The Power of Creation – Chapter 174

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Always the gentlemen, you tackle the next butt by immediately falling to your knees. Not wanting to repeat Maleficant’s rough treatment, you decide the next girl will get the lick down first. Like with your last girl, you go for the fuck first, ask questions later approach, diving yourself face first into the honeypatch of your mysterious harem member.

At this point, you truly show how much you love your harem as you unabashedly plunge your face in between her buttcheeks. With the illusion magic, you could never truly say for certain what you are getting into, but even if you plunge your nose into her butthole and your tongue into her snatch, that’s just a way of showing your love. You trust and crave the women of your harem so much, that there is nothing to hide and no reservation between you and her pussy.

Although you typically have dominated your women, putting them into submissive roles as they suck your cock or are desperately used like sex toys to meet your sexual satisfaction, you aren’t a man above licking pussies, playing with assholes, or getting on your knees to please your women. Although you quickly licked at Maleficant to get her moist enough to fuck, this time you take the initiative to position yourself and lick that snatch from behind until it’s good and wet.

Medusa seems slightly surprised as you shake your face enthusiastically against that wet snatch, slobberingly munching out of your girls’ lunchbox, your face smothered with asscheeks and so far into your girl that words like carpet muncher and brownnoser seem adequate descriptions. The woman on the menu today is definitely a bigger girl, with thick muscular buttocks of a warrior. Your tongue didn’t have to taste her for long before you were convinced the snatch belonged to Kida. It could have also been Snow White’s cunt, but you don’t think it is.

The reason for this is simple. You have never anally violated Kida before. Snow White has been anally pounded a few times, and you must have loosened up her butthole quite a bit. Meanwhile, your nose is pressed against a pert, tight butthole right now and showed no sides of opening up for penetration. As far as taste, Kida is less sweet and more salty. Eating her pussy is like tasting a salty snack rather than Maleficant’s berries and cream. She has an alluring fragrance, musky but distinctly feminine. Her internal lubrication is thick and mucusy, not wet and watery like Ursula.

It was at this point a realization shot through your brain. You grab onto Kida’s muscular buttocks with one hand to keep yourself from falling. Immediately lowering your head, a deep feeling of shame and embarrassment shoots through you. Whatever Medusa’s intentions with this game, after you’ll need to properly thank her. She has helped you come to a realization.

“And… I called myself a god… and I can’t even answer this much…” You have failed all of your women.

You formed a harem of women. They are your lovers, your sex partners, and your family. However, in all that time, you only knew them so well. You had been so caught up on the “looks” of these women, that you rejected the chance to truly “know” them as women. What did Aurora’s pussy taste like? You had tasted it before. In fact, if you were to find her pussy in this lineup you might snap your fingers and go, ‘aha, that’s the mother of my child’… however, do you really ‘know’ it.

This game, even without cheating, should have never been a challenge. Even touching these women was a cheat. You have the abilities of a god, yet you can’t tell each pussy with a single sniff? You should know the taste of every woman! With your other senses restricted, it was only now that you found out Maleficant’s pussy is sweet, and Kida’s pussy is salty? If you had enjoyed both pussy’s together your have the perfect sweet-n-salty snack all along! It was inexcusable that you had neglected these details!

You work your way back up to your feet, giving Kida’s backside a reassuring squeeze and pat. You mentally give Kida a silent apology. You have responsibilities. You need to know what every pussy tastes like.

“So, she doesn’t pas-“ Medusa starts to comment as she sees you move away from Kida, only to stop dead when she sees the fiery look in your eyes. “Um… my beloved, are you okay…”

“I must determine what the pussies all taste like!”

“Eh? What? You can? They are all right he-“

“And I will start my tasting you!”

“Oh, my!”

Before Medusa can resist, you push her down, ripping off her clothing, she tries to defend herself for a brief moment, but soon her tattered panties are roughly discarded. You look down as her private pink slit. While it’s not small and tight like Maleficants, it’s cute and slightly engorged from arousal. She is quite wet and you had even noticed that the panties you had ripped off were darkened with wet stains. Medusa has been suffering in silence, watching you fuck other women while she could only watch and fantasize.

This is a pussy that birthed dozens of children. Would it taste different from the virgin pussies you are used to? You don’t know. Clearly unprepared for your aggressive attacks, Medusa seems to lose all resistance; her teasing, mature, dominant demeanor is ripped away like her panties. All she can do is let out a cute little moan as you plow face first into this snake’s furry patch. Let the feast begin!

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