The Power of Creation – Chapter 149

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The snake-like woman takes a step forward, eyeing you up and down in a particularly brazen way. “I am the great demonlord Medusa, ranked third among the realm. I see that you seem to be in possession of my seventh and fifth sisters.”

“Hey… Grimhilde…” You say, leaning back to the demonlord behind you. “I thought it was a fluke with Maleficant… but it seems like you and all of your sisters look nothing alike.”

Grimhilde makes a tight smile. “Of course, my father isn’t their father. We all share the same mother, the Demon Queen, but you could call us half-sisters”

“So, there is a demon queen too, huh?” You muse, while ignoring the tinge of regret that these are half-sisters and not full. “No demon king?”

“Mother has been gone for ages.” The chubby girl steps up. “And don’t act like you aren’t aware of the legend of the demon king after trying to keep two of our sister’s captive.”

“Huh? The girls are here by choice… sort of…”

“I am not! He kidnapped me and mmphmmmph!” Grimhilde grabs Maleficant and covers her mouth, preventing her from finishing her sentence while pulling the impetuous little girl back.

“Is that so…” the fat one narrows their eyes while ignoring the struggling Maleficant.

Grimhilde whispers something into her ear and she immediately calms down. You sort of wish you heard what she had told the little loli to calm her down. Usually, you’d need to give her candy to get her to so easily relax.

“As you can see, I haven’t kidnapped your sisters. They are in perfect health and so there is no reason to have an animosity between us.”

“Mm… no, in fact, I hope we can become best of friends.” Medusa purs. “This is sixth sister Ursula, by the way…”

Your eyebrows twitch as you hear the name of the forth of the supposed seven sisters. Their names really are going in this particular direction, huh?

“Well, I don’t particularly mind friends…” You respond.

“Exactly!” Medusa closes the distance between the pair of you, leaning forward until her tits are about to spill out of her dress as she stares at you with wide eyes. “You understand, don’t you? Let’s be lovers!”

“Huh? What?” You suddenly feel a little uncomfortable the way the girl is looking at you as she reaches out and grabs your hands, pulling them against her chest while her snake eyes glow like stars.

“We must celebrate our first meeting! Do you prefer missionary or doggie style?” Medusa asks.


“Medusa! What are you saying?” Ursula coughs as she speaks, grabbing Medusa and pulling her aside for a quick scolding. “He’s already taken two of our sisters? Why are you throwing yourself at him so?”

“Hhmm?” Medusa looks over in confusion. “If two of our sisters have come to favor him, then doesn’t that suggest he might be worth our love?”

“N-n-no! That’s… he’s clearly a swindler! He’s tricked them!”

“Little sister, I would know best if our sisters were being tricked the easiest, yes? This man has clearly conquered them. It’s only right that I experience his… conquering as well.”

“D-don’t tell me you decided to come here and check up on your sisters as an excuse just to throw yourself at this man!” Ursula protests.

“But didn’t I?” Medusa puts on a pouty look while pursing her lips before snapping her fingers as if an idea just occurred to her. “You should give your love to him as well, Ursula!”

“What? A-absolutely not! Please, sister, don’t be so lustful! There is an army and this is hardly the place!”

“What can I say, this is the so-called… love at first sight?” Medusa tilts her head and speaks as if this was an obvious conclusion.

“Love at first my ass! Grimhilde, please do something about our sister. Her lustful nature is out of control!” Ursula shouts, looking back at the three of you. “Ah! Why is he naked!”

“Huh?” You ask standing their naked while pulling out your dick. “I heard sex. Are we doing this, or what?”

“Oh my…” Medusa smiles. “Let’s!”

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