The Power of Creation – Chapter 101

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You enter the room with the sleeping woman. She looks quite cute when she’s unconscious. She’s like a reserved Japanese girl when she’s not running her mouth off about stuff. You slide into the bed next to the sleeping beauty, and immediately work on liberating her from her panties. As you untie her kimono and slide the underwear off her legs, the movement seems to wake her up.

“Uuu… huh? Riun’s… hero? Wha- Mmmhmmmmm” You shove her panties into her mouth before she can say anything that might ruin the moment.

“Hello, Megara.” You respond with a dark smile. “I just wanted you, who is definitely Megara, to know, that I’m going to sleep with you.”

“Mmm? Mmmm! Mmmm!” Megara starts trying to protest, but you already tied her hands up and are lifting her legs as she kicks and struggles.

“You see, the hero from another world wasn’t the only hero from another world. I came to this world too and was given a power. My power is the ability to purify demons, but in order to activate that power, I have to sleep with them. So, in order to seal your demonic powers, person who is clearly Megara and not someone else, I need to sleep with you.”

You lift a mirror up so that Megara gets a look at herself. Her eyes freeze as she stairs at the image of an attractive redheaded Japanese girl with an open kimono, a mouth gagged with her own panties, and her hands tied up. Suffice to say, the scene is incredibly erotic. Megara looks down at her own chest, then back at the mirror as understanding flashes in her eyes.

“Alright, so please endure while I seal your demons.” You give Megara a thumbs up.

Megara starts to panic and shakes her head ‘no’ desperately. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!”

“What is that? Sorry, I can’t trust you want cast some spells if I let you talk. We can talk after the sealing ceremony. Hah, here I go!”

You slide the head into her red fury patch and the girl shutters all over and make muffled shouting noises as she desperately tries to break from her restraints. You slid it in the rest of the way.

“Please endure, demon general!” You give her a smile while she glares at you with hateful teary eyes. “Now, let’s pick up the pace!”

You start to take the initiative and provide some strong piston movements, pumping her pussy. Despite protesting, Megara’s body reacts to your treatment as she quickly grows wet. Soon, your penis makes wet lewd sounds as it slides in and out of her snatch.

“Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” She continues to try to speak through her gag.

However, as the thrusting continues, her attempts to protest slowly turn into moans. Soon, her eyes start to role back, and you can tell she’s clearly enjoying it. Oh, her pussy starts clamping ferociously as it swells around your penis. She was having and orgasm. Her body shook as she was racked with extreme orgasmic pleasure.

Of course, you didn’t stop there. Although you didn’t kiss her or touch her in any particular erotic way, you kept up the movements of your hips, working hard on her lower half until the point where any normal girl would complain about how sore they were come morning. Meanwhile, she moaned, and for a brief moment, even started to match her hip movements with your own. After cumming for the forth time, she realized what she was doing and stopped with a look of dread on her face. After that, she seriously started crying.

However, even her tears couldn’t continue while being violated by such a big cock, and then she was back to moaning again before climaxing once more. You finally had enough. Preparing your special package, you look the teary-eyed girl in the eyes.

“I’m going to cum. This is the purification step. Please accept my seed!”

“Mm? Mmmm! Mmmm!” Megara tries to react violently once again, but you release your seed before she can resist.

In an instant, you fill her up with hot gobs deep within her womb.

You fall on top of her chest, your head presses on her chest. Her chest is heaving as she recovers her breath from the sexual experience. After a moment, you lift you head and look back into her eyes.

“Megara, I have cleansed you. But just to be sure, I think we should repeat this two or three more times.”

“”MmmmmmmmM!” Megara looks like she is about to freak out.

“Aaaaaaaah!” There is a scream and both of you immediately look up at the door.

The scream came from somewhere else in the mansion.

You make a sound of annoyance. “Tsk… making your move so soon. Well, I guess we’ll have to end this session early.”

You head out of the room while waving a hand that removed Megara’s restraints. She won’t be a problem anymore. The deed is done.

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