Isekai Taneuma Chapter 31 Nunnally 2, Yukari 1



It’s a huge room.

A bed for adults and a bed for infants.

There’s something magical on the illumination of the lamp. The light is white and strong.

I sit on the bed and hug Rose on my chest.

「 Are you done with Yukari-san? 」

「 She’s sleeping because she’s drunk 」

「 Then, we have time until she wakes up 」

Rose makes loud noises in my arms.

It seems that giving a national art of Japan as a gift has a tremendous effect.

「 Thank you for coming to see me 」

Nunally looks happy.


She’s 15 this year. She’s a mother of three, and yet she still looks like a young woman.

「 Papa 」

「 It’s Papa, yes 」

Aren’t one-year-old’s that can speak considered to be genius?

I look for Rose’s ticklish parts. Fufufu, so her weak points are her armpits and feet?

Rose keeps on laughing.

Nunnally sees that and gets flustered.

I lower down Rose.

Rose sleeps peacefully.

Nunnally sticks her cheeks while pat her back.

「 Isn’t my treasure really cute? 」

「 The cutest in the world 」

「 Ehehe, thank you. Her ears are like Takuma’s 」

Everything other than the ear resembles Nunnally.

I approached and ate Nunnally’s cute mouth

It feels thicker than before.

Nunnally looks worried, wondering if it’s okay to have sex in front of Rose.

Then, she gave up and kissed my lips.

She suddenly inserts her tongue and licks my gums.

If I respond with my tongue, she entwines happily.

Her behavior’s just like before.

However, there was a change from there. She gently speaks.

「 Rose is here, so, okay? 」

「 Later? 」

「 Later! 」

She refused brightly.

Well, I don’t feel like having sex either way. It’s true!

But, this much is okay.

I pull Nunnally and have her sit on my thigh.

Her body’s thin. She’s muscular compared to the past.

I embrace Nunnally and hug Rose too.

It’s a scene I dreamt of a year ago.

Nunnally pushes down and pushes her ear on my chest.

「 What should we talk about? 」

「 Are you okay with erotic stories? 」

「 Okay 」

Time slowly went by.

I’m healed. My heart is so pure white that you’d think I used bleach.

And Nunnally’s unconscious, trembling in pleasure.

She desperately held on her mouth to not let her daughter hear her moans. Nunnally’s motherliness is firing up.

Nunnally lost to the pleasure and spread her legs while shaking her head.

Then, she wished for her next child as she let go of her consciousness.

Nunnally’s too lovely.

「 You were terrific, Nunnally 」

「 Aaaaa 」

She’s still barely conscious. Nunnally leaks out a voice yet she didn’t speak.

I pat the head of the sleeping Rose.

「 Rose, become a good girl like your mom 」

I gently lay her on the infant bed.

I also cover Nunnally with a blanket and left the room.

I look at the door.

Inside it is my beloved childhood friend. Then, sounds of “Kyuu, pon, gokugoku” reaches my ear since earlier.

Then, I hear words.

「 I just have to tell Takuma, right?! 」

-Was the end of what she said.

Scary. Too scary! I wonder if I shouldn’t have sex with someone else.

Those thoughts cross my head.

I entered Chris’ room and had escaped reality by flirting with Chris and Turna, my spirit may still be able composure, however.

I hear the sound of bottle stopper pulled out, so I knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

「 Haa, who is it this late? 」

She said, and I hear her footsteps come close.

Then, the door opens.

My childhood friend’s hair is more messed up than earlier.

Her half opened eyes look sleepy. Yukari’s appearance is impossible not to mind.

Yukari’s appearance right now is, to sum it in one word, funny.

Well, her face dyed in unwillingness changed and she opened her eyes and raised her eyebrows. I can tell that she’s happy because the corners of her mouth are smiling.

She raised her shoulders, spread her arms and stuck herself, waiting for a cuddle.

(T-This is bad!)

I look behind the robot-looking Yukari.

The room’s messed up, it smells of liquor.

「 I don’t mind it but, what would you do? 」

「 Wait for a second 」

Yukari waves her hand, smiling.

She closed the door.

The liquor bottles disappeared.

By the way, I didn’t look below the bed.

Her messed up hair was turned to her shiny black hair. I can feel the sexiness of her hair flowing around her chest.

She changed her clothes to a new one. It’s sexy, it’s a knit-dress with embroidery that the nobles would like. Her body line is visible, but it’s similar to having no meat that can’t be grasped when seen this way.

She washed on her face that her eyes aren’t that dirty.

「 Thanks for the wait, let’s talk about Umi 」

Yukari’s in a good mood.

