The Power of Creation – Chapter 132

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“He killed the dragon king, kill him!” shouts one of the young dragons.

“What the fuck! That was a match! Were you always going to attack me no matter who won?”

“This is this and that is that!” Another says as all of the remaining dragons turn into their dragon forms. “He was protecting Mushu who you attacked to kill!”

“Mushu attacked me first!” You shout back.

“You’ll burn for this!” The dragon roars, fifteen dragons suddenly launching at you.

“Mulan, what the hell is this?”

“They’re frenzying! It’s the shock of seeing father hurt!” Mulan responds, her body exploding into a dragon form.

“You bastards!” You turn back into your dragon form just as fifteen dragons leap at you.

Mulan grabs one by the back of the leg and tosses him into the side of the crater. “Damn it, you idiots, listen to this great one. Get off my master!”

However, she can’t stop it. You are going to have to start hurting her dragon colony. Oh well-

“STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” A high-pitched voice explods with enough power to shake the very ground.

The dragons immediately scatter, parting ways for the source of the voice. That voice is surprisingly Mushu’s. He is still in dragon form too, his father having absorbed the hit from your attack. Still as he approaches you, you can see one leg limping, so he must have been hurt. His eyes are unreadable as he watches you while approaching. He is large and powerful, easily as big as you. It is clear that he outpowers all the other dragons here, including Mulan.

“Mushu, don’t do this!” Mulan cries out, trying to block Mushu despite her worry.

Mushu stops, lifting a single clawed hand up, and patting the smaller dragon on the head. Then he takes a few more steps before you, and bowed.

“Huh?” You say in surprise of the golden dragon bowing on the ground. “What?”

“Please.” The dragon looks up at you with tearful eyes. “Please save daddy!”


“Mushu, don’t lower yourself to this man!” One of the dragons cries angrily.

Mushu ignores the dragon, immediately grabbing onto you looking up with tearing eyes. Please, it’s my fault. I’ll do anything! Save my daddy!”

“Anything?” you let the words out in surprise.

“Mushu, don’t make those kind of promises to this man, he’s devious!” Mulan declares.

You shoot Mulan a dirty look. What is she talking about? You can make this brother go away forever and never have to deal with him. It isn’t like you’ll torture him or anything. What kind of guy does she think you are? However, as you stare at Mushu, he suddenly backs away covering his chest and gasping.

“So, you want… that…” Mushu finally sighs and lowers his hands. “Very well, I’ll give myself to you if you save my father.”

“Outrageous.” One of the dragons calls out.

“No! Mushu! He’s mine! You can’t have him!” Mulan shouts.

“Just what kind of guy do you think I am!” You voice out. “Look, I’ll fix your dad. We’ll worry about the details later. Can you do something about your brother?”

“Huh? Brother?” Mulan gives a confused look.

Mushu lets go of you with a flustered look of his own. He really is clingy. You turn yourself back into your normal human form and the others follow suite. Upon walking the distance to where Fa Zhou’s body is, you kneel down next to him. He looks bloodied and beaten.

“I’m sorry I killed you. I’ll make it better.”

“I’m not dead, you idiots!” Fa Zhou’s eyes open and he gives an annoyed growl.



The two children of Fa Zhou run up behind you. He looks over and rolls his eyes, looking even more tired.

“Ugh… you two idiot children think a weak blow like that can take out the great dragon king! Just give me 10 or 20 years and I’ll be back to peak fighting condition!”

“He calls being laid out for 20 years a weak hit?” You mutter wryly.

“Haha! Well, it’s not as if I wouldn’t appreciate being healed though.”

“Yeah, yeah, here you go!” You wave your hand, and in an instant the color starts returning to his face.

You even clean off the dirt. Speaking of which, you’re still very naked too. You wave your hands again, cleaning your own body and Mulans, putting you both into your respective clothing of choice.

“So cool!” Mushu mutters as he looks tearfully down between you and his dad.

Fa Zhou stands up a moment later, brushing himself of while eying you and his children before sighing. “You so casually use magic that normal people would consider impossible. You truly are a hero.”

“I don’t really see myself as any kind of hero. I’m just doing what comes naturally, I guess.”

“Is that so?” The man says thoughtfully while stroking his chin. “In that case, I see no other choice than to leave my children in your care.”

“Father!” Mulan says excitedly, then the color drains. “What do you mean, children! Both? No! No, not Mushu!”

