The Power of Creation – Chapter 100

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You find yourself returning to the scene of ruin that used to be Riun. You were expecting some cocky women to come attacking you, but instead, you find a scene even more unbelievable.

“So, the hero actually won…” You say in surprise.

That’s right, the hero is the one standing, and he looks in pretty decent shape. Meanwhile, itias the girl who was beaten and defeated.

“Did you have any doubt?” Florian responds cockily, laughing.

He didn’t seem to have that self-confidence when he was going to fight her. Ah, well, at least it saves you a bit of trouble.

“Well, good job, I guess.” You give some half-assed praise. “What about the girl?”

“Ah, Megara? You wouldn’t by chance have some kind of dungeon or something in that mansion. I’d say gag her and leave her there to rot.” Florian responds quickly.

That seems to be a bit harsh for what you thought you knew about Florian, he must be really pissed off at being betrayed.

“I guess, that’ll work. We can get something to eat too. Ah, my hands are full, you mind carrying her?”

“Who else have you brought?” Florian looks curiously at the form you’re carrying like a sack of potatoes and then suddenly stumbles. “Is-isn’t that the Demonlord Maleficant!”

“Your well informed.” You respond and Florian shrugs sheepishly. “Yeah, I guess this Megara chick worked for her so I went and took care of it.”

“Is that so…?” Florian has a tight smile, “Well, still amazing… all I got was a general and you not only invaded a castle but took captive a demon lord.”

Florian hoists the woman up on his arm and the pair of you carry the two demons the rest of the way into the mansion. You’re greeted by three of the four maids, who take your coats and setting you in the massive living room next to a roaring fire. Grimhilde bids her fairwell to go freshen up, she had still been pumped full of quite a lot of semen and reeked of sex. Of course, you use a spell to clean yourself up, so it was just the girls who smell of skank.

Whether Florian knew this or not was up for question. At the very least, he didn’t address anything and merely smiled. The demon queen was sent to her own room, and the demon general was sent to your master bedroom. Just to make sure neither lady would cause trouble, you cast the appropriate spells to keep everything moving forward smoothly.

“So, what do you plan to do now, Florian?” You ask curiously.

It takes Florian a second to realize you are talking to him. “Oh, right, me… I’m not sure. Probably keep fighting monsters. There are six more demonlords, right?”

“Ah, I meant, more specifically about your teammates.”

“Heh? That’s right. Pocahontas and Nala. I’m not really interested in taking them with me.”

“Really? I’m surprised.”

“Well, I mean, Pocohontas wants me to be some kind of savior. I suspect you could fulfill that role for her a lot faster than I can. And Nala…” He put on a sour look. “She’s just creepy. I think if I just break it off now then things won’t get bad.”

“What are you suggesting, then?”

“Hah? Do, I need to spell it out. Clearly you got some harem-like thing going on here. Just take the girls. I don’t care.”

“You’re surprisingly easy going now that we’ve had a real chance to talk.”

“That’s not a problem, right?” Florian asks cautiously.

“Of course not.”

“Do you mind if I ask one more favor then, since I’ve seemingly brought you some many beautiful girls?”


“Could I stay the night here? I’d just like to rest up. It was a tough fight. I’ll be heading out tomorrow… before the girls realize I’m leaving.”

“That’s fine.” You wave to Sebastian. “Sebastian here will get you a guest room.”

“Then, if it’s not too rude, I’ll head there now.” Florian stands, gives a stiff bow, and Sebastian leads him off.

You chuckle to yourself. It’s too easy. Standing up, you head off to the master bedroom to give “Megara” a very pleasant surprise awakening.