Easy Survival Life Chapter 059 Plan Reconsidering



Our situation’s changed as Mizuno’s return is getting late.

We had a meeting on the changes in plans for the next day and went to sleep.

The truth is we wanted to discuss the night where Mizuno hasn’t returned.

But, we banned sleeping up late as health is our most valuable asset in this world.

Thus, no matter how worked up we are, we are forced to lie down on our beds.

The sun rises and we finished our simple breakfast.

Then, we opened discussions on new plans for the future.

Everyone sat down on the campfire that’s out of flames.

「 Maybe we should stop trying to go for the other island? 」

Karin’s the first to speak.

Everyone else shows an uneasy expression on their face.

「 I think it’s premature to say that we should stop, but, we should consider that the difficulty of our voyage will go higher 」

That’s Sofia’s view.

「 I have a different opinion than Ojou-sama 」

Amane speaks as a preamble.

「 I’m against the goal of going to the other island. Our goals for the voyage would be to look for any clues for returning to earth on that island, but, we also have to consider that we might not be able to return from our travels.

This world has an environment completely different from earth. For example, if magic or things that are unimaginable on earth is natural in this place, then it would be different, but the environment is almost the same as earth. The oxygen levels and gravity are also so similar that it’s hard to believe that it’s a different world. Would there be a way to return to earth under such circumstances? I don’t think so.

Putting that aside, our environment is quite pleasant. Wouldn’t it be better to think about living here for the long term instead of returning to earth? 」

Amane states her opinion politely.

「 So your idea is to focus our efforts on living in this world instead of trying to find a way to return to earth? You have a point 」

If you ask my personal opinion, I’d agree with Amane.

This current environment is what I longed for since I was young.

If I can live in this world, then I don’t mind returning to Japan.


「 But, what do you think about abandoning the path back to earth. Personally, I agree with Amane, but the majority of the members here dream of the day they return to Earth. We had that goal and so that’s what brings us here, so I don’t think I can agree in abandoning it 」

-If we consider the team’s situation, then I have to refuse.

「 I don’t mind if we don’t return to Japan 」

「 Same 」

Tanaka and Kageyama said.

Both of them surprised the group.

「 Why? You’re the ones who should want to go back among everyone else, right? After all, 2D doesn’t exist here. Anime, manga, games, none exist here. I thought that you two would want to return home more than anyone as you want to go back to the stuff you love 」

The girls nodded.

Muscle nods while saying “Muscle, Muscle”

「 That’s true, but… 」

Tanaka said.

「 But, in Japan, Kageyama and I have a low standing. Sasazaki-dono bullied us, and we spend difficult times at school. Compared to that, we’re having fun in our current situation 」

We won’t say that we’re superior here, but at least our strengths are useful. Besides, I’m able to make friends with Eri-dono and all the other beauties too. Won’t that be impossible in Japan? 」

Arisa agreed.

「 It’s painful that we don’t have anime and manga here, but there’s more in here than there. I even learned fishing from Arisa-dono 」

Now that’s a sad tale.

「 That’s a good point, despite being a creep 」

Arisa says while tearing up.

Maybe it’s the way he spoke but, Tanaka’s speech struck a chord on her.

「 It seems that there are a lot of people who don’t mind not being able to return to Japan 」

As I mutter, one guy refuted.

「 I’m determined to go back, muscle! 」

It’s Muscle Takahashi

「 My muscles will deteriorate in this world. I try to stick to my training using natural materials, but my body’s become pathetic now. I want to go back to Japan as soon as possible and workout in the gym, muscle 」

Takahashi turned the tide of opinions that was tilting on one side.

「 I want to return too, if possible 」

Meiko agreed with Takahashi, and all the other girls agreed too.

Even Karin wants to go back home to Japan.

It’s just that she’s wondering if we should stop the voyage due to the dangers.

「 I see 」

There’s a clear division on opinion whether they want to return to Japan or not.

The girl group was normies, and so they want to go back.

Apart from Amane and Hinako.

On the other hand, Takahashi’s the only one who wants to go home.

These are the guys at the bottom of the system in Japan. Including me.

We’re divided on the issue of traveling to the other side of the island.

In favor: Mana, Eri, Arisa, Meiko, Takahashi, Sofia, Yoshi Okada, and me.

Opposed: Karin, Tanaka, Kageyama, Amane, Hinako.

Do we want to go back to Japan or do we not care if we can’t?

Should we still go to the other island? Or stop now?

We have various opinions.

「 How do we decide? Majority vote? 」

Mana asks.

She looks at me, but Sofia answers;

「 Why don’t we entrust the decision to Shinomiya-sama?

We are where we are today because of Shinomiya-sama’s efforts. I think everyone can see that he’s an excellent leader, and everyone will be confident in his decisions.

At first glance, majority rule may be a good thing since it adopts the opinion of the majority but that would leave the minority dissatisfied. However, if a decision comes from a competent leader that everyone trusts, then you won’t be so frustrated, even if the decision is different from yours 」

Everyone agreed.

「 Wait a second now. I don’t think it would be the best idea to let me decide on everything. Compared to anyone in the room, I’m the one who wants to stay the most. I don’t want to back to Japan, nor do I need to. Won’t that be unfair to let someone like that make a decision? 」

Sofia said “That’s not true”

「 We know that Shinomiya-sama will never make decisions based solely on his desires. Even if the decision is made without any intention of returning to earth, I’m sure that you’ll make it with the whole team in mind. 」

“True,” Mana says.

「 Hokage-kun, I’m sure that you’ll prioritize the team 」

Eri added.

Everyone agreed with Sofia.

「 Therefore, please decide for us, Shinomiya-sama. We’ll follow your decision. We won’t object no matter what’s your decision 」

Now a critical decision is left to me.

「 If we look at the team… 」

I pondered for a moment.

I weigh the various factors in my brain.

Future, hopes, possibilities, risks, etc…

I won’t say that I’m wise.

I don’t even have high grades, my intelligence isn’t so bright.

Even so, I have an answer.

After some desperate thinking, reviewing, and considering everything.

I’m the leader in this place.

I’m in the same position as the prime minister, head of the state, and president.

The moment I became aware of it, I could feel the pressure almost crushing me.

But I somehow managed to endure that, persevere through it, and came up with my answer.

「 I’ve decided 」

I speak up after contemplating.

Everyone stared at me quietly as I speak.

「 There will be no big changes. We’ll continue. I don’t know when, but our eventual goal is the other island 」

The answer I came up with is to continue the voyage.

「 We’ve established that there are no natives on this island. There’s no such thing as a teleportation device to Earth. So, if we want to achieve our goal of returning, then we can’t stay on this island. There’s no chance, and so we’re going to the other island 」

I’m not done yet.

「 However, we will make the ship stronger than the original plans. Our goal is to build a large sailboat that can withstand rough seas. We’re not just to cross the ocean, but expect that we won’t return if there’s no hope on the other side. That plan is ambitious, that it might even require us years. Even so, we’re not changing our plans. We’ll take our time and get it done 」

「 「 「 「 「 「 Ooh!! 」 」 」 」 」 」

Everyone raised their right hand.

When it’s all said and done, we’ve maintained the status quo.

Even so, I now have a different mindset before and after the meeting.