The Cursed Star


An existence that was revered, envied and despised, returned to the world of Gods, Monsters, and Devils. The world called The Origin was a mystery, and his existence was just as mysterious.

“Without power, it is a Sin to exist. Without Friends and Allies, it is unwise to Rule. Without Love and Desire, it is a Wasted Life.”

He had to uncover his own secrets if he wanted it all. And he wanted it all.

This is a tale of Love, Emotions, and Commitment. It’s a story as simple as Life.

Genres & Tags: Action, Adult, Adventure, Devils, Fantasy, Gods, Harem, Monsters, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Romance, Supernatural.

Author: FateDevilAce

Content Warnings: R18+. Gore, Sexual Content, Traumatising Content

Table of Contents:

★ Character List


  • Aizen Ka’zaed Morningstar.


  • Vienna Ka’zaed Morningstar
  • Viara Ka’zaed Morningstar
  • Lysaria Arzark (Viara’s Shadow)
  • Meera Silverborn (Vienna’s Shadow)

★ Arc-0; Introduction:

★ Arc-1; The Whistling Star (TWS):

★ Arc-2; The Sky Mountains (TSM):

★ Arc-2.5; The Lightning Princess:

★ Arc-3; Lucifer and her Morningstar (LAHM):