Zombie Emperor 10

Chapter 10

「It’s impressive isn’t it?…」

We were impressed with the continual love of the married zombie couple 10
However…could this two possibly be a unique mob?
I must confirm it.

「You too, separate for a moment」

Supposed they’re normal zombie, they should be under the influence of my ability.
The Aizu couple feeling reluctant, then separated.
Hmm, it seems that my ability was somehow effective.
This means that even if it’s not a unique mob, it’s intelligence can restores to some degree.

「Jin-san, what is it?」
「No, nothing, I just want to confirm if my ability is effective on them, It’s okay already」

When I said so, the Aizu couple approached each other immediately.

「Husband, don’t release the hand of your wife anymore」

I decided to take him along with the policewoman

Now then, before we go to the shopping district, let’s take the car that was left behind from the police station.

「Oh! Now that you mentioned it, we left it behind.」

With that said, we moved to the police station again.
However, there’s problem that has surfaced

「Can zombie drive a car…?」1

That’s right, Aki-chan inherited this car, but it’s impossible to put all of the policemen in.
When it comes to it, we’ll have to ask the zombies to drive their own car, but…

「It’s not like the car they will drive is a police car」

For the time being, let’s have them try driving.
The ignition key seems to be tingling on the patrol car.
Ok, let’s do with this.

「I hope that they won’t cause an accident」

A policeman causing a traffic accident is a joke that won’t make you laugh.

「Then, you there…Glasses dude, can you drive this patrol car?」

The zombie rode the police car when he heard my order.
Now then, will it be okay?

Judging from the conclusion, there were no problems at all.
At first, the driving was a bit uneasy, but it gradually became smooth.
The movement of the zombie policemen as per my instructions got their movements better.
Their brain functions seems to be restoring gradually.

「Welcome back, was there a unique mob?」

In addition, there’s a zombie on police motorcycle other than the car.
With their high driving skills, they can be appointed as an excellent scout.
Now then, I wonder if there’s a unique mob in the shopping district.


I shook my head.
Apparently there’s non here.

「Cars and motorcycle shouldn’t enter the shopping district…」

Just like Aki-chan said, the shopping district originally had a restriction on vehicles.
But, in this situation, there’s no need to worry about it.
Or rather, I’d put the blame on the police for doing it.
Nobody would complain.

「Nobody would complain, I think majority of the zombies won’t be saying anything」

You shouldn’t say that.

When I entered the shopping district, I found out that it’s safe.
How many zombies are wondering in the shopping district.
Is there housewife zombie around?

「There’s nothing much in the shopping district…」

There’s a bit of distance from the university I’m attending at, I lived in the apartment from a different direction from this area, there’s a 24/7 convenience store there, that’s why I don’t come in this shopping district.

「Ah! Jin-san, there’s a sports store there!」

Aki-chan’s finger is pointing on the sports store.
Oh, there might be a metal bat there. 2

…Thus, I entered the shop in high spirits.


The shop’s products were scattered.
There doesn’t seem to have any weapons left…

「Does this mean that they thought of the same thing…?」
「I guess that’s it…it’s not expected for a baseball ball to be a weapon indeed」

If weapons are no good…then at least an armor, but I can’t find any remaining that might seem to be used against unique mobs.
Were they influenced by the video of a zombie hunter and took it?

「Pull yourself together, let’s go to the next one.」
「That’s right. Jin-san, what about the greengrocer there?」

Looking at the greengrocer…
Certainly, there were several vegetables.

「But, it’s somehow impure…」

Since it fell on the ground it can’t be helped.
Those that didn’t fall over has blood in it, I don’t want to eat those somehow.
It’s hard to find a store that’s not dirty.

「Au, aaー」
「Ojisan! I’ll be taking the fruits and vegetables of your store」3

I spoke to him, just in case.
The greengrocer zombie ojisan seems to be telling me to avoid the interior of the shop.

…Oh, the vegetables in this cardboard box seems to be okay.
I’ll be taking this gratefully.

