The Power of Creation – Chapter 145

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The door slams open. “My love! Aurora has gone into labor!”

You pull your tongue out of Nala’s ass. “Huh? The baby is coming?”

“Wh-what are you guy’s doing to Nala?”

You stand up and abandon Nala, still hanging from the ceiling. Ariel pulls her penis (temporary) out of Nala’s pussy and it vanishes a moment later. You can call it a secret power your have given Ariel. As long as she’s balls deep in pussy, she has a penis, but as soon as it comes out, she has a vagina. That way you never have to deal with an Ariel with a penis, while she can make use of it to her fullest extent.

“We’re just having fun. I better go attend my baby momma.”

“She’s my mom too, I’d like to come!”

“Of course!” You laugh, “But you have to wait until after the baby comes out before you can fuck her.”

“Yes, I know…” Ariel rolls her eyes like you’re a parent lecturing her on the obvious.

“Um… guys… what about Nala there…”

The pair of you turn back and look at the naked, disheveled woman hanging from the ceiling.

“C-congratulations on the baby…” Nala deliriously mutters before passing out unconscious.

“Ah, well, if you wouldn’t mind cleaning this up, Grimhilde.”

Grimhilde looks over the scene distastefully. “There is dirt and filth everywhere; a complete wreck.”

“Well, leave everything else. Just clean up Nala.”

“I was talking about Nala…”

“So, you won’t do it?” You ask.

“We demon lords have torture chambers in the dungeons of our castles. She resembles some traitors my father has put under hot iron for weeks. If it wasn’t for the smile on her face, I’d feel sorry for her.”

“You know… that white stuff leaking down her legs is some sweet sweet cum from your lover here…”

“You…” Grimhilde growls and then whines with a pout. “Making me lick old cum out of a pervert’s crotch. Sometimes, you’re the worse.”

“I’ll make it up to you eventually.” You shrug as you wink at her.

She rolls her eyes but shoots you a subtle smile as you close the door on her and the still hanging Nala.

Walking down the hallways, you see the four baka maids racing back and forth, likely fulfilling some request related to the baby coming. There is also a crowd of girl’s outside of Aurora’s door talking excitedly. They all part as you and Ariel approach.

Listening to various congratulations, you open the door and step in. Even Sebastian isn’t allowed in this room at the moment. The only two girls inside are her loyal servant Merida and Cinderella. As to the reason that Cinderella is allowed inside…

“We’re at four centimeters.” Cinderella declares, pulling her fingers out of Aurora, who has her legs up.

“Hey, why does Cinderella get to finger my mom while I have to wait, it’s no fair.” Ariel pouts.

“You understand my ass… She’s not fingering your mom. I copied midwife / OBGYN knowledge into her brain. She’s technically a doctor now. I wanted my babies being born with the upmost care, but I’m not going to let some old lecher feel up in my girls.”

“Hero-san is so thoughtful.” Aurora chuckles.

“However, I am surprised to see you out of bed, Merida?”

“M-me? I must stand guard for my queen when she is vulnerable!”

“You’re just as vulnerable though?” You mutter.

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“You should be in labor as well. I timed it so both of you would have the baby together?”

“Hah? What? I don’t know what daddy is talking about!” Merida responds in a fluster.

“Merida…” Aurora responds sharply as she glares at her guard, “You said that you had no problems at the moment.”

“Ah, that… I thought it was just tummy ache. I’m fine, really. Hey, what are you guys doing?”

You and Ariel double team Merida, ripping off her clothing with relative ease as you push her down on the bed next to Aurora. Despite Merida’s warrior strength, she is still nine months pregnant and doesn’t want to disturb the queen next to her, and so her pants and panties are tossed aside and she’s spread open with minimal struggle.


“Yes, darling, penetration is imminent!” the latex glove slaps as she puts it on her hand, immediately leaping forward with fingers covered in lubricant while you and Ariel keep Merida down each with a hand holding the legs apart.

“You guys, this isn’t… ah, that’s cold!”

“Also 4 centimeters. Breaking water to facilitate birth.” Cinderella declares, her finger likely morphing into a long stick inside Merida.

“H-hey, wait, that’s…” wooosh, a gush of liquid bursts out of Merida stopping her protests and causing her to lower her head in embarrassment.

“Don’t be so difficult, my loyal guard. We will be mother’s together…”

“Y-yes, ma’am…”

A few spells later, you have Merida laying in a second clean bed right next to Aurora. You have two babies about to be born, and it just made sense to take care of it together. It is actually pretty nice as you wait for the final steps of labor. It’ll still be a few hours according to Cinderella, but this is totally going to happen. Exciting!

The door bursts open, taking you, Ariel, Aurora, and Merida out of your family event. It is Grimhilde once again.

“My love!”

“Grimhilde, I’m kind of in the middle of something right now…” You growl.

“It’s war!”

“Huh? Yes… yes… we’ll start your war in a couple of days. Let me at least see my baby…”

“No, my love.” Grimhilde shakes her head gravely. “War has found us. Riun is surrounded! We’re about to be attacked!”

Can’t you even get a break to spend with your new family? Someone is going to fucking pay.

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