The Power of Creation – Chapter 116

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“Wow… the fist really did all fit.” Ariel says, looking excitedly at the scene of your arm hanging out from between Belle’s legs.

“Did you really have any doubt.” Belle sniffs, a strangely surprising amount of pride in her voice considering she is being violated by your hand.

“Well, to be honest, this commoner has made his cock that large before when he’s violated me.” Tiana shrugs.

“Oo, me too, now that you mention it!” Ariel nods.

Belle grows flustered. “We-well, even if that’s so, it’s completely different! He’s got nails and knuckles, it’s way harder. Your pussies would probably be broken by this much.”

“I agree, I think daddy would break me if his cock was that large.” Merida says, thoughtfully.

“You really do shove any large phallic object you can up there, don’t you?” you frown, a little disappointed at how little resistance Belle puts up.

In fact, it seems like Belle was rather used to at least a fist. You are nearly up half your forearm, and Belle seems to take it graciously. Her legs are nearly spread into the splits, and her apple round bottom is right in front of you as you kneel down, your arm slid into her. She was already extremely wet from her perverted watching of Merida and Ariel. Even a so-called man doing this isn’t enough to dampen her sexual excitement.

“Alright.” You pull your arm back out, a quick squirt of juices coming out of Belle as you do.

She laughs lightly, clearly feeling like she won now. So you whip out your dick.

“Huh? That’s…”

“Wow! Hero is really really big!”

“That’s what, about two fists sized now?” Tiana adds.

“Will hero stick that in me?” Ariel asks excitedly.

“Maybe one day, but gigapenis can’t be used modestly. It should only exist for professional hoes like Belle.”

“Two fists! That’s…” Belle looks excited for a second, and then her face turns away. “You said nothing about an actual penis. Keep that filthy thing away!”

“A gigapenis?” Merida asks.

“AH, well, given the fluid nature of my erection, I thought it was about time I started naming the states of my penis.” You explain.

“This is a gigapenis. Fist sized is megapenis. My more modest 10 inch-size is called the decapenis.”

“What about a standard six inches?”


“You call the average micro, as expected of this commoner…” Tiana bites back.

“Super, mega, massive… whatever you call it, I don’t want it!” Belle growls.

“Are you sure?” You ask, pushing the head up against her crotch.

“Ah! It’s so big!” Her eyes widen, and then she clenches her teeth. “That’s…”

“Too late!” You slide the gigapenis into Belle.

“Ah! Oh shit! It’s so big. It’s stretching me out! By Pun!”

You pull the cock all the way back out until it’s just the head, and then leave it there. After Belle catches her breath she looks up at you expectantly, but you merely wait.

“Well?” Belle asks irately.

“Oh, me? What is it?”

“You…” Belle growls. “You know what, stick it in?”

“Stick what in? My penis?”

“Quit it,” Belle snaps, moving her hips to try to force your cock into her.

You grab her hips and keep her from doing so, keeping just the head inside her.

“Hey! Will, you just… I want…” Belle seems to grow more flustered as the time goes on.

“You want what? You want my cock? Tell me, Belle. Tell me you want my cock inside you.”

“You-“ Belle’s face turns ugly. “You bastard. I don’t want that filthy thing.”

“Then I better not slide it in.”

“That’s… then, can you not leave it there, it’s pressing…”

“What?” You ask, reaching down and grabbing your cock. “You mean this thing?”

You wiggly your cock in your hand up and down, the head of it pushing against her pussy, which is already stretched wide around the massive head, turning and rubbing across the crack of her pussy and up and down over her clit.

“Oh, shit, Oh shit. Fuck that’s good. Stop! You’re driving me… please.”

“Please what?” You ask, continuing to shake your cock so it stimulates her vagina.

Belle looks like she’s about to cry. “Just stop… I can’t take it anymore. I’m going crazy.”

“What’s that?”

“Hahahahahahah… I… I… want your co…” her voice drifts off silently.

“What? I didn’t here you?”

“I!” She started, looking away before muttering. “want… your… cock…”

“You want my what?”

“You cock!” She shouts, tears falling down her face. “Please, I want your cock…”

“I’m sorry, I’m a little confused, where do you want my cock?”

“You bastard…”


“Please… I want your cock inside me! Please fuck me!”

You laugh. “That’s all you had to say!”

You slam your dick deep into her pussy. Belle let’s out and rapturous scream, her legs wrapping around your hips as she starts to cum.

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