「Good, policemen, take all the food in this shop! Put it in the police car」

The zombie police followed my order and entered the store one after another.
They took all the cardboard boxes with vegetables, somehow, this feels like we’re seizing the evidence.
The cardboard box is being brought by blue personnel and stuffed in the vehicle.
It’s an amazing scene.

「It looks like the greengrocer-san did a bad thing」
「But the one doing bad is us」

Greengrocer oji-san, sorry.


Sakura-changed the subject for clinging from Aki-chan to me.
Sakura-chan’s hand is holding me tight.
What’s Sakura-chan was looking at was the depths of the shopping districtーーThere were corpses of headless zombies

「Jin-san, this is…」
「Yeah, this are doings of the humans that weren’t infected」

When I listened carefully, there were no zombies, rather a human voice was heard from the stationery store.
That reminds me, is the police motorcycle zombie a unique mob? I didn’t hear about that.
Could it be? Was there a survivor?

But, this voice.
Oi, These fellows, could it be?

「Please take care of Sakura-chan, Aki-chan, I’ll will check inside」
「Understood, Sakura, come here.」

I left some policemen zombies behind, then went inside the stationery store.

「There’s a mother and daughter here, I always wanted to do themー」
「Yup Yup, They’re both beautiful and their pussies aren’t bad either, Hey! Tighten more!」
「Hurry up and change with me, I still hadn’t tried anal yet」

In there, was two zombie women that were restricted using SM goods and some brute heretics.
No, although she forgave me later, I still raped Aki-chan, then violated Sakura-chan so I can’t say anything against them.

「Oh, Did you finish moving the luggage? I’ll be taking this meat toilet, but she’s somewhat noisy…ーwho are you?」

The three heretics noticed my existence.
The three of them stopped the sex and stared at me.

「Wait, I’m a human, not a zombie!」
「…It seems like it, what? you want to enter the neo-zombie hunter army?」

Neo-zombie hunter army?
Are these people influenced by the zombie hunters on that video?

「If you’re a valuable survivor, if you entered this army, you can also use this meat toilet you know」

The men laughed like a leecher.
I’d rather die than be this guys ally.

「I don’t no intention to be your companion」
「Huuuuh!? Acting like an important person aren’t you? Do you want me to break your head?」

He swings the bloody bat unnaturally.
Yare Yare, do you think you can threaten me with that?

「All, seize these scums, don’t bite them yet」

The police behind me rushed to them.
With their arresting techniques, they were restricted quickly.
Well, we have the number advantage after all.

Just like I instructed them, the police zombies just seized them and didn’t bit them.
I see, the people who’s not infected weren’t good people, but my orders were absolute.

「W-what!? Could this guys be…Zombie!?」
「That’s right, Zombie, I can manipulate zombies.」

I approached the scums

Oh, he’s angry.
What I can’t stand the most is that these guys did the same thing as I did to Aki-chan,
Sakura-chan is an exception, but it’s a similar thing.
I raped a woman that has no free will.
The lowest act for a man
I did that.

「Now then, what should we do to this murderous scums?」
「Please wait! I don’t want to die yet!」

Unsightly begging for his life.
Now then, what should I do?

There comes a time in your life where you have to drop deciding on black or white and chose gray.
That time is right now.

Would I forgive them then free them?
It’s no good.
They might go to their friends and come for revenge.
Then, should I kill them?
It’s no good.
I’d become a murderer just like these guys.
Just like how Aki-chan’s parents were murdered, I don’t want to become a complete monster that kills.

That’s why, my decision is gray
I will neither kill them, nor pardon them.


That’s why I only said a word.

「Nooooo! I don’t want to become a zombieー」
「I’ll do anything so save meー」
「Forgive meー!」


「Jin-san, how was it…?」
「Aki-chan, I…have increased the number of zombies」

The fainted member of the neo zombie hunter force.
He won’t be getting up for a while.
…It’s the worst feeling.


  1. I’d like to know too, rather, I want to see one.
  2. Left for Dead basics
  3. nooo, my cabbage!