The Power of Creation – Chapter 104

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“Jasmine joins too!”


“Ahhhh…” Jasmine puts on a weepy disappointed look.

“How about me?” Ariel speaks up.

“Mulan will join too!” Mulan starts trying to compete with the others.

“Can’t a guy just take a girl to bed without other girls throwing themselves at him? What kind of world do we live in where I guy can’t just plow one girl at a time.”

“Still a boy…”

“Don’t you start!” you point your finger at the girls and then at Elena, who grows flustered.

The door shuts in a dozen-some girl’s faces. You’d have to make it up to them tomorrow probably. However, tonight was Elena’s night.

You turn around and see the anxious cat girl staring up at you, her ears twitching furiously. Her tail was lashing with agitation as she looks around nervously.

“Ah, actually… now that it comes to this, I can probably make you back into a guy if you really want.”

“What!” Elena grows even more flustered for a second but then sighs. “Well, it’s not like I’m surprised. I’ve seen the kinds of things you can do. You’re surrounded by all these beautiful girls. They all love you. Ah! My ears, you’re touching….”

While Elena spoke, her twitching ears kept taking your attention so you reach out and grab them. As soon as your finge’s touch her ears, it is like her entire body melts in your grip. Her voice gets really light and she stops talking. Her eyes close and for second you could swear she purs.

“Huh? So, catgirls really like this, huh?”

“Ahhh!” The words snap Elena out of it and she pulls away. “What I was trying to say, is that I figured you’d be able to do it.”

“Oh.” You drop your hands. “Then, I guess, I’ll give you back your-“

“Wait!” Elena becomes even more flustered, her tail whipping back and forth and her face looking up at you pleadingly. “That is to say, you’re my benefactor. You’ve taken care of my little sister, and despite her best efforts, you haven’t touched her at all. I-if I become a boy again, then what will happen to us?”

“Fair enough question. Jasmine is still the cook of the house, so I need her. She’s earning her place.”

There is a brief moment of silence. “A-and me?”

“If you were a boy, would I still let you stay at the mansion? I don’t really see why not. As long as you don’t touch any of my girls, I don’t have any particular problem with it.”

“Right…” Elena nods, but she doesn’t seem to become excited either. “I thought you would say that. B-but what about us?”

“Us? You mean, if you have a penis? I think, I guess, we could be just friends, right?”

“Ah…” Elena suddenly grabs at her chest while she puts up a brave smile. “That… hearing those words. It caught me off guard. It hurts a little to hear it.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“it’s just… I see you there. A knight in shining armor. You came into my life. You saved me from bandits. You healed my sister. You let us live in this mansion. You treat my sister with respect. You expect nothing from either us except your loyalty. You’re courageous. You’re kind. I…”

“Ah, you’re crying! Why are you crying!”

“I ju- I jus- I don’t want to be just friends! You’re the only light in my life. I’m sorry… I’m not as innocent as you think I am!”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“I’m always thinking about you. I look at the other girls with envy because every day I just want you to myself! I love you! You’re my sweetheart. I want to be with you forever.”

“Ah, I’m only interested in girls…”

“Yes! Then please, I wish to be a girl. Make me a woman!”

You nod thoughtfully and unzip your pants. “Sounds good.”

“Ah, why are you taking your penis out!”

“I’m going to make you a woman!”

“I thought you’d be using magic or something!” Elena replies defensively.

“Baby… all the magic is right here.” You point at your member and advance forth.

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