The Power of Creation – Chapter 178

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“No… shit…” You collapse to your knees as you realize you committed the worst taboo.

Not fucking Jasmine, you were totally going to do it eventually, you were simply waiting for Patreon to earn the maximum amount before cracking that golden egg. No… it wasn’t popping little Jasmine itself  that bothered you. Rather, it was how you did it. Anonymous, unknowing, and roughly, giving no text towards enjoying the deed.

You see, there is a distinct method towards popping a loli. Perhaps she accidentally pops out of the bathtub while forgetting to put on her clothes, and then accidentally opens your door while you’re changing. Her eyes will snap to your penis, the first one she’s ever seen, and her eyes will open with wide-eyed wonder. She’ll ask you what that big thing is that makes her feel funny and as you sit her down on your knee you tell her about the birds and the bees. As you explain that it feels really good when a girl (like her) touches it and puts it inside her, she’ll declare unabashedly that she wants to try it out and will do everything in her power to make her big brother feel good.

Her little hands will wrap around your massive member, but her childish impatience will lead her to quickly climb up to the top of your cock wearing a brave face while telling you that she wants to feel what it’s like to be a grown up too. However, she’ll be shaking with nervousness until you pat her on the head and sooth her. As she calms down, she slowly lowers herself down, impaling herself on your cock while she tries to hide the pain behind a brave façade.

But no matter how much it hurts, she makes sure she gets it all in like a good little girl, a single tear dropping down her cheek as she breaks her hymen on your giant cock and impales her tiny body. Then, she’ll throw her arms around you, hugging tightly against your abdomen, her head pressed against your chest while she tells you how much she loves you. With a bright smile and teary eyes, she asks you to start using her tight little hole even if it hurts, because she wants to make you feel good no matter what. That’s the deluxe loli experience, only $99.99 on Patreon.

Instead, Jasmine was broken abruptly, roughly, and unintentionally, and you weren’t even aware at the time! People will want their jerkoff back! It’s a downright travesty!

“Ah, my beloved, that’s why I grabbed you, you seemed like you were a bit out of control. I’m sorry I put you into this situation with such temptation. Had I known you wanted to deflower Jasmine so badly…” Medusa turns away, not finishing the sentence.

You had made a mistake. You had gotten overtaken with your own lust and overindulged on your harem. Now, Jasmine was behind that wall right now. She was possible cold, her nether regions broken open, cum leaking out of her torn crack, likely crying giant tears as she realizes that she got the man she wants most, but not in the way she wanted him. You already imagine her now giving you a gentle smile with tears running down her eyes, telling you that it is okay, even as she fights the pain both between her legs and in her heart. Like that, your own heart shatters at the thought.

With a wave, you dispel the illusion, freeing your poor misused loli from her sexual captivity. Even if you have to raise a baby with a 12-year-old girl, you will take responsibility for Jasmine! First, you’ll pat Jasmine on her head and tell her it is alright. You might even kiss her thoroughly. At the very least, Jasmine deserves to be kissed on the lips after you did this to her.

The spell dissipates and you reach out your arms. “Jasmine, my poor sweet Jasmine, come here!”

“Ah, hah! I got you! I fucking got you now!” Immediately, a much larger clearly not loli naked woman tackles you to the ground and puts her knee in your back so that you can’t get up.

“Ah, what the fuck is going on!”

“LPD! You’re under arrest for violating the loli code!”

“Fuck that! Get out of my way, I need to check on my poor Jasmine!”

“You’ll never check on Jasmine again where you’re going!”

“I’m fine, my savior.” You hear the words just before you get rid of the person in your way, glancing up at the source of the voice and coming face to face with a bare-naked little pussy.

The young Jasmine has crouched down in front of you as Moana has you in a armlock from behind, and thus when you look up, her little pink flower is the first thing in your vision. You quickly realize that Jasmine looked like her regular self. She was blushing, and slightly nervous, but she seems happy and not at all hurt. Her cat tail is gently swaying back and forth between her legs in slight embarrassment. More than that, your front row look at her bare pussy shows it to be in a perfect virgin state, neither full of semen nor leaking blood.

“If it’s savior, you can keep looking.” Jasmine noticing you staring intently at her flower looks away with a blush and her eyes closed while she reaches down, touching the outside of her lips and spreading…

“Don’t look!” A hand hits the back of your head, forcing your face down on the ground.

“Damn it! Medusa, you said it was Jasmine I fucked!” You stand up, using your overpowering strength to fling the woman off your back.

“It is! I mean… it was… I swear as a demon lord I put Jasmine in that spot!” Medusa waves her hands defensively as you glare at her.

“Oh ho… angry that I disrupted your plans?” A voice suddenly comes from behind you. “As if I’d allow you to violate a loli.”

You look down to see the gloating Moana on the ground naked, her legs wide open and exposed, but without even the slightest bit of awareness as to the position she is in as a naked, exposed woman. Furthermore, it is very clear that her pussy has recently been abused, with white stuff and a bit of red leaking out onto the floor between her legs. There was little question as to who you had fucked.

You raise your hand to your forehead. “Moana… it’s Moana right?”