「 But before that, I’d like to ask what you’d like to tell Takuma. My legs are trembling in anticipation 」

「 Muu, I’m listening. I have an unpleasant skill called super-hearing, yeah, but I must speak of it 」

Yukari stops her remark. That’s mean. It’s as mean as a commercial coming out on a good scene.

But, I’m relieved that it’s not about cheating.

We’ve talked about this and that for a long time. I know what kind of girl Yukari is, and and I’m sure she desires me from the bottom of her heart. She supposedly used explosive magic when about to be attacked.

「 The demon invasion and the people in charge of the military seem to be wiped out, I fought hard yet they didn’t have money to pay. Sorry. I wasn’t with you for ten days, and yet I couldn’t earn money 」

Safe. Safe. Safe.

I know. I know. I know. There’s no way she’s cheating. Hah!

I’m glad.

「 Oh what, it’s just that? You’re safe, so everything’s okay 」

「 Takuma, thank you 」

She hugs me tight.

Oops, should I close the door in consideration of the neighbors?

I gently touch Yukari’s waist and escort her to the bed.

Yukari’s eyes look at me with expectations.

I know, it’s about Umi.

「 She’s doing well. Naomi’s looking after her in the orc village 」

「 Okay 」

Yukari’s eyes turn moist.

She’s letting out a fair complexion. It seems like she wants to do lewd things.

「 Would you like to have sex before talking? 」

She nods silently.

First, I’ll praise her to motivate her up.

「 It’s my first time seeing this clothes. It suits you 」

「 Yeah, it’s clothes I received second-hand from Christina-sama. She doesn’t want to wear the same clothes for more than three times that she has a lot of used clothing lying around. Our clothes have the same size, so she gave me this 」

I see, just like how she enticed my lower half, she enticed Yukari with this stuff. As expected of Chris, her wisdom is really high.

I massage her breasts over the clothes.

It’s big and soft, there’s a warm romance in here.

「 Fufu, what lewd movements. My breasts are swelling, aren’t they? The breast milk’s accumulating 」

「 Can I drink them? 」

「 Sure, go on. But it tastes bland though 」

Since I got her permission, I flipped her clothes and exposed her chest.

She seems to be conscious of her fat when I hold her stomach for no reason.

I suck on her breast milk.

「 Ahn! 」

She only gasped at first, after that, she pats my head, treating me like a child.

Hmm, the taste of the breast milk is subtle. It’s thin milk. Umi’s drinking this deliciously, however. Well, it must taste delicious for babies.

I imitate Umi and drink vigorously.

Somehow, Yukari’s also having fun.

「 Takuma-chan’s such a pampered baby 」

Our baby play began.

Well, she’s only patting my head and doing baby-talk.

「 That was fun. It feels fulfilling 」

「 Geez, we haven’t started yet, then I’ll motivate you more 」

Saying that; Yukari strips off my clothes.

I sit on the bed, and she puts my towering penis in her mouth.

Her head moves up and down intensely. She seems to be sufficiently motivated.

Juppo, juppo, lewd sounds wrap the room.

She strokes the rod, licks the glans, and also tease her clit. That’s lewd.

Even if I can’t see it from where I am, I can tell from the sound and the movement of her left arm.

She arouses us both, then I ejaculated inside Yukari’s mouth.

At that moment, I grabbed her head and thrust all the way to make sure she caught it in her throat.

That’s a violent ejaculation.

「 Nnnmmmmmmm!! 」

Yukari’s teary eyes look up at me. I feel satisfied with the pleasure of conquering Yukari.

Keho, keho, keho.

「 Geez, it went in my bronchial tube. Take responsibility and swing your hips 」

「 I can’t help it 」

I hug Yukari and push her on my chest.

The pressure of her big breasts opens up room in our stomachs.

「 Hmm, it’s been a while since I had this penis. Aaaaagh, it’s in, it’s inside!!!! 」

Yukari’s convulsing from just putting it in.

I can’t do this. Did I forget to turn off my skill again? Huh? It’s not turned on.

「 Hiii! It feels good! Takuma! Takuma!!! 」

Yukari desperately swings her waist from below.

It’s better to reverse our positions. I rolled her over.

「 Aaaah, Takuma! Takuma!! 」

For me who’s always called “dear,” I feel full in my heart when I’m called by my name in the act. Next time, I’ll negotiate to have my name called by default.

「 Your ears are bright red 」

「 Aaahn, don’t say that I won’t be able to stop my hips. Nnnn 」

Oh, this is good.

We stick closer and move my hips matching with Yukari’s.

「 Hyaan~! No, I just came yet I’m cumming again! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Her convulsion becomes intense, her waist bounces.

I tried using my skill in this timing. Use all.

「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 」

She gasps violently.

Yukari’s body moves up and down then she drops down as if her strings were cut.

