The Power of Creation – Chapter 153

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“Snow White!” you snap, causing Snow White to stand upright. “Why aren’t you keeping these men in order?”

“Th-this… what are you even saying? The men are just fucking! This isn’t a battle I can control!”

“Of course it is! What kind of general are you? Look at the men, they’re a complete mess. That man over there is barely even getting it in her. That man is fucking her asshole, he’s not going to get her pregnant that way! We need efficiency. We need order!”

Snow White looks like she’s about to cry. “I didn’t prepare for this at all. I don’t even know what to do about it. This is just too much of a mess!”

You sigh. “The men are falling apart. What we really need are drums. Something to keep the rhythm!”

“A drummer? I can get one!” Snow White declares happily.

“No time! Besides, we already have one! If you want something done right, you got to do it yourself.”

“Huh? Already have what- ahhhh!”

You grab Snow White, tossing her to the ground and ripping apart her leather armor around the pelvic region like it is tissue.

“Men! Look on to me!” You declare, causing every eye to turn to you, standing behind Snow White who is bent in front of you in much the same way the homunculi are in front of each of the goblin men. “Do as I do!”

As you say that, you thrust yourself into Snow White, your cock sliding deep into her pussy until the balls shove against her clit.

“Ahhh!” Snow White gives out an ungeneral-like screech. “You… to deflower me in front of my men this way, hah, hah… I forgot how cruel you are.”

“Pull! Thrust! Pull! Thrust! Come on, put your backs into it.” You plow Snow White while ignoring her crying as you bark out commands.

Within a few thrusts, the entire army follows suite like a well-oiled machine, the sound of sex becoming a single overpowering sound. Balls slap into pussy in perfect timed precision, ball slap, slide, ball slap, slide… a noise loud enough to be heard all the way back in Riun.

“You! Get your dick out of her ass. Wash it and then stick it in her pussy before I demote you to fluffer duty. By Pun, man, we’re getting women pregnant, not riding the hershey highway! I’ve unlocked their wombs, knock these women up, men!”

“Kn-knocked up! Don’t get me pregnant warrior!” Snow White cries.

“Hmph… don’t you think I can decide when you get pregnant and when you don’t? Don’t make me laugh!”

“Ah… this is so wonderful! Our beloved is truly domineering, it makes me eager to enjoy him for myself.” Medusa says excitedly as she watches the armies of fornicators.

“Sister! How can you say that when he’s plowing some woman against her will right in front of you?” Ursula argues.

“But he does it so resolutely! Look at the way he claims her, it’s so manly!”

“Why did I come here with such a crazy sister?” Ursula starts to cry while Medusa looks on with hearts in her eyes.

The sounds of sex fill the battlefield. Life energy starts to pull into your army like a syphon. Moans even start to come in unision. Grimhilde only gives a wry look like this is expected while Maleficant covers her eyes, unable to look at the scene. Ursula actually pulls out a chicken wing from Pun knows where and is chewing on it while muttering and shaking her head in disgust.

“Premature cummers! You know who you are! You’re finished! There is no one to impress here! Pull out and switch. Pregnant homunculi, move to the side so the fresh homunculi can get some action!”

Like that, the ranks rearrange themselves as men finish up and recover and women became pregnant. Other than turning on the homunculi pregnancy incubation switch, you also allowed the women to have an deep understanding of their own bodies. They can tell when they are finally impregnated and will act accordingly.

“Men, increase speed! Spank her ass like this!” You spank Snow White’s butt while plowing her, the woman herself moaning and shrieking as she takes your cock.

You can’t see her face, but the face she’s showing her army as they glance back at her to make sure they’re doing this right is extremely shameful. Drool is falling from her lips and her eyes are unfocused and euphoric. Being shamed in front of her soldiers like this again, why did it excite her so?

Plus, having never had her pussy stimulated so, she had never anticipated how good it felt. Although it hurt a little at first, it wasn’t as bad as anal, and she had even cum when she was fucked in the ass, so of course being raped in the pussy would be even better! In fact, being fucked in the pussy was causing her to go wild. Soon, her mind was feral, and despite herself she was imagining what it’d be like to have a baby with the warrior after all.

“Making her cum also increases fertility!” You declare, “So do well to make her cum!”

“Warrior… you’ve already made me cum! You can cum now!” Snow White moans as she claws at the ground in front of her.

“Don’t you want to lead by example?” You ask, the hand that is grabbing her ass moving over until a thumb slides into her ass hole.

“Ahhhh! That feels so… even though you’re fucking my pussy my asshole is still so sensitive. Stimulating them both is making me grow crwazy!” Snow White bites her lips as she moans while you plow her and finger her asshole with your thumb. “Oh… gods… I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Please, don’t look men, ah, don’t look, don’t look!”

However, the more she calls for them to not look, the more curious several goblins become until most of the army is watching as Snow White’s body writhes in orgasm. Just as the audience reaches the max, you choose to release your load as well, injecting massive amounts of white seed deep inside Snow White.

Having never had you cum in her pussy before, the sudden warm feeling shooting deep in her womb acts as an aphrodisiac, and as you hold her pelvis with a finger in her asshole, you fill her up while her body kicks and writhes under you.

“It’s inside me! So warm!” Snow White shouts before collapsing onto the dirty ground, her ass still in the air while white stuff leaks from her gaping pussy hole.

You sigh, seeing the soldiers taking after you and continuing to work. Some of them were fingering their dolls butt, while others played with the tits or something else.

“Did you really impregnate Snow White?” Kida asked, slightly worried, slightly excited.

“Hmmm… I wonder, why, do you want me to-“

“Yes!” Kida suddenly leaps forward excitedly.

“Ah, well, if you don’t mind bending over and having me.”

“Anything, as long as I’m awake!” Kida declares, surprisingly more fervent to join the ranks and do her part in battle than you might have expected.

Your mouth twitches. Apparently, Kida had been suffering a bit on her own as the odd woman out on the harem. She already lost her virginity, but had yet to get any of the benefits of enjoying sex. Plus, as a warrior, not fighting is a problem. If she can absorb just a little bit of the light energy by becoming pregnant and thus contributing to battle, Kida would feel like she’s done her part.

“In that case…” You reach over to strip the expectant Kida who is breathing excitedly.

“Hey! You bastard! Do you think your little trick will stop his rise?” It is Florian suddenly calling out.

He is in front of your army, floating a few meters above the ground while calling out to you. It seems like your sex event had brought him out of hiding. You give one last sigh. Cockblocked again. Well, this was the last cockblock Florian would every give. Time to die!


*FYI: In case you forgot Ariel, Merida, Aurora, and Cinderella are handling the Merida and Aurora being in labor right now. Kida, Snow White, Maleficant, and Grimhilde are with you handling the war, and the other girls are in the Mansion, presumably tending to the birthing room.