“Of course! You should know the name of the woman who finally caught you!”

“Please don’t tell me you swapped places with Jasmine.”

“Oh, hoh… impressed by how clever I am? Of course, any loli lover would put their body on the line of duty for a loli!” Moana immediately stands up, puffing out her big boobs proudly, completely oblivious to the semen now leaking down her legs. “Now, kindly let me arrest you!”

“But… I didn’t touch a loli.” You respond matter of factly.

“Of course, you did! You stuck it in… in…” Moana’s eyes widen as if realization suddenly dawns on her.

“I stuck it in you…”

“But… you were going to… and…” Her voice suddenly looses all steam as her head lowers, her eyes turn tearful as she starts to give off a depressed aura. “M-my virginity… lost… like that…”

Did this idiot seriously not even consider she was getting fucked while it was happening? Was all her focus on the loli and none on her own self-preservation?

“And well, you’re now pregnant with my child.” You add.

“Bu-bu-bu Pregnant!” Moana screeches, only now truly looking at the state of her body before closing her legs and covering herself desperately. “I c-c-c-can’t be pregnant!”

“I thought I would have a goblin little baby sister, but I’m happy for any new sister and a new baby!” Ariel says excitedly.

“I grew up thinking I was a boy, but I could have ended up being a mother just now.” Elena responds blushing. “Well, if it was sweetheart, then I wouldn’t mind.”

“This great one is too bursting with youth to have a baby right now, but is always satisfied when master uses her.” Mulan responds proudly.

“This is… for the best.” Snow White nods, her eyebrows only slightly furrowed. “A weak woman like this is better for being laid up with a baby.”

“Rats… why couldn’t he have lost control and impregnated me.” Megara sighs before muttering in a low voice only you can hear. “I could get him on the child support alone!”

“Is darling still impregnating women? It was one of my former soul’s desires to have a baby as well.” Cinderella adds.

The only two that seem to have nothing to say as they gather around the panicky, semen-soaked Moana are the two demon lords, whom had been in the front lines and got the most attention, only to have to wait cold, dirty, and cum-soaked for the longest. They merely hold each other as if they are victims of some kind of violation and were seeking comfort from each other.

Jasmine comes up and pokes Moana’s naked body while Moana continues to panic. Moana instinctively looks down at the little innocent loli, perhaps expecting her to thank Moana for a job well done. Thinking such a thing, she gives Jasmine a reassuring smile even while trying to hide her shame from the growing group of onlookers.

“Wh-what is it, sweet girl?” Moana fights back her own tears to put on a brave face for the innocent loli she coveted so much.

This was the girl that she had put her body on the line for afterall. As long as she could make this loli happy, then her sacrifices would be worth it, even if…. even if… she had to have a baby!

“Welcome to the family!” Jasmine declares.

“F-f-f-family?” As it turns out, it is the loli that delivers the killing blow.

Moana’s eyes roll up into the back of her head and she collapses to the floor. Of course, she’s carrying your baby, so you use a little magic so the fall is gentle. You wouldn’t have even called her part of your harem before, but this is fine. She did have a nice virgin pussy (now lightly used), and you enjoyed it immensely. Plus, her dark Polynesian skin and perky breasts were the best. She had a body to be played with, and your only regret is that you haven’t gotten to play with it more. You’ll make great use of her!

“Boooo…” A voice interrupts you as you look down fondly at the freshly impregnated newcomer, mentally adding her to your growing list of lovers.

You turn to Jasmine, who is sitting there with puffed out cheeks and a disapproving look. “You tried to make me pregnant!”

“Hah, well, to be fair, I didn’t know…”

“Well, if you’re sorry, then take responsibility! Let’s do this, make me a mommy! I will be a good mommy. I already take care of Elena and Rapunzel!”

“Eh? Jasmine! I take care of you, you have it backwards.” Elena interrupts tearfully.

“Aren’t I only supposed to take responsibility if I do make you pregnant?”

“Please, savior, give it to me! I have been waiting all this time! I’m even naked and your pants are off. That dreadful policewoman is unconscious. Have me! Have me now!”

You give a gentle smile, kneeling down in front of Jasmine so that the pair of you are roughly the same height. All the girls watching suddenly hold their breath as you look at Jasmine for the first time, not as a little girl, but as one of your women. She gives a little gulp, finding herself unable to talk as she shakes nervously. You reach forward and grab Jasmine’s shivering body, and pull her towards you. In a single brief motion, your lips find hers and you give her a single peck on the lips before pulling away and dropping your hands.

Jasmine touches her lips lightly. “A k-k-k-k-k-k-kiss!”

Suddenly, Jasmine’s eyes roll up in the back of her head and she collapses too, landing on Moana’s tanned naked melons to break her fall. Both girls lay there naked, sprawled out on the ground, unconscious but with their eyes still open and rolled up in a faint, their bodies slightly convulsing as if in extreme shock.

“That was… um… Jasmine’s first kiss.” Elena explains.

Her first kiss? In the future, you’d be taking all her firsts, but well, it has to start somewhere. This appears to be all Jasmine is ready for at the moment, and that’s fine too.

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