia Thickwood says you’re an alien from Dimension X who…”

“That was purely conjecture! I will not confirm or deny that!” Super H cries, leaving the girl to giggle some more before he suddenly leaped on her one more time. “Do you know what I think?”

“Hmmm? What does Super H think?” The girl’s eyes brighten.

“I think the girl I’m on top of right now is not Olivia, but you. And I think, your body is looking like it can use more Super H.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” Her wet, red lips pursed in a cute look, her eyes bright and teasing.

“So, rather than talking about stupid reporters, maybe we should be fu-“

“Aiiiii! Super H! Super H! Aiiii! I’m in trouble! Rape! Rape! No, they say shout fire. Fire! Fire!”

Super H stopped an inch from kissing the beautiful woman when the words blast into his ear. His eyes rolled and he lifted his head up.


“I have something to do. Real quick. I’ll be right back.” Super H flashed off of her body, appearing near the window in his entire garb once again.

He wore the face mask and a modified tuxedo with a long black sports coat that went to his knees with an attached hoodie around his neck.

The girl’s eyes instantly narrow. “It’s her, isn’t it?”

“Geh!” Super H grimaced, unable to deny the reality that it was, in fact, the annoying reporter Olivia.

“Hmm… she’s probably not in any danger that she didn’t earn on her own.” The woman sniffed. “I’ll tell you what. If you’re not really in love with this Olivia woman, then you don’t need to rescue her. Let her suffer her own consequences. Come back to bed with me, and enjoy my company. Aren’t I better than her?”

“You are…” Super H said temptingly. “But it’s not that simple. It’ll be just a moment…”

“If you leave, I’ll be gone before you return.” The woman lifted her chin. “A woman has her pride. It’s either her or me.”

Super H took a step toward the beautiful woman, but a second later he sighed and lowered his head. His body blurred and a moment later the woman was in the room alone. She gave a sorrowful smile as she got up and dressed. Shaking her head and laughing, she left the little hotel room.

“Hello, sweetie. I think I saw you on TV. How about you give me and the fellas a taste.” A man brandishing a knife grinned as a cute woman backed up until her back hit the wall.

“I don’t want any trouble!” The woman cried out.

Six men were around her, moving in closer and closer while chuckling to each other. “Don’t want trouble? Aren’t you the one wondering around this bad neighborhood at night while wearing that!”

The woman was indeed dressed very proactively. Her clothing was not something a reputable woman would be seen in. She wore a ton of makeup, and her bare legs were completely exposed. If anyone saw her walking by, their immediate assumption would be that she’s a prostitute.

“You were propositioning my men, we were talking numbers.” The guy who looked in charge said. “Suddenly, you say you’re not interested. How do you expect my men to act? We don’t like cockteases.”

“That’s… naturally, I was u-undercover. I was undercover!” The girl declared.

“Undercover? A cop? I was gonna let my boys take turns fucking you until we got our money’s worth.” the man growled. “But if you a cop, I won’t touch that. Better off just to kill you now and cut our chances.”

“N-n-no!” The girl shook her head. “Not cop! I’m a reporter! A reporter! Three prostitutes have gone missing from this area of town in the last week! D-do you have any comment?”

The six guys started laughing, and the guy on the left took a step forward. “Oh, you a reporter. I ain’t ever had one of those. I have a comment, but you’ll have to… eh… earn it on your knees.”

“Eh… I’m… I’m not a prostitute! I’m Olivia, a reporter for WXYN7.”

“You say that like we care-“the man was stopped when the leader slapped his chest, stopping in his tracks.

“Yo… what name was that again?”

The girl straightened her back. “Olivia Thickwood, I’m a reporter for-“

The man put his hand to his mouth, taking a step back. “Oh, shit! Dude, that’s Super H’s girl. Everyone knows he plowing that strange!”

“Super H?” The other man looked around nervously. “You don’t think he’ll be angry, do you?”

“A little bit, maybe…” A voice cut from behind the six men, causing them to all spin.

