The Power of Creation – Chapter 130

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“Before you die for touching my Mulan, what is this master stuff?” Mushu demands.

“Master is master!” Mulan takes a step forward while shooting Mushu an angry look. “Mushu should but out of it!”

“Mulan is mine,” you explain. “So, I guess she was more comfortable seeing it as a master-servant relationship.”

“I’m masters! See!” Mulan pointed to the ruby collar around her neck, causing several of the dragons to gasp and even her father to tense up.

“A dragon would dare collar another dragon!” Mushu shouts.

“Hey, she asked for the collar!” You defend. “Besides, who says I’m a dragon?”

There was even more chatter amongst the dragons.

“Wait, are you saying you’re not a dragon?” This is the first time Fa Zhou looks genuinely alarmed.

“No. That transformation was just something for fun. I’m human… I think.” Your voice loses steam as the looks from the dragons become increasingly more hostile.

“If he’s not a dragon, then they can’t have legitimately bredlocked! Mulan, come back here! Your loving Mushu promises he won’t punish you too much!”

“No! I hate you! I’m bredlocked now! He was a dragon so it’s official!” Mulan declares.

So, apparently her desire to mate had a second hidden meaning. Only sex between dragons could be considered bredlocked. That meant that her declaration that you must get married originally back in the day was an embellishment, and also driven by her distaste for Mushu. When you first met her, she must have been eager to get into a relationship so that she wouldn’t have to go back home. On the other side, Mushu is looking very depressed at those words.

“Wh-why does Mulan hate me so? You used to think I was the coolest, remember?”

“You started turning weird!”

“I made those changes for you!” Mushu insists. “I wanted to be together with you. That’s why I started becoming a true man!”

Mushu flexes his muscles as if to prove the point. They are certainly impressive. The pretty boy Mushu is an above average attractive man. You aren’t into that kind of thing, but if you had to rate looks he is probably more attractive than Florian. In fact, if it wasn’t for his muscles, with the long golden hair he might even be confused for a girl.

“You’ve always been like this!” Mulan shouts with a teary expression. “You’d sneak into my bed at night and you’d start touching me in strange places and doing this and that! I didn’t like it! That’s why I ran away!”

“Mushu is a loli-pervert?”

“Guh!” Mushu reacts like he was struck in the gut. “That is… skinship! I wanted skinship. If Mulan wasn’t so cute I wouldn’t sneak in your bed every night! What’s wrong with that?”

“Incest is wrong!” Mulan shouts back.

“Wait… whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” You cry, “What the fuck you mean incest?”

It was the silver-haired dragon who looks exasperated and tired who responds. “It’s the unfortunate truth. Mushu and Mulan are siblings.”

“Listen here, fake dragon. Mulan is my beautiful and loving sister. Only I will have her!” Mushu declares.

Fa Zhou hits Mushu over the head with enough force that he face plants into the ground. A second later Mushu pulls his head out of the dirt and shoots you a glare like nothing happened.

“None of that matters now. I’ve already declared a fight to the death with this young man. No matter how much dragon you possess, you still claim ownership over my precious daughter. Our colony cannot afford to lose her. She’s my last normal child. I’d never be able to find someone to marry Mushu, so Mulan is my last chance to strengthen ties with another colony. With no proper heir, it’s the only way we’ll survive as a colony. Please prepare yourself.”

“Father, no!” Mulan cries before turning back to you. “Please, master, I beg you, if you love me even a little, don’t hurt father. I couldn’t bear to see him hurt. I know it’s an unreasonable request, but please don’t fight him.”

You take a few steps forward, patting Mulan’s head as you pass. “Don’t worry. I’ve already said it. Your mine, and today is your date. I will definitely fulfill your request, no matter how impossible it is.”

“S-so cool!” the words came from Mushu, who immediately covered his mouth and then gave you a hateful stare.

“Alright, old man. Mulan is mine. If you think you have the strength to take her, then test me.”

“I like the look in your eye young man.” Fa Zhou responds. “It’s a shame you weren’t born to our noble colony, decedents of the greatest dragon who ever lived. I might have even given you her hand myself. For that, I’ll end this quickly!”

Fa Zhou immediately dashes forward at a full speed which easily breaks the sound barrier. He arrives in front of you at a speed even the other dragons can’t see. They didn’t call him the dragon king for no reason. His fist flies at your face with enough speed that flames spark in the air. Of course, only you are fast enough to see the fist. Your hands instinctual go up to catch it.

However, after a brief glance at Mulan, looking on with worried eyes, you give a sigh and lower your hands. The fist strikes you in the chin with full strength. Soon, you find yourself flying into the side of the crater with a resounding boom.

“Huh?” the voice is Mulans.

The dragons are nodding as if this was a given conclusion. Only Mulan thought otherwise. It didn’t occur to her for a second, even knowing the absolute strength of her father, that he’d even move you a hair’s breadth. She had such absolute faith in your ability that her brain couldn’t process what just happened.

“It’s done.” Mushu says cockily. “Now, come over here Mulan so I can snuggle you properly!”

“Wait…” Fa Zhou stops Mushu from surging forward with a wariness that comes with age. “He… didn’t even attempt to block…”

The mini-crater on the side of the massive crater starts to crack and crumble, and a moment later you pop out. There is no blood or damage on your body, although you’re covered in a little bit more dirt than you were prior. You simply smile and shrug.

“Wh-wh-what is this?” Mushu takes a step back in surprise.

“Mulan told me not to fight.” You respond simply. “So, I won’t fight. I wonder how long you can keep up, old man.”

You raise a hand, gesturing your fingers to bait Fa Zhou. Fa Zhou watches you carefully with narrow eyes.

“I don’t know what game you’re playing.” The old man sighs. “I am truly sorry, my daughter, but it seems I will have to break your former lover. Goodbye, strange one.”

Fa Zhou comes at you again, faster than before, his fist burning with magic. You don’t lift a finger as the fist connects, creating a massive shockwave that engulfs the crater. It’s going to be a long day.

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