The Day Before The Calamity(Shower Sex’Cunnilingus’)[Calamity Arc- Part 2]

-Janvas’s POV-

We kiss each other passionately; my hand wanders on her body. She wraps my arms with her tail, as I play with her bottom.

I try to see my luck and place my rod near her vagina, but even before I could start, she declines by biting on my arms.

“Fine, but know this, you just gave me a hickey.”

Seeing her blush and hiding her face on the nook of my shoulders, makes us look like newlywed couples.

Even before I could do anything else, I fell her breathing lower.

I use the arm that was being used as a pillow by her to caress her back. She sleeps while hugging me, not wanting to wake her up, I try to sleep in the same pose, I too fall asleep within a few minutes.



Cold wind trashes my back, which wakes me up with a shiver. Turning to the source of the wind, I find the window open. I could only curse myself for not closing it before sleeping.

I check on Ru, to see if she was also feeling cold when I don’t feel her shivering, I sigh, I slowly move my arms from below her head and get my arm free. I cover her up; quickly slide out then, close the window.

The room was completely dark, as the sun still hadn’t risen. It would probably take an hour for the first sunray to touch the land.

I ponder about what to do.

[Today, I need to be with Ru for the entire day. Hmmm…, That’s it.]

I head inside the bathroom and look around it.

[It’s clean.]

I get close to the tub to check the water and find it to be cold. So, I use mana to make a flame box and place it inside the tub, which heats the water inside and fills the bathroom with fog.

I put my hands in the empty tub and fill it will water while using flame on my other hand and heating it, as it fills, I quickly get out, I was sweating like a fountain.

After drying myself, I tuck myself in the bed, so when Haruru wakes up, she seems my face.

-Haruru’s POV-

Opening my eyes, I look straight into Jan’s eye, he was smiling, but remembering he never wakes up early, I shake my head and try to get up when he speaks,

“Morning, Ru”

Hearing it, I look at Jan’s face, he was still smiling and looking straight at me when he blinks, I flinch; I panicky say.

“Jan, why didn’t you wake me up? Now, the head maid would surely use this as an excuse and pay me less.”

“Whoa, Ru, you still have a heck of a time, no one is working currently, even the sun hasn’t risen.”


Looking past Jan, towards the window, I could see a little bit reddish in the sky, meaning I wasn’t late yet.

“Ru, I don’t wake up late.”


“Not forgiven.”

“Jan, I didn’t mean it. It’s just that you always–”

Before I could complete, Jan gets off the bed, comes toward me, and picks me up, looking at me with his full lusty gaze as my naked body comes out of the blanket….., Blanket?

[Where did it come from?]

As I return my gaze towards Jan, our eyes meet, making me remember yesterday’s night deed, feeling embarrassed I try to bury my face, but purred unconsciously, which makes him laugh, I warp my arms around Jan, and stay like that.

He takes me to the bathroom; feeling the hot air coming in contact with my body, makes me purr again.

“Jan, you should have woken me. I would have warmed it.”

“Ru, I have told you a lot of time, never treat me as a ‘Master’, you may have been working as a personal maid, but you are my wife foremost.”

“But –”


Jan hates it when I treat him like a Master; maybe it’s the past that is haunting him.

When we were little, he would tell me how much he liked, the Master and Servant/Slave relationship, and how much he wanted one.

Unfortunately, one day he saw a slave being treated poorly by his brother, he got angry about it, and beat his brother, until elders had to intervene.

It was the first time the servants-slaves looked up to him but at the cost of being hated by his siblings. But after he got removed from the inheritance, the majority of the maids got away from him. Before becoming a Royal blood possessor, 4 to 5 maids always used to come and say they wanted to work for him, but they all left him to such a degree that none asked whether he ate or not.

Jan became devasted that he was becoming weaker and weaker by the day. As not wanting to lose him, I started to live as his personal maid-wife to be with him forever.

After laying me in the tub, he enters the tub from the opposite side, I couldn’t understand why he did it, but looking at his face, I knew why.


“What’s wrong in looking at your own wife’s body?”

His perverted gaze makes me embarrassed, so I try covering my part, but he intervenes, by coming forth and placing his body on top of mine, both of our body presses against each other, that I feel his rod on top of my vagina.



“Jan, we need to bath quickly, or else some maids will be knocking on the door till I get out.”

Saying that I push him back, leaving the tub brought back the same embarrassment, I could still feel his perverted gaze on me.

