The Power of Creation – Chapter 179

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“Ah? What do you mean the cook is still unconscious? I thought we were going to eat?” Tiana asks with a frown.

“It appears that she fainted after the beast did something to her and now won’t leave her room.” Belle explains.

“Did you purposefully word it in a way people could misunderstand just to piss me off.” You growl as walk in on a large group of women talking amongst themselves. “Besides, what are you all doing here so early in the morning?”

After spending a vivacious night with Medusa, combining your tongue and dick until Medusa’s eyes showed not even the slightest pigment of red, you had gotten up early in the morning only to find this large crowd of women waiting around the dining room. This particular dining room was large enough to seat 30, and the numbers were rapidly swelling to the point where the room could be considered quite active for so early in the morning.

“My sister is fine. She’s just… eh… relishing over a certain kiss. She said something like ‘if I see savior now my heart might burst, or something…” Elena explains before turning to you. “Eh… sweetheart, it’s 2 pm.”

So early in the afternoon…

Who could blame you? A lot happened the previous day, from impregnating Moana, the birth of your twins, defeating Florian, or fucking a planet… so you were hoping to spend most of the day relaxing. However, managing a harem appears to be a lot of work, and already your girls are wanting more from you. You give a sigh as you sit back in the master chair at the head of the dining room. Immediately, one of the maid girls starts to rub your shoulders while a second one gets under the table and rubs your feet.

“So, what’s up?” You finally break the silence.

“My lord, Ariel told me that you almost made Mulan pregnant! You must never do that…” Mushu speaks first.

“I know,” You role you eyes, “Mulan is a bit young.”

“No, I mean, never do it without me! To think… I almost missed out on this event! How can I call myself her big sister if I can’t even be there to watch her conceive! It’s my duty to carefully make sure it all gets in there and also to clean up the mess with my tongue!”

“Sister, sister, did you here that? My face is messy.” Anna innocently points to her lips, where she has a white stain of milk.

Elsa nods, leaning over and licking Elsa’s face.

“Girls, can you stop tonguing each other.” Aurora says with an exasperated look.

She had only given birth a day ago, so naturally she is exhausted, with a cold cloth on her head as she leans back In her chair while watching the twins and wearing a gentle smile.

“Mushu, please be careful what you say around our impressionable children.” Merida adds.

With a warrior’s body, Merida has recovered a bit quicker than Aurora, but she also shows signs of fatigue.

“Twin sisters,” Mushu nods her head to them. “If you truly love each other, it’s not that kind of mess you lick. You should make sure to also thoroughly lick her vagin-“

“Okay… Mushu, new plan, just don’t talk to the kids in general.” You interrupt her ill-fated advice.

After things start to quiet down once again, it is Aurora who speaks again, turning to you with a gentle look.

“Hero-san, as it is, our daughter’s age and creation are not normal. They were rapidly grown to this age using the ‘life’ energy produced by you and your army. I shouldn’t have to tell you the implications of that. Given the unique… lifestyle within this… home… I think it’d be better if you properly educate our daughters now rather than later.”

“Properly… educate?” Your eyebrows raise. “Are you talking about giving them the talk?”

“Mm.” Merida nods. “Our daughters are so strong that without proper guidance, they could make many regretful mistakes. That’s why we need daddy to properly train our girls early.”

“T-train… right… that is… about what a penis is… and what a vagina is… and how the two, interconnect.”

Aurora nods. “You have more experience in these matters than all of us.”

“Ah… well, I guess that’s true. In the case, I’ll make sure to give our girls a good talking too. Anna, Elsa, come with me, we need to talk a bit about biology.”

Your two daughters obediently follow your hand gesture while giving you a beaming smile in between trying to lick each other. They seem to have fallen into licking war that ended up with both their tongues tied together and wrestling aggressively with the only winner in sight being you. Immediately, certain dark impulses inside you roar to life once again, however, you have to be pure. If you are to do something like this, what would the rest of your women think?

“Oh, and hero-san, make sure after you break their hymens that you take their asses as well.” Aurora casually calls out just as you reach the door.

You spin back with a fluster. “I-I—I’m sorry, what?”

Merida and Aurora cock their heads with confused looks before Aurora continues. “Make sure to properly educate our daughter’s on anal as well? They need to be trained with ever hole. Mouth, ass, and pussy, leave nothing out, hero-san.”

“Haaaaaaaaah…” you suddenly lose focus for a second as you deflate like a balloon. “Ah, shouldn’t I just be telling them about sex. Maybe some visuals if needed, but, to actually… you know… you’re saying I should fuck my own daughters!? Isn’t that wrong?”

Aurora gives you a strange look. “I don’t understand the problem. You’ve made me have sex with my daughter many times. How is this any different?”

“Ah… that… but… she… huh…” You suddenly find yourself unable to make an argument other than the fact they were your daughters, and you are you.

“Daddy, it’s just that these girls are very curious and will likely be losing it soon… They might just grab the first guy they see or some big toy.” Merida gasps. “They could end up as some kind of pervert like Belle!”

“Hey!” Belle shouts.

“And besides. “Aurora adds. “There is no man better than hero-san, so isn’t it best if their father is the one to take it? They can live a life knowing that all of their virginities were taken by the best man in the world. They can only lose it once, after all.”


“It’s okay, master, we knew when you impregnated Aurora and Merida that you’d be sleeping with your daughters when they came of age, it just happened a bit faster than expected.”

“You guys… about that… I mean… I did… but… taboos…”

“Hero-san!” Aurora suddenly rose her voice, using all of her authority as a former queen. “Stop your silly childishness. You get in that room and you deflower your daughters thoroughly and properly like a good father should! You need to train your girls to be properly obedient! By the time your done my daughters better have only thoughts of daddy’s cock and no one else on their mind! I won’t have my daughters fucking around with anyone but their father, understood?”

“…” You find yourself completely suspicious, but after looking at the dead serious look on your children’s mother’s face, just how could you say no? “Yes, sweetie.”

You turn away, heading over to your daughters, but stop once again, speaking without looking back. “It looks like our daughters aren’t the only ones that need to be trained on some obedience.”

The queenly Aurora puts on a seductive smile. “I look forward to my lessons. Please take care of this queen. I’ve been a bad girl.”

The once uptight and reserved Aurora has truly come out of her shell. She’s the same person as always, caring about family above all else, but she has also grown more sensual, more sultry, and in many ways more erotic than ever before. She was… one hot piece of MILF!

You continue on, touching the backs of your two daughters as you guide them over to your room. First you’ll train two daughters, then their naughty mother.

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