The Power of Creation – Chapter 148

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You wipe the rubble off of your shirt as you glare at the former delegation that was sent to “negotiate”. Well, now all there is left is a smoking crater. A few seconds prior, they had been approaching you, Grimhilde, Maleficant, and Kida only for them to suddenly explode. Your stats and the status of your harem are to the point where a simple explosion won’t even be able to push you down, but several villagers and low level adventurers nearby appear to be somewhat injured.

“What the hell was that?” You demand angrily.

Grimhilde sniffs. “Some kind of suicide magic. To think my sisters would resort to clumsy suicidal assassin’s to try to hurt us.”

You walk up to the crater, putting together a quick information ascertainment magic, and immediately learn the details of the magic used.

“Not your sisters, this delegation was sent by Florian.”

“Florian? But the delegation came in from my sister’s armies direction.”

“That’s exactly what Florian wants you to think.”

“My love, are you sure?”

You snort, dusting off your pants as you stand up and pointing at a pair of people coming in from the distance. “Would you sisters send a second delegation after just trying to blow us up with the first?”

Maleficant’s back immediately straightens as she sees the two people on horseback riding into town. She recognized the two of them immediately. When Grimhilde gets a look at them, her face goes white and she turns away.

The two women ride right up to the four of you before dismounting. Noone tries to stop them. It seems like the security in Riun is really lax right now. You never created any kind of bodyguards or protective service, but still, maybe that was something you had to do now.

“You must be this lord of Riun I’ve heard so much about? Good morning…” A sultry looking woman immediately bows, her chest nearly spilling out of the top of her dress.

She has a snake like tail that ends in a rattle, slightly snakelike eyes of red, and you wouldn’t be surprised if she had a forked tongue either. She is very attractive, but she also had the air of danger, like a viper about to strike. She looks at you with a level of predation you haven’t seen since you gave Arial a dick.

“Hmm… is this all? I thought he’d be… a little more filling.” The other woman next to her spoke up.

“!?” You couldn’t help but have a surprised reaction when you laid eyes on the other girl.

She was, for all intent and purposes, a chubby girl. She’s actually the first overweight woman you met in this world. Perhaps in a world run by Pun, that shouldn’t come as any surprise towards you. However, this girl was a pretty attractive looker as well. Definitely in the plus size model bracket. The utter lack of women in the chubster bracket turns her into something akin to an exotic beauty.

“More cushion for the pushing… huh?” You mumble the words to yourself as you imagine how soft her body would be as your plow your dick into that big behind, but are inadvertently overheard by everyone else.

“L-l-loli pervert!” Maleficant accuses.

“My… oh my… “ The viper seems enticed by your words.

“Excuse me!” The chubby bitch looks at you with dark, hateful eyes.

“My love… do we have to go there? I thought at least I’d be spared from the fat sister…”

“Haha!” You laugh, scratching the back of your neck.

If you pursue this path, wouldn’t that make you the so-called chubby chaser? Ah, well, you’ve been called worse. Demon lord get!

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