The Power of Creation – Chapter 106

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“I’m going to slide it in now.”

“Mm… yes… my sweetheart. Ah!”

“Does it hurt?” You uncharacteristically ask.

“Mm… but it’s okay because it’s you.”

You look deeply into Elena’s slightly elongated cate like eyes as you slide your member into her. She is properly aroused, and gladly spreads her legs open for you, an elated smile growing on her face as you slide it in.

“Ah, I can feel you inside me.” She says excitedly, giving you a beaming smile, then turns away shyly. “When you look at me like that, it makes me blush.”

“I can’t help it, you’re too cute.”

“Don’t you say that about all of the girls?” A tinge of Elena’s jealousy slips through.

“You’re the one I’m with now.”

“Mm!” Elena smiles in contentment. “C-can you kiss me while you thrust. I w-want to taste your lips.”

You nod, happy to ablige, moving your head down and pressing your lips against hers as you push your dick the rest of the way. Not unlike Merida, Elena is the kind of person to work hard in ernest. While her hands tighten on your arms, she in no other way expresses any discomfort and being broken open by your beast of a dick. When you begin to thrust into her, she wraps her legs and arms around you, holding your tightly.

As your mouth explores hers, your hands move up to her ears and start playing with them. The ears twitch at first, but eventually she let’s out a moan as he stroke her ears with your fingers and her pussy with your cock. Her nails dig into your back, and it feels like she’s got in you in a massive grip. She’s holding you so tightly at this point that even if you were to get up this second, she’d be in the same position, arms and legs wrapped around you and your dick firmly implanted deep inside her.

You were on top, but it appeared like Elena had taken your body over and made it hers. A second later, there is a deep vibrating that even the tip of your penis could feel. You realize that she is purring as you thrust into her. Meanwhile, her hands are pawing at your back, her nails digging into your shoulders. Her actions probably would have torn up your back in the old world, but with your current stats she probably won’t break skin.

“Ah, sweetheart! You’re making me cum!”

As she says this, her thighs tighten even more around your cock, and her claw-like hands scratch at your back. Her hands scratch down your skin as her mouth opens wide and she let’s out a long yowl.”

“Aaaaaaaaiiiiii…. Aaaaiiiii…. Hah, hah, hah, hah…” She breathes desperately as her body writhes and twists around yours.

Even so, it isn’t like you’re holding her down or pounding her hard. Instead, from under you, she’s clinging to you and rubbing herself all over your body. It’s like she’d trying to permanently cover you in her scent. She rubs her cheek against your chin as she purrs delicately, the heels of her feed seem to knead down your legs. Even her hips are gyrating as if to smear as much of her lust over your pelvic region as she can manage in her limited range of motion.

“I was your seed inside me, my sweetheart. Please, fill me up. I need it.”

Elena looks up at you with teary eyes, and for a moment her words seem like absolute truth. She does need it. She needs you desperately. This is more than just sex to her. This is her planting a space at your side. This is her confirming that you as her mate, and this place as her home. This is about her finally becoming comfortable in her body with the man she loves.

“Please…” She begs, biting your chin. “Give it to me. Fill me up.”

Her surprisingly needy sexually advances quickly take you to the top, and with one last thrust, you go deep inside her and lose your warm load deep into her belly.

“It’s hot!” an ecstatic smile breaks on her face and then her eyes fall into yours and she watches you sweetly as you cum into her. “I love you, so much. There is a piece of you inside me now. I’ll cherish it.”

You remain inside her as she refuses to let go, and you find yourself staring into her catlike eyes and kissing occasionally. You dick eventually softens inside her, and finally her grip starts to release. It takes a moment for you to realize that she wasn’t just purring, she’d already purred herself off to sleep. You slowly unwrap yourself from Elena’s claws and head to the door.

When you open it, there is a person standing on the other end wearing a pouty face. “Buu! You said I could join in! You’re a mean childhood friend!”

That’s right, you shut the door on her face when all the other girls tried to get involved. You’ll have to repent.

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