“Super H!” Olivia cried out. “My hero!”


“Yo… Super H… man… I’m a fan…” the gangster started backing up. “Look, we-we didn’t know she was your girl man…”

Twitch. Twitch.

“I’m sorry, Super H. Had I known this was your pussy I’d have left it alone. You take your girl. We don’t want no trouble.”

“Ah! His girl! That’s not…” Olivia put her hands on her cheeks blushing. “Well, we sort of… kinda. I mean… I’m basically his girlfriend when you think about it.”

Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.

“So… man… I mean… we cool?”

“We cool…” Super H said tightly.




Of course, these six men thought Super H was pissed over them attacking Oliva. Rather, he was pissed because they interrupted a perfectly wonderful night with a sexy woman. She had a really great body and she was really easy! Now, he had to come out here in the middle of the night to rescue this idiot once again. These men cuckolded Super H, and vengeance is his.

The men, of course, tried to fight back, but a single swing sent each man flying into a bin. Within fifteen seconds, all six men had been sent flying, and Super H hadn’t even worked up a sweat.

“Oh, my hero!” Olivia flew at Super H.

He put out a hand, keeping her at arm’s length away. “What the hell are you doing out here at night. And dressed like that!”

“I’m sorry, Super H.” Olivia bows. “Someone has been killing prostitutes! I needed to get to the bottom of this!”

“By dressing up as a prostitute and going to the place where prostitutes are being murdered without telling anyone?”

“To find the murderer… I must think like the murderer.” She declared.

Super H slapped his face. “So, you pretended to be the murderer’s victims?”

“Eh?” Super H could almost see the mindless question mark over this dumb woman’s head.

Short, flat chested, 22-year-old Olivia Thickwood, a local reporter and more trouble than she was worth. She was pretty, with long blond hair, green eyes, and while her body wasn’t voluptuous, it was youthful. However, as soon as she talked, you’d want to stab your ears out.

“I’m going to take you back to your folks.”

“What? No! I don’t want to go there. Take me to my brothers.”

“Your brother?” Super H asked wryly.

“Yeah! He usually keeps some money in the jar on the fridge, that’ll keep me fed for a week! Ah, where are you going!”

Super H turned around with his head lowered, walking away from the annoying woman he just rescued.

“You shouldn’t take advantage of your brother like that.” Super H admonished her.

“Ah… well… sorry… I made you mad…” She looked genuinely depressed. “Henry’s just… he’s the only family I have in the city. And he’s always there…”

“…” Super H sighed… his angry slightly subsiding.

That’s right, Henry Thickwood, otherwise known as Super H, is the brother of this stupid… stupid girl.

“Ah… earlier, about what those gang people were saying. I know you’re not my boyfriend.” Olivia suddenly said, touching her fingers together. “I mean if you’re interested… I-I’ve never been with a guy before… I mean to say… we can take things slow. You can take me out to dinner. Maybe ten or so times, and then… after marriage… we can… guh!”

Super H flicked her forehead. This instantly caused Olivia’s eyes to roll up in her head and pass out. He caught her in his arms. Whether knocking his sister unconscious so many times might be part of the reason she had turned out so dumb… well, she was dumb before he had superpowers.

He picked her up, but just as he was preparing to fly away, a wave of nausea got him. He fell down to his knee, almost dropping Olivia to the ground. Coughing violently, blood splattered across the pavement. His eyes widened as a wave of weakness struck him. He looked up at the sky and shook his head. There was no way he could fly with Olivia in his arms. After changing clothes, he called a taxi.

The trip home was silent with the unconscious Olivia by his side. However, he had a frown on his face. He’d only had his powers for a year, and just recently they started acting up. This worried him greatly. However, the thing that worried him more than that was that he started to feel… something he needed. He couldn’t describe it clearly, it just felt like an itch in the back of his throat, except there were six of them now. Six things that he instinctually knew were related to his power. He couldn’t tell anything about them except for one thing. One of them was coming closer.