“Yes! I get to be with my sister and the man I gave myself to!” Mushu suddenly realizes you’re looking at him incredulously and he straightens and bows with a blush on his face. “Please accept me.”

“Accept you! What the heck are you talking about? I don’t want him.”

Fa Zhou nods. “That’s why I know you’re the right one for her.”

“Ah… master… uh…”

“P-p-perhaps this will answer your question.” Mushu declares, leaping at you.

Before you can even react, his lips touch your own. Frozen in your own horror, it takes a second to realize his lips are really soft. And he smells really good. And that’s not the only soft thing. A warm, soft pillow is pressed up against your chest, creating a barrier between you and him. You’re confused, so you pull out a hand and squeeze.

“Ee…” A very feminine voice moans as the lips leave yours and Mushu’s form pulls back, covering her chest.

Except it wasn’t Mushu standing there. Yeah, she had some of Mushu’s feature like long golden hair, but it was very curly now. She had golden reptilian eyes like all dragons. She also had a pair of tits the size of Kidas. Although where Kida was very tall, so the boobs balanced her size, Mushu was just all curves. Her looks were absolutely stunning, the kind of looks that would make any chin drop at the sight. Although Mulan was also beautiful, her body was very flat. This was a body made to be played with, but unlike the Cinderella sex doll, was proportioned as if a deity had made her to perfect specifications.

She blushed, giving you a look that made your heart race. “You already wish to touch those. O-our future husband, sister, is very forceful… It’s cool!”

“It’s not cool! You can’t share him! He’s mine!”

“Wait, what the heck is going on here?” You demand.

“Ah… I was going to mention it earlier.” Mulan snaps her fingers. “I thought you already knew, but I don’t have any brothers.”

“What Mulan means is that she is my adorable, sexy sister!” Mushu declares, grabbing Mulan and immediately hugging her tightly while rubbing her cheek on the top of Mulan’s head.

Mushu is about a head taller than Mulan, and her massive chest engulfs Mulan’s head.

“I’m in my own personal hell.” The muffled words come from Mushu’s chest.

“It’s okay!” Mushu pulls Mulan out of her chest. “I’ve got big enough boobs for both of us!”


“You’re still my beautiful sister. Please make love to me!”

“Get away you creepy siscon!”

“Why is Mulan always rejecting my love!”

“Shut up, you cow sister!”

“Y-you know, maybe if you suck on my breasts you’ll grow big breasts too.”

Mulan stops for a second, the temptation overriding her sense for a moment, and then looks at Fa Zhou.” I-is that true?”

Fa Zhou gives the same tired expression and shakes his head. “No, of course not.”

Mulan turns back to Mushu. “You liar!”

“Rats! Daddy, can’t you just lie once for your daughter!”

“I hate you!” Mulan punches with all her force into Mushu’s chest.

Her massive boobs take the entire impact and reflects it. Mulan ends up going flying into the crater wall.

“Oh, sister. Come here, I’ll fix you!”

“Stay away!”

The pair end up racing around the crater while the onlooking dragons all scratch their necks and avert their eyes, clearly used to this kind of behavior.

“I don’t get it,” You say to Fa Zhou who is standing right next to you. “I thought you said you couldn’t find her a suitor.”

“I can’t.” Fa Zhou laughs. “You’ve seen her personality. The only guys who would take her as a bride only want her for her body, and those are the guys I’m not okay with. Plus, she’d be miserable that way. I had hoped as soon as her sister matured I could send her off for marriage. As soon as I started considering marriage partners for Mulan she started using glamour magic to look like a guy and claiming she was the best fit to marry Mulan. In the end, Mulan ran away, and rather than distance helping, it only made Mushu more desperate.

“To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do. You’ve really help- I mean, ahem, it would be my honor to hand my daughters over to you.”

“Aren’t you just dumping your problem children on me?”

“Haha. Speaking of which, as you are the hero, our clan will be happy to follow you in the future.”

“You’re just trying to avoid the issue!”

“Do you mind if our colony relocates to your territory?”

You finally give a sigh. “Yes, I guess. Everyone is welcome in Riun. Just don’t go around scaring people in your dragon forms.”

Fa Zhou nods and holds out his hand. “Very well. In that case, please look after my daughters.

You grab his hand. “Can you at least not look so relieved as you say that?”

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