The Power of Creation – Chapter 175

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“Hah, hah, hah…” Medusa gasps as your tongue invades her womanhood.

Medusa’s pussy is surprisingly warm and delicious. You might have assumed from her snake-like eyes and tail that Medusa would be a cold woman, but it was quite the opposite. As your tongue flicks inside her, the warm feelings transmitted from her wet, welcoming crotch are enough that you simply can’t get enough! A magical spell later and your tongue gives Gene Simmons a run for his money.

Although she has some of the properties of a snake, your tongue was the most snakelike thing in the current situation. As you hold her legs apart, your tongue slides deeper into her than most men’s penis could reach, flicking around inside and tasting her warm, inner depths. Medusa couldn’t even respond in surprise, the intense pleasure she hadn’t been able to enjoy in nearly one hundred years overwhelming her. Her hips are gyrating as she moans orgasmically, attempting to facefuck your mouth even though you’re on top and have control of her hips with your hands.

You laugh at her desperate attempts to rock her hips against your face while feeling your tongue violating her needy snatch. Medusa’s entire body wriths and slithers, and even with your hands grabbed tightly onto her hips, she unconsciously tries to twist out of your grip, while trying to rub her pussy against your face. Every ounce of her being is dedicated to trying to move your tongue around her pussy with the enthusiasm as a cat against catnip.

Medusa’s eyes are closed, her lips partially open as light moans escape her lips. It is almost like as soon as you started to tongue-fuck her, her entire brain fell into hibernation and now she only moves instinctively, animalisticly to your erotic machinations, lost in her own intense sexual gratification… her previous manipulative game and the seven remaining untouched women forgotten as she relished in the pleasure provided by your tongue.

However, you were on a mission, and Medusa was only a stepping stone on your path to pussy. Your nose deep in her crotch, your tongue deep in her surprisingly tight convulsing hole, you smell and taste her, bringing in Medusa’s essence and memorizing it. She tastes warm and sweet, not like berries, but a bit like honey.

However, as much as you enjoy her warm honey pot, she is only the first of many you need to devour today. Every second you spent eating out Medusa was a second you could use on the seven other women waiting on your service. No, not just seven, you had an entire harem of women that needed to be tasted. Naturally, this speed of consumption won’t do! Your tongue begins vibrating, instantly attacking her g spot with out care. The woman herself suddenly contracts, the strength of the sensations causing even her abdomen to tighten forcefully as her back arcs in uncontrollable pleasure.

“Oh, Pun!” She screams as her hands that lack anything else to grab onto immediately attack her own nipples, pulling desperately on her tits as she erupts in a powerful orgasm that prevents her from even uttering any other sound.

Of course, you’re using a bit more than your tongue. A modified version of the spell you first used on Ariel all those months ago, the “best orgasm ever” spell, was currently being used on her too. This one was a little safer, replacing quality with quantity. The name of this new spell was… “rapid wave orgasm!” In essence, she came, then came again, then came again! For the duration of the spells effect, it causes her to face a mild orgasm, only to force a rapid recovery, followed immediately by another orgasm. Like this, she is erupting in thirty orgasms a minute. The result of which, is the silently screaming as her eyes remain shut and her mouth remains open, unable to utter a sound as her already mushy, lustful brain is smashed to bits, any coherent thought long gone as she arrives into a world of perpetual bliss, her body no longer being controlled by anything my wave after wave on sensual pleasure being delivered by your tongue to her pussy.

As she starts cumming, it quickly becomes apparent she can’t stop. Every few seconds, another wave of liquid spurts out, her pussy turning into a fountain of lust, erupting over and over again in step with the rapid waves of orgasm, quickly covering your face with her cum. Each cum is stronger the last, as her body becomes weaker and more sensitive with each orgasm, the erotic feeling more aggressive until the point where her body and mind would break.

After two minutes of this, Medusa dropped into an orgasmic hell that became more intense with every passing second, and roughly sixty orgasms where she came enough that you were pretty sure she’s suffering from dehydration, you finally remove your vibrating tongue from her pussy, which seems to still be twitching in the aftershock of the orgasmic pleasure you caused.

“Ooooooooooooooooooo…. Gods! Ooooooooo….. oooooooo…” Tears started to fall down Medusa’s face as she started sobbing, the feeling of extreme satisfaction throwing her emotions out of wake to the point that she could do nothing but cry in happiness.

As soon as the spell lets up, her body finally collapses, the arc in her back that had forcefully triggered to the point of pain finally relaxing. She moans and cries while she desperately gasping for breaths, her body which was pushed to a point where death and perpetual death almost met ending while her mind tries to restart and her body struggles to return to normal. However, her eyes are still closed, and her body seems locked in a sexual coma of pleasure, with no sign of recover in the immediate future.

You stand up, abandoning the cumming girl writhing in a puddle of her own lust, then turn back to girl number four. Now that Medusa has been taken care of, it’s time to enjoy the rest of your harem!

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