Isekai Taneuma Chapter 22 Turna 2


In the rain
I twist and kill the wyvern that attacked at night.
No matter how cornered I am, I feel that the skill『Hero』will burst.
I’ve recalled the lecture of Turna about the need to kill the brave-orc quickly.
The Milanjol family soldiers made a fuss when they saw me but I can’t hear them from the rain
Their conversations don’t matter.
I walked ahead.
Naomi welcomes me back home with a smile.
The friend cooked for the hungry.
Thinking about it in the morning, then arranged it on the table.

「Please help yourself」

Marriage is trivial compared to a friend that died and the girl from the same class getting pregnant.
I decided to think so.

I finish my meal and head to the bedroom.
Naomi comes over and talks.
The names of our classmates come out of Naomi’s mouth.

「Then you see, Ki-kun’s still a virgin. Aya-chan is willing to accept him every time but one after another he’ll say『I’m a pig…』and pull out, what is he saying when the girl is already telling him!」
「One-sided pleasure and ending it is the worst」
「Right? Women also accumulate frustration. Aya-chan is so pitiful as she comfort herself」
「Keep Aya-chan’s self-comfort to yourself」
「You’re right. Sorry」

Naomi has always been talkative.
Even in her mind right now.

(I made him laugh a bit. He’s gotten energetic)


(The current topic might’ve been bad)

Then her thoughts go back to middle school girls.
When I enter the bedroom, I had a thought I never thought I would have.
I know that she’s talking in consideration
But I want to be alone soon.

「I’m getting sleepy」
「Un, thanks for keeping up with me till late. See you tomorrow」

That face is of a maiden in love.
It feels complicated.
How should I respond, should I push her away?
In the end, I’m Chris’ property not a lover.
I forgot to ask for pay and swing my hips voluntarily.
I misunderstood it because of the good treatment recently…
My consciousness melts slowly.

I usually wake up by the sound of metals clanging.
Although it’s waking up, my genius skill working rarely.
Because my wariness yesterday was sensitive, I’ve been interested in the noise of the trivial sword training.


A rhythmic metal sound can be heard well.
It seems that I can’t hear it without my super-hearing ability

「I can’t hear that sound though」

Is what Naomi answered while overeating during morning.
Early morning training is something like Ki-kun does.
I spent time while thinking then wait for the carriage to arrive while having a silly talk with Naomi.

When the carriage arrived at the workplace, Milk comes to us with full power.
That’s some sharp perception.
I feel sorry because I was planning to sneak up sideways.
Artesia also turns her back gently.
She’s worried about the despair aura coming out of my body.

Then, I stand in front of my work room.
I opened the door expecting Turna is in there lying down as usual.
Well, obviously, there’s nobody there.
There’s not even a substitute coming in.
There’s no way of contact from here so I just stare at the door and wait.

Then it turned afternoon.
A high pitched sound.
There’s only one.
I know who it is.

Mira Shusted.

Black long hair.
A beautiful woman who’s characteristic is crying.

The door opened and the person I expected appeared.
Then, she goes by my side and lie down on the bed.

「Haa, this is heaven」

A dull voice.
My tension came off.
Then, the beautiful faced whispered.

「I’ve heard about Turna. It doesn’t seem that the marriage wasn’t accepted」
「Where did you hear that from…」
「Turna’s letter. I received a letter about her hate to her father」

I’m trembling. Did she badmouth him?
Now then, I have one worry.

「What happened to Turna?」
「Nothing in particular. Her seat can’t be removed from the princess’ imperial guards without the permission of the princess. The princess won’t throw away Turna and what’s left is a power game with the princess and Milanjol family」
「Which is stronger?」
「I wonder, my house isn’t interested in that kind of thing. Ask the princess or Turna or Greydia. I’m not interested myself. It’s a game where the princess pulls Turna’s right hand and Marquis Dadan pulls the left. Milanjol swore allegiance to Almeria so they can’t seriously rebel and either way, the indulgent pervert will drive recklessly. So foolish」

Mira spits out curses.
Could it be that it’s not a big deal?

「Rather than that, swing your hips. You should just swing your waist」
「Well, I will though」
「A-Also, father has said that he won’t accept it unless the one we make is a boy…so…please do your best, I feel that it’s lacking recently…」

Speaking of which, it hasn’t been a while since I embraced Mira.

