Isekai Taneuma Chapter 32 Re: Great Demon invasion with Orc Heroes x4 Part 1



I worked hard and poured it on the crying Mirod.

I continue my work and swing my waist on the slaves in succession.

Then, when the felt the standing gets worse, Mira sucks off the slaves’ love nectars.

My penis regains energy from the breathtaking fellatio the maid gave me.

The maid fixes the next woman on the tool conveniently.

It’s a woman in her late twenties.

It’s a woman in the old age in this world’s standards.

「 Women in this age still have the allowance 」

「 There’s no problem if she looked good 」

「 Is that so? Then I’ll make sure to be careful on my build. 」 Well, my constitution makes it hard for me to gain weight 」

The slender Mira touches her stomach.

If that hard-to-get-fat constitution is unreliable, there’s no need to think that my feelings for my childhood friend are a flag.

「 Mira’s stomach didn’t sag even after giving birth, the tightness of the vagina didn’t change either 」

「 Oh, I’m using transfer magic when giving birth. Most nobles do the same 」

What? They can do what with magic?

Hmmm, Certainly, you can give birth without pain if you use transfer magic.

I swing my waist, and a small amount of white liquid is released from my half-erect penis.

There were good skills to choose from.

『 Lightning Talent 』

「 『 Lightning Talent 』 」

「 I see, well done. That’ll sell well 」

Mira’s facial expression didn’t change as she says that.

By the way, Mira’s watching me copulate on the bed.

She’s thinking of the fellatio she did earlier and the sex at the end of my work.

She’s become a lewd woman.

No, Mira’s lewd from the start.

Now then, even so, the numbers’ too many.

Just how many is it for today?

「 Maid-san, how many was it just now? 」

「 She was the 41st 」

At first, I could treat ten peerlessly. But now, it’s over 40?

「 Do I still have to bang them? 」

「 Please do your best until evening, then I’ll embrace you by night 」

Well, if you say that then I’ll have to work hard.

I swing my waist earnestly.

Mira’s screams echo inside the room.

Every time I swing my hips, her trembling grows bigger, her vagina already blows tides.

Mira who hasn’t done it in a while endures my skills desperately.

Endure it, endure it, endure it and please me.

She received my sperm repeatedly and fell asleep.

My sperm’s already drained.

Nothing comes out anymore.

I had a wrong guess on the maid beside the door who used cleansing and now heading for the exit.

「 Let’s get along 」

「 What? Just how many people have you banged? I don’t want you to embrace me, idiot, 」

Oops, she throws insults. This can’t go on.

The woman leaves the room. Even though that was just a light push, I don’t get what women I flop to thinks.

「 If you serve it then I’d thrust even to a vegetable. If you want, should I take it out? 」

It’s a line told before. I don’t remember who said it tho.

The maid shook her head.

She doesn’t get it. I’d like her to take lessons from Anna.

Haa, when I deal with large numbers, I feel my temper is getting rough., I feel like I want to fuck Greydia in the anus and urinate inside it.

I left the work area.

Chris’ house is a duplex.

A wyvern’s attacking in the meantime. Of course, I tried to get back, but it seems that the empire reigns in air control demons.

Then, I enter from the back door.

I go quietly through the garden and enter the mansion.

Is this kind of security okay? I went inside and headed to Yukari’s room.

「 Welcome back- 」

It wasn’t a voice but a letter.

『 I went to the orc village. Please come as soon as you’re free. Yukari 』

Well, I guess.

Hmm, this is strange. I feel like I gave her plenty of love last night. Was it my imagination? Well, I just have to go to the orc village.


It’s a magic that consumes mana on distance and weight.

If I use Transfer gate, then it’s possible to use ultra-long distance transfer at low cost.

Oh well, that’s how the magic feels.

Unfortunately, it needs 300 mana to reach the orc village, I’m lacking 250.

She’d get angry if I get in without permission, so I dived into Chris’ room.

「 Oh, sorry 」

「 It’s okay. What do you need/ 」

Inside are Turna and Chris doing something while their upper half is naked.

They’re holding a string, so I wonder if they’re measuring bust size.

Turna gets dressed quickly without getting shy.

Chris, on the other hand, turns her prided voluptuous breasts my way.

