The Power of Creation – Chapter 108

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“That’s a boob.” You mutter, feeling your way to the night stand until you reach something soft. “That’s another boob.”

A mass of flesh to your right twitches when your finger slips into something wet. “Mm… that’s a pussy.”

You climb over the body in the dark, bringing your fingers back to yourself. Your hand lands on something hard and round.

“A butt? I guess it could be another boob.”

You give it a squeeze for good measure and hear a woman’s moan. Finally, you make your way to the foot of the bed and move yourself up to a sitting position. You were, without a doubt, extremely hung over. Of course, you got rid of the nausea and the headache using magic. What did that leave left over? Well, you weren’t entirely sure. Just overall desire to be left in the dark.

The pile of women that made up your bed are sprawled out in every direction. It consisted of most of the harem, at least the more aggressive girls like Grimhilde, Mulan, and the maids. It is dark, and you don’t entirely remember each and every pussy that was rubbing against you like you were made of catnip nor the boobies flopping on every orifice of skin the previous night. At some point, you lost track, especially when you were drunk.

“Let’s Party!”

Those had been the words that set off the Riun celebration. You had made alcohol and a feast appear, and the town had partied. You had sat in a chair while people played music and danced. Half the harem wanted you out there dancing with them, and you had given them each one dance and one dance only. A few tried to get more but you put your foot down and they accepted it after some gentle persuasion.

Riun consists of about a thousand citizens total (not all of them had appeared in the square) and an additional 400 noncitizens. These are adventurers, serfs, and travelers that only stay in Riun, but don’t settle here.

With the settling of the new lord of Riun, the villagers wanted to shower you with gifts. However, their own city had been destroyed and the only gifts they had were the very homes you had built for them with your create city spell.

The most pious of them actually offered you their wives and daughters. The harem kicked into motion before you even could, and the girls ended up being vetted our very strictly. It was Megara who lead the way. The other girls were impassive or disinterested, but Megara was insistent.

“Do you want our beloved to end up sticking his dick in any girl?” Megara demands.

“Well, no, but…”

“It is our duty as his harem to properly choose his women and properly train them.”

“Is that so?” It was impressionable Ariel, Tiana, and Merida who were caught by Megara’s devilish words.

“Oh, ho… so you haven’t even been considering your rights as harem girls. Have you even elected a first?”

“A… first?” Tiana asks, wide eyed.

“You know, the bottom bitch, the first mistress! Which girl is in charge of all the other girls?” Megara’s mouth opens wide in surprise. “Then who allocates time with the master? Who sets the rules?”

“Well, daddy typically sets the…”

“Wrong!” Megara snaps.” We can’t be letting him make all the choices, he’ll walk all over us!”

“I’m right here…” You mutter.

Megara takes one look at you, then drags the other girls into a corner and starts speaking quickly. She even manages to draw in the maids and Mulan into it. Soon, as men went up to present their daughters, the women would head them off, examine the women, and speak quietly before she’d quietly leave, hiding her tears in shame. Of course, from what you saw, none of the women approached the level of your maids, let alone the other girls in the harem, so it wasn’t much of a loss.

“So, we’ve found two women suitable to add to your harem.” Megara declared proudly after a few hours of vetting all the town women.

She drags two girls out. One of them is a tomboyish girl wit short brown hair, and mousy attractive features. The other is a dark skinned elf beauty.

“Wait, that’s just Florian’s party, Nala and Pocahontas!”

“Ah, well, they are pretty, aren’t they?” Meg responds sheepishly.

Pocahontas steps forward first. “Your harem. I will join. If you save my tribe.”

“I have to save your tribe first?” You frown, looking up and down her brown, smooth skin.

Pocahontas’ face doesn’t change expression as she speaks. “If you promise, you can have me now.”

“Ah, Pocahontas! Put down your skirt!” It is Nala who whimpers this while trying to stop Pocahontas who is lifting her skirt like a school girl revealing herself.

“Alright, the day I have my way with you is the day I’ll save your tribe. I promise it.” You declare.

“Good. The my benefactor, you shall be.”

You say that meaning you’ll probably hear her problem out tomorrow, have your way with her, and then fix it with a wave of your hand, but she seems to hear it as you were going to hold off having her body until after you’ve done your duty. She nods approvingly, and you roll your eyes.

“What of you, Nala?” You ask.

“My lord!” She gave a rough curtesy. “M-m-my heart belongs to another…”

“What about your body?” You ask.

“Ah! M-m-m-m-m-m-m-y body…” She looks like she’s about to cry. “Florian is still out there. He’s being controlled by that monster. I-i-i-if you save… my fr—florian, can you promise not to k-kill him… will that suffice?”

“Suffice for what?” You ask, sitting back in your chair like a tyrant.

“Ah, well… this… and that…”

“Describe this and that.”

“You…” Nala was nearly in tears. “I know the kinds of things you’ll want me to do. You’ll make me drink a ton of water!”


“And then when I really have to pee, you’ll bend me over and stick your dick in my butt!”

“What!” You nearly spit out your drink.

“What?” even Megara seems surprised.

“The butt! And then you’ll plow me from behind, while pulling my hair really hard and slapping my butt until it’s all red and swollen and then when I cum I won’t be able to hold it and I’ll pee all over and you’ll be like ‘Hey… Nala… aren’t you just a dirty slut!’ And then you’ll make me have to lick it off the ground!”

“Do you think you’re Tiana!”

“And then as I’m licking it off the ground you’ll punish me with a whip and call me a dirty whore while I have to touch my pussy and pleasure myself in front of you! And then you’ll shoot your cum on the floor and tell me to lick it up too, and then I have to follow the cum trail, crawling across the floor while you whip my behind, making sure I don’t miss a drop and when I finally get to the end you’ll use your whole fist!”

“My whole fist?”

“All of it, and you’ll violate me, over and over, never stopping, raping me and beating me until I orgasm over and over again and I’m just a whorish mess of piss and cum!”

“By, Pun, woman get a hold of yourself!” You declare.

Finally, she stops, looking around while panting for breath, her face quite flushed.

“Ah!” Nala covered her mouth, unable to speak as her face turned red.

Tears welled in her eyes and she turned and ran away, crying.

“… man… she really is a freak.” You mutter to yourself.

“That actually does sound like something you’d do though.” Grimhilde adds.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to say it…”

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