The Power of Creation – Chapter 133

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“So… anyway, that’s how Mulan’s sister ended up moving in with us.” You explain.

“Mm!” Mushu says in agreement as she rubs herself against Mulan.

You’re all back at the mansion eating dinner together. Mulan’s date ended rather abruptly, but she seems happy enough. Well, right after the date, things got a little uncomfortable for a bit…

“Master… if you really loved me you’d get rid of my sis-“

“Hey, Mulan, if you really loved me you’d have a threesome with me in your sister!”

“Guh!” Mulan looks like she’s been struck in the stomach. “Using my clever argument against me.”

“I wouldn’t call it clever. I gave you one because it was our day. Every bitch gets one.”

“I’m sorry master, I thought you’d kill father and I was desperate!”

“What kind of person do you think I am?”

“I was reading the comments section and-“

“Don’t you know not the read those!” You explain and then sigh, completely understanding why Mulan would carry such worries about your personality. “Besides, where did you come up with such a cliched bullshit line anyway?”

“Well, Megara told me-“

“Nevermind, the white-hot flash of rage that just shot through me tells me you shouldn’t complete that sentence.”

“A-are you mad?” Mulan asks, her head lowered.

“At Megara? That fucking girl doesn’t know the difference between bad attention and good attention as long as she gets attention. The best course of action is to just ignore her… for now.”

“I-I meant me…” Mulan says quietly.

“Well, there is one way to make amends.” You glance over at the person sitting next to her, who is current rubbing her chin on Mulan’s thigh.

“Hm? Me?” Mushu straightens with a confused look.

“is incest the only way to satisfy my master?” Mulan asks tearfully.

“Is he suggesting we should have sex? Here? Now?” Mushu perks up immediately, drool starting to come out of her mouth.

“It’s incest when it’s just the two of you. But if you both fuck me, then it’s just a threesome with sisters. Not taboo at all.” You explain.

“Don’t say those things to my sister, she’s very trusting and easily manipulated.” Mulan growls, but curiosity overtook her sense and so she asks suspiciously. “Does it really work that way?”

“The internet doesn’t lie.”

“I don’t really get it,” Mushu speaks up. “But are you saying if I sleep with you I can do this and that with my sister and no one would thing me weird?”

“There is nothing strange about two sisters enjoying the same man, so sayeth the porn hub.”

“V-very well.” Mulan mutters, “I suppose if it’s masters want, then I can’t fight it.”

You smile as you remember that incredible night with sister dragons. However, it’s now morning and you are enjoying breakfast, and if anyone else think it’s a cop out so the author doesn’t have to write a sex scene he doesn’t feel like writing right now, no shit Sherlock. You’ll get a hot one next chapter, just hold your dicks.

“Psst…” Someone is crouched next to Mushu, taping on her shoulder. “Psst…”

“What?” Mushu looks over to see Belle standing there, staring at the pair of them, Mulan wrapped in Mushu’s embrace.

“S-so… it seems like you are someone whom also likes women. Perhaps, you’d like to talk with a like-minded strong female type or maybe if you feel like it we can enjoy each other’s company.” Belle says with lustful eyes.

Mushu’s expression goes completely cold as she stares at Belle like dirt. “Go die!”

“Guh! Why do you say that? You’re rubbing that woman in a sexual manner right now!”

Mushu rolls her eyes like the answer is obvious. “This is my sister. I love my sister. It’s not about male or female, it’s about someone who shares a part of me! A pervert like you wouldn’t understand!”

“I understand, I do! Mulan is a very attractive woman. Sometimes, I imagine her, gah, my eyes! Why did you just poke my eyes?”

“Unsee my sister with your filthy eyes you creepy lolicon.”

“Lolicon! You’re touching her privates right now as we talk!”

“This is sister love. Why are you too stupid to get this! Sister love transcends age. It transcends sex. You on the other hand look at my sister with nasty lecherous eyes. Be gone!”

“You bitch! What about that beast? Shouldn’t he get the same treatment?”

“M-my lord!?” Mushu looks away with a blush on her cheeks. “He’s an exception.”


“My sister smells beautiful, and feels soft. No one but her closest sister should be allowed to touch her-“

“Mmm… she does smell good and she really is soft!” Ariel says in agreement.

“Eh?” Mushu looks to the other side of Mulan to find another woman sitting against her other arm.

She was just as close to Mulan as Mushu was, rubbing her face against Mulan with an extreme familiarity.

“This reminds me of when I helped hero pop her cherry, she squirmed and cried but in the end she really liked it.”

“Wh-who are you!?” Mushu asks in a fluster.

“I’m your sister Ariel!” Ariel gives a beaming smile.

“Si-sister? What is this?” Mushu looks taken aback.

“All the girls here are my sisters. We’re all heros, and we’re all each others. We’re family! Mulan has been my sister the longest!”

“Wh-what? Well, Mulan has been my sister the longest too!” Mushu responds defensively.

“Really!” Ariel looks extremely excited, reaching across Mulan, who seems to have sunken into her own little world of despair in a desperate attempt to escape reality, grabbing onto Mushu’s hands.

“Then we must share! You must have some wonderful stories about Mulan. I really want to hear them!”

Mushu puffs up her chest. “Why… of course, I know her best.”

“Mm!” Ariel nods. “Isn’t it crazy that she’s really sensitive right under her elbow?”


“And she doesn’t like you to stick your tongue in her pussy, she prefers it if you flick it in a circle around the clit.”


“But you know all that, right! Right, Mulan?” Ariel turns to the dead-eyed Mulan who doesn’t respond. “Oh, she gets like this. Keeps trying to escape reality. You got to touch her right here-“

“Ergegegger!” Mulan sudden twitches when Ariel reaches down and touches her some place between the legs, “What? Oh, Pun! What am I looking at? Ariel and my sister are holding hands! Did I die and go to the bad place? Why has Pun forsaken me?”

“That way, she remains aware of everything you’re doing and can enjoy every second!” Ariel finishes excitedly, ignoring Mulan’s existential crisis.

“By Pun, all along I thought I truly knew my sister, but in the end, I am but the disciple.”

“Th-this can’t be happening!” Mulan starts crying as she stares between the two star-eyed girls.

Mushu leans forward too, her boob slugging Mulan in the chin. “Ariel… no…. big sister Ariel! Please, teach me about every nook and cranny of my sister!”

“What? You treat your big sister Belle so poorly and then let Ariel do whatever? This is bullshit!” Belle cries out. “You know what? Fuck all you bitches, I’m going to go to my room and rub one out. You all can go suck a dick!”

Belle storms off into the other room, but Ariel and Mushu barely acknowledge her in their own excitement.

“Let’s get started now!” Ariel says. “Come, Mulan, we need you as the reference so I can show your sister all the things that make you go crazy.”

“What? What! Unhand this mighty dragon! No! Stop!”

The two girls grab Mulan by either arm and start dragging her back into Ariel’s bedroom. Desperately, Mulan struggles against the two women. Eventually, she turns back, shooting you a look of despair.

“Please, master!” Mulan gives a desperate cry to you. “If you ever loved me, save me from this!”

Everyone turns to you a second as you sit their drinking from you cup in silence.

Finally, you speak several cold words in a light tone. “Mulan… what did I tell you earlier?”


“Say the words…”

Mulan looks down sadly. “… bitches only get one.”


All the life went out of Mulan as the pair turned away and drag her back into their room, the door shutting behind them.

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