「Got it. Should we make rendezvous until you get pregnant?」
「Yeah, how about our family’s home? I’ll leave the window open so you can leave at night as much as possible」
「Having our house close is a good thing」

Mira’s happy.
Hmm, I want to know more about Turna but it seems that Mira isn’t seriously worried about Turna.
Turna’s not in the corner of her head.
But still, I’ll change the topic and gather information about Turna.

「Are you not worried about Turna?」

Mira looks speechless.

(Turna can do something baout herself…if you have anything to do then try not to disturb herー The princess is filled with motivation so shouldn’t you be worried about Dadan-dono?)

I see, that’s what she thinks.
Then, the answer Mira gave is.

「Well, I’m a bit worried I guess?」

She said. Without a subject, who is she worried about?
Mira can see something that I can’t.

I did my work that day and poured it in Mira too of course.

「You can look forward to it tonight as well」

Mira said with her cheeks blushing
Of course I nodded.

I come back home and cooked Naomi’s meal.
I feel that my position in this house has turned to a simple chef.
I have to pamper Umi so there’s no doubt.
At least I can help them by making them eat delicious meals?
Then, I finish my meal and leave the house.

The aim is Shusted house two blocks ahead.
My mood has recovered from the worst to only upset.
I’m worried about Turna but it seems to be okay.
There’s nothing I can do.
Well, that’s how I feel.

Then, I look at Shusted house.
There’s a room where a lamplight leaking outside.
It seems that she brought me to a room where it’s easy to invade through a tree.
Then, I hear I metal sound from my back that I’ve heard this morning.

Kan, kan, kan, kan, kan.

Then, a cute girl voice continues.

「Takuma, here. You were a lot faster than I thought」

Turna Milanjol.

Half of her body comes from the third floor of the Milanjol house, she’s waving here.
For the time being, let’s apologize to Mira in my heart.
I evaded Milanjol house’s security, climbed the wall and headed for Turna my beloved.

「You came. You can do what you want as a reward. However, my father’s room is just next here so please give me a gentle sex so I won’t leak out a loud voice」

Turna shows a bad smile.
It makes me feel relieved from her composed face.
Then I’ll ask the usual.

「You should be making an M pose and beg cutely? Did you forget?」
「Geez, you’re so selfish. Then, please give me some time to think」
「Very well」

Turna thinks for a while then takes off her panties.
She’s wearing a yellow dress. It feels heart pounding as it’s different from usual.
Then she shows her pregnant twitching pussy on top of the clean bed then begs cutely.

「Look, it’s Takuma’s favorite Turna-chan’s lewd loli pussy. You can stick it in gently」
「Well done」

Turna turned red to her ears.
I slowly put it in her ready vagina.


Turna close her mouth in a hurry.
Then, she lets go to speak out her wish.

「Please do me like Nanari-sama.1 I want to anguish like that」
「Roger, then, would Turna be okay from that?」

Though it’s a rough question if you ask me, I don’t have the understanding the flow of myself in the future.

「Yes, please leave it to Turna and the princess. We’ll beat up father thoroughly and shoot I will make the second seat my own」
「That makes me relieved」

The trembling Turna, the girl in front of me is filled with confidence.

「You cried yesterday haven’t you?」

I made a mean question but let’s stop speaking.
It’s a rare chance for Turna going back to her prime so it’s irresistible.

「Hmm…this is great. Ah…」
「Turna’s a lewd girl. This one’s dripping wet already」
「Hauu, who made my body like this. Hmm」

Kucha, a lewd sound wraps the room.
And obviously, Turna’s cute trembling ends it.

「Aah, hmm, that’s bad. I’m being loved. This is bad」
「Do you like it?」
「Yes, I’ve gotten accustomed to it forcibly that I misunderstood. This is the fourth time, fifth time, Takuma has done it once that the superiority complex feels wonderful」
「You’re being loud」
「Ehehe, I’m being frolic」

I think I’ll get killed if I’m found out.
Even though we’re making a tryst in a life and death situation, Tuna’s sense of crisis is thin.

「One more time」

Turna swings her waist, prompting me to piston.
What a cute girl.
Following her, I slowly move back and forth.
Then, I asked a question.

「Then, waht do you intend to do?」
「Hmm, father will be stepping down the head of Milanjol family. He has committed misconduct towards the princess, hmm, he’ll become just Dadan, hmmm」
「Is that possible?」
「It’s for Turna’s happiness. Let father suffer. Fufu, it’s been a while I experienced such humiliation… I will never forgive him」
「Turna, your face looks scary」

I firmly thrust my waist.