I use recovery on her body whose convulsions have stopped.

Now then, the husband will investigate her a lot.

First, I insert my fingers on her ass.

Hmm, unused.

There are no kiss marks on her body. Her skin is so pure, it has a subtle texture.

Then, I make sure that I don’t feel anything out of place by sticking my penis in Yukari’s dripping wet pussy. Yes, no problem.

It’s mostly white so I can tell, I can ask her questions using my skill and let it go lightly.

I poke through Yukari’s dripping wet pussy.

「 Ahn 」

What a cute reaction.

I try to confirm if she’s awake or if she’s in a dream world, is she having sex with me even in her dreams?

I poke it once more.

「 Ahn! 」

I poke once more.

「 Ahn! 」

What a cute gasp.

Then, I keep on piercing Yukari’s body who lost strength at high speed.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah 」

Umu, this is a nice onahole.

「 Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! 」

I keep on swinging my waist until I was satisfied.

Morning, I got up earlier than Yukari.

Yukari’s naked, not moving like a doll. I confirmed her breathing because I was worried, but she’s alive.

Her waist is also twitching. That’s lewd. My sperm drips down on the right timing. I poured in my best record amount of semen in Yukari’s womb.

I’d say that it was the best.

I can’t just leave this lewd woman sleeping next to me, so I barraged “recovery” and “cleaning.” I cover her with a blanket then steal a kiss.

「 Nnn 」

Then, she made an adorable reaction.

That’s when I noticed that there’s someone outside the room.

I hear a gentle breath of someone sleeping.

I put on my clothes. I can fight even unarmed, I use all my strength and open the door.

There’s a withered body.

Mira with eyebags in her face is in there. It’s a face I’ve seen before.

「 Since when were you waiting? 」

「 I just came here. Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t come to this mansion to hug someone as soon as possible because I love him so much 」

「 Ah, sorry. I love you too Mira 」

「 You can use appraisal, right? I’d like to know my rank 」

「 Well, let’s see. Yukari, Turna, Nunnally, Chris, Mira, Naomi, Artesia, Anna 」

Mira’s face got a bit brighter.

「 Yukari-dono is your childhood friend, and Nunnally-dono is one you spent the most hardships with. I only lost to the princess and Turna who’s always with you. Hmm, It seems that I’m liked more than I thought 」

「 Chris is always above though. It ranked up because I embraced Chris yesterday 」

「 Is that so? That’s fearsome. But, I’m happy. I must have you impregnate me with a boy. Can I expect that? 」

「 Of course 」

Mira smiles over her eyebags.

Then, she shows an earnest look.

「 I decided to become your manager from today onwards. Let’s get along 」

「 Yeah, I’ve heard it from Turna. Let’s have a lot of sex 」

「 Fumu, that’s what I’d like to do however since the princess came to the empire, she has bought women, slaves. I’d be in trouble if you don’t embrace them sooner. E-Embrace me when you’re done with them as a reward. Turna told me to say it to motivate you, no, well, I can understand the standpoint of giving myself as a reward but, T-Turna noted that it pleases you 」

「 Yeah, I get it already so don’t squirm. It’s not fitting your character 」

「 Haa, sorry 」

「 But, you’re right. If Mira says that I can do what I want with her, then I’ll do my best in swinging my waist 」

「 I-I see, then we both don’t have any losses. That’s all I’ll ask you 」

「 I’ll make you gasp 」

「 Umu, I’m looking forward to it 」

When we were done talking, I left a letter for Yukari.

『 I have a job to do so I’ll work hard. I have a story to tell so let’s talk a lot later today. I love you 』

Then, I head to my workplace with Mira.

The neighboring house is a two story one. No, it’s not small. Chris’ mansion is just oversized, this house is also bigger than the house I live with Yukari.

When I enter, it was gorgeous.

「 It’s a luxurious room, it has better quality than the previous work room 」

「 Well, the quality of the empire’s goods are above Almeria’s. This has the budget restrained than that mansion so don’t mind it 」

「 I see, the empire’s fantastic 」

「 It’s on a level of quality that can correspond to the royal party. It’s not wrong to take it easy from here 」

Am I going to swing my waist on a royal party? Well, if it’s beauty, then I sure want to. Yes.

Then, one of the spy maids takes care of me. Were they purposely flushing information as propaganda?

Mira skips the instructions, and the maid brings me to the female slaves wearing clothes.

Golden hair.

Monica Heart Mirod

She’s the 18th princess of Mirod country. Troublesome, shut up.

This princess was around ten when her country perished.

「 No! I beg you! Please spare me! 」

She’s a girl I won’t like.

She’s carried on the standard wooden horse tool.

I insert my erect penis right away.