「 I’d like to go outside, is that okay? 」

「 I don’t mind. Where are you going? 」

「 To the orc village 」

「 I see, if you’re going through Almeria, it’ll be faster. Even though it’s still on the third day, the demon invasion has already stopped so you can use Almeria’s transfer gate 」

「 Almeria’s transfer gate is green. It’s strange to tell Takuma to not die but, be careful, and be back by morning 」

They say only that much and resume their happy talk.

「 Turna’s breasts have gotten bigger again 」

「 Fufufu, it may be a matter of time before I exceed the princess 」

「 Oh my, bigger doesn’t mean better. It’s meaningless if it sags 」

What a nice topic.

Turna’s sending glances over here.

Then, she shows off her growing breasts. No, I’m used to seeing that. You’re the one I see naked the most.

It’s still a small hill, but it has enough beauty to arouse me.

Then, Chris touches it.

「 It hurts when it gets big 」

「 Yes, that’s right 」

Leaving the two chatting merrily, I flew to Almeria using the empire’s transfer gate.

It’s horrible here.

The luxurious building is a part of the royal palace.

Even with the transfer gate, there’s a limit to mana so it seems that people who ran away here couldn’t transfer all.

A man who looks like a noble, a magician and her child, and knights.

Then, there’s a woman I know.


There’s blood in her mouth and many spears in her chest. The lesser demons have invaded this far.

I gently close Izuha’s open eyelids.

Magic is sure versatile, I can use hellfire to burn her off without even ashes remain. I haven’t seen it yet, but there must be resurrection magic.

I use freezing magic on Izuha’s body after receiving a new impression.

Ice magic that can’t be melted except for magic, I don’t know if it has a meaning at all.

However, I step forward with only that idea.

Dead bodies, dead bodies, dead bodies.

To be honest, the demon’s invasion almost makes me puke.

The lesser demons are weak, and demons were chopped off by the orc heroes.

There’s no serious damage, and there weren’t that many dead bodies in the royal capital the last time I was here.

There are a broken door and a roof with a huge hole.

I can imagine what happened here.

Then, I went outside and understood.

Why did I not see so much dead bodies last time?

The sight was a view from a TV in Japan long ago. It’s similar to the vulture who eats on dead meat introduced to programs examining wild animals.

Several wyverns are eating the dead bodies.

There’s a wyvern on every corpse, and they’re eating all the dead meat.

Not just wyverns, griffons with varied colors too.

This is a place you could call a paradise for them.

In short, the dead bodies outside were carried away.

The dead bodies in the room remained intact. I wonder if that’s all the difference.

The wyverns don’t care even if I step forward.

You can tell from their behavior that humans are just food for them. There’s no need to attack. That’s all it is.

I look at the faces I don’t recognize, but my SAN’s going down.

I’m wondering if I should speak about Izuha or not.

I think that there are things better unknown.

Then, I see a familiar crest.

The remaining parts of the clothes are from a knight of Milanjol.

The demon’s no longer concerned because it’s only bones now.

Suddenly, Turna’s brother’s face floats in my memory.

However, Turna looks full of spirit.

No, we don’t know if he’s dead yet.

If he’s only missing then Chris’ actions doesn’t look like she’s trying to cheer up Turna.

Well, it’s unavoidable to think that way.

But still, it smells in here.

I decided to run to the orc village.

Isn’t it useful to cast recovery while running at full speed?

I reached the orc village in no time.

Yukari and Umi greeted me.

They’re showing a bitter smile for some reason.

I thought whether I should tell her about Izuha but decided not to.

「 Welcome back 」

「 I’m home. Yukari, what route did you use? 」

「 I asked my Master, and we jumped directly here 」

「 As usual, that’s a high-spec old man 」

「 Amazing, isn’t he? 」

Yukari smiles wryly.

Now then, I must ask what I want to know.

「 Did you cheat? 」

「 No, no, I’d rather die than accept anyone other than you 」

「 No, having you die is much worse than having NTR’d from me, please prioritize your life. It’s strange if you compare it 」

「 It’s just a metaphor. A metaphor. But, I get it. I’ll do so 」

Yukari’s expression is strange, I knew it.

Could it be that she knew about Izuha already?

Actually, Izuha is also a high-ranking magician so the life stone can tell if she’s dead.

「 Look, well, how should I say this. Well, come here 」

Yukari said and went to a room.

That’s the biggest house in the village.

The brightness is similar to a fluorescent lamp, and hot air is covering almost all bounds.

