The Power of Creation – Chapter 139

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After returning from Belle’s date, you find yourself suddenly facing Grimhilde. Wait, isn’t she the next person on your list to get a date? Well, if that’s the case, she must be eager for it. You haven’t fulfilled her sperm addiction much lately, so she is probably pretty thirsty. Wait, huh? Two women are standing on either side of her.

“Grimhilde, it looks like it’s about time for our date? Why are Maleficant and Snow White here too? If you wanted to have a demon orgy, I’m in for it.”

“You bastard, as if I’d give you the satisfaction!” Snow White growls.

“Even though this demon lord has been involved in many orgies, I do not wish for another with such a loli-pervert.” Maleficant adds.

“Actually, my sister has no official ‘date’ planned with you…” Grimhilde says while scratching her cheek.

“Nor do I want one!” Maleficant defends.

“And Snow White is the next on your list…”

“Hmph…” Snow White snorts while crossing her arms.

“My sister approached me in desperation recently…” Grimhilde starts explaining.

“Not desperation. I don’t beg! I… err… offered you a proposition!”

“Um… okay?” You frown, not quite sure where to go with this.

“Well, as it turns out, their desires align with mine. Snow White and I would like to combine our dates for a more ambitious request.”

You raise an eyebrow. “More ambitious than giving you any date you want?”

“Well, to be specific, we want war.” Grimhilde responds sharply.

“Huh?” You ask, taken slightly aback by the sudden violent look in her eyes.

Grimhilde turns her head and sniffs. “You seem to forget that you’re dealing with a demon lord here. While I admit I’m more peaceful than my sisters, I still crave to conquer and expand my realm. The problem is, as the seventh demon lord, I have the smallest and poorest nation. It was never feasible to spread my domain.”

“And Maleficant?”

“That slug in Florian, whatever its name is, took my territory and my armies! Even as we speak, my people are being raided and ransacked clean by the armies loyal to him. The few loyal to me were slaughtered and my people have no one to protect them. My kingdom is in ashes! While you’ve been taking your sluts on dates, my sister helped me send messages to the other demon lords. They decided not to help. Ursula, that sea witch, even told me that it was my grave I dug and I should sleep in it. Why that bitch—ow, ow, ow!” Maleficant’s tirade ends as Grimhilde knuckles her head.

“One of those sluts you speak of is your very own sister.” Grimhilde chides.

“Ow, Ow, Ow… I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry! I said it thrice!”

“Alright… what does this have to do with Snow White?”

“Hmph. I am still a goblin queen at heart. My brothers you’ve left underground are growing fat and weak. Nonstop sex and food isn’t good for goblins. At heart, all men are pigs, and soon they’ll look like pigs if you don’t give them something to do.”

“So, put it all together, we have a lord who wants to expand her country, a deposited lord wanting to reclaim her country, and a general with an army ready to go. Sound about right?’

“Yes…” X3

“What does that have to do with me?”

“As far as I’m concerned,” Grimhilde explains. “My love is the closest I’ll ever have to a husband. Your strength is my strength. I want my husband to take over the world. I didn’t tell you this yet, but once your country officially was created I planned to emancipate my own…. Yet so far you’ve seemed content to remain in this one city. Occupying Maleficant’s country, Itsu,  seems like a good opportunity for my love to get his feet wet.”

“And Maleficant is okay with this?” You raise an eyebrow.

“Hmph… I’ve already acknowledged my country is lost to me.” Maleficant sniffs, turning away. “If any of my sisters had agreed to help, I’d have just become their puppet for the rest of my life. Grimhilde has told me that with you, I may have a chance of regaining some power. You are but a twig I’m grasping to keep from falling off the cliff.”

“Aren’t you the twig though?”

“Is that a comment about my chest!” Maleficant snaps. “I’ll Kill you! I’ll kill you twice!”

Before you could respond, Snow White steps forward. “Warrior, you bested me in battle and gave me unimaginable humiliation. You may be a great warrior, but you are no general. I can lead your armies. I like to conquer, and I wanted a better life for the goblin people. You’ve done the later, now let me do the first. It is my purpose. I-I’ll let you continue to violate me if you fulfill my wish.”

You roll your eyes. You were going to continue to violate her either way. However, it is nice to know you could get her on board with you. You glance over at Maleficant, who immediately snaps to attention. However, when she realizes what Snow White just said, her face starts to turn red.

“That is… I mean… of course I have sex all the time. I’d even show this loli-pervert a thing or two… if he helps me protect my people and bring stability to Itsu… that is…” Maleficant lowers her head and blushes by the end of the statement.

You give a sigh as you look at the three eager women staring at you. “Alright… let’s go to war.”

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