The Power of Creation – Chapter 163

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2000 Years Later, Gaia

“Good morning, sweatheart. It’s time to get up!”


“Wake up, sweetie…”

“Mmm… little longer.”

“Wake up, baka!”

“Gah! Don’t throw cold water on the bed, mom!”

“Haha!” An unnaturally beautiful woman stands in the door proudly while holding an empty bucket.

She looks to be only about in her twenties, and has white jade-like skin and perfect blond curls. She’s wearing a pink see-through nightie with bra and panties that only barely hides her areolas and cameltoe. It’s an outfit more akin to seducing a lover on a special occasion than for casual wear. As it were, the girl in bed raises an eyebrow at the sight of her mother.

“Mom? What’s with the ceremonial robe? You usually don’t wear so much around the house…”

The mother gives a cute snort, putting her hands on her hips. “Did my baka daughter forget? It’s your coming of age day! You’re about to be baptized in the seed of our lord for the first time!”

“Ah, th-that’s right.” The young woman, a woman just as erotically beautiful as her mother forms a blush on her cheeks as she realizes the day. “D-do you think our lord will bless me this day?”

“Ahaha!” The mom laughs. “Well, I certainly became pregnant during my first baptism! Why, my mom was so happy! She said it took her four baptisms before god blessed her with me!”

“Yes, mom, I’ve heard this story a million times!”

“Haha! Well, put on your ceremonial outfit! The priest says the seed is warm today!”

“Okay, okay.” The girl gets out of her bed and puts on her ceremonial black thong and bra, along with her thin see-through black blouse and garter hose, per tradition. “I just wish this stuff wasn’t so modest and constricting.”

“Well, bare with it, daughter. These vestments are blessed by the priests and are said to be in god’s liking. Afterwards, you can go back to running around naked like the rest of us.”

“I mean, really…” the girl whines while touching her breasts while joining her mother out the front door. “What is the point of a bra anyway?”

“According to the elders, before the great flood, when our lord God wiped away the demons and thwarted the evil god with his mighty seed, boobs used to sag over time if they weren’t kept up.”


The mom let’s out a sultry laugh. “Why, yes, I certainly am happy that my boobs always point straight ahead. They say it’s gods way of telling every woman to keep moving forward, by keeping our breasts always pointing in that direction! But don’t forget the ancient texts, my daughter, as the lord sayeth, even saggy br-“

“-breasts need loving too. Yes, mom, I read the texts time and time again. That’s why I make sure to lotion my breasts every day and massage them vigorously, to honor god.”

“That’s a good girl.”

The girl rolls her eyes as the pair walk down the street, one in erotic pink, and the other in erotic black. They look more like siblings doing an underwear shoot than mother and daughter walking to church. The pair have lived in a small village their entire lives. Since the dark god had been expunged from this world: monsters, demons, and men were now only something relegated to fairy tails.

“Ah, are you ladies off to the church?” An attractive little girl steps out of her door, completely naked.

Although, she has the body of a young maiden, she is actually one of the oldest women in the village. Lolibabas, as they were called, were exceptionally common these days.But as the lord sayeth, whether breast be small or large, all bitches are welcome in his lord’s embrace.

“Oh, half-sister Loli! How are you?” The mother asks.

“It’s Lala!” The girl stamps her barefeet on the ground angrily in a way that looked like a tantruming little girl.

“Of course, half-sister Lala, I haven’t seen you around recently.” The mother quickly hides her slip.

The lolibaba decides to drop the loli offense with a sigh. “Ai, I recently took a survey on behave of the church traveling to all of the nearest villages.”

“Oh? Good news I hope?”

Lala shakes her head sadly. “Birthrates are down all around.”

“Well, maybe it’s just been a few bad years.” The mother puts on a thoughtful face to hide her anxiousness.

“Mm… maybe… well, don’t let this old lady bring you down on your special day. Good luck. I’m going to go rub one out in the name of the lord.”

“Lala!” Mom cries out.

“What, it brings good luck!” Lala laughs as she starts to enter her hut before a dark look turns on her face. “I might need to bring out the big dildo this time for extra luck.”

The mother sighs as the pair continue on. Eventually, curiosity gets the best of her and the young girl turns to her mom.

“What was the lolibaba talking about, mom?”

“Oh that…” her mother looks apprehensive for a second before shrugging. “I suppose you’re an adult now and should know. As you know, men went extinct nearly 2000 years ago. The few survivors after the great flood dwindled and passed on. All woman today are born from the lord’s gift, his seed.”

“Yes, I know that, but-“

“But… some believe the seed has been losing potency. In the past, it used to cause every woman who baptized pregnant. Now, it takes some women ten to twenty baptisms before they are be able to become MILFs. Some even claim the seed is running out and the priests have been watering it down!” The young girl gasps at this proclimation, but the mother only chuckles. “You don’t need to worry about it, my daughter. This is an issue that won’t affect you in your life time. Instead, think about how much you love the lord, and as you baptize in the pool of his holy seed, hope that he should impregnate you. I’d love to meet my half-sister and granddaughter.”

“Mooom!” the daughter fusses with a blush while the mom laughs.

The pair of them enter the church, stopped by an impossibly attractive priest woman wearing nothing but a red leather corset that outlined sized L breasts that burst out of her top and see-through sexy red underwear at the entrance. The woman nodded as the mother handed off her nervous daughter, and priest lead the girl into the church to begin her ceremony.

Of course, you know nothing of any of this. The portal closes as soon as your dick pulls out and shrinks back to a regular size, and the future of Gaia as well as it’s trials and tribulations are part of another story you’ll likely never read.

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