The Power of Creation – Chapter 150

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Boom! Boom!

The ground shakes as several explosions occur in the distance. Medusa and Ursula turn back towards their camp with a worried frown.

“That bastard Florian!” Ursula growls.

You sigh returning your clothing with a wave. Florian is starting to become a major cockblock. No matter how much of a Nasty piece of ass Nala proved to be, the temptation to just do away with him is increasing. Well, you can’t pull the leech out with some easy spell because he seems to be using some kind of antimagic barrier. You could easily just drop a nuke on him or his army but considering Florian’s ability is to spontaneously create anything that exists from your world, it’s likely he’d have taken measures to negate your nukes just as you’ll negate his.

“I’m sorry, honey, my beloved, we’ll have to consummate our relationship at another time.” Medusa looks genuinely disappointed as she pops her boobs back into her dress, which had popped out during the previous explosion.

“It’s fine. We’ll just have to work extra hard. Maybe even Ursula will have to join in.”

“Excuse me! I’ll never touch the likes of you!”

“You know… for a porker she’s pretty choosy about her love interests…” You mutter softly.

“What’s that! Did someone say they want to die?” Ursula shouts.

“Perhaps I can tempt you with a banana cream pie.”

“A ba-banana cream pie? You have pie?”

“Of course, I’ll give each of you sisters a creampie after we’re done.”

“Why does this not sound like food?” Grimhilde looks over suspiciously.

“Not food? A trick! This cream pie not something I can eat?”

“… What are you talking about? Of course you can eat it! But you can’t eat your own, you’ll have to eat your sisters.”


“I don’t know what’s confusing. It’s a creampie where you can’t eat your own, you can only eat each others. Isn’t sharing fun?”

“Suspicious.” Grimhilde mutters.

“Cheeee…” Maleficant adds.

Ursula looks undecided but after Medusa nudges her she growls. “Fine! We’re in agreement. Once this crisis is adverted and you deliver to my sister and I this creampie, I will consider joining you, but it better have bananas!

“Oh, it will, big ones.”

“Very well… but understand I am not as easy as my sisters.” Ursula snorts. “My chastity is perfectly preserved.”

“That’s not surprising…”

“So did want to die!”

There was another boom in the distance and Medusa interrupts the pair of you. “I regret my beloved, but my sister and I must be going now. We must deactivate these dolls. Wha- eh?”

“Huh? Sister? My doll, it’s not deactivating, why am I still here?”

“Oh… yeah, I switched you guys with your dolls.” You wave a hand.

“Wh-what?” Ursula cries out.

“Well, it’s not like I’m going to fuck a puppet. You were using some magic to control those dolls, you’re probably somewhere hidden in the back of your army outside the anti-magic shield, so it was easy to find. I just used some magic and swapped you and the doll. I mean, I’m not going to talk to the doll when I’d rather be talking to you girls.”

“You…” Just as the angry Ursula starts to try to berate you again, a soldier goblin runs up to you and solutes.

“My liege… Snow White has requested your presence on the front lines. Things are getting dicey.”

“Before that, could our beloved please return us to our armies?” Medusa asks with a pleasant smile.

“Uh… no time! Let’s head to the front line. I’ll keep you girls safe.”

“Excuse me!” Ursula snaps. “You can’t just kidnap me! I am a demon lord! I will have you know that I’m in charg- what are you doing?”

Grimhilde approaches Ursula and pats her on the shoulder, stopping Ursula’s rant and then giving her a tight hug. “You just don’t understand yet…”


“The second you walked into his camp, he already claimed you. You’re his now.”

“What?” Ursula shoots an exasperated look at Maleficant. “Your sister is speaking crazy, what is…”

Maleficant lowers her eyes and looks away, not willing to meet Ursula’s sight while silently confirm the reality of the situation.

“His? His… I like the sound of that.” Medusa blushes while holding her cheeks and twisting like a girl in love.

As a teleportation circle forms under the feet of all four women, Ursula looks at her three crazy sisters. Why is she the only one who hasn’t lost it? What kind of trip did she agree on and just who is this man she is now confronting? As the world around her disappears, Ursula looks on with a concerned look. A very concerned look.

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