The Power of Creation – Chapter 1

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“Creation Magic.”


“That’s what it says, creation.”

“That… cannot be…” the priest in robes was taking several steps back and shaking his head. “You lie!”

This was the exchange of words you experienced after you were brought into another world. You were simply sitting in your chair, reading sexy rape stories from machineslicedbread, when suddenly a white light enveloped your vision.

You suddenly found yourself falling onto your butt, and the world around you had changed into a medieval fantasy setting. There was a King sitting on the throne, watching you intently, and a priest, standing in front of you with his arms up in the air like he was splitting the seas.

Having already been worked up sexually from reading naughty translations, your sight immediately fell on the King’s wife and daughter. While the King himself was a pudgy, old man, his wife was easily half his age, only in her mid-thirties, although her sexy smooth skin made her look like she could be in her twenties. She had very large breasts that nearly popped out of her dress, and they were pleasant to look at. Her daughter, who looked more like a younger sister, looked to be in her teens.

As you stared at the two sexy women, who were actually holding each other as they looked down on you, they became flustered and turned away with blushes. A second later you became concerned that you might have an erection, and when you glanced down, you were shocked to find that not only was your dick at full staff, but you were also completely naked, giving these two women a good look at your privates, spread open as they were.

The priest was looking down at your erection with a raised eyebrow. The King was giving you a stiff look, clearly a little bothered that you were exposing yourself to his wife and daughter.

Immediately, you started thinking about covering yourself. Why would this world dump you here naked? You needed to have clothes on. That was a given. As soon as the thoughts entered your head, there was a glowy light that covered your body, hiding your nudity. A second later, you realized you were completely clothed.

It was a pretty cool setup of clothing. It looked exactly like the cosplay adventurer outfit you’d have worn if you ever had the time, money, or energy to assemble something like this. You thought that maybe it had teleported a bit late. It seems like the god of this world was a bit lazy. However, the priest looked as surprised as you.

This is how your introduction to another world came. The priest immediately explained the standard story you’ve come to expect from other world novels. A demon kingdom, a country in jeopardy, and a hero summoned to the other world.

“Do I get your daughter if I beat the demon lord?” you joked.

It really was intended as a joke, but the wife suddenly held her daughter away like you were naked again, even though the daughter had shown a slight look of interest. The King put on a dark look, seeming to lack all humor, and the Priest shook his head with a twist of his mouth.

“Ah, no, that kind of thing… The Kingdom will support you, but you are here to help us, chosen by the gods, it is your duty to protect us, not our duty to support you.”

What the hell was that about? It seemed like this world had no shame when it came to summoning. Since their god sent you over, you owed them? To hell with that…

“Well, anyway, let’s see what your ability is.” The priest picked up a stone and handed it to you. “Hold this and insert magic into it, and it’ll tell us what you were brought over with.”

As soon you touched the stone, the magic seemed to pore into it like you had been doing this all your life. The words of your magic popped into your head.

“Creation Magic.”


“That’s what it says, creation.”

“That… cannot be…” the priest in the robes was taking several steps back and shaking his head. “You lie!”

“No, it’s very clearly creation magic.”

Not really able to sense the thickening mood, it came as a complete surprise to you when the priest suddenly pointed and said “Guards! Kill him! Kill the heretic!”

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