The Power of Creation – Chapter 138

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“What’s this?” Bell asks.

“Nope, no, we already did that one.” You race over to stop another ill-received chapter. “Oh, that? That’s a private room where you can watch porno.”

“W-watch porno? I don’t understand.”

“Ah, well, pick your favorite porn.”

“This!” Belle excitedly holds up a box.

The DVD case she was holding has the title “Lesbian Butt Babes” and depicts an attractive woman eating the snatch of a catgirl woman. Of course, this world didn’t have any porno videos. Instead, your magic seems to take porno from your own world and “alter” the images a bit to add in the demihumans. As a result, you could even find goblin and orc porn, although thankfully human remained in the majority.

“Alright, so you got to open the case, and then put the DVD in the DVD player.”


That’s right, you didn’t add television into the house. You aren’t even 100% sure how to do it. You don’t have enough power to go back to your own world or you might have already done it. So, you can’t fathom the linguistics of getting a signal from the other world. Of course, you could create movies. There are movies you’ve seen and movies you haven’t seen. You don’t know if you created a movie you hadn’t seen if it’d actual be the movie. It might be a magical approximation of what you thought the movie would be about. On that note, all the porn here is probably based on your mind to some degree. It is a literal manifestation of every fantasy you can conceive.

“That explains some of the more disturbing stuff in the back.” You mutter to yourself.


“Ah, nothing, here, put the silver disk in that right there.”

“Oh, it sucked it in! Ah, the screen is flashing.”

Soon a scene appears on the TV. Belle stares wide-eyed at the TV as it starts to show the film.

“The pictures, they move!” Belle says excitedly.

Being a porno, it’s only a few minutes before clothes start coming off. Soon, Belle’s focus is completely lost on the flashing screen as moaning sounds fill the air. As she heavily breaths with a flushed face, her hands start to twist and her legs press together to hold back extreme arousal. She’s so focused on the TV she doesn’t even realize she left the door open to her private room. Well, the store is empty. There isn’t even an employee. You sort of just created it on the spot. You were just looking for an out of the way place so no one would accidentally enter while you played with Belle.

And playing with Belle is exactly what you have in mind. As soon as she starts breathing hard and twisting in arousal, your hands find their way onto her butt, which you give a light squeeze. She’s still standing in front of the TV, leaning forward with her eyes nearly pressed against the screen image as two woman excitedly touch each other’s naked bodies. Of course, she doesn’t know how to watch a TV, so she looks a bit like a young kid in front of the TV looking at Saturday cartoons. You stand next to her, pushing your groin against her impressive rump.

“Mmmm…” Belle doesn’t look back, but ever so slowly she starts grinding her butt against your cock.

You’re not even sure if she’s conscious of the act as she is fully engrossed in the porn, but her ass has you incredibly hard. Your hands move up her butt and feel her body, wrapping around and grabbing her tits. Her breathing seems to quicken as you play with her tits and she grinds your dick. Grabbing her skirt and lifting it up, you grab her underwear and pull it down. You can tell she’s wet and horny, her pussy pink and glistening in arousal.

You don’t waste any time pulling your cock out of your pants and pushing it up against her waiting pussy. She’s so wet that the head pops right in before you can even stop it.

“Aaaa… stick it in me. Ride me, you beast. Fucking ride me.” Belle says this while still watching the porn.

So, she is aware about what your doing. Well, you’d figured she’d feel it when you stuck it in.



When you look up in surprise, she gyrates her hips eagerly, the head of your cock rocking around the base of her womanhood. That’s all the goading you need. You slide yourself right inside of her. Soon, the pair of you are moaning just as loud as the women on the screen. The pair of you end up spending her date watching porn while fucking doggy style over a chair.

“Inside, blow it inside, you beast.” She begs.

She likes to be creampied. You might do something about her anti-BJ sentiments, but surprisingly she scoops out and licks the cream coming out of her pussy.

“I like the taste when it’s mixed together.” She says innocently as she licks up the mess like the addict Grimhilde might do.

“You are a freak.” You chide her jokingly.

She sticks her tongue out at you while adjusting her naked tits which were busted out over her corset. At this point you’d already fucked three times, and she had found a leather corset with handles and wore that to help you plow into her harder. Surprisingly, Belle was far more natural here in a porn shop than at the mansion. It was as if she needed this kind of place to feel natural, a place that openly enjoyed sex as much as she did.

She also ended up buying about fifty outfits and a couple dozen dildos and various other sex toys. Overall, this ended up being the most normal date yet.

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