「Ahn, don’t thrust in so suddenly, muuー」

The overflowing love nectar makes stains on the sheets.
Before long, Turna can’t afford to talk anymore.
She holds her mouth like before, hiding the fact that she’s cumming.
The reason is simple, the number of times she has climaxed has already exceeded five times that she’s already embarrassed at her voice.

「Nn, nn, nnn」

She trembles even though I gently thrust and I see her lust swell.
Turna who’s exhausted kept her hand away from her mouth and cling to me.

「Does Turna’s hole feel good? Does it feel good?」

Turna whispers anxiously.
To be honest, it feels good.
The twitching pussy that’s just fit in my penis can be said to be the best hole.
I just have fun from slowing when she’s about to cum. That’s all of it.

「I’ll cum if you beg for it」
「Aren’t you going for it already? Even though you want to let it out!!!」

As expected of a genius, she realized it immediately.
I move a bit harder to take away that thought.

「Hauun, hii, hyaan, g-got it…Takuma please. Turna’s inside, please pour it inside Turna, Nnnnaaaaaaaaaa…」
「Well done. …Nha, it’s the best…this is amazing
「Oooh, again, it’s coming in, nnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

I caress Turna’s head while pouring it in her womb and wait for her to calm down
Even if I finish ejaculating, Turna’s a lewd one to keep drowning in pleasure.
When I pat her waist with my other hand, Turna’s breathing finally went in order.
Now then, I have to talk seriously.

「Hey, Turna…」
「What is it? I’m enjoying the aftermath so please do it later…」
「Turna gained a third skill」

Turna gets up at that moment.

「Since when did it increase?」
「Just now」
「Could you tell me the person you like on appraisal」
「Yukari, Turna, Chris, Nanari, Mira, Artesia, and Naomi」
「Who’s the last one?」
「Sorry, it’ll disappear soon. She’s just cute when eating meals. I’m easy to fall in love so forgive me」
「Well fine. Is that so? Hmm…so it’s unrelated to the order. Now then…this is really getting unsolved…by the way, what skill did I learn?」
「『Speech』it says. This is a skill I saw for the first time」
「It means becoming good at talking. That’s quite happy. For example, it’s a skill that has a different power when speak about Turna’s loli pussy when you have it or not…Takuma? Why are you slouching?…Oh…」

After saying that, her face turned bad.
It’s a birth of a 14 year old girl whispering lewdly to my ears

Afterwards, we ask each other and killed time.
Keeping a secret relationship is the best.
If the old man next door discovers this he’ll go crazy and ie.
Now then, let’s ask just in case.

「Is there anything I can help you?」
「Please swing your hips. That’s how you can help everyone around the princess and Turna…right? You’ve gotten motivated haven’t you?」

Turna shows a triumphant look while licking my nipples.
It looks like she’s leading me well but I don’t hate swinging my hips.

「If something happens then tell me. I’ll do anything」
「Fufu, then I won’t hesitate to ask. Please come here tomorrow as well. Turna has her body turned to be unable to live without Takuma’s body」
「You’re exaggerating」
「I’m not」

Turna smiled happily.

I part from the happy Turna and get on a carriage heading home
The coachman was surprised at the location but he headed to the workplace silently.


He turned the neck of the horse with a fresh reply.
I changed my mind from when I arrived at the workplace yesterday then Milk come to cling.
Then Artesia and the maid approach too.

Although I entered the workplace and swing my hips today but the atmosphere is bad.
I see, I get why everyone has felt it and run away.

「You, how dare you show your face here」

Mira Shusted

She has eyebags, did she lack sleep?
I have no choice but to apologize quickly.

「I was called by Turna. I’m really sorry」
「Hmm, I thought that’s the case. Just a bit more, wait for just a bit more, then I noticed that it’s already morning. I didn’t go to work and slept. Hey, that maid there!!」
「Answer properly!」
「You will manage today, I will sleep. And don’t tell anyone this. Do you get it!!」
「Hmm, seriously, I feel bad so I’ll sleep」

Mira’s pretending to be angry.
But, I should listen to her. Doesn’t she need an heir?

「Do we not need to have sex?」

Mira stiffened from what I asked.
Then she looked troubled.
In the end, she covered her face and and talked.

「…That…right now, you see… the timing’s that, invite me when I wake up again…then, let’s make up…」
「Then, wake up sooner」
「G-Got it…good night」
「Good night」

Now then, it’s work.
The maid goes to pick up the first slave with teary eyes.


  1. This could’ve been read as Nunnally