The Power of Creation – Chapter 117

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“I love your cock! I love your cock!” Belle squeals, her face having long lost all sense of resistance.

Her tongue is sticking out and she has gone full ahegao. Her eyes are lost in the moment, and the only thing she cares about is that cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. It makes dirty wet noises, her nether regions becoming drenched in sex fluids. Her body is under your complete command, and she doesn’t care at all as long as your cock keeps ramming into her.

“Ohh… I’m about to cum!” you declare.

“Cum! Cum!” Belle says, saliva dripping down her tongue.

She probably has no grasp on what the words mean. She herself has cum so much that the entire bed is soaked and she is just a mess. Still, she shows no signs of quitting. It seems like the woman has no wear limit. She’ll keep going until she falls apart, smiling drunkenly the whole time. She lost almost all coherency since the second you started pounding into her.

Merida is watching the exchange carefully like she is taking notes. Ariel had started touching herself. As she went, she dragged Tiana into it, and soon she was fingering both Tiana and herself. Both girls watched you pound Belle while putting on a yuri show of their own. The erotic sight kept you hard and going for quite a while. However, ten minutes after even Ariel stopped touching herself and curled up next to Tiana for a nap on the dry side of the bed, you decide to finish up.

Pulling out one last time to a wet squirting noise as air and cum burst out of Belle’s gaping hole, you bring your dick up to her mouth. She barely seems to even be aware you stopped and pulled out, just looking dazed as your dick shoots hot white bursts of white across her face and chest. Thirty second later, you finish coming all over Belle.

You use magic to create a digital camera phone. Bringing your dick next to Belle’s mouth to the point that the head his touching her panting tongue. You aim the camera at her face for a selfie.

“Hey, Belle, I’m going to commensurate this moment. Say, ‘I love cock!”

Still dazed, the cum soaked Belle made two victory signs and smiled with her tongue still flicking across your cock. “I wove cwock!”

Snap! There was a flash and you finish up the picture.

“Oh, she passed out.”

A second later, the broken former lesbian collapses on the floor, her eyes still open, but it is clear she is asleep. You’d close her eyes, but she has cum all over her nose and forehead, and so you decide it is better not to touch her.

“Well, that was certainly fun.” You laugh.

“Mm… Mm…” Merida nods excitedly. “I learned a lot from that.”

“Eh… maybe you shouldn’t take too many life lessons from Belle, okay?” You say to the only girl still awake in the room.

“Huh? Oh, okay, if daddy says so.” Merida nods uncertainly, looking like she really didn’t get it. “Anyway, I thought you were working on the town today, what brought you here?”

You snap your fingers. “That’s right. I came here for a reason!”

“What?” Merida seems flustered as your approach her, grabbing both of her hands in yours.

“You won the competition. You get the first date.”

“D-d-d-d-date!?” Merida nearly stands in excitement.

“Yes. It’s occurred to me I need to take better care of my harem. I’d like to take everyone out on a date. Yours is first. We can do anything you want… and I mean anything! The world is at your disposal. Just say the word and I’ll make it a reality.”

“Oh, my… it’s so sudden.” Merida seems to blush.

As a woman already appearing 6 months pregnant, it made her look particularly beautiful.

“Do you know what you want to do?” You ask.

Merida sits in silence for a few moments, then she looks up at you with a radiant smile. “Mm! I do!”

“Then, let our first date commence!”

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