The Power of Creation – Chapter 109

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After Nala left in embarrassment, you continued to sit in your pseudo-throne, straddling one girl or another on your knee while you continued to drink. At some point, your grabby hands turned into heavy petting, and soon her skirt was pulled down exposing her behind. She was strategically riding your cock on your lap. It revealed nothing from the front except a woman excitedly bouncing up and down on a man’s lap, but from behind you got to see two bare cheeks bouncing around your cock.

Who was it again? Was it Grimhilde, or Aurora? You hoped Aurora wasn’t being too rough with the baby so near. However, which pussy you were fucking was hard to remember after that much alcohol. Furthermore, you were fucking in full view of the entire city. You were literally on stage fucking your harem.

Not that anyone up at that point was sober. In fact, you were pretty sure you weren’t the only person there that was getting frisky. It better not have been with any of your girls! That’s when things went blurry, and all your remember are hot naked women rubbing up against you and the sounds, smells, and noise of sex. You could probably even say it was the harem that raped you, seeing as you had no recollection of consent, but thinking something so ridiculous nearly made you laugh. You finally check the time using a magic world-clock spell.

“Only 2 pm.”

The urge to vomit is what woke you up, and the spell cleared that away instantly. So now you are up. The celebration is still likely going on outside. The hornier of your girls must have dragged you inside and enjoyed your cock while you could keep it hard. Well, hopefully they had their fun.

You get up, scratching yourself and wandering up to the door. You push it open, and your eyes immediately fall on the lighted hallway, and Sebastian standing right there at attendance. He gives a respectful nod and bow.


“Sebastian! Don’t you sleep?”

“Hmph… it seems the maids all got drunk. They’ll need to be thoroughly retrained in the morning, but I will handle your night shift. I didn’t touch the alcohol. Does my lord and master need anything?”

“Ah… that’s right, I seem to be drawing a blank, I guess I need to use the restroom? Which direction is that again?”

Sebastian gives another bow. “Tiana is passed out on the floor in the room to the right, or if you’d rather use a toilet, it’ll be through the door over here.”

“Actually, I think I’ll take the toilet. Need some man time.”

“Of course, sir.”

You eye Sebastian, who doesn’t wear the slightest shred of displeasure at suggesting you literally use his daughter as a toilet before sighing and heading into the room indicated. You relax back on your throne, summoning a piece of reading material while you casually take your time. Parades of pussy are all good, but every once in a while it’s nice to just sit on the toilet and relax. Maybe, you should make a point to get up in the middle of the night to find your piece of zen, a time without women. Man time.

Just as you feel like you reached nirvana, there is a knock on the door. You give a sigh as you wipe and flush.

“What is it?” You demand.

“Sorry, sir, I just did a census on your harem, and we seem to be deficient one girl!”

“Wh… what!” When the meaning of the words click home, you throw open the door and glare at Sebastian, who has a small frown of worry on his lips.

“I should have been more assiduous, master, I am deeply sorry.” Sebastian bows again.

“Who is missing?”

“Ah, that would be… Ariel.”

“Where did she go!” You demand.

“My lord, it’s too early to tell…”


“Upon reviewing my tracking magic, she left the party with a couple of guys who took her to the nearby inn.”

Ariel! Drunk! With a bunch of guys! In an inn!

“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!” You race out of the mansion in nothing but your robe.

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