The Power of Creation – Chapter 16

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Silence seems to follow, partially because the gloating of the priest can’t be heard. He seems completely unshaken by the fact he murdered the princess. He is waving his blood dagger at you as if to suggest that you’ll be next.

You raise your hand. You originally came here planning to not kill anyone, but this priest is seriously an asshole. You imagine him spontaneously combusting, and his face suddenly turns to horror as flames explode from his body. Other than the weeping of the King and Queen, the only sound heard is the priest running around as flames shoot out of him. Without the ability to scream, that turns out to be splendidly quiet, as his death throes are heard by no one.

You then craft a spell to bring Ariel back to perfect health, because her sexy ass is not something you are willing to give up. Ariel is your bitch, after all. She suddenly gasps, and her body sits right up. The two worried parents let out cries of relief.

“A life, for a life.” You say, suddenly sparking an idea.

“What is that?” The King demands.

“I have brought your daughter back to life, but in exchange, I need a life.”

“Why you..”

“How about the King’s life?” you ask, “If you give me your soul, then the exchange will be fair.”

“No!” The King shouts. “I never agreed to anything like that! Take her life back away.”

“So you won’t give your life for your daughters.”

“I’m the King! I’m the most important man in this kingdom, of course, I wouldn’t give my life.”

As Ariel recovers, her face falters and she wears a sad expression as she hears her father’s conviction. However, he isn’t the only person in the room.

“Take me then.” The Queen steps forward.

“Wife, you don’t have to listen to this man!” The King shouts. “We can just sacrifice some criminal.”

“The sacrifice has to come from someone of the same blood, and it must come within the next fifteen minutes!” You make it up.

The Queen nods and takes a step forward, but the King grabs at her, “Let the girl go. She’s already broken, we can just make more!”

The Queen gives him a hateful stare and shakes his arm off before walking over to you. “My life is yours, as long as my daughter remains safe.”

Ariel’s eyes tear up and she gives her mom a hug.

“Very well, the trade is made,” You give a nod.

“Alright then, give me back my daughter.”

“Ariel, you are free to go wherever you want.”

“I want to stay with the hero!” she practically shouts.


“Well, you heard the lady. Ba bye!” you wave with a smirk.

“Why, you son of a b-“

You had already crafted a spell and teleported the four of you away.

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