The Power of Creation – Chapter 176

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After lustfully crippling the demon lord Medusa, one pussy at a time is no longer enough. Your breath becomes haggard and uneven. Your eyes dilate as you watch over the wall of pussies on high. You are their king! All of these pussies are yours, and you will have your fill of every one of them! One at a time? Hah! You demanded more!

Waving your hand, the next three women are shifted in the wall. You don’t break through the illusion that was set up by Medusa, however, the holes, and the attach butts are moved into a new position of your choosing. You carefully make sure as to not hurt the women behind those asses, but at the same time you aren’t gentle in rearranging them either. You stack the next three women on top of each other while turning them over to the front, tilting their hips in the air so that their pussies are even more exposed.

Using invisible restraints, you pull their legs apart and spreading them in a V against the wall, essentially creating a pile of three pussies lined up in a row, or three stacked vertical V’s. You immediately slide your dick into the bottom pussy, which unlike the resistant demon sisters, takes your cock gleefully. This was a girl who was begging to be fucked, so you obliged without restraint. While you penetrated the girl on the bottom, your mouth found the woman on top. As to the woman in the middle, your fingers ran down her thighs which were now pressed against the wall and spread open, and immediately began to play with her cunt.

The woman who accepted your cock turned out to be a virgin. You dick came out red as you broke through a hymen that had been begging to be broken. She was very tight. Although she didn’t possess the “micropussy” of Maleficant, it was clear she was unused to being violated. She was also very wet, which meant she was someone deeply aroused by your penis and being fucked by you.

As to any other details, those were something you’d bother with later. Other than that her pussy was tight and that she was a virgin, you couldn’t tell her dimensions at all with just your penis. Your hands were already too busy with another pussy while your mouth tasted a third. You vaguely considered that the virgins in your harem are Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, and Jasmine. You are almost certainly engaging in incest, underage boning, or bestiality, and you can’t even bring yourself to care anymore, because it just feels too wonderful!

Are you fucking your daughter? Are you eating out a loli? Who cares? All these women are yours, and you’ll taste them all! The virgin under you will taste your seed and become the next woman to have your child! Then you’ll impregnate the woman you’re fingering right now. Then you’ll impregnate the pussy in your mouth. You’ll impregnate them all!

The taste, the feel, the smell… all of these pussies! You just can’t get enough! Your hips move harder and harder, giving the virgin woman no mercy as you claim her pussy as your own. Vaguely, you get a feel for the middle pussy. Tight and small, it clearly belongs to a loli girl. You can feel the lack of any pubic hair. The pussy in your mouth is more worldly. She’s a woman who has been widened by your cock many times. She’s still tight, youthful, and pert, but also very versatile with her pussy. In fact, she seems to use kegels to squeeze against your tongue, squeezing herself to enhance her own pleasure and your enjoyment too. Your expanded tongue penetrates deep inside her, getting a good taste, and you realize your recognize this women easily when you consider it.

Of course, this is Ariel, who has had your cock many times and knows just how you like it. You wouldn’t mistake that taste or scent anywhere. It is flowery and rich, a scent only your bitch gives off. It is a scent that reveals the lewdness of her inner nature mixed with her background as a princess. It was both eloquent and dignified while slutty and erotic. You ate your bitch’s snatch while you pounded a virgin and fingered a loli, thus going for a trifecta of entertainment.

Your load erupts deep inside the virgin’s pussy. Laced with your magic, it was an instant KU. Which, rather than a knockout, it means that she is instantly knocked up. You made sure the baby batter is delivered in massive quantities, each spurt of cum bursting out of her fuckhole and leaking down the wall. Had you fucked Ariel’s pussy first, the runoff of semen would have instantly impregnated the girls under her, creating a pregnancy train. Perhaps that is what you should do with your next cumshot? How about you line them up, all ten remaining women, and as you creampie the top, let it run down each woman in turn. Of course, there would be no transferring of powers or anything like last time. These babies will be normal, and they won’t look alike.

You pull out of the freshly impregnated former virgin and adjusting your height slightly, now aim for the loli. It is time to make baby number 2! All you have to do is-

A force suddenly slams into your back. The first feeling you get are hard erect nipples which are pressed against your back, and then two pale white arms that are wrapping around your body. A head is pressed against you back, and you look back in confusion until you realize it is Medusa who is hugging you as tightly as possible, her face pressing against you. There is also a dampness forming against your back, and you realize she is crying again.

However, it isn’t the tears of sexual satisfaction and pure bliss like before, but frustration and worry. Your ears finally start to work again and you realize she is muttering something while pressed against your back.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry… that’s enough. Please, come back to me.”

You shake your head in confusion as you mind started to focus again, . Your cock, having just expelled numerous loads into the pussy under you finally starts to soften, the moment having been dispelled by the desperation of the woman behind you. Her thin, colorful snake-like tail is wrapped around your waist from behind, her body pressed desperately against your own.

What you had been doing for the last couple of minutes suddenly starts to dawn on you. It isn’t necessarily bad, but it isn’t necessary good either. It is like… you had lost all control. Your mind had gone on an extreme tangent, and you had gotten lost in the consumption and lust of the moment.

Nothing you did was too regrettable or outside the realm of what you’d do any day, but most of your actions in the past, even when spontaneous, were grounded in your own particular brand of reason. For a bit, you started to lose all reason, and Medusa must have picked up on that. Now, you had made one of your newest harem members cry while you unreservedly fucked the others without care.

This… wasn’t your way. Yeah, you used your girls as fuck toys. You’d rape, impregnant, or enjoy them to every extent regardless of their permission. However, they weren’t “faceless” fuck toys. One pussy was not equal to another. Every girl had her own identity. You always cared which girl got what, and it mattered who was who. You wouldn’t just impregnate every one, or fuck them all indiscriminately. They aren’t just a lineup of pussies. They’re your women, your harem.

First, you had suddenly become overwhelm with an insatiable desire to have your harem, unwilling or unable to stop from enjoying as many as you could take. Then, as if a switch was triggered in your mind, all you could think about was fucking and impregnating as many women as possible.

You turn around slowly, still in Medusa’s embrace, her tail still tightly wrapped around you like she was desperately trying to hold you back but allowing just enough room for you to twist in her grasp. You didn’t know how long she had been there before you noticed, but in the end, you noticed… and you noticed because it was Medusa. You slowly raise the woman’s chin. She’s slightly sniffling as she can’t hide the emotions in her face. You had thought this woman was a conniving vixen without loyalty? You even felt jealousy over her former lovers? No, she belongs to you. They all belong to you.

You raise her face up and give her a gentle kiss. It isn’t lustful. It isn’t erotic. It is a little salty from her tears. However, it says more than any other kiss ever could. It says, ‘always be mine’. Medusa melts into you, giving herself to you without reservation. Without even knowing it, you conquered lust.

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