「 Takkun, welcome. This is a strategy meeting so sit wherever you want. Kira☆ 」

The gaze of the people gathers around me from what was said.

In here are all reincarnated Japanese people.

And, there are two demons.

Demon Makyubire.

Demon Orezebute.

I already know Ma-chan but who’s the handsome guy next to her?

As far as the status is concerned, he’s equal to Ma-chan, a bit higher? He possesses the same kind of magic, the same type of skill.

And his intelligence is higher than everyone I’ve ever seen.

「 Ma-chan, is that also a Japanese? 」

「 Yes, Onii-chan, he’s Ma-chan’s friend! 」

After talking in Japanese, Demon Orzebute comes closer.

He sticks out his hand.

Handshake? Hmm, well I won’t die from it so, okay.

I shake hands with him. It’s a regular handshake, there’s nobody crushing someone’s hand. Well, it’s normal.

Then, Demon Orzebute greets me with a refreshing smile.

「 Hey, I’m Orzebute, let’s get along. Everyone calls me Orz so Takkun can call me Orz too 」

He spins lightly and does a signature pose.

I know that pose well. It’s the pose of the hero at a national anime after taking down an enemy.

Are you an otaku too?

「 Name’s Takuma. Pleased to meet you 」

「 Thank you for your politeness 」

Orz bows politely.

Then, he goes back to his original position.

I beckon Ikemen.

I just realized Ikemen’s level is 35? What’s going on?

The skill “Bow talent” is also increasing. His ATK is 400, what’s going on? What kind of secret trick did he use?

I sit next to Ikemen and Yukari sits next to me.

I thought of asking Ikemen about the situation, but it seems that Orz will tell me.

「 Then, let’s explain things from the start for the newcomer 」

Everyone nods.

「 This world is trash. Garbage. It’s a land God abandoned, only waiting for death, the demons are allowed to do whatever, even toy with it 」

Orz’ grip numbed,

「 Now then, you all who were brought to this world are victims. Will you be able to forgive the residents of this world who allowed to harm the people of the sacred nation watched by many gods? 」

「 「 「 Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable 」 」 」

Wow, they’re entirely brainwashed, what happened to the orcs. I can’t find any abnormalities even if I use appraisal.

「 Now then, is that all okay? Do you get it, Takkun? 」

Ma-chan asks. I shake my head.

「 Let’s change the topic, Orcs have five levels of evolution. Orc, High Orc, and Ki-kun and others’ Orc Hero. You guys are in high ranks even in Makai. Enough that it would usually have an influential person from Makai to scout you. But, the 21 of you must aim for higher. That’s the fourth one, King Orc! 」

I remember the teacher from the career consultation told me that I should go to a better university. He went crazy when I said I’m not going to a university Yukari won’t pick.

That doesn’t matter now.

Orz’ speech continues.

「 King Orcs possess the skill “shapeshift” to freely become humanoid. Don’t you guys want “shapeshift?!” 」

「 「 「 Want! Want! Want! 」 」 」

「 Don’t you want to meet your family in your former look? 」

「 「 「 I want to! I want to! I want to! 」 」 」

「 Then, save your exp. You can evolve into the King Orc at level 100! 」

「 「 「 Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! 」 」 」

The orcs are getting louder. You guys want to become humans again so much?

I feel sorry for thinking that being an orc is better.

「 Then, with that said, we will attack Philistine empire 」

Orz said.

Yukari leaks a sigh beside me, Ikemen thinks of approving.

「 We can accumulate exp in that country, and our levels will rise fast. It’s impossible to set a direct attack on the Philistine empire because of their strong magic barrier. Therefore, this Orz will 」

「 With Ma-chan 」

「 We will create a transfer gate around it. Then, the orc heroes can destroy the castle gate. After that, the orc heroes and the demons will trample them over. Once we’re done trampling, then devils and lesser demons will pop, and we’ll send you in your hometown as a king orc 」

「 Let’s do it. Kira☆ 」

「 「 「 Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! 」 」 」

The Japanese people in the room claps and cheers.

I’m doing it to just go with the flow. Yukari’s also applauding with a complicated look.

For me, I can just escape with my beloved woman first, there’s no problem. Ethics? That doesn’t exist in this world.

They explained what they were talking about earlier, a summarized version of the detailed strategy.

『 RE: Great Demon invasion with the Orc Heroes x4 』

Human side seems to have no chance of winning. The plan starts tomorrow, should I take away everyone right now?