The Power of Creation – Chapter 177

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“It seems that I worried you…” You say sheepishly, patting Medusa on the head.

After holding each other for a long while, Medusa finally pulls away, wiping her eyes and shrugging. “Worried? Of course not. This is merely expected of my beloved. To expect him to be so lustful, even after you mounted a planet I underestimated your resolve.”

At that moment, you notice something different about the Medusa in front of you.

“Were your eyes always blue?” You ask curiously.

Medusa frowns before her eyes widen and she looks over at a hand mirror that she seemingly pulls from thin air, staring at her blue irises in surprise. “Oh my… to think… my eyes have never turned completely blue before.”


Medusa gives a silly shrug. “My eyes turn red when I’m horny. Even my second husband who was quite a master of bedroom fun only managed to turn them half blue. To think, on our very first try, with just your tongue…”

Medusa gives a shiver and blushes, remembering the event only a few minutes ago where you pushed her down and had your way with her. As if to punctuate it, the slightest tinge or red returns to the edges of her snakelike irises, betraying the kinds of thoughts in her mind.

“As much as I’d like to take all the credit, I used magic as well…” You admitted, not wanting her to have unrealistic expectations.

Medusa shrugs seemingly unperturbed by the addition of cheating. “Still…”

Despite this world being part of Pun’s domain, sex magic is not part of the preexisting spells of this world. Therefore, there is no stigma against simulating someone magically. Therefore, to her, your capacity to induce sexual pleasure magically is no more miraculous than your giant cock or anything else that makes you sexually appealing to her. Furthermore, if you thought about it, even your penis and high stamina are just a product of magical manipulation, so it seems silly to be satisfied by your endurance and endowment while not considering your magic as well.

The pair of you stare at each other for a few seconds until the thoughts of pushing her down again start to surface and then you cough, turning away. “On that note, my girls have been sitting like this for nearly an hour now, they are probably quite cold and uncomfortable.”

“Mm… I think it should be no surprise to my beloved that you lost this game, however, I think that in hindsight of the end results you’ve already paid your due…”

“I keep my word!” You insist. “Tonight, I will keep your eyes blue for a week, and we shall make a baby as requested!”

“Oh my…” As if the words were a trigger, more red returned, and the blue-like color was almost gone now.

Considering how fast Medusa got horny, it was no wonder her husbands could never keep up. Had you not delivered orgasms at a ludicrously fast rate, you would have never managed to fuck the red right out of her eyes. On that note, before now she always has deep red eyes, which means that she is always incredibly horny!

“So, prepare me before I free my harem, who are the girls whom I enjoyed?” you change the conversation casually to keep your excitement in check.

“Oh, yes! The 1st two women were my sister’s Ursula and Maleficant!”

You merely nod, a bit happy that your guesses are spot on, however, then a thought cames to mind. “How did you ever get either of those women to agree to expose themselves in this way?”

Medusa sniffs. “You act like I gave any of the women a choice. As to how I paralyzed them, are you really asking how a snake-like woman named Medusa known to have hypnosis powers with her eyes is able to immobilize a group of ten women?”

“So, they weren’t here by choice after all.”

“I explained it to them…. After I froze them. I heard no complaints.” Medusa responds mischievously.

Of course, no one would be able to complain after she froze them!

Alright, so this one right here,” You continue, tapping the third girl’s butt, “Is Kida?”

“Hm? No… I played the game fair, that is Snow White. When you suddenly pushed me down, I thought you had already figured it out and were simply enjoying yourself after. Before you entered a lustful state, I had thought you were giving me a consolation prize since I wouldn’t be ‘winning’ tonight.”

“Snow White!” You snap your fingers, “To think, her ass is still so tight. Clearly, she needs more anal training.”

You had clearly mixed up your reasoning. Of the two women, it’d be Snow White whom had tasted the painful penetration of your ten-inch dick that would pucker her asshole tightly in response to your machinations. If anything, Kida might be more loose. Desperately wanting to feel your touch while concious, she would definitely have her guard down and be much more open to penetrative attacks. Even the light lciking you had given Snow White would have filled Kida with joy.

However, as it turns out, Kida has suffered even less attention than you thought! After working over a certain suspicious pervert and having to let her go without charges, Kida actually fell asleep at her desk in the Adventurer’s guild while doing paperwork. Had she been in the mansion during Medusa’s recruiting period, she would definitely have been picked, having a physique most similar to the Goblin Queen, at least when it comes to her ass and thighs. Had Kida known this, it’s possible she would have pulled her hair out in frustration.

Meanwhile, you ground your teeth, frustrated that you would be wrong on one, and the most important one in the game at that!  You are still too naïve to call yourself a harem king. More practice is surely required! However, for the moment, you hold yourself back so to avoid another “lustful state” as Medusa calls it. You have more important questions as you assess the consequences of losing control.

“Did I… with my daughters?” You ask, with a slight gulp.

“Haha, no. You still haven’t committed that taboo.” Medusa chuckles, and then mutters under her breath so that you wouldn’t have heard it without your super hearing. “Unfortunately, like their father they aren’t affected by my stare.”

You give a breath as a knot in your chest comes untied, but you don’t really know if it is a knot of relief or regret. “Then who else?”

“Ariel, Mulan…” Medusa pointed to the top and middle of your pussy stack before pointing at the rest of the girls you hadn’t gotten to yet, “Daisy, Elena, Cinderella, and Megara.”

“Ah, well, you were kind afterall. Making me think I might impregnate my daughters or an animal… such a cruel tease.”

Medusa winces as her finger goes back to the last girl, the bottom of the pussy sandwich and the one who got the big creampie ending. “Ah… so you don’t know?”

“Know what?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Uh the girl I placed in that spot… that would be Jasmine.”


Oh… shit…

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