When I bend to pick the soap from the tray on the corner of the bath, Jan comes running behind me and pulls me towards himself.

“Don’t move and stay still. I will be washing you today.”

Even before I could reply, he seals my mouth with a kiss, taking away the soap from my hand, he sits down and slowly rubs them on my legs. Slowly and smoothly, he moves from my foot to the calves then thigh just when it gets near my groins, he moves to the other leg and does the same thing.

When both the legs get filled with soap, he moves his arms to my butt, rather than the front, knowing him my anticipation increases, and I was squeezing my thighs, but as he didn’t do anything, my anticipation increased.

He rubbed the soap on my butt, Jan’s hand grabs my tail which made me moan loud.

“Master, please, don’t… I won-won’t be able to control myself.”

Soft moans keep on escaping my mouth, I try to suppress it, but the hands made me so sensitive, that I moan even in the slightest movement or touch.

“Aah, mas-master don’t. Mmmm, I-I need to go to work.”

“It can wait, stay still.”

His sultry voice was making it worse for me. I still hadn’t relieved myself from yesterday’s lust, and him doing such things was making it worse.

-Janvas’s POV-

Grabbing Ru’s tail was my biggest mistake, because as she moans my lust explodes.

At first, I only had thought of teasing her, but feeling her skin on my hands captivates me. The only thought in my head was, I needed to touch her soft skin more.

“Ahh, Jan, don’t, I have work…*Ahh*…”

I move behind her and hug her, my rod comes in contact, with her ass; it inflames my lust, even if I knew she needs to go for work, I couldn’t control myself.

She leans on me, making my stiff member, harder than ever.

When she looks up at me with hazy eyes and partially opened mouth, I bend down for a passionate kiss, our tongues play with each other, not letting the other go.

My hands grab her bust, whereas the other, play with the outer skin of her vagina, my grip on her tightens as if I wouldn’t let her go; I wanted to feel her inter walls to course on my fingers, but not wanting it to sting her, I only play on the outside.

She turns around, and we engage in a much more passionate kiss, like trying to merge into one. Slowly we move and enter the tub. I land on top of her, my rod just above her vagina. We look at each other’s eyes for a moment then revert back to kissing.


The sudden knocking destroys the entire mood until now. I think of killing this person, but Ru grabs me, as I was about to leave the tub.

“Haruru, it’s time for work wake up.”

“Haa…Haa… Just-just wait a minute.”

Saying that she looks at me while still panting

“Sorry, Jan, but haa… could you stop. We need to get ready.”

“Wait, for 10 minutes, we will come out.”

“Aha, Ok.”

“Now, you don’t. Just stay like this. Okay.”


I fill my lungs and sink in the tub, I don’t know the reason, but she had her legs closed.

[Not enough.]

Grabbing her legs, I lift them to see the place she was hiding. She yelps from the movement then brings her hands down.

[Even though I have seen them so many times. Huh, Ru, your such cuteness will kill me one day.]

I move forward, remove the obstructing hands. My face moves forward to my dream world.

Remembering what Ru had done, I also try licking it. She moans, I smile and continue doing it. At first, she tried her best to move my face away, but I kept on persisting.

And now her legs inter-lock around my neck, her hands forces me to stick my entire tongue inside her, while she kept on moaning the entire time.

Suddenly her tail coils around my neck. It squeezes me; I knew Ru was near her orgasm, so I move my tongue in every possible way I could.

I lick the outer layer when all of a sudden, she lifts her ass, and a big moan leaves her mouth.


I start sucking and licking, at the same time, she kept on lifting her ass every time I liked the upper layer of her vagina, I move my tongue vigorously, then she moans loudly and cums right inside my mouth. Instead of pulling back, I also do the same thing and keep on swallowing until she stops.

Just as she stops, I get free of her and move out of the water. Her hazy eyes land on me; as a proud munchkin, I open my mouth to show what it contains, she hazily looks at me, then with an utter shock, she looks at my mouth, before she could say or do anything, I swallow the cum.

I swipe off, then lick the remaining cum; give her a smirk. Her entire body gets a darker shade than I had ever seen her have.

I lean forward and whisper on her ears,

“This was the most delicious drink that I have ever drunk.”

Her entire skin gets darker; all I could do was fall in love with her over again.

As I was about to say anything, she pushes me off and heads out, I sink back in the water and remember how she looked, not to miss even a single bit